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Mia Davina

Your beloved....
Nov 14, 2005
Ok, I'm jumping on the bandwagon of the insecurities thing. So most pople have posted pictures of themselves without make up, and we've told everyone our insecurites (I didn't do that.. sorry, I'm lame). Now, I want to see that picture that everyone has. You know, that picture that you have always kept just to make sure that no one would ever see it? That picture that you look at and think "what were they thinking when they took this picture?!".

I'm going to start it off good. It's gonna be hard to beat this one, guys!!

This was 20 minutes after I had major oral surgery. I couldn't feel my face.. Honestly, I didn't even know my mouth was open when I took the pic. As you can tell, I'm naked... but the worst thing, that you can't see... my chest is covered in blood. I didn't know I was drooling! Not only does the blood make tihs picture bad, but I have no make up on, my hair is a huge mess, and I'm still half under!!!

your turn!! (btw... if this is too graphic.. let me know and I will change it).


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