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Let's play a game!! (for feeders, carers, enablers, encouragers and F.A.s only)

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John Smith

Well-Known Member
Jan 31, 2015
Laval, QC (Canada)
Here's an alternate version of the original feedee/gainer centered game-topic found on FF.

Have you :

1. Been fed?
Never ever.

2. Fed someone IRL?
I have overordered for one or two girls these past years, whom one at frequent occurences... but never been an active-duty feeder yet. My role into those relations was more like a merge between the somehow positive, caring and unjudgemental epicene male figure whom many members of the opposite sex are unconsciously drawn on in some way they love to share about their issues and deepermost secrets without fearing social retaliation of gender-issued prejudices (which resumes practically well my base relation pattern with every, single woman, quite annoyedly I have to admit: because that's just one step close from being deleguated out of nowhere like their cliché'd "shopping-time best friend" by those latter ones) and a passive-domineering type of anomalous, near-enchantering voice-of-Temptation like figure made of flesh and blood who seduces, flatters and ever feign to deceive and trick them into succumbing deeper and deeper through their lingering fatphiliac pulses, like some sort of realistic Faustian trickster who act so for as long they're willing into it: that's exactly one of my base roles as an otherwise encourager, enabler and sometimes feeder... being the trickster, their "inner devil" or "satyric daemon" , the one who lures them into a fully-made choice of their own and triggers their self-actualization into the bigger, free-er version of themselves in exchange of fledgling mutual erotic gratification.

(Not that glamorous, though. Yet?)

It may sounds creepy that the nature of my feeder-feedee relationships was kind of... ahem, gothic nay subliminal but that was how it worked and they've all found that stimulating.

3. Make someone ate to sleep?

4. Had sex while having fed my partner at the same time?
No. WTH.

5. Stolen food because I'm just a piggy?

6. Make someone stole food because he/she's a piggy?
No. Even if I'm the one who invented that question, WTH.

7. Been called a fat name in public?
Yes, despite having never been obese nor extremely overweight neither. Hell, people gave me names even at my current "normal-weight" built. But well... I'm surrounded by bullies and petty folks, all embittered by jealousy and resentment. Kind of self-explainatory.

8. Called someone a fat name in public?
Aside from early childhood's tomfoolery and peer influence who pushed I and a few kids to once call out a taller, older, extremely obese classmate of ours of "gros tas plein de soupe" ('big fat slob' in French) in such a mean way her (much bigger and taller) mother have to come at school and kindly sensibilize us about inborn obesity and how it's not good to mock somebody about his appareance or size or girth-whatever, I've never outwardly called someone fat in public since then, lest in an abrasive way.

However, when I used to frequent my former intimate and feedee, I have sometimes used some endearing-yet-provocative nicknames to taunt her, since she used to do so most anytime. She loved to call me by most every single colloquialism belonging to the lexical families of digestive waste or poor cognitive capabilities in a clear intent to induce me some serious insecurities about my body self-image and intellectual self-confidence: I however rarely yet indeed replied back by nicknames alluding to her physical changes. In 5th secondary grade, I used to call her "Muffintop City" because during that period, she gained about five pounds but in a way her underweight, lean figure weirdly developped for some while a little chub unto the midriff area: which used to ooze out over the waistband of her jeans, making her looking like someone who began to get love handles. By dint of frequently being kicked in the groin, I ended up to stop using that: for a girl who fantasized about the idea to turn into a full-fledged obese woman, she proved to be extremely sensitive when it came about her rolls and love handles.
An another time but many years later, I qualified her of glutton after hearing she began to addicitvely consume about five-six overloaded rice-based treats at a daily basis (which means a way lot of calories. Especially when you're eating West Indian food) and when she achieved the 160-pounds mark for the first time, I once made a remark about her newfound cherubic cheeks, dwarfening eyes and fledging choblet. Believe me or not, but she hated the former remark about her ever-expanding overindulgence pulses for latter being proud about it, whilst flushing joyfully for the latter one to someday ending up being extremely angsty about recovering her then-rounder facial tones and doublechin again.
At last, when she was at her heaviest, I once made many remarks about her significantly ballooned derriere, chunky thighs, budding ride breeches, vanishing thigh gap, child-bearing hips and enlarging boobs and about how she should perhaps thinking about purchasing a couple of new jeans and tops, seen the way she felt uncomfortable into her favourite size-12 ones and that her lungs were oozing out joltingly of the cleavage of her tank shirt. She refused to purchase anything beyond Large size or size 12, in spite habing turned planturous enough to instead donning herself into a XL shirt because of her bust size, or a size-16 pair of jeans: she eas also quite in an ever-flickering denial/overacceptance crisis about her fuller body, most especially her butt and hips: the poor was convincing herself she was still at 130 pounds, in spite confessing the next or earlier minute she's about 40 or so pounds bigger!

9. Had a stranger pat or poke my belly?
I have more of a strapping-soft type of younger "dads bods" minus the overall podgy looks, so there haven't anything to really pat or poke. And I hate when people try to touch me out of nowhere and people want generally to stay alive, so most of them don't dare unless to see a very uncomfortable aspect of my personality consisting about legit murdering you from the sight only.
My former intimate dared by pinching my bum, but she stopped when I began to do so once.

10. Had pat or poke some stranger's belly?
WTF? No!
I however, again, used to poke or pinch my ex-feedee when she allowed me to do so and I've sometimes poked the bellies of women I knew. Most oftentimes as a way to display my affection in the case of the latter one, not to probe their fat.

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