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Advice for prediabetes

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New Member
Feb 24, 2022
Does anyone have any advice when it comes to dealing with avoiding diabetes? I don't have much sugar but a lot of carbs as a vegetarian feedee. My doctor told me my blood sugar is in the 'prediabetic' stage (but on the lower side). The doctor said I can take metformin to help me lose weight and control my blood sugar but that obviously wouldn't be ideal. is prediabetes even a big deal?

I want to continue to gain (am only 135 kg so far) but don't want to risk health if I can avoid it and my partner only supports my gaining as long as I keep healthy. I would prefer no medication at all but Is anyone taking any other medications for prediabetes that don't cause weight loss? I saw some diabetes meds that cause weight gain instead, but I don't know if diabetes meds are the same as prediabetes meds.

Any advice would be really appreciated, last time i got told this by my doctor I ended up losing 20 kg because they scared me into it but I don't want to do that again. Not sure if I have the courage to just ask the doc for ones that will let me keep gaining weight lol

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