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BBW The Apple (Figure) of his Eye (~XWG, SSBBW)

Dimensions Magazine

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Jun 14, 2020
United Kingdom
Part 1;

(Contains magical XWG, BBW, SSBBW, light feeding)

Amelia found that navigating the Isle of Wight was much greater a tribulation than she had previously hoped for. Though her online investigating came bearing fruits, it did come with the prerequisite that if she were to try using Google Maps or a satnav, she'd end up more likely to circle the island. Sadly, the solution of a map scan from 40 years ago wore its age like milk.

After several wrong turns, mistaking creases and markings as alternate paths that led to nowhere, she eventually found herself where she believed was her destination. To double-check, she reassured herself with the grainy guide once more, noticing the picture attached of the shop she was looking for. Holding up the map side-by-side to a quaint and antiquated shop granted Amelia her wish; this was the place.

Charming, much like most of the Isle of Wight's vendors, her entrance into the store was introduced by a wind chime ringing out a tranquil melody. The inside of the shop was described to her as a pastel affair, with vinyl decor and other musical knick-knacks enveloping the shelves of the shop. Though the palette of the walls was more muted over time, there was no mistaking that she was where she needed to be. The last piece of confirmation soon made it's introduction, as an elderly lady, slightly plump and with a light curve to her posture, hobbled through windbreakers to the main front of the store.

'Hello dear! Fancy seeing a customer this early in the day, eh?' the older woman quipped, taking the barrenness of her shop in stride. 'Anything in particular you're looking for, love?'

Amelia went to respond, albeit she hesitated just before she could eke out a reply. She vividly revised the phrase from her source 'ONLY RESPOND WITH THE CODE' on her journey to the South of England, though her manners almost got the better of her. Instead of the intended 'no thank you, I'm just looking around,' she alternately went with 'Auxillum postulo.'

Once Amelia managed to whisper the sentence out, the once genial shopkeep changed her demeanour with haste 'Ah, thank God. I hate having to play that facade.' she grumbled. A back stretch fixed her posture and the charming innocence was now replaced with a jarring bluntness. 'Come, this way.'

Though Amelia was admittedly taken aback and even frightened to some extent, it did fill her with a modicum of satisfaction. She was right where she needed to be.

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