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A Movie for our Community?

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LJ Rock

Well-Known Member
Oct 4, 2005
I've had this question rolling around in my brain for a while now, and I've been trying to think of the best way to phrase it. What I'm wondering, is let's say a movie were to be made that was BY and FOR this community. However you personally choose to classify it: fat admiration, size acceptance, body positivity, feedism, etc. What sorts of things would YOU like to see (yes, I'm talking to YOU) in a movie such as this? Would it be a romance? A comedy? An action/adventure? What elements from our daily interactions here on Dimensions and other such community hang-outs would you want represented? Feeding? Gaining? Body/belly worship?

I guess what I am really wondering, is if it's possible or not to make a film that would truly satisfy the sensibilities of this community, represent who we really are, that would actually tell a story and make sense as a film - without being completely exploitive, of course. Something beyond just erotic stimulation or fantasy escapism (well, maybe some of that) but moreover something that actually speaks to US and tells the story of US. Not an outsiders perspective looking in and trying to make sense of it all, but rather the insiders point of view, but one that we can all on some level relate to.

Does any of this make sense or am I losing my mind? lol

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