Adam Sandler Tribute to Chris Farley

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Sep 30, 2005
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Love his movies! I went to the theater to see them when I was a teen. Oh yeah and I love the skits from SNL of the Chris Farley collection. Its a must see. I especially love how his physical comedy was soooo extraordinary and downright contagious when he played the lunch lady singing with Adam Sandler during the"Sloppy Joe Song" as part of one of the skits... and Adam couldn't hold back his own laughter.


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Jun 17, 2019
Ontario, Canada
Had a huge crush on him and John Candy. I used to add John Belushi into that fat funny man category until I heard what a Misogynist he was. The SNL women that worked with him are very clear that he was offensive and felt women were not his equal.
I miss Chris Farley too. He was such an amazingly funny talent. But boy, do I ever miss John candy. He was one of my childhood idols and was someone who I always cherished, looked up to and admired. I had the chance to meet him a few years before his death through an associate of his who lived down the street from me where I grew up. But I was only about 11 years old at the time and as much as I wanted to, I was so shy, so I never got the chance to see him before he passed away. :( I remember how crushing it was when he died. I know some might say "he's just a movie star", but it took a good while for me to get over it, because it felt like there was a hole created when he passed away. Even today I still get a lump in my throat when I think about him being gone. I can't believe it's been 25 years now. *sighs* :(

But we'll always have Chris and John's movies, and TV shows to look upon to remind us of just how brilliant they were for the short time they were with us. They leave a legacy that will live on forever and be looked upon with great memories by millions of people who were touched by their lives. One of the ways I gauge success in life is how loved and missed someone is after they die. The fact that we still love them all these years later speaks to who they were as people. I miss them both.

R.I.P. Chris Farley and John Candy.


^Ugh! I miss Chris, but that shot of John Candy always gets me. That's him at the end of Uncle Buck. He flashes that same great smile at the end of Planes, Trains and Automobiles as well. But that one with him waving is almost like him waving goodbye out of my life. Gets me choked up every time. *sighs* :(


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Jul 3, 2019
I love John Candy and Chris Farley. Both amazing talents that I love to watch. I was sad to hear about Farley's demise, but thanks to Sandler's great song, I now know that he knew he would blow out sooner at his scorching pace, but he didn't care as long as he left 'em laughing.

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