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Jul 27, 2014
The Weed Store
by yo18

Andrew was by no means a “pot head”, but living in Seattle did have its benefits with legalization. He just liked to indulge in the occasional toke, an edible here or there depending on the situation. He had smoked occasionally before he had moved to Seattle for work, but the ease and convenience of having legal weed stores and not having to find a shady dealer had opened him up to more of the scene.

It was on one Friday evening after work that he decided to restock at a new place that had just opened up. A friend had recommended it saying it was one of the nicer spots he’d ever been to.

“The tenders are a little out there, but the place is really well kept and aesthetically pleasing. Huge selection.” He recalled his friend John saying.

“What bud tenders weren’t a little quirky?” Andrew thought to himself as he put in the address.

Weed stores had started out as sketchy little joints in strip malls when the act had passed in the state, but now they were high functioning businesses, both stylish and utilitarian with comfortable smoking lounges and areas to order food and drinks. The business was ever expanding and this new place happened to be one of those upscale joints (pun intended) that Drew had seen popping up more recently.

He pulled into the parking lot of the standalone structure. It was large and had a fresh coat of light gray paint complimented by black window frames. He walked up to the double doors, handed the doorman his ID and was then let into the store. He walked into the cool AC and marveled at the interior. There was wood paneling in the walls and industrial looking lighting fixtures. There were nice leather couches that lined the walls for patrons to sit while they browsed and there was a complete smoking lounge off to the right where he could see others watching TV, enjoying beverages, and of course a joint or two. This was one of the nicest places Drew had ever seen. He was slightly intimidated by how nice the store was but he made his way up to the counter and was eventually helped by a tender.

“Hey darlin’ what can I help you with today?” A heavy set brunette asked from behind the counter.

Drew was thrown off by her southern accent having been in the Pacific Northwest for a few years now, but then again plenty of people were transplants in this city, himself included.

He scanned the shelves behind her as he explained, “Yeah, I am looking for something edible to relax with, maybe lower dosage, but still has a nice body high?”

Drew was by no means an expert and still had trouble keeping different strands and their highs straight in his head.

“Honey, I guarantee we have something to please everyone.” She said with a wink. “Sounds like maybe a nice chill indica will do, you said low dose and edible? I have just the thing.”

She tuned around and bent over to retrieve something from under the lit up displays. Drew stared at her large rear straining the seat of her jeans as she did so.

“Man, guess the munchies will catch up with you when you’re working at a pot store.” He thought as he marveled at its size. She quickly turned around with what she was looking for and caught him staring at her well-endowed assets with a small smirk.

“So here is what you want for relaxing on the couch and taking in a flick or some music. I’m sure you know the old phrase ‘indica, in da couch’”. She laughed as she said it. “This stuff will definitely put you in the couch, but do me a favor hun since you seem like a sweet guy.” She leaned in closer over the counter, her belly and breasts spread over the surface as she did so. “Only take one at a time, the effects can sneak up on the more novice users.” She looked him in the eyes knowingly. Then she passed a package of mints across to him. “$30 even.” she requested as she leaned back.

Drew looked the package over and was pleased with what he saw. Mind Expanding Mints read across the tin and at 5 mg, they were just enough to get a buzz without being completely useless for the rest of the day or at least so he thought.

“Thanks for the recommendation.” He smiled as he handed her the money. As he proceeded to the exit he couldn’t help but feel her gaze lingering on him. He shook off the feeling as he got into his car to head home.

Once back at his apartment he decided to pop a mint and check out what was new on Netflix. He liked to have his Fridays to himself to unwind from the stress of the week and relax. He browsed his options for a while before deciding on a new action movie. He was looking for an easy and entertaining watch. It was then that he realized he should probably order something for dinner, as it was already almost 7 pm. He pulled up his grubhub app and began to scroll the options. Last he had eaten was at noon and everything looked amazing as he scrolled. He decided on a quesadilla with fries, nachos, and a buffalo chicken sandwich with onion rings. He knew it was too much food, but reasoned that he could have the leftovers for lunch the next day.

While his appetite may have been proof that the mint was working, he had yet to feel any other effects as he got settled to watch the movie. He took the box from the counter and looked it over again. “Another couldn’t hurt.” he reasoned to himself “I’m staying in tonight anyways.” With that he popped another in his mouth not realizing that it was actually two stuck together.

He started the movie as he waited for his food to arrive. “Damn, what were the chances that all the Hemsworths would become ripped movie stars?” He thought as the movie played. He looked down at his own slim frame. While at a healthy weight of 160 lbs for his height of 5’11”, he had never been close to being jacked or even toned really, but he was fine with this fact and he never had a desire or need to get stronger than he was. He had a runner’s body from years of track in high school and that suited him just fine.

It had been 40 minutes when her heard a knock at his door. It startled him from being sucked into the movie. The mints were now kicking in he thought as he get up from the couch. As he was getting up he realized how high he actually was. It took a moment for him to get his bearings and head to the door. The delivery guy was greeted by the shaggy brown haired and red eyed Drew who accepted his order and thanked him with a tip before taking the food inside. He laid all the food out in front of him like a feast and began to sample things from each container as he pressed play on the movie once again.

The movie continued to play and Drew continued to eat. It was about halfway through when he realized he had taken the last handful of fries and finished all of the food in its entirety. “Whoa, did I really finish all that food?!” He thought with a hazy amazement. “I better be careful with these things, I should’ve waited a little longer for it to kick in like she recommended. If I can eat like this while on just a couple of these little guys I’ll end up as big as that bud tender in no time.” He thought back to the wide and hefty form of his specialist from earlier in the day. He’d be lying if he said he hadn’t enjoyed the view of her expansive ass stretching her jeans to their limits. He leaned back from the coffee table filled with empty containers and placed a hand on his bloated stomach. He sunk back into the cushions (a little more than he had an hour ago?) and let his mind wander in and out of the movie plot line, his high taking full force as the second two mints kicked in.

Maybe if he would have been more lucid he would have realized that as he sat there his belly had continued to press further and further away from the couch while his butt and thighs sunk further and further into the cushions. His t-shirt inching up ever so slightly until a sliver of pale skin was peaking out to greet the world. As the movie played Drew continued to fail to notice his expanding form sinking more and more into the couch. His athletic shorts, while elastic, could only take so much as his belly (yes belly) began to roll over the waistband. He needed to upgrade the large t-shirt he wore to and XL to adequately cover his newly pudgy trunk, a small pair of moobs becoming defined against the tightening cotton fabric.
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Jul 27, 2014
As the credits began to roll Drew came out of his stupor enough to find something else to watch. “Something easy and light-hearted” he thought as he grunted to lean forward and pick up the remote from the coffee table. As he did so he felt a resistance that had not been there previously and looked down between the valley of cleavage that was forming to see multiple rolls bunching up and attempting to force him back into the couch.

“What the ****?!” He said aloud, his hand reached to inspect the new tissue that had replaced his formally flat stomach. While he was a little worried about how and where this pudge had come from his high was also keeping him relatively calm in the situation.

“This could not have just been the food.” He thought as he surveyed the mess on the coffee table. Sure he should be a little stuffed, but not this stuffed. Besides if he was stuffed full of food then his belly should’ve felt hard to the touch, not soft and jiggly. His hands went to his sides and he grabbed at two meaty love handles that had apparently sprung over his shorts during the movie giving them a light squeeze to confirm their presence.

Just then his new belly gave out a growl signaling to Drew for more nourishment. A larger stomach meant it took more food to keep satisfied, a lot more. As the munchies overtook him he again picked up his phone to order more food. Going beck to the same restaurant as before he ordered two large pizzas before he had time to even think about what he was doing. Order placed he continued to survey the damage to his formally slim body. Every inch of him seemed to be thicker from his arms and wrists to his thighs and calves. His thighs squished together fighting for the space between his legs as his gut extended over top of them and threatened to take more real estate should he put another morsel in his mouth. Though he was seated he could tell by the way he sunk in and took up space on the couch that his butt was not spared the fate of the rest of his body and that if anything it had taken on more than its far share of added weight. Looking down at his hips he could see that they now extended beyond one couch cushion when mere hours ago his body had taken up less than a cushion. His doughy upper arms pressed into his budding breasts as he tried to move around to get a better look at his behind. He barely managed a glimpse of his ass crack poking out over his too tight shorts and the two fleshy orbs beneath it before having to give up, exhausted from maneuvering the newly added weight.

He was trying to calculate how much weight he must’ve gained so far based on his observations. 20 lbs? 30 lbs? 50 lbs?! He was brought back to the present by a knock at the door. “The food!” he remembered as he pushed himself up from the couch. It was no small task as it had once been and his center of gravity had shifted throughout the course of the movie. Once up and balanced he made his way to the door, although much slower this time. His walk had turned into a slight waddle with his thighs swishing together with each step. He attempted to pull his too small t-shirt over the dome of his drooping belly, but it refused to fully cover its surface so he gave up in hopes that he could quickly snatch the food and close the door.

“Two orders in one night, must be having a party.” The delivery guy thought as he waited for the occupants to answer the door.

He did a double take when the door finally creaked open. There standing in front of him looked like the same guy who had answered the door earlier in the evening. Same blue eyes, same short dirty blond hair, only easily 50 lbs heavier. His clothes were doing a poor job at containing his fat body, looking several sizes too small. The man smiled his chubby cheeks dimpling as he quickly took the order, tipped him, and closed the door.

“Sheesh” the driver thought as he walked down the stairs away from the apartment. “If that other guy isn’t careful with all the delivery food he’ll end up exactly like his older brother.”

Drew was glad to be back inside especially with the two large pizza in hand. He hoped the delivery guy had not recognized him from before, then again, no one would recognize him, even his close friends, given his current appearance. He lumbered back to the couch and lowered his bulk down into the inviting cushions. The couch groaned a little as he did, but Drew was too enthralled with the pizzas to notice. He tore into the first box, slice after greasy slice going down his throat, a 2-liter of coke there to wash it down. He never realized how much work it could be to keep a body this big satiated. His pudgy hands dripped with sauce and grease as he continued to down slices of pizza. The munchies from his high in full effect, all he could do was eat.

There was one final slice left in the second box and Drew snagged it before leaning back, his overstuffed gut was protruding more than ever now and was hard to touch from all that he had just consumed. His shirt had rolled back and there was no chance of returning it to its proper position. He knew he shouldn’t, but the desire for food and the effects of the pot made him feel like slice was meant to be his.

With the pizzas all finished he could do nothing, but lay back and lightly rub his overtaxed gut. He was effectively pinned to the couch with the amount he had just forced into his rounded belly. Still high, he felt nice and tingly between the weed and all the food he had consumed. A smile crept on his face as he dozed off to reruns of The Office.

Drew awoke to the sun on his face as it shined through the gaps in his blinds. “Must’ve fallen asleep on the couch again.” He thought as he woke slowly. He felt a little groggy from the edibles still. “The edibles!”

Drew’s eyes shot open and he looked down to see that the events of last night were not crazy trip, but in fact very real. Larger than what he’d remembered from the night before, his bare belly spilled out onto his thighs in a massive jiggling blob completely obscuring his shorts. A large set of breasts rested above it splaying slightly on to his thick sides, contained by the bra that had been his shirt the night before. His ass now took up two of the three cushions on the couch he had spent his night on. His athletic shorts, while still stuck between his rolls, had split down the sides during the night to allow his thick trunk like thighs and wide butt the freedom to continue to grow. While he may have been athletic before, it would never be used as an adjective to describe him now.

His sausage like finger swiped his phone open to check the time. Noon. He always slept in late after a night of getting high.

“The mints? It had to be the mints.” He thought as he surveyed the damage.

Apparently the two pizzas had only exasperated the effects. He rocked back and forth attempting to lift himself off of the couch. It creaked loudly as he did and finally he reached enough momentum to send his huge body up and away. As he did so the remnants of his shorts and boxers fell to the ground around his wide pudgy feet. He waddled his way to his bathroom to get a better look and relieve himself.

Standing in front of the mirror he guessed he had to be at least three times his original size. His vision even slightly crowded by he cheek fat vying for attention. His ham like arms hung to rest against he multiple rolls that had formed along his sides. His had rested on the protruding hip fat that had made it difficult to slide through the bathroom door. His belly formed two rolls in front of him, one smaller upper belly roll that was accompanied by a wider and lager lower belly roll that wrapped around his waist and connected to his love handles. His moobs were tightly packed into the large t-shirt he’d worn the night before and they rested on top of his upper belly roll. His scale maxed out at 350 lbs, which meant he only received an error message when he attempted to see how much he weighed.


Jul 27, 2014
Luckily it was Saturday and he had nowhere to be, but there was no way he had anything that would even remotely fit his bulging rolls and allow him to leave the house with some decency. He decided to call his friend Heather. They had known each other since high school and he felt she was one of the few people he could trust at this point, in the state that he was in.

“Hey Heather, yeah I’m doing well. Listen do you think you could do me a huge favor and run to target and grab me a couple sets of 4X sweat pants and t-shirts? Yeah I know its weird just trust me and bring them to my place ASAP. I’ll explain everything when you get here, that you SO much!” He hung up and waited for his friend to come rescue him from his own apartment.

Heather knocked on Drew’s door, clothes in hand. “He was acting real strange on the phone and what was with the supersized clothes?” She thought as she waited, feeling a soft pounding ever so slightly shake the hallway.

Finally the door slowly opened and he beckoned her inside. He closed the door behind her quick and as her eyes adjusted from the brightness outside they went wide. Shock overtook her as she looked at her once slim friend standing there with what appeared to be 200 and some extra pounds on him. His big chubby cheeks blushed as he let her survey him. Though he was naked from his chest down, his big belly drooped over his privates covering is modesty. She couldn’t believe how wide he was, his hips thighs and ass now demanded attention with their size and they way they sloped outwards from his fat belly. His tits had to be as big or bigger then her own impressive C cups as they looked positively crammed into the shirt that contained them.

“Wha, wha, what happened?!?” is all she could stammer as she reached out to feel his massive belly. “So soft.” She thought as she explored more with her hands before he swatted them away.

“Hey, that tickles! Just give me the clothes and I’ll explain everything.”

She handed him the clothes she had forgotten she was holding and he waddled his way back to the bathroom. She marveled at the way his huge butt jiggled all over as he shuffled his fat thighs one past the other. It was weirdly mesmerizing. Her attention was brought back to focus as he closed the door, obscuring her view.

Drew huffed and puffed and he shimmied the tight sweats over his huge legs. At this weight even the most mundane things seemed to require maximum effort. They were tight, but they eventually made their way over the shelf of his massive ass. Unfortunately his belly and love handles would have to rest free over top the waistband in order for the sweats to fit. He then struggled to free his man boobs from the tiny shirt/bra popping one out at a time. They surged from under the tight shirt and seemed to expand once freed from their vice. “Wow, that actually feels a lot better, no wonder girls hate bras so much.” He thought as he draped the tent like t-shirt over his head. It didn’t completely cover his lower belly roll, but it was the best he had to work with. Finally, sweaty and tired from the exhausting workout of dressing himself he waddled back out to face Heather and explain what had happened the night before.

She was sitting on the couch waiting. “Took, you long enough. “ She teased him lightly as he sat next to her, she had to move over slightly to allow room for his huge butt to fit alongside her, his rolls gently pressed into her side. “Oh, hope you don’t mind, but while I was waiting for you I snagged a few of your mints, I don’t know how you even get high of this 5 mg stuff I need at least 20 to get a good buzz going.” She stated as she swallowed the remaining bits on her tongue. “ So, what in the hell happened to you?’ She questioned realizing for the first time how pale he had gone.

“I’m going to say this very carefully.” He instructed her. “How many did you take?”


Jul 27, 2014
Ch 6

“What do you mean it was the mints?” She questioned his impossible explanation of how he’d become an absolute blimp overnight.

“I don’t know what else it could be!” he replied. “The bud tender was a little more weird than they usually are and since I took them last night I’ve turned into this.” He gesticulated, running his chubby hands up and down the length of his fattened torso.

“Okay, but I just took some mints…” She said cautiously accepting that anything could be possible at this point. His hugely fattened body was more than enough proof of that.

She tucked her long brown hair behind her ear and looked down at her slim waist wondering what lay in store for it. Heather was trim and lean standing at 5’5” and 125 lbs. Not exactly the athlete that Ben had been, but she still put the time aside to exercise regularly. She had a small tight butt and narrow yet curvy hips.

Ben interrupted the survey she was doing of her body, “So, how many?” He asked again urgently.

“Four, I think it was four.” She said uncertainly, the gravity of the situation causing her to second guess her count.

“Okay, well I only took 2 and I ended up like this…” he explained “so we have to expect that you might reach twice this size.” He reasoned further, not realizing he had taken an accidental double dose on his second mint.

“I did eat a lot of food though, maybe if you can fight off the appetite it wont be as bad?” He thought out loud.

It had been 30 minutes now since she had popped the little mints into her mouth and her focus was starting to wane as the high took over.

“Huh? Yeah fight it off.” She mumbled mostly to herself.

“Hey, you have any snacks in this place?” she asked, oblivious to the conversation now and succumbing to the increasing hunger welling up inside the pit of her stomach.

“Heather! Are you listening to anything I’m saying?” Ben asked annoyed at his friend’s lack of concentration.

“Not really.” She giggled at his frustration. “I NEED something to eat ASAP.” She said again. Her hand brushed along the slight bulge that had appeared on her stomach as she got up and headed to the kitchen in search of food.

Ben could only watch, as he was no longer quick enough to stop her. He knew the hunger she was about to experience and there was little he could think of to stop it.

“Ben you have to order something for me while I find something to tide me over, I’ve never been this hungry in my life!” She proclaimed as she opened different cabinets in her search for food.

He quickly got back on his delivery app and placed a large greasy order from his favorite spot. He wouldn’t admit it, but he was feeling a little peckish himself. Setting his phone on the blubbery dome of his belly he looked up to see Heather return with a large bag of chips in the crook of one arm and a half tub of chocolate ice cream he’d forgotten about in the other. She took a handful of chips from the bag and stuffed it into her mouth as she sat back down next to her fattened friend causing ripples across his fleshy body.

The changes were still very slight, but Ben’s expert eyes could tell a soft layer of fat was beginning to envelope her form. As she munched on some more chips, he spied the small bulge of her middle that was not there when she had arrived earlier. Her facial features looked the slightest bit softer, her high cheekbones no longer appearing as severe. Her jeans seamed slightly more form fitting too and her camisole clung to her torso a tiny bit more.

He continued to watch her eat, now having finished the chips she moved to the slightly melted ice cream. She took large dripping scoops from the tub to her waiting lips. Ben was slightly jealous of her as he was growing hungry just watching, but he knew the real food order would be there shortly. While he was no longer under the influence of the mints, he still had a massive belly that now required a lot more food to be satiated.

Dropping the empty tub to the coffee table the now slightly chubby Heather looked over to Drew.

“Food is on its way?” She asked double-checking.

“Any minute now it should be here and hopefully it’s enough.” He laughed at their now entwined fates.

“So I’m gonna get big and fat like you…maybe even bigger!?” She said hazily as she poking his upper belly roll again. “Could be fun I guess, specially if there’s nothing I can do about.” She mused in her altered state.

“Probably and I think you’re already on your way.” Ben replied reaching over his paunch and grabbing the little roll that had formed at the top of her jeans.

“Eeep” She squeaked as she wriggled away from his hand. “That does tickle haha.”

Just then a knock thundered at the door. They both looked over, Ben in hungry anticipation and Heather in stoned surprise.

“Well?...” Ben asked his friend, hinting towards his hindered mobility at this point.

“Fine.” Heather replied understanding. She wrapped the sides of the open sweater she was wearing across her middle and made her way to the door.


Jul 27, 2014
Ch 7

The delivery guy was thrown off when a surprisingly cute young lady answered the door. He had been expecting one of the brothers from last night, mostly the larger one based on the size of the order. He smiled handing the three straining plastic bags filled with containers to the blue-eyed girl. She returned a pearly white smile back, thanking him for the order.

“What on earth is going on in this apartment?” The delivery driver tried to make sense of it as he headed back to his car.

Heather hurried back to the couch with the heavy bags, placing them on the coffee table. Drew began to tear one open with his chubby fingers while Heather focused on another. They pulled out the styrofoam containers one by one. Heather couldn’t help herself and was already picking out a boneless wing from within. Drew, seeing her start, also gave up setting the food out and picked up the nearest container.

They began to feast together, Drew was holding on to some composure as he watched Heather overcome by a full on case of the munchies. She was a bottomless pit as she stuffed fries and burgers and wings into her maw. The effects were speeding up with the increase in calories. Heather’s clothes tightened around her now fully chubby body.

Drew thought she actually was looking pretty good with a few extra pounds on her frame. Her jeans were starting to look painted on as her hips and butt flared out more. Her belly spilled over the edge of her waistband and was exposed. The tiny camisole was no longer able to cover the bottom of her midriff. Her breasts pressed the fabric further and further away from her neckline, she rarely sported bras when the choice was up to her. He put her somewhere in the ballpark of 145 lbs, maybe 150, though this was quickly changing and his attention kept getting drawn back to the fried chicken sandwich resting on his own belly.

“This is the best food I’ve ever had.” Heather proclaimed in her state of gluttony.

“You might wanna try to slow down there chubs.” Drew suggested. “Looks like it working on you already.

Heather looked down beyond her expanding chest to the roll of blubber that had escaped her cami and sat pleasantly covering the button of her jeans, a mozzarella stick in each hand.

“Hush, fat boy.” She quipped back. “Why don’t you relax and live a little?” She punctuated by stuffing both cheese sticks into her mouth.

Heather had always been more of a free spirit than Drew and she seemed to be taking the new development in stride rather than reacting with the horror Drew had. He looked down at his own fleshy chest and domed belly despairingly as he took another bite of his sandwich.

“Hey lighten up, I wasn’t trying to be mean.” Heather said trying to comfort her friend.

“Besides you look like a cute cuddly teddy bear now compared to the skin and bones you were before, its nice.” She complimented him and smiled, her chubby cheeks dimpling as she tried to mend his feelings while she continued to gorge.

Drew perked up at that and struggled to reach for another container of something greasy. “I guess its not all bad.” He thought, his appetite still present.

“Thanks, Heather, I needed that. This is all just crazy and new and I don’t know how to handle it.” He said aloud.

“Besides I was a little jealous of those tits of yours when I first walked in, can’t let you out do me can I?” She smirked looking over to his hefty man boobs.

He blushed, still embarrassed, but taking it in stride as he bit into an onion ring.

Her own chest was already expanding out to larger proportions having a greater head start than Drew’s. He sat at a full C boarding on D, while she had moved into the double D/E territory.

The cami now tucked under her heavy breasts, the full extent of her creamy belly exposed. It spread onto her thickening thighs and her chunky love handles pinched at the sides of her painfully tight jeans.

Registering the pain, she instinctively reached for the button, snaking her hand beneath the overhang of her chub. It took several tries as her fingers danced around the overly tight button flaps searching for release. One final tug removed the constraint and her belly forced the flaps to the sides and surged further out.

Undoing the button was helpful, but her butt and thighs still demanded more room in their journey outward and the constricting jeans were fighting a losing battle against them. Her chubby left thigh now pressed into Drew’s titanic right thigh, the couch growing slowly less accommodating for the pair’s mass. Heather ‘s 185 lbs of bulk now took up most of her cushion, her curvy bottom initially only utilizing half the space.
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Jul 27, 2014
Ch 8

Most of the containers lay scattered and empty around the ground and coffee table. Heather poked through the wreckage in search of the few remaining scraps with minimal returns. Her boobs sagged out onto her fattened belly and pressed into her chubby upper arms as she poked around. Her cami fought with the pendulous orbs in a last ditch effort to hold on to them.

Drew was laying back rubbing small circles around his stuffed middle, at least the areas he could reach with his ham like arms. He wasn’t expanding like his friend, but he had still eaten enough to cause his upper belly to push out and become tight with food.

Heather finally joined him leaning back, the couch creaking as she moved. Having ferreted out every last morsel she was satisfied with her work. She looked over to her massive friend who no longer seemed as massive comparatively. She took his queue and also started rubbing her belly for relief from the massive meal. The mints were still working their magic and she continued to expand with fat. She tingled all over as she tried to relax. Maybe she was stoned, but she swore she could actually feel herself getting fatter. As she rubbed she thought she noticed her stomach lifting her hands just the slightest bit further away. Small pops were audible proof that her lower half was winning its battle with her jeans, the garment slowly giving way.

All this was to say that she wasn’t fighting it and rather enjoyed poking and prodding her soft plush rolls. It was all she could do to restrain herself from feeling Ben up when she had arrived. His fleshy body looked so inviting even beyond her initial shock and now she had one of her own. Her chubby cheeks dimpled against her second chin as she enjoyed the sensations washing over her.

Minutes later the calm was interrupted by a loud rip, the side seams of her jeans had given up. Ben looked over with surprise at the sudden sound and watched as her pale dimpled thighs escaped and surged father into his own tree trunk legs.

“Oh my GOD, finally!” Heather exclaimed in relief. “I thought it would never happen, they were so damn tight.”

She rubbed her hands around the angry red marks the tight jeans had left on her abundant hips. The fabric was lost in her fleshy thighs with the sudden expansion. She now appeared to be wearing nothing on her lower half. Her pale thighs squished together down to the knee and spread out on either side of her where Andrew and the couches’ limits allowed. Her belly rolls spilled out on to said thighs, hiding her tightening panties beneath.

Above, her cami did all it could to contain her huge breasts having given up on covering her stomach long ago. The bottoms of her boobs peeked out spreading onto her expansive stomach. He cardigan still hung from her shoulders, but her fleshy arms were now packed tightly in the long sleeves down to her chubby wrists. The knit of the sweater was being pulled apart by her expansion and becoming see-though in the process. Her valley of cleavage pushed up into her field of view, pulling the spaghetti straps of her cami taught as they bridged from her thickening shoulders to the fabric covering her breasts. A second chin was permanently present and her facial features had lost all angularity, giving her more soft and inviting features. Her eyes were closed and she continued to play with her new fat.

They were packed tightly in the couch together, Heather’s weight continued to climb to match that of Drew’s. A tight crease of exposed butt and thigh fat against the taught material of Drew’s sweatpants had formed between their touching sides. Drew was becoming worried, he should probably remove himself and find another seat before his couch could no longer handle their combined weight.

Heather simply reveled in the squished and jiggling mass of flesh that their bodies had become, she was too high to realize any physical repercussions that might occur. The soft ticking from the cross beam of the couch was not even close to entering her worldview at the moment.

Drew on the other hand, sober as a bird, took the ticking as his cue to get up. He shifted his bulk towards the edge of the couch eliciting more ticks and creaks, his stomach filling the pace between his fat thighs and his rolls bunching up. He was still not used to his massive form and was also weighted down by the feast they had just consumed. He did his best to struggle against his weight and began rocking back and forth, gaining moment to lift himself up.

With his meaty arms pushing against the armrests and one final “oomph“ he pushed himself up. The motion sent waves through Heather’s body as he removed himself. Her left thigh and hip quickly filled the open space he had left like a tidal wave of fatty flesh.

She giggled at all the movement and the sensations it sent though her body.

“Haha, hey where are you going?” She asked as she tried to calm her jiggling thighs with her chubby hands.

“Over here.” He pointed to the chair next to the sofa. “You’re getting too fat for us to share the couch.” He said with some amazement in his voice.

“Hey I’m not the only fatty here, but oh wow...” She said realizing this was true. Her jiggling rolls mesmerized her once again.

Without Andrew’s body as a barrier Heather now took up more than half the couch. She showed no signs of stopping just yet either. It was apparent that she had most likely surpassed Drew in mass. There was probably no way he could get her on the scale, but he had to guess she her shorter build was somewhere around 380 lbs and 400 lbs did not seem far off.

Andrew, realizing he was growing tired from just standing there and surveying his friend’s expansion, moved to his new seat. More loud creaks sounded as he wedged his bulk down between the armrests of the chair. His huge butt filled the seat entirely and his thighs and love handles flowed over the padded armrests. It was nowhere near as comfortable as his original seat; he much preferred to have Heather’s soft rolls against him than the stiff armrests of the recliner. He looked in her direction marveling at her size. Her blissful smile put him more at ease about the situation, but the creeping arousal he felt against his soft underbelly confused him.


Jul 27, 2014
Ch 9

He decided to turn something on to distract himself from his fattening friend.

“They had always been just friends.” He reminded himself as he surfed for something interesting to watch.

They would just have to ride this out together as he had no clue how to stop or even reverse any of it at this point. Maybe that weird bud tender had the key, but for now he wanted to make sure Heather was okay.

She seemed better than okay. Still in a fattened high bliss and getting fatter. She now took up most of the couch. She had scooted slightly to the center having the seat to herself. Her underwear had snapped with all the movement, but her belly more than adequately covered her modesty at this point. Her hips and thighs spread out to the sides inching ever closer to the armrests. Her belly covered said thighs and inched towards her knees, rolls stacking upon soft rolls. Two pops sounded the end of her cami’s straps, her breasts hung down further with the loss of support, now relying on her massive stomach instead. It resembled more of a tube top at this point and not on that provided much coverage. She continued to jostle and shake various fattened parts of her body reveling in the pleasurable sensations it caused, a foggy smile across her cute chubby face.

“Hey I like that show, go back!” the now easily 400 lb beauty spoke up suddenly.

Drew flipped back and they settled on the show.

Though she had requested the show Heather still seemed more enraptured with her fattening body.

“Ughh, sooo fat.” Drew could hear her whisper to herself in an almost carnal desire as she played with her rolls.

“She was sooo fat.” Drew thought to himself.

He tried not to stare too long, taking glances here and there, but he too found himself distracted by her bulbous body. He’d never even considered Heather in this way before, she had always been a close friend and that was important to him, but he couldn’t help growing aroused as he stole more glances at her massively fattened and mostly naked body on display next to him.

Another episode down, it seemed she was finally coming out of her stoned state, which also hopefully meant she was done growing.
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Jul 27, 2014
Ch 10

“So now what?” Heather asked her fat friend; even her voice had taken on a huskier tone than he recalled her once having. A product of her fattened neck and coated vocal cords.

Drew looked over to Heather’s massive naked form taking up most of his couch. It was a good question. He hadn’t really gotten to next steps yet, just trying to keep up with their constantly changing bodies and raging appetites, but now it seemed her expansion had finally stopped.

“Well…I guess clothes would be a start.” He finally responded with a laugh. He began to wonder where he might even find large enough items to cover his friend’s expansive blubber.

“True, not like I can leave your apartment with all this hanging out.” She sunk her hands into the sides of her huge belly and jiggled it as she spoke.

“I can try and return the favor.” Drew offered as he adjusted the tight waistband of his sweats.

Heather only moaned in agreement as she lost herself in her jiggling belly.

He had technically gotten her into this in the first place by asking for the clothing for himself. It was only right that he assist her in the same way.

Drew heaved himself from the ill-fitting chair he sat in, already exhausting himself from the effort. This was not going to be easy. He lumbered over the island to retrieve his wallet and keys, each step thudding on the wood floor. He felt bad for his neighbors below. As far as he knew the pounding would become a part of their daily living

“Are you going to be alright while I’m gone?” Drew asked Heather as he handed her the remote before he left.

“I think I’ll be just fine.” She said with a smile as she continued to play with her fat absentmindedly. “Plenty to keep me occupied here.”

Drew was confused by the ease at which she was taking all this. The high had worn off by now and he thought the gravity of the situation might set in, but she remained unphased by the huge transformation and seemed to enjoy it even in her sober state.

As he waddled to the door she called out from the living room. “Oh and maybe pick up some food on the way back!”

More food, even after all they had consumed. Though he had to admit with all this waddling he was doing he could feel his own appetite welling up inside. While the rapid expansion from the mints was temporary the enhanced appetite seemed somewhat permanent.

His body filled the doorway as he passed out into the world for the first time as a bonafide fatty. He wondered if Heather could make it through the opening at this point even if she was appropriately covered up.

The stairs down to the parking lot seemed traitorous at this point. He took them one at a time and used the railing for support as he eased his bulk down. Luckily he only lived on the second floor.

Reaching his car he was now covered in sweat. Regrets of not hitting the gym more often nagged at him, he could’ve been more prepared to handle all his new flab if he had. He opened the door and wondered how he’d ever managed to fit between the seat and steering wheel before this. It seemed so small. He leaned down to maneuver the seat as far back as it would go. He felt a breeze across the top of his exposed ass cheeks as fidgeted with the seat adjustments, something he would have to get used to at his new size.

He shimmied up his sweats before stuffing himself into the drivers seat. He had enough room to drive, but barely. His large gut reached just short of the steering wheel.

“But where to get the clothes?” He thought as he blasted to AC in his car.

He realized that simply stopping over to the target around the corner might not have options for a girl of Heather’s size. He’d seen a plus size store in the mall before, maybe that would have something large enough? He made the decision to head that way.


Jul 27, 2014
Ch 11

The mall was crowded with it being the weekend. Drew did his best to maneuver his huge body through the throngs of people. He was wheezing and sweating from all the exertion of waddling from the car and through the mall. His tight sweats did not help his waddle in any way and he was constantly playing with the waistband to make sure they were still sitting on his hips properly.

He finally spotted the store he had remembered when a smell drifted across his nose. Curious he turned his head to see the white and blue sign for Auntie Anne’s pretzels. He wondered if the placement of the stand in front of the plus size store was intentional.

He had gone in on a mission, not to be distracted, but one little detour couldn’t hurt. His stomach growled in agreement, he had worked up an appetite after all this walking around. He peeled off his b-line to the store entrance and tucked himself in line for a pretzel.

“What to get?” He thought as he ogled the display case of warm pretzels.

“Classic? Jalapeno? Cinnamon? “ They all sounded good to him.

“What can I getchya? The young girl behind the counter asked breaking Drew’s focus.

“Uh yeah, can I get a regular pretzel with cheese sauce…” He replied

She opened the case to retrieve his order.

“…And a jalapeno one with cheese sauce and a cinnamon with frosting? Thanks.” He quickly added on slightly embarrassed.

She glared knowingly at Drew’s large form as she completed the second half of his order. He quickly paid and made his way to a bench with the snack.

Lowering himself down on the sturdy metal bench he quickly got started on the pretzels, taking large bites dripping with cheese sauce. He balanced the other pretzels on the expansive shelf provided by his belly as he ate. There were some advantages to his fattened body. If felt good to give his legs a rest after the walk in and if felt better to relieve his hunger with Auntie Anne’s pretzels.

Having scooped up the last bit of frosting with the last piece of cinnamon pretzel, he wiped his hands and threw away the empty wrappers. He struggled up from the bench, using the sturdy metal rail for support and slowly waddled towards the store, back on track.

He was quickly overwhelmed at all the options. Everything was very trendy and it seemed there had been great strides made in plus sized fashion that he had not been aware of. He decided to keep it simple and just get the essentials for now. A shirt, some leggings, and underwear should cover it.

He started combing through a stack of plain white v-neck t-shirts. He checked labels and held a few up to get a gauge on what size Heather might be at this point.

“Well, she looked bigger than me.” He thought as he held one up to himself.

A 4X might suffice for him so he decided to go with their largest, a 6X, to be on the safe side. He did the same for a pair of plain black leggings and a black thong. He told himself the thong might be a better fit for her massive cheeks rather than trying to contain them in full bottom panties, but he’d be lying if he’d said he wasn’t imagining what Heather would look like squeezing into it. The fabrics were pooled in his arm. It took a lot of material to cover a person of their size.

Finally he stopped at the bras. This would be difficult. He knew a little about bra sizing, but having to match a fit to what he’d seen of her sitting on his couch would be tough. He held up various bras trying to match the cups to the memory of her enlarged breasts and was quickly realizing she would be on the end of the sizing chart for this as well. He realized with embarrassment that he also would be on the upper end of the chart as he stared down at his chubby moobs.

He settled on a 48 DDD. It seemed like it would have the circumference as well as the cups required to fit her large chest. He made his way to the counter and checked out. The curvy girl ringing him up gave him a suspicious once over at the purchase, but shrugged it off.

Clothing in hand he made the slow journey back to his car, more sweat, more wheezing, but mission accomplished.

“Now what to get for Dinner?” He thought as he rubbed the dome of the paunch that covered his lap.


Jul 27, 2014
Ch 12

Meanwhile, back at Drew’s apartment Heather had relaxed a little now having the place to herself. She had been trying, and slightly failing, to keep her composure and not play with her newly fattened parts too much. Now that she was alone she could fully explore her body without the judgment of Drew sitting next to her.

She couldn’t put her finger on why, but she was extremely curious about her new body and not the least bit upset by the changes that had taken place. The TV continued to play in the background, but she was no longer paying attention to the screen.

She cupped, or attempted to cup, her heaving breasts letting the fatty flesh engulf her hands. They were so large and heavy and she was growing slightly turned on as she fondled them. She moved to her belly below pinching and jiggling the multiple rolls that had accumulated. Hidden deep between her huge thighs, her plump pussy began to grow wet at all the sensations. Each touch sent waves of movement though her fat and in turn sent waves of pleasure between her legs. Everything was more sensitive and connected in a way it had never been before when she was thin. She sunk her hands into her love handles and grabbed, shaking them as she softly moaned. The intensity was beginning to become too much and her left hand fumbled under her belly and between her thighs. She tried to spread her huge legs apart to lessen the tight crease her thighs made against one another, but it was no use.

“I…I can’t reach…” she thought as she struggled against her fat belly and soft inner thighs.

“I’m too fucking fat to reach.” She said out loud followed by a carnal moan.

Saying it out loud made it more concrete to her somehow. The mere notion of this turned her on even more and she brought herself to a rocking climax as she struggled to reach her dripping sex. She continued to jiggle her body this way and that to achieve stimulation without the use of her hand, only finally relaxing back into the couch after achieving several more orgasms. She huffed as she caught her breath, the mixture of arousal and exertion making it difficult to breath.

She had never know that fat could be a turn on, the whole experience had awoken something inside her. While Andrew had seemed to dread the results of the mints, Heather thought they might have been a blessing in disguise.


Jul 27, 2014
Ch 13

Andrew pulled up to the window to pay, a pudgy hand slipping the money to the cashier. A little while after, bag upon bag of the large order was handed through to him. He hadn’t known what had come over him, but he had just placed the largest fast food order of his life. The teen behind the register rolled her eyes at him when he’d appeared outside her window.

“Of course this fatty is ordering all this food.” Had no doubt crossed her mind.

“Heather was a big girl now and she required a lot of food.” Had been his rational for the order, but his huge stomach audibly growled as he took in the smells from the bags.

The cashier must’ve heard it because her eyes squinted looking down to the large mound of partly exposed flesh between him and his steering wheel as the last of the bags and drink holders were transferred. He was embarrassed, but not enough to overcome his hunger. He quickly plucked a large fry from one of the bags as he pulled away from the drive-thru and began munching on the drive home.

He found a spot close to the stairway in his lot, a small, but important concession for the current state of things. It would take a couple trips and he was not looking forward to it, but Heather was in no shape to assist him. It had to be done. Gathering up as much food as he could he exited his cramped car and slowly trudged up the stairs.

He shimmied large body through the door with his hands full to find Heather passed out on the couch where he had left her, in her beautifully naked glory. Her breasts lay across the shelf of her expansive belly and drooped to the sides as they meshed with her fat upper arms. Her hands were tucked under them to rest on the upper dome of her inflated stomach. She woke slowly to the sounds of him laying down the bags on the coffee table.

“Hey is that food I smell?” She said sleepily, her eyes half open.

“Yes it is, as well as some clothes that hopefully fit you.” He said proud of his successful journey out.

“Ooo give me!” She reached her chubby hands out in the air for bag of food, her large upper arms jiggling. It was as if she hadn’t even heard the part about the clothing.

He obliged her and she tore into the bags contents with her fat fingers, immediately stuffing her face with a burger. He made another arduous trip to retrieve the rest of the food and clothes bags, but not without grabbing handful of fries on his way.

All the food retrieved, he wedged himself back into the chair next to Heather once more and grabbed a bag of food to satiate his own gnawing hunger. The physical activity of the errands had worn him out and he needed to relax and replenish his energy via calories. His trunk like legs thanked him for the respite from the constant waddling, they were just not used to carrying this much weight around.

Heather was already working on her second bag at this point. The only sounds were of them munching away and groaning with pleasure as they filled their massive bellies with all the fast food.

Andrew was amazed by how much they could both put away now. Most of the time he was too hungry to actually take stock, but they were eating enough for several families just to feel satisfied. He grunted as he leaned forward to grab another bag, his belly and breasts bunching up into his face, thinking about his new capacity. It would be extremely hard to lose any of this weight if they continued to eat like this and yet it seemed, in the moment that it was the only thing he could do to keep himself from going crazy with hunger. If anything they’d continue to expand, albeit in the slow and calorie filled way that anyone gains weight.

It seemed Heather was possessed by the same urges as she stuffed a chubby handful of greasy fries into her mouth, though it was without any of the contemplation of their current situation. Heather had fully given in and she hadn’t taken even a second to question it. Her palm was planted on her middle sinking into the soft flesh as she devoured another burger with the other hand. A smile dimpled her chubby cheeks as she did so.

He decided to wait for her to finish before bringing his thoughts up. He helped with the rest of the food of course; to ‘speed up the process’ he had told himself.

Food finished, wrappers scattered once again, they leaned back and soothed their fat full bellies. Heather seemed a little disappointed when she realized the nuggets she had just finished were the last remaining item from the huge order.

“So, how come you don’t seem bothered by any of this?” Andrew broke the silence.

Heather looked up unsure how to answer at first. She could think more clearly now that her hunger was satisfied.

“Well, I don’t know what we can really do about at this point and besides, is it really that bad?” She countered back to him.

“That bad?! Look at us Heather, were huge! I can barely make it up and down my stairs now. I don’t think you can even get off my couch without help. Not to mention you’ve busted out of all your clothes and are completely naked. We can’t even fit on my couch together anymore, we’re too fat!” Andrew huffed out his list of concerns while Heather took them in, she was growing slightly turned on by all the revelations he was stating.

She cut him off before she got too worked up. “Well I don’t see you making any moves to slim down or do anything about it.” She nodded to the wrappers around him. “And if you must know I kinda like being this big.“

Andrew stared back, struck down by the evidence of his own gluttony being pointed out as well as the fact that she had just admitted she liked the impossible transformation they had experienced.

“You were always more up tight in general, maybe you need to loosen up a little. I never would’ve even thought about being this fat, but now that I am I kinda like it and since it doesn’t seem like we can reverse it I’m going to enjoy it.” She grabbed a roll from her belly and shook it to punctuate her declaration.

“Come on big boy, were in this together at least. You can drown your sorrows in a tub or two of rocky road if you need to and I’ll be there for you. I’d lean over and give you a hug if I could.” She smirked, her chins bunching up. “Besides I think you look cute with a little meat on your bones, those chubby cheeks are adorable and I don’t know about other girls, but I’ve always preferred a guy with a nice booty on him.”

Andrew sat there while her words worked away at his anxiety. She was right, what could they do and at least he wasn’t alone in this. He had an amazing close fat friend to share with. He also felt a tingle below the overhang of his soft gut at the “subtle” complements she’d made about his expanded figure.

“I…I guess you’re right.” He finally said. “You don’t look so bad yourself by the way.” he said blushing as he eyed the wide spread of her massive thighs and the large breasts and belly that rested upon them.

“That’s the spirit.” She said beaming. “Now where are those clothes you got me? As fun as this is, I want to make sure I can go back out in public as some point.”

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