You know you are an FFa when.......?

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Chris Farley's fiancee.
May 6, 2022
Washington state
I thought Chris Farley was super cute too! You’re not alone!

But also, what even is SNL anymore? I don’t know any of these people 🤷‍♀️
Haha admittedly I never grew up big on SNL. Neither did my parents. XD I don't think it's popular with zoomers. Our sense of humor is pretty odd anyways. The closest thing I can compare to from my era is MAD (Cartoon Network) and Robot Chicken.

Even when I watched few of the 90's episodes. I hardly didn't knew many of the cast members. Just some here and there. So yeah, it turns out it wasn't my thing and that's alright. I just watch my favorite sketches on YT.

Honestly I just lurk on that subreddit to see mention of my husband. Sadly it's hard to avoid the unfunny cocaine jokes. :( I even intentionally made a temporary account just to fight with someone who called him a buffoon. :mad:
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Carey’d away.
Feb 4, 2022
Drew’s lap
When you find squishy tummies and thick thighs to be a bigger turn-on than muscles and thigh gaps.

When I go looking for pictures of Drew before his weight loss and rage at google for showing me pictures of him as he is now.

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