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A RL feeder/feedee relationship

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Dec 19, 2017
, Female
So, I've lurked around the FA world for over 20 years now (I think I first found Dimensions about 1998 or something), reading and writing wg stories and reading about other people's RL experiences, but never doing anything about it myself. I've done a lot of personal growth (mental/emotional rather than physical) over the past couple of years and in doing that, realised that I was missing out on things I really, really wanted due to prejudices I'd picked up as a child/teen, and which really needed losing. In the process of dealing with those, I'm finally on the point of getting control of the eating disorder that has ruled my life for the past 30 years (whenever things get tough I want to stop eating), am learning to love my body (if I'm not actively controlling my food I love eating and so tend to fatness, which I used to hate but am now starting to see as sexy) and have also found myself with a fat boyfriend for the first time ever.

I've always dated skinny guys and when I married my husband he was only about 105lbs (he's 5'10" tall). Even now, he's only about 130lbs. Luckily for me we have an open relationship and although I've very seldom made use of that fact, he was still good with the idea of me doing that, so I began chatting to some guys online back in the autumn and, to my immense surprise, fell in love with one of them. I was fortunate enough to be able to go and spend 10 days with him at the start of last month and it was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. It was my first time being with someone whose body drives me absolutely wild with desire and the same in reverse. My husband would love me at any size and doesn't mind my body but he doesn't adore it the way my boyfriend does, and that experience of being incredibly turned on by my partner's body whilst also knowing he's incredibly turned on by mine made such a huge difference.

On top of that, I've discovered that I'm also turned on by him gaining weight (something I never expected to be the case) and he's turned on by the fact that I'm turned on, so we just seem to be in an endless cycle of horniness at the moment. Given that we're stuck in lockdown at opposite ends of the country, currently, that's a bit of a pain but thank heaven for video calls! He's also encouraging me to let go a bit and I'm finding pleasure in eating that I haven't experienced probably since I was about 5 or 6 - I had a 'chocolate orgasm' with a mug of incredibly rich hot chocolate (topped with cream, obviously) and a Terry's chocolate orange, and have been surprised by how much food can turn me on if I let it. I've known the 'theory' of FA and wg for so many years but actually being part of it is so much more amazing than I ever expected.

Here's to a wonderful (and undoubtedly fattening) 2021!

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