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weight gain

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  1. L

    BBW Swelling Lexi (BBW, SSBBW, WG, WL, Sex, Pregnancy)

    A woman tries to reconcile her love of pregnancy with trying to keep her ballooning figure in check. (BBW, SSBBW, WG, WL, Sex, Pregnancy) Swelling Lexi by alinux37 (libman37) (Inspired by lexiroads on Tumblr) Lexi was one big mama, and loved being one. Her husband had put two kids in her over...
  2. LJ Rock

    Surprises Bring Life [BHM, BBW, Mutual Weight Gain, Feeding, Stuffing, Romance]

    This is a short and sweet story about a chubby guy from America who falls for a pretty young lady from a foreign land and fattens her up good. This is a censored version of the story, an uncensored version appears exclusively on my Patreon page. Surprises Bring Life by L.J. Rock I’ll...
  3. fiestyMad

    BHM Maybe It’s You (FFA/BHM, WG, Drama, Romance)

    Maybe It's You by fiestyMad Catherine feels alone in the big city, until she meets a man who changes everything. (Content warning: This story contains a character who suffers from a fairly severe anxiety disorder.) Part 1 There’s something wrong with me. There has to be. I have these...
  4. F

    Weight gain

    Hey! I am getting fat, uh...
  5. J

    Best photo poses / angles for showing off weight gain?

    Hi all, been a lurker here for like a decade, but I'm looking for some advice. My beloved partner has decided to allow me to take monthly "progress photos" of their gain. We've agreed on a slow gain, so documenting it over time is gonna be super hot. Anyway! In addition to the standard...
  6. Madeline Maple

    BBW “Quarantine Genes” by Madeline Maple [~BBW, SSBBW, ~XWG]

    A young woman tries to keep her figure during Covid-19 quarantine. Will her family’s heavy history get the better of her? Quarantine Genes By Madeline Maple Aly never had a normal childhood. Her family never went on picnics or trips to the amusement park. Not when you have a mother who weighs...
  7. A

    BBW Artful Increase (~BBW, ~~WG, Historical, LGBTQ)

    ~BBW, ~~WG, Historical, LGBTQ – A young urchin given a chance at better prospects finds herself embroiled in a world of appetite, desire, and the lowest of foul play. (A reimagining of Sarah Waters' novel Fingersmith / its film adaptation The Handmaiden—one that introduces certain other...
  8. F

    BHM The New Hire

    The New Hire by Faloverbabe Kristen sat at her desk. Monday mornings were always a drag and thus far this Monday was no different. The coffee was just as bitter, her chair just as uncomfortable, and the florescent lights just as bright. She loaded up her computer ready for the mundane work to...
  9. Y

    BHM The Weed Store

    The Weed Store by yo18 Andrew was by no means a “pot head”, but living in Seattle did have its benefits with legalization. He just liked to indulge in the occasional toke, an edible here or there depending on the situation. He had smoked occasionally before he had moved to Seattle for work...
  10. Y

    BOTH A Change of Weight

    (Working on some new stuff and wanted to re-upload some old stuff since its been a while. Also did not realize this was still pretty active with stories until the other day, but I'm glad I checked back in. Hope you still enjoy even if its a second time around.) A Change of Weight by yo18...
  11. B

    BBW The Apple (Figure) of his Eye (~XWG, SSBBW)

    Part 1; (Contains magical XWG, BBW, SSBBW, light feeding) Amelia found that navigating the Isle of Wight was much greater a tribulation than she had previously hoped for. Though her online investigating came bearing fruits, it did come with the prerequisite that if she were to try using...
  12. G

    BBW Sam's stay with Granny

    Sam's stay with Granny by gaedkeg1122 Sam was a recent high school graduate. She decided that she would spend the summer with her grandmother before she started college. She was 19 years old, had long brown hair and was relatively thin with the only exception being her breasts. Her...
  13. B

    Feedee Meditation - Give in to your fantasies and make them your reality

    This is a 22:41 minute audio meditation for Feedees. Listening to this will allow you to accept your desires and start working towards your dream body. You should listen to this each day until your lifestyle begins to adapt to excess and your body begins to show signs of fattening. Before...
  14. Salacious Caitlin

    BHM The Transformation of Midnight (Historical fantasy, BHM)

    This is the first chapter, and it's meant to be a slow burn, but it will go to some big places... trust me. It's more along the lines of a romance novel than anything I've written before, so please let me know what you think! The Transformation of Midnight by Salacious Caitlin Chapter 1...
  15. Salacious Caitlin

    BHM Sky the Hapless Space Mercenary Gets Fat

    Sky the Hapless Space Mercenary Gets Fat by Salacious Caitlin Sky had dreaded the day they would release him, and now that day was here. He’d tried. He had run in place and tried to do pushups and whatever other exercise he could manage. But the cell on Ganymede Station was tiny...
  16. Yor

    FFAs, are you into seeing a normal sized man ballooning up?

    So would you date a normal sized guy like me who willingly wants to become big and fat, and help fatten him up? Or do you want your SO to be fat to begin with? And are there more men like me on this board?
  17. fadict

    im creating a forum thread for my artwork. (tell me what you think!?) (BBW, WG)

    the scale by fadict posted Dec 25, 2019 at 9:18 PM
  18. F

    BOTH I was curious if anyone has written a story involving Thor?

    Especially since Endgame has been out for a while, I'm surprised that I haven't seen really any weight gain stories involving him. Maybe I'm looking in the wrong places? Has anyone found or written some weight gain or feederism related stories about the character?
  19. MistressCupcake180

    BBW The Meet Up - My Very First Erotica - Part 1

    The Meet Up by MistressCupcake180 “Ughhhh!!! I can’t believe this!!! What in the hell happened!!!???” Allison had always been a strong, fit and fierce woman with flowing blonde hair, an hour glass figure, smooth complexion and glowing green eyes. Standing around 5 foot 7 she had always...
  20. BigElectricKat

    So I ran into this today