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Jun 20, 2008
~BHM (Multiple), ~FFA (multiple), Romance - A big college love story

Anna's Friend
by Starling

Part One

I met Anna in the first class I ever had in college. Somehow, as a freshman, I had managed to get into a senior-level history class, and I was scared half to death. It was one of those tiny liberal arts colleges that pops up all over the East Coast - average class size of fifteen, everyone knows everything about each other, the whole deal.

Which is why you might imagine that I found walking into that first class, where everyone else was talking like they were best friends, one of the most terrifying things I have ever done. Not to mention the fact that I was one of two girls in the class.

To be honest, I didn’t realize right off the bat that there was another girl. She certainly wasn’t going to any great lengths to make her gender obvious. Her light brown hair was a little past her chin, heavily layered, and covered by a baseball cap that managed to obscure most of her face. She wore a loose fitting black T-shirt and a pair of basketball shorts. What gave her away was when she crossed one of her legs over the other, and I realized that her toes were painted hot pink.

She must have noticed me, sitting awkwardly by myself, shuffling my books around in an attempt to avoid the less than chivalrous glances some of my male classmates cast in my direction. Whatever her reason, she got up from her seat across the room, and sat in the empty one beside me.

“I haven’t seen you around before,” she said as she sat down, “You new?”

“Yeah,” I replied, giving her a quick glance up and down. She looked like she might be a runner or something.

“That’s cool,” the girl replied, leaning back in her seat. “Where’d you transfer from?”

“Oh. No. I meant I’m a freshman, sorry,” I stammered, feeling my cheeks warm.

The girl tilted her head back, and for the first time I got a good look at her face. She wasn’t what I considered pretty, but I liked the way she looked anyway. She had hazel eyes that were almost yellow - they reminded me of my cat back home. Her face was freckled, and she had a somewhat crooked smile - though very white teeth. Her left eyebrow was pierced, which didn’t really go with the rest of her face, but didn’t exactly look bad, either.

“A freshman?” she said while I was looking at her, “I would have guessed you were older. But that’s cool, too. You’re lucky you’re in Davidson’s class. He’s pretty easy as far as professors go.”

I smiled my relief at that, just as the professor walked in. My companion dug through her bag, pulling out her books.

“Crap,” she muttered under her breath. “I forgot a pen. Can I borrow one? I’m Anna, by the way,” she grinned as I handed her a pen.

“Viveca,” I whispered back.

“Viveca? That’s a really cool name. I like it.”

Her approval touched me more than I expected it to. I couldn’t help feeling like I had met a kindred spirit.

“Which hall do you live in?” Anna asked me as we walked out of class an hour later.

“Gladstone,” I said.

“That’s where I lived freshman year!” Anna exclaimed. “I kind of miss it, even now. It’s a total dump, isn’t it?”

“Yeah,” I giggled back. Anna grinned again.

“Believe me, this time next year you’re gonna miss the leaky faucets and the springs that poke out of the mattresses. Hey, if you’re not doing anything tonight, I’m having a party. I live right down the street, in the big blue house. There’ll be tons of people there, so it shouldn’t be too hard to find. You and your friends should stop by,” she mentioned as we arrived at my freshman dorm.

I couldn’t believe my luck. One of my freshman friends had mentioned that ‘the big blue house’ was known for having some of the best parties on campus.

“Yeah, definitely,” I smiled as I unlocked the door.

A few hours later, two of my hallmates and I arrived at the house. There were tons of people there, just like Anna had predicted, but so far, I couldn’t see her. I decided not to worry too much about it, and followed my hallmates into the kitchen, where an array of jello shots lay spread out on the counter.

After several of those, I found my attention zeroing in on a very round boy on the other side of the kitchen. He was dressed like any good East Coast prep boy, and had the traditional good looks of an Abercrombie model - just a hundred pounds heavier. I quickly zeroed out of the conversation my friends were having with a couple of young men, and let my eyes work over every inch of this stranger’s body. I wouldn’t mind having him walk me home, I thought to myself with a grin.

I had to restart my heart again when he bent over into the fridge for another beer. His delightfully soft belly fell away from his body in a couple of thick rolls, and his padded rear looked especially grabable.

“Are you checking him out?” a voice at my shoulder asked. I turned around and saw Anna.

No wonder I hadn’t noticed her at first - gone was any resemblance to the tomboy from my history class. Anna at night consisted of a very short dress matched with very high heels, and some decidedly feminine makeup. She raised her pierced eyebrow at me.

“Are you?”

“Um…well, yeah…I was,” I admitted. “He’s cute,” I added with a giggle. I was a little surprised by myself. With any of my other friends I would have said no, just to avoid them making fun of me for having the hots for a fat guy.

Anna flashed me her crooked, shiny white grin again.

“You have good taste,” she said approvingly. “That’s my boyfriend.”

I was surprised. I would have pegged her as being into the skinny jock boys, but apparently I was wrong.

I had never been so happy to be wrong before. For the first time, I shared the same attraction as someone else. Talking about boys may not seem like much, but for girls it’s an important bonding ritual, and one I had felt left out of for far too long.

“I’m glad someone else finally realizes what a hottie he is,” Anna told me with a smile. I realized that it had to be as lucky a find for her as it was for me.

The boy in question noticed us talking, and walked over. He gave Anna a quick kiss on the lips, and looked over at me.

“Ian, this is Viveca, the freshman I was telling you about,” Anna said enthusiastically.

“Viveca? That’s a pretty name,” Anna’s boyfriend said pleasantly as he held out a hand. “I’m Ian.”

“Nice to meet you, Ian,” I said, pleased at the way his deep voice matched his big frame.

I talked to Anna and Ian for a while after that. They were both very nice, and I watched Anna subtly run her hands over her boyfriend’s love handles in a way I could appreciate. It had never occurred to me before that there might be other girls who shared my love of fat, particularly fat on good-looking boys.

It was a good half hour before Ian went to go play a game of beer pong and Anna led me into another room.

“Do you know a lot of people?” Anna asked.

“Well…no, not yet,” I admitted, hoping she wouldn’t think I was a total loser.

“That’s understandable, you’ve only been here a few days,” Anna said in a friendly voice. She looked over at me with a smile. “Besides, with those looks, I doubt that will be the case for long.”

I blushed heavily. I thought I was pretty, with chestnut hair, heavily lashed grey eyes, and a figure that could generally turn heads. But to hear someone else say it was oddly embarrassing.

I met a few of Anna’s friends and we got to talking. Partly through the conversation, Anna nudged my side and looked over at a very handsome chubbyish boy.

“What about him? Do you think he’s cute?” she asked in a low voice.

I nodded. “Definitely. Who is he?”

Anna shrugged. “No idea. But if I didn’t have a boyfriend, I’d be on him so fast it’s not even funny.”

We shared a laugh at that. Anna was obviously enjoying this as much as I was. Stupid as it was, I couldn’t help feeling like we were part of some sort of secret society. The Undercover Fat Boy Lover Club or something. I laughed to myself at that before I noticed a boy who left the other two attractive guys I’d seen that night far in the dust.

He was on the tall side of average, with the broad shoulders of a football player. He was obviously pretty muscular, but his muscles were covered by a thick layer of soft fat. He had rust colored hair that I originally mistook for brown before he walked into the light. Even from a distance, I noticed he had large, deep green eyes, and full, pouting lips. He was beautiful.

Anna followed my gaze.

“Now that one I do know,” she said. “I’ll introduce you if you want.”

I couldn’t think of anything I wanted more.

“Please and thank you,” I grinned, and Anna waved the guy over.

He smiled at Anna and made his way through the crowd. Anna threw her arms around him in a light hug when he arrived.

“Good to see you, hon,” she smiled at him.

“It’s good to see you too,” the handsome boy answered, and I was pleased to note that he cast several sideways glances in my direction.

“This is my friend Viveca,” Anna said, looking from him to me then back at him. “She’s a freshman, so maybe you’ll be a good boy and show her around sometime.”

“Sure, why not,” the boy said with a half-smile, and I noticed that he seemed kind of shy. That was disappointing, but I preferred shyness to some loudmouthed tool.

“Todd’s only recently stopped being a freshman himself,” Anna continued, which I took to mean he was a sophomore.

And Todd was his name? It was kind of odd, but kind of cute.

“Todd…that’s like the little fox in that Disney movie,” I blurted out before I could stop myself. Oh. My. Gosh. This guy would never want to talk to me again.

To my surprise, he smiled - a real smile this time.

“Actually, yeah, just like that,” he laughed. “That’s where my mom first heard the name.”

I grinned, partly with relief, and partly because it turned out Todd’s smile was infectious.

“Well it seems like I’ve left you two with plenty to talk about,” Anna said with only the smallest hint of sarcasm. “I’m gonna go see what Ian’s gotten himself into.”

(Continued in post 4 of this thread)


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Nov 3, 2008
This story seems to be "shaping up" to be very good. :D

More please!:p


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Jun 20, 2008
Part Two

Todd and I watched Anna disappear out of the room, an awkward silence coming over us.

“You don’t have to stay here with me if you’ve got somewhere else to be,” I said quickly, hoping it wasn’t painfully obvious that Anna was trying to set us up.

“Well, actually I did promise a few friends I’d meet them out back,” Todd said, and my heart sank. “Of course, you’re more than welcome to come with me,” he added, and my spirits rose again.

I shrugged. “Sure, sounds cool,” I said, trying to play it off like it was no big deal.

“Can I get you a drink first?” Todd asked, and I readily agreed.

Normally I try to avoid being one of those girls who thinks the only way she can talk to a guy is if she’s sufficiently liquored up, but this was different. I had never been as attracted to anyone as I was to Todd, and I was nervous.

“So Todd, tell me about yourself,” I asked as coquettishly as I could after a few long gulps of sprite and cheap vodka.

Todd shrugged, and he looked like he might be blushing a little.

“I dunno what there is to tell. I’m not that interesting.”

“Well that’s lame,” I said with a roll of my eyes. As soon as the words were out of my mouth I began to worry - what if he didn’t realize I was joking, and now thought I was a total bitch?

He gave a sheepish smile. “All right, I’ll try again. Um. I’m Todd, I’m a sophomore, I play football, I’m a Bio major. Better?”

“Much better,” I grinned.

“So what about you?” he asked.

“I’m Viveca, I’m a freshman, I’m a History major, I don’t play football,” I rattled off. He laughed.

“Sounds good to me,” he said as we walked outside.

“How do you know Anna?” I quizzed him as we made our way through the throng of people, looking for his friends.

“Oh…well, there’s a long and a short answer to that one,” he said with a dry chuckle. “The short answer is we met at a party. Kind of the way I just met you, actually.”

The last part he said more to himself than anything, so I let it go.

“Well that’s cool,” I said, deciding not to question him further.

“How about you?” he asked.

“How do I know Anna? We have a class together,” I told him.

I heard a couple of guys shout Todd’s name, and I nudged his side. It was surprisingly soft, and I began to wonder what it would feel like to be wrapped in his arms, enveloped by his generous belly.

Todd waved at me to follow him, and I snapped out of my reverie.

“We were wondering if you were ever going to show up,” a lanky guy joked, giving Todd a light smack across the middle. It took every ounce of my willpower to not stare at the jiggle this caused.

“I got distracted,” Todd said with a shrug.

The lanky guy looked over at me and raised an eyebrow. “Yeah, looks like it,” he grinned. “What’s your name?”

“Viveca,” I told him.

“Nice to meet you, Veronica. I’m Jack.”

“Viveca,” I corrected. “And it’s nice to meet you too.”

“So where’d big boy pick you up from?” Jack asked. I assumed he meant Todd.

“She’s a friend of Anna’s,” Todd answered before I could. “I ran into them earlier.”

Jack nodded, apparently satisfied with this answer.

“So uh…how’s Anna?” he asked Todd, with the caution of someone who is approaching a touchy subject.

“Good enough,” Todd said amiably.

That was the end of the conversation, though. I noted that Todd changed the topic fairly quickly, and began talking to his other friends about the summer. I met most of them, and they all seemed like good people. Probably the kind of people I would have befriended on my own had I not met them through Todd.

Several drinks later, I was finding it increasingly difficult to keep my hands off of my new crush. I even accidentally-on-purpose tripped up the stairs as we went back inside, just so I could grab onto Todd’s plush love handles to regain my balance. I left my hands there a moment more than was really appropriate, but it was completely worth it just to feel the softness of his sides between my fingers.

Inside, Jack, Todd, and nearly everyone else I met offered to refill my drink, and it wasn’t long before I had crawled onto a couch just to keep the world from spinning out of control.

“You alright?” someone asked. I made my eyes focus and realized that Anna and Ian were sitting on either side of me.

I nodded vigorously, then had to hold my head as everything slid to the side.

“I’m really sorry, Anna,” I told her with some effort, “I don’t want to be ‘that drunk girl’ at your party.”

Anna laughed. “You’re in college now, honey. Every girl is going to be ‘that drunk girl’ at some point. Most do it on a regular basis.”

I laughed at that, and looked over at Ian. He looked even better than he did the first time I saw him. Maybe it was the fact that his gorgeous belly was more noticeable when he sat down.

“You’re seriously handsome,” I slurred. “Anna, you’re so freaking lucky. He’s hoooot.”

Both Anna and Ian laughed.

“Now we know you’re drunk,” Ian said with a chortle.

“She’s right, you know,” I heard Anna say as I closed my eyes. “I really am lucky.”

When I opened my eyes again, Ian was gone. Instead, Anna and Todd stood looking over me.

“There you go. She’s awake.” Anna said triumphantly.

“How long was I asleep for?” I asked. I felt a little less drunk, but not by much.

“About an hour. Don’t worry about it,” Anna told me casually. “Are you ready to go home?”

“Yeah. Definitely. What happened to Danielle and Stacia?” I asked, realizing I hadn‘t seen my hallmates in hours. “The girls you came with? They left a little while ago I think,” Anna said.

I stumbled to my feet, trying to keep from vomiting as the room reeled around me. Todd put a hand on my shoulder to steady me. “You okay?” he asked.

Better than okay, I wanted to say, but I just nodded.

“Good. I’ll take you home if you want.”

“Alright,” I told him, “But I think I’m too drunk to be much fun.” Even in my inebriated state, I groaned inwardly at that one.

Todd laughed, which from my angle only helped to accentuate his adorably round face.

“I didn’t mean it like that. I’m a total gentleman, ask anyone.”

“He really is,” Anna added helpfully.

After spending another few minutes trying to find my purse, and Todd saying goodbye to his friends, we were out the door.

“So you’re in Gladstone?” Todd asked as we walked down the dimly lit street.

“Yeah,” I mumbled, letting my body press into his.

“What floor?”

“Third,” I said after stopping a moment to think about it.

Todd nodded, and I felt him wrap his hand around mine. We walked in silence for a little while, until we came up to my freshman dorm.

“Well here we are,” Todd said as I fumbled as best I could for my keys.

I passed my key to him. There was no way I would be able to unlock the door as unsteady as I was. He smiled and opened the door wordlessly.

“I…guess this is goodnight then,” Todd said shyly, handing my key back to me.

“You can come up to my room if you want, just as long as we don’t wake up my roommate,” I offered, hoping I wasn’t coming off as overeager or easy.

“Sure,” Todd said. “I, um, should make sure you get up the stairs okay anyway,” he added, his face turning a little reddish.

It turned out that I actually did need help getting up the stairs, as I tripped over myself a couple times. Todd caught me every time, I noted happily. When we got to my floor, I took a long drink from the water fountain, and headed to my room.

“I probably shouldn’t go in. I don’t think your roommate would appreciate it,” he told me quietly as I went to open my door.

I sighed. He was right, but I really didn’t want him to go.

“Do you have a phone?” It was a stupid question, but I wanted a good segue.

“Um…yeah,” Todd said, pulling out said phone.

“Good, can I uh, give you my number? Just so you can have it…and so you can call me.”

That was it. He was going to think I was a completely desperate, pathetic excuse for a freshman. But he took my number into his phone with a broad smile.

“Thanks. I’ll call you soon. It was good to meet you, Viveca.”

“Good to meet you too,” I beamed.

“Take care of yourself,” he said gently, and gave me a light kiss on the forehead.

I had done my fair share of kissing, but I never would have guessed that a quick peck from I guy I just met would have meant more to me than any I had received.

(Continued in post 11 of this thread)
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Oct 9, 2005
edx, we usually do agree and again here. I see this being :smitten::smitten::happy:


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Jun 20, 2008
Part Three

The next morning, the temperature had dropped twenty degrees and it had started raining. Miserable weather, but my day was brightened by the night before. Not to mention the fact that I had just bought a pair of hot pink striped rainboots.

After my first few classes, the rain had started falling so hard that only someone begging to be caught in a flash flood would step outside. Instead of trying to get back to my dorm, I decided to wait out the worst part of the rain inside the school’s coffee shop.

I wasn’t the only one with the idea, it seemed, as the whole area was packed. After waiting fifteen minutes for a small coffee, I managed to squeeze in a place at the cream, sugar, and lid counter. There were so many people around that I didn’t even notice Jack and Todd until they were right next to the table.

“Hey look Todd, it’s our buddy from last night,” Jack said exuberantly, gesturing at me.

Todd looked like he had been caught by surprise. His cheeks colored, and after meeting my eyes for a brief moment, he concentrated on his feet. To look at him, you wouldn’t have guessed we were so friendly just hours ago.

“Hey guys,” I said brightly, trying as hard as I could not to be awkward. I wondered what was wrong with Todd.

“I’m guessing you recovered all right,” Jack said with a grin. “Big boy told me he pretty much had to carry you up the stairs, so we weren’t sure if you would make it out of your room today,” he added with a laugh.

I blushed. That was problem. Todd thought I was some dumb, drunk little floosie, and he didn’t really want anything to do with me. I took a sip of coffee so I didn’t have to say anything, and so Todd couldn’t see the look of disappointment on my face.

Jack noticed I seemed upset, and gave me a clap on the shoulder.

“No worries, Viveca. You were a champ last night. I thought you were going to pass out way before you did.”

“Believe it or not, he means that as a compliment,” Todd finally spoke up, giving me a wry smile. I couldn’t help but smile back.

“You’re not planning on walking back to Gladstone in the rain, are you?” Jack asked, casting a glance outside.

I shook my head. “I figured I’d just wait out the worst of the rain in here, and then make a break for it,” I told him.

“I’ll tell you what, my car’s parked like two steps outside, Todd and I can drop you off at Gladstone before we go back to our apartment - that way you don’t have to walk at all!” Jack offered, evidently pleased with himself for the idea.

“Sure,” I said, relieved. “That is…if Todd doesn’t mind.” Todd still looked like he would rather not be there.

“What’s it matter?” Jack asked with a shrug. “It’s my car.”

I laughed and followed the two boys outside.

Moments later, in Jack’s car, he fumbled around the stereo and turned on a CD. It was one of my favorite bands, but wasn’t generally well known.

“Wow, Jack, you have good taste in music; I love them!” I exclaimed approvingly.

“It’s Todd’s CD, I have no clue who these people are,” Jack replied. Todd grinned back at me.

“I love a girl who likes good music,” Todd said, a hint of his earlier friendliness returning.

We pulled up in front of my dorm, and I got ready to get out of the car.

“Thanks for the ride guys,” I said with a smile as I opened the car door.

“Hold on a sec,” Jack said, grabbing my arm. “What are you doing Thursday night?”

“Um…I don’t know,” I answered, not entirely sure whether Jack was going to ask me out on a date or not. That would kind of stand in the way of my plan of rewinning Todd’s affection, which for whatever reason I seemed to have lost overnight.

“We’re having a party,” Todd elaborated, “Well…more of a kickback if you make that kind of distinction.”

“Kickback?” I echoed blankly.

“You know, you hang out with friends, you drink, you have a good time, but it’s all low key. Unlike a party,” he explained.

I laughed. It was nice to see Todd being friendly again. “Oh, I see. Well, I’m not sure how I would get to your um…kickback… were I to attend.”

“Well that’s no problem,” Jack said. “Anna’s coming, and she’s right off campus. I’m sure she’d give you a ride.” The instant the words were out of his mouth, Jack’s face went pale.

“Anna?” Todd asked.

“Dude, I am so sorry, but I completely forgot to tell you I invited her! I meant to, obviously, but it just slipped my mind. I asked her last night, so maybe she won’t even remember,” Jack said, the words tumbling out of his mouth. Why was he apologizing? I thought Todd and Anna were friends.

“Don’t worry about it, it’s fine,” Todd said, but the words sounded more forced than genuine.

“Well…I um…guess I’ll see you guys on Thursday. Thanks for the ride,” I said quickly, not wanting to get in the middle of whatever their issues were.

The two guys said their goodbyes, and as I closed the door behind me, I caught one last snatch of conversation.

“I’m really sorry, man, I should have thought. But you did say you and Anna were cool now, right?” I heard Jack’s voice trail off as I walked away.

Anna did agree to take me to Jack and Todd’s apartment, and even invited me over to her house to get ready beforehand.

I didn’t really have the opportunity to appreciate the house Anna shared with half a dozen other people the first time I came to visit, but it was very nicely decorated. Comfortable, but fashionable, I thought as I let myself in.

Anna was sitting on a large couch, legs draped over the side, in full androgynous regalia. I wondered if she would once again make the transformation to nighttime femme fatale like she had on Monday.

“Hey Viv,” she said brightly, using the nickname she’d come up with during our past few history classes. It obviously wasn’t particularly clever, it didn’t take much effort to shorten someone’s name, but I found I really liked having a nickname. It made our friendship seem more intimate somehow.

We went up to her room, which was surprisingly girly considering how boyish she looked most of the time. It was messy, but not totally out of control. Organized chaos, I think people call it. I also noticed she had several track and cross country ribbons and posters in her room. So she was a runner. I was right.

She had a large desk with a glass top, under which she had stuck at least a hundred pictures. A good many of them were of her and Todd, I noted. I figured she would be a safer person than Todd to question about their past.

“Did you and Todd use to go out?” I asked before I could stop myself. Whoops. I had meant to be slightly more subtle.

Anna turned around from where she was rummaging in her closet. She was definitely going for the femme fatale look again, I noticed. She raised her pierced eyebrow - she was pretty good at that, I was coming to realize - but didn’t say anything for a moment or two.

“Yeah,” she finally said. Then returned to her closet like it was no big deal.

I looked over the pictures again. One was of the two lying on a bed, Anna’s head on Todd’s plump stomach, both of them smiling. It was a cute picture, and I felt jealous of Anna in that instant.

They both looked different in the pictures, though. Anna’s hair was lighter, more a dirty blonde than its current decided brown, and her eyebrow wasn’t pierced. I was more interested in Todd’s transformation, however. He looked a good thirty or forty pounds heavier in all of Anna’s pictures.

Anna and I talked about other things as we got ready, until we migrated to the bathroom to do makeup. “What happened to you two?” I asked her as she put on mascara.

“What?” She asked, looking confused.

“Sorry,” I laughed, “I was thinking about you and Todd.”

“Oh that,” Anna said with a shrug, “You know, it happens. People fall apart. And he was too young for me anyway,” she said with a snicker. “It’s hard when you can’t take your boyfriend to a bar with you.”

A two year age difference hardly seemed like a good reason to break up, but I didn’t ask Anna to elaborate. After all, I hadn’t even known her a week. I couldn’t expect her to pour her heart out to me just yet.

“Ew. I hope Jack’s girlfriend doesn’t come tonight,” Anna said as we drove across town.

“Why? What’s wrong with her?” I asked, admittedly relieved to find out Jack was attached. I was beginning to worry that he might want to try something.

“Oh, you’ll see,” Anna said with a wicked grin. “She’s a total nut job. But maybe we’ll get lucky and she won’t want to make the hour drive. Unlikely though, if she knows there are going to be girls anywhere near Jack’s vicinity.”

We didn’t get lucky, as it turned out. An instant after we rang the doorbell at Jack and Todd’s apartment, a tiny blonde girl opened it. Anna gave me a look that told me this was Jack’s crazy girlfriend.

“Oh hey Anna, I wouldn’t have expected you here!” The girl said with a giggle.

“And yet the unexpected happens,” Anna replied with barely suppressed disdain. Jack’s girlfriend then turned to me, giving me a very obvious once-over.

“Who’s your friend? I haven’t seen her before! And she’s so pretty! I bet Jack’s already tried to put the moves on you, hasn’t he?” she asked with a saccharine smile.

I felt flustered, unsure of what to say. I had a feeling she wouldn’t be pleased with any answer I would give.

Luckily, Todd came to the door and ended my discomfort.

“Hey ladies,” he said brightly, throwing one arm around me and the other around Anna. “Let me get you something to drink…Leslie, will you close the door?” he called back to Jack’s girlfriend, who was glaring darkly after us.

All traces of the obvious unease Todd had felt at the coffee shop were gone, and if I hadn’t known about the conversation he and Jack had earlier, I would have guessed that he was thrilled beyond anything to see Anna there.

I had resolved not to drink much that night, as I figured I had already put on enough of a drunken show earlier, and I was pleased that my abstinence left me in a better position to observe those around me. Because of this, it didn’t take me long to realize what contributed to the difference in Todd’s behavior. He was pretty obviously one of those people who was incredibly nervous around the opposite sex, and only felt comfortable around them after copious amounts of drinking.

So he didn’t hate me, I thought with relief. He was just shy. At least I could work with that.

“Hey Viveca, come sit over here,” Todd offered with a broad smile a little later, gesturing at an empty seat next to him on the couch.

One of his arms was lying on the empty seat, and as I sat down, he moved his arm to the most logical position, which just happened to be around my shoulders. I suppressed a laugh as I leaned back against his thick arm. One of my ex-boyfriends had tried this exact move at our junior prom. Not that I minded. Todd’s gesture was sweet if not smooth.

We talked for a while, Todd getting up on occasion to grab another beer.

“Taking it easy tonight?” he asked with a smile as he left for his third trip, after hearing me decline another drink for the third time. Instead, I’d been nursing the same beer for the past hour and a half.

“I figured I’d better after Monday,” I smiled back.

“A few weeks here and you’ll change that way of thinking, I’m sure,” he laughed. “I should probably be taking it easy too, come to think of it. A beer gut isn’t exactly a good look,” he added with a grimace, giving his chubby stomach a quick shake.

I forced my mouth to stay closed. He was turning me on so badly, and he had no idea. In my own opinion, his stomach was far too soft and sexy to qualify as a beer belly, but I was too sober to offer up my thoughts on the matter.

“I think that depends on who you ask,” I said instead. Which was pretty brave of me, given my sobriety and all. Although I wasn’t a prude by any stretch of the imagination, I felt uncomfortable talking about my sexual preferences. Especially since my own seemed to be so far out of the norm.

Todd paused at that, looking surprised. Then his brow furrowed and the corners of his lips turned down.

“Yeah…um…I - I guess it does,” he said absently, rubbing the back of his neck.

He was gone for a while after that, and I began to worry that I might have upset him. Anna plunked herself down next to me a few minutes after Todd left.

“You all right?” she asked.

I nodded.

“Where’s Todd? It looked like you guys were really hitting it off,” she inquired with her broad, crooked smile.

“He left to get another drink,” I said with a shrug, “I think I might have pissed him off, though,” I added, feeling it was safe to vent my worries to Anna.

Anna gave me a knowing half-smile and moved closer to me.

“Let me guess,” she said in a low voice. “He said something self-deprecating, you said something about liking his body, he got weirded out.”

Wow. Spot on.

“Yeah,” I replied, dumbfounded. “How’d you know?”

Anna rolled her eyes. “I dated the boy for eight months, sweetie. I hope I could at least learn to recognize a pattern by then. Besides, you remind me of - well, me - and Todd and I used to have those kinds of encounters all the time.”

“And which encounters were those?” I heard Todd ask behind us. How long had he been there?

“Don’t worry about it,” Anna said breezily. “Viveca was just telling me how excited she is to go to the game on Saturday.”

“Oh really? You like football?” Todd asked.

“I don’t think it’s the game as much as the players that Viv’s interested in,” Anna said with a wink. “And I think we all know how good your ass looks in football spandex, Todd. Viveca can‘t wait to see.”

Todd blushed heavily. “It’s not spandex,” was his response. He took a few long gulps of beer.

“Well, now that I’ve properly embarrassed both of you, I think I’m gonna go see what else is going on. You can have your seat back,” Anna said cheerfully, hopping up from the couch.

Todd sat back down cautiously, looking at me out of the corner of his eye.

“I’m glad to know Anna likes you,” he said lightly, trying to break the uncomfortable silence. “She doesn’t put people on the spot unless she really likes them.”

I laughed. “Well if she likes both of us, she’s got to have good taste,” I told him, trying to subtly move closer.

“So you know August Revival?” Todd asked after another hour of conversation, referring to the band we bonded over in Jack’s car.

“Yeah, of course,” I answered, wondering where this would lead.

“Well today I found out they’re having a concert in Charlotte at the end of next month. I know Jack won’t go with me, and I don’t think any of my other friends are into them…so I was wondering if…if you wanted to go,” he said in a low, rushed murmur.

I felt myself blush with pleasure. So Todd and I were finally back on track.

Todd looked at me anxiously, apparently taking my silence as a bad sign.

“It’s just you said you were into them, and I figured I owed you anyway since I told you I’d call and I never did…that is, if you even wanted me to call in the first place…”

“I’d love to go,” I cut him off. His eyes widened.


“Of course really,” I laughed. “A good band and a cute guy, what’s not to like?”

“Oh…well I told you Jack’s not going,” Todd said shyly. I shook my head.

“Not Jack, silly. You.”

He held my gaze for a moment. He was so incredibly good looking. I felt my heart speed up. What did a handsome, sweet guy like that even see in a girl like me? A nice enough looking, friendly-ish, smart-ish college girl. Big deal. Girls like me were a dime a dozen. Guys like him were one in a million.

“Hey Viv, I hate to ruin what’s going on here, but do you mind if we leave? I think Ian got himself into some kind of trouble.” Normally I would have been happy to see Anna, but she had some very, very bad timing.

“Is everything all right with Ian?” Todd asked, concerned.

“Oh yeah,” Anna smiled. “I didn’t mean to sound dramatic. I just meant he’s stranded on the other side of town, and he’s too drunk to drive so he wanted me to pick him up. Well, technically I think Viv will be doing the picking up, since I probably shouldn’t be driving either,” she finished sheepishly.

“That’s fine, I don‘t mind at all and I‘ve only had one beer,” I told her agreeably.

I stood up, and Todd followed suit.

“Do you wanna get lunch tomorrow?” He asked.

“Totally,” I answered, trying to keep from smiling like an idiot.

“Good,” Todd answered, also trying (and failing) to keep a grin from spreading across his face.

Anna looked at both of us appreciatively.

“I think this is going to be the start of something beautiful,” she giggled, looking extremely pleased with herself.

(continued in post 17 of this thread)


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This is a nice new story, Starling, I can't wait to see where you take it. :eat2:


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what a happy new year!!! thank you, Starling - drooooling for morRRRRRrrre ;o)


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Part Four

“So, first week of college done - how does it feel?” Todd asked me as we sat eating sandwiches in the Student Union.

“Like I have a long way to go,” I answered with a half-sigh, half-laugh.

In reality, it was going much better than expected. I particularly liked the way things happened to be going with Todd.

“Sounds about right,” Todd grinned back. Good lord he had a nice smile. “But really though, it does get easier,” he added reassuringly.

“And this is the voice of experience talking, I assume?” I asked, raising my eyebrow. Which I noticed I was doing more and more often this past week. I must have picked it up from Anna.

Todd noticed too, apparently. “You know, you look just like Anna when you do that,” he murmured, instantly looking surprised that he’d said it out loud.

I shrugged. “Anna and I are a lot alike, I think.”

I found my eyes darting toward Todd’s rounded belly as I said that, and he blushed as he followed my gaze. Crap.

“Yeah, I’m starting to get that impression too,” he said quietly. And the way he said it did not make it sound like a good thing.

“Well look who we have here,” Jack piped up as he came into the Student Union. I don’t think I’d ever been so happy to see him before.

“Hey,” Todd and I said in unison. We looked at one another and laughed, which helped ease the tension a little.

“Are you freaking kidding me? You guys already talk the same and everything?” Jack lamented with a grin as he pulled up another chair.

In the next instant Jack had gone to get food, leaving Todd and I alone again for a few minutes.

“You know, I’m not really that hungry since I had breakfast like two hours ago, do you want the rest of this?” I asked, pushing half a sandwich and some fries at him.

I knew I was pushing it, but I wanted to see what he would do. Call it impulse control issues or killer curiosity, whichever you prefer.

“Did…did you know that Anna and I used to um, date?” Todd asked. It might have seemed like an out of the blue question if I didn’t know exactly where he was going with it.

“Yeah, Anna mentioned it once, why?” I questioned back, keeping my voice light. Sometimes it didn’t hurt to play dumb.

Todd kept his eyes right on mine. “No reason, she just did the same thing - always kept giving me her food. But she’s always had some pretty intense control issues.”

Now that was a statement I was going to have to file away for sometime when I could sit down and think. But for now I was going to have to say something that would make Todd realize I wasn’t a total freak.

“I’m Italian,” I offered up as an excuse, giving him my most innocent doe-eyed look. I have yet to meet someone who can resist it.

Todd tilted his head back and laughed, a laugh that sent waves of blubber rippling across his middle.

“You’re Italian,” he repeated incredulously, taking a bite out of my avocado and turkey sandwich.

Jack returned moments later with a plate stacked high with food. For such a thin guy, it looked like he ate a lot.

“So Viveca, what are your weekend plans?” Jack asked, leaning across the table toward me.

“I dunno, probably go out tonight and I wanna see the game tomorrow,” I answered.

I always felt a little uneasy when Jack asked me about my social life. My mind darted back to the night before, when his girlfriend asked if he had already put the moves on me.

“You know, you can meet up with all of us before the game if you want. Not big boy of course, since he’s tight end,” Jack offered, cutting through my thoughts.

I had no idea what position tight end was, but it conjured up some fairly dirty images.

Todd rolled his eyes. “I’m not tight end, Jack. I’m just a regular old lineman.”

“I know,” Jack answered with a salacious grin. “But it was worth it just to see Viveca blush.”

Despite the fact that I was starting to feel increasingly uncomfortable with Jack’s attention, I agreed to go to the game with him and the rest of Todd’s friends. Of course, I only got back to him after Anna promised me in class that she and Ian would come along as well.

I met up with Anna and Ian first, then we headed over to the game with half a dozen or so of Todd’s other friends, as well as Jack and his girlfriend Leslie.

“Wow Anna, you really do like your boyfriends good and fat, don’t you?” Leslie giggled as she eyed Ian.

My jaw nearly dropped with surprise at that, and Ian looked mortified. Anna, however, looked like she wanted to strangle Leslie then and there.

“Much the way Jack seems to really like his girlfriends ugly and stupid,” Anna answered icily.

Jack was out of earshot during this exchange, but he happened to look over in time to catch Anna giving his girlfriend the death glare. He hurried in our direction.

“Hey Les, wanna come with me to get a couple of programs?” he asked quickly, eager to diffuse a catfight.

“Sure thing, babyboo,” Leslie cooed in a high pitched voice. I winced involuntarily.

“What a dumb whore,” Anna snapped moodily as the pair walked away.

“She has a point, though,” Ian said, giving Anna a look. “There’s no denying Todd’s a big guy. And it wasn’t even until after you guys broke up that he started losing weight.”

I could only imagine how uncomfortable this conversation must be for Anna, and I tried to find a way to subtly leave them in peace. Unfortunately, everyone else seemed to have gone to get seats, and there was no way I could leave without abruptly walking out on Anna and Ian.

“What he does is his business and not mine,” Anna answered, looking at me instead of Ian.

“I’m really not asking about Todd. I’m asking about you.”

“What about me?” Anna demanded, a challenging glint in her eye.

“About you and your weird thing for fat guys. Don’t pretend like everyone doesn’t know about it. I don’t want to be another notch on your fat boy bedpost, Anna,” Ian practically spat at her.

This was getting fairly awkward.

I was worried Anna was going to hit him. I wouldn’t put it past her, and she certainly looked angry enough. After a few tense seconds, though, the storm on her face passed.

“You’ve never been a notch on any bedpost of mine, Ian,” she said gently. “You know that. And besides,” she laughed, “last time I checked, weren’t you the one with the weird pierced eyebrow thing? Because I’m pretty sure I didn’t just get this done for the heck of it,” she smiled, running a thin finger around her eyebrow piercing.

Ian sighed and put his arm around her. If his issues weren’t exactly resolved, he had at least resigned them to another day.

“You’re right, as usual. Sorry about that Viveca, I didn’t mean to upset you,” he said apologetically, looking at my worried expression.

“Believe it or not, we have this fight about once every two weeks,” Anna said brightly from around Ian’s impressive bulk.

We finally met up with everyone else on the bleachers, Anna, Ian, and I taking care to sit on the end opposite from Jack and Leslie. Someone passed me a program that had a list of all the players’ heights and weights, and I quickly scanned the names.

Bingo. Number fifty-two. Todd Marston. Six foot one, three hundred and eleven pounds. Wow, he really was a big boy.

I never really understood football, so I spent most of the time looking for number fifty-two in the sea of bodies, or looking back at the height and weight chart.

A few minutes into the second quarter, Anna poked me and asked if I wanted to find a bathroom with her. I agreed, and we headed down the bleachers.

“Sorry about getting into a fight with Ian in front of you, I feel really bad about that,” Anna said as we picked our way down to ground level.

“It’s fine with me, just as long as you guys are okay,” I answered. Anna shrugged.

“I wasn’t lying when I said we have a fight like that on a regular basis. It usually blows over pretty quick, but I just don’t want to do the whole Todd thing all over again,” she sighed.

She must have forgotten that we really hadn’t known each other very long at all, and I was completely in the dark about ‘the whole Todd thing’.

“What…‘whole Todd thing’?” I prodded. Anna shrugged again.

“You know in that brochure thing where it says Todd weighs three hundred and eleven pounds?”

So I wasn’t the only one looking, apparently.

“Yeah…” I answered vaguely.

“He was pushing three-sixty most of the time we were going out. Which was because I…um, well I kind of…asked him to gain weight,” Anna mumbled, staring at the ground. I had never seen her look embarrassed before.

“Oh,” I said, just to break the silence.

Anna kicked a smallish rock out of the way. “At first I think he really did like it,” she continued, “Or at least liked that I did. But after a while he got the idea that I just wanted him to gain weight so no one else would find him attractive, so that he couldn’t leave…pretty screwed up, huh?” she asked in response to my shocked expression.

I nodded. “That’s horrible. I’m sorry, Anna.”

“Hey, it happens,” Anna answered nonchalantly. “Honestly, I handled it all pretty badly…I shouldn’t have made him do anything he didn’t want to with his body, for starters…but it just sucked because I really did like him once upon a time.”

We were silent for a few minutes, lingering outside the bathrooms, neither one of us really needing to enter.

“But everything happens for a reason,” Anna said, letting out a long breath as she leaned against the wall. “Or at least that’s what I think. I’m with Ian now, who’s fabulous and everything I could ever want. And it looks like things are going pretty well between you and Todd,” she finished, looking over at me with a smile.

“I hope so,” I smiled back. “I’m really starting to like him.”

Which was a complete understatement. Five days and I was already head over heels.

Story continued in post 19



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The great white north, eh?
:) Ah, must be winter, keeping people indoors and writing.....I'm loving it! (and yah, I really like this new chapter. More complicated than most stories we get here, which is awesome!)


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Part Five

The game was over before I could fully process the conversation I’d had with Anna. I didn’t really mind, though, since I was looking forward to seeing Todd - especially since Anna hadn’t been lying when she said his ass looked good in tight football pants.

We’d won the game, and Todd looked like he was in good spirits when he met us afterward. He was still breathing heavily with flushed cheeks and his jersey tight around the middle. Shoot, he was hot.

“Good job out there!” I exclaimed, throwing my arms around him impulsively. I felt him flinch slightly as I pressed into his soft stomach.

“Thanks,” he answered, a little shyly.

Someone suggested we go out for a celebratory meal, to which pretty much everyone agreed immediately.

Out of the corner of my eye I caught Ian subtly shake his head at Anna, at which Anna rolled her eyes.

“I think Ian and I are just gonna head back, we’ve both got a lot of work to catch up on,” she announced.

Before they left, though, Anna threw one arm around Todd in a hug and kissed him lightly on the cheek.

“Nice game,” she said affectionately.

“You’ll be all right if we leave?” Anna then asked, turning to me.

“Sure, I can give her a ride back,” Todd offered.

We went to a little hole-in-the-wall restaurant which was apparently popular with the students, as it was filled with what were already becoming familiar faces. It was fairly uneventful, with the exception that I found myself liking Todd’s group of friends more and more.

I rode back with Todd, and as I crawled into the passenger seat of his car, I couldn’t help but notice that his stomach looked a little rounder than before. Of course, it could have just been wishful thinking on my part.

As we drove, however, I faintly heard his stomach gurgle over the sound of the radio. He caught my furtive glance at his belly and reddened.

“Crap, I ate way too much back there,” he said in an apologetic voice, rubbing a hand on his slightly distended middle.

“Whatever. The food was good and you just got done with a game,” I shrugged.

Todd gave me a slightly wary smile. “Thanks for the vote of confidence, Viv, but I’ve been on a roll with losing weight for a while. It’s stuff like this that always sets me back.”

I squirmed a little in my seat. Weight loss was a topic I generally tried to avoid with guys, particularly good looking heavy ones like Todd. I just always felt so uncomfortable.

“I think you look good the way you are,” I offered up quietly.

“You’re sweet,” Todd replied, but it seemed like it was more of an automatic response. He pursed his lips for a moment and looked over at me, then returned his attention to the road.

“You know,” he started after a few minutes’ silence, “I used to be pretty fat. You wouldn’t know it to look at me, but I actually lost a lot of weight last year.”

I didn’t know why he was bringing this up all of a sudden. I didn’t really want to talk about it, either.

I forced myself to come up with some sort of a ‘hmm’ type noise, hoping he would change the subject. No such luck.

“I was staring down four hundred pounds for a while. At nineteen!” he continued. I was staring at the floor for most of this exchange, but when I looked up, he was looking straight at me.

Some people claim that the best response is the most direct. On occasion, I am one of them.

“What do you want me to say to that?” I asked bluntly.

“I don’t know. That it’s gross or something,” Todd answered, looking at me steadily. Apparently he was a direct response type as well.


Todd shrugged. “I don’t know,” he said again. “I just…I’m worried.” He looked sad, almost.

“About what?” I asked, starting to feel like an interrogator.

Todd sighed and turned his eyes toward the road again.

“I just don’t want you to turn out like…you’re one of those FFA girls, aren’t you?” he asked suddenly in a low voice.

Now I was completely lost.

“No…I did 4H for a year or two, but that’s about it,” I answered blankly.

Todd turned back to me, a reluctant smile spreading across his face.

“A 4H Italian girl, huh?” he laughed.

I didn’t know what he found so amusing, but I was willing to go along. I placed a hand lightly on his upper thigh and gave it a quick squeeze.

My roommate, who lived an hour away and was less than social, had announced on Friday that she planned to go home for the weekend. Which meant I had the entire room to myself. I mentioned as much to Todd as we pulled in front of Gladstone Hall, and asked him if he wanted to come up with me.

“If you want me to,” he answered somewhat distantly.

“Of course I want you to!” I exclaimed. He smiled at that, and followed me through the door and up the stairs.

Luckily my room wasn’t a total disaster, so I didn’t have to feel embarrassed about asking him to my dorm. I flopped down on my bed, and gestured at Todd to do the same. His cheeks darkened slightly, and he shook his head.

“I’ll break it,” he said quietly.

I tried to brush off his concern. “No you won’t, I’ve had like five of my friends on here at once and it barely even squeaked.”

“I broke the bed I had my freshman year, it was just like that one,” he protested, drawing patterns on my floor with his foot.

“Yeah…well, you just said you were a lot…um, heavier then.”

He smiled humorlessly.

“Just because I was an even bigger fatass then doesn’t mean I’m not one now,” he replied sardonically.

I didn’t want to argue with him. I didn’t want us to be like he and Anna used to be. Or Anna and Ian were now.

So instead of saying anything back, I pulled him with all my strength down on the bed with me, and kissed him deeply.

His entire body froze for a moment, then relaxed as he began to kiss me back.

We pulled away after a few breathless minutes. I watched him watch my chest move up and down.

“Darn, where’d you learn to kiss like that?” he whispered.

“A lady doesn’t kiss and tell,” I whispered back. Which was a far more alluring and mysterious answer than admitting I spent a good portion of my early teens practicing on the back of my arm.

I snuck my tongue inside his mouth again, and as we kissed, I ran my hand up the back of his shirt. His back was strong and obviously quite muscular under a generous layer of padding. I massaged the backside of his broad shoulders and felt his breath quicken. As I allowed my hands to roam down to where his plump love handles spilled out over the sides of his jeans, however, I felt him tense beneath my fingers.

“Don’t do that,” he murmured, drawing his lips from mine.

“Why not?” I asked. Playing innocent again.

“I just don’t particularly like being reminded what a chubster I am, alright?” he snapped. And I giggled. I couldn’t help it - who uses words like chubster?

“You are many things - a chubster is not one of them,” I said lightly, throwing my arms around him again. He seemed happy to go along, but I made sure to steer clear of his fleshier bits from that point.

(Story continued in post 23 of this thread)
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