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+800 Pound Vanilla from bbwroylty.com is on Jan. 2020 "My 600 lb Life"

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Jan 12, 2007
Vanilla" is an ultra-sized 6'2" tall fat model who put out the kind of show that super FA "bigger the better" guys loved. After about two years and a 200-pound weight gain her FA show looks like it will end. In January 2020, she will be on "My 600 Pound Life". She is the first person you see on this preview.

On her show, she seemed happy with her mega-weight and even talked about gaining. Now she will probably be on a weight loss journey and her ultra fat positivity will come to a stop. It is a hard way of life to prefer or be a woman over 600 pounds because even if you find a girl who says she is ok with her weight usually she will change her mind and become a radical weight loss fanatic. Let's face facts no one or very very few like being immobilized by their fat over the long run. So we extreme FAs can make our dreams come true over the short run, but ultra fat sexual heaven is usually not meant to last, sad to say.

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