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    BOTH The BBQ (Weight Gain, Multiple, BBW, BHM, Magic)

    The BBQ (Weight Gain, Multiple, BBW, BHM, Magic) Ch 1 Finally unpacked, John and Jen sat exhausted on their new couch. John ran a hand through his wife’s long brunette hair as they relaxed their aching bodies from the move. They were both fairly fit, John being a muscular 180 lbs at 5’ 10”...
  2. Y

    BHM The Weed Store

    The Weed Store by yo18 Andrew was by no means a “pot head”, but living in Seattle did have its benefits with legalization. He just liked to indulge in the occasional toke, an edible here or there depending on the situation. He had smoked occasionally before he had moved to Seattle for work...
  3. Y

    BBW Study Your Butt On

    (Working on some new stuff and wanted to re-upload some old stuff since its been a while. Also did not realize this was still pretty active with stories until the other day, but I'm glad I checked back in. Hope you still enjoy even if it’s a second time around.) Study Your Butt On by yo18...
  4. B

    BBW The Apple (Figure) of his Eye (~XWG, SSBBW)

    Part 1; (Contains magical XWG, BBW, SSBBW, light feeding) Amelia found that navigating the Isle of Wight was much greater a tribulation than she had previously hoped for. Though her online investigating came bearing fruits, it did come with the prerequisite that if she were to try using...
  5. ALS Again

    BHM An Unexpected Realization

    Greetings! This story originally began as an adoption of the unfinished work "Black Magic." However, after I began writing, I realized that I was unhappy with the direction my part of the story was headed, so I decided to edit and adjust the story. "An Unexpected Realization" is the result...
  6. ALS Again

    BHM Preference

    ~BHM, Magic, WG “I’m gonna grab some Coke Zero,” Alexi mumbled, stalking away from his girlfriend. He wandered down the grocery store aisles, his tall form slightly slouched and his hands in his pockets. A few moments later, his eyes fell upon several cases of Coke Zero that were awaiting to be...