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BOTH Beer League Season 1 (SWG Both)

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Nov 14, 2012

Beer League First Season
by Exjock



"Ugh 8am?"

John woke up on a sunny June morning. It had been three weeks since he had graduated from college and two weeks since his baseball team lost in the conference semifinals for baseball. It still stung, his baseball career was over, not that he had expected it to go past college.

The 6'1, 170lb high school star had delibersately enrolled in a smaller school for the education, passing up on the opportunity to probably walk on at a major university's baseball program. It wasn't worth working his butt off to maybe get some playing time when he could play every day at a smaller school.

His choice had been proven right time after time the last four years. They had won their conference in his sophomore year and made to at least the semi-finals the other years. As a centerfielder and the lead-off hitter he had not only led his team in hits but stolen bases as well the last two years. But it was now over and real life was beckoning.

His mom, Linda, had set the record straight to the 22 year-old the night before.

"I want you up early tomorrow, you need to look for a job. You have your degree now which means you can start on your career, but I won't let you be lazy, you need to get a move on."

So he had set his alarm and now groggily sat up in his bed.

Guess this is the beginning of my new life.

After he had showered and threw on some basketball shorts he got on his laptop and started to look.

2 weeks later

"How was the search today John?" his mom asked as they sat down at dinner.

"Nada again, just seems like I throw my resume out there and then never hear back."

"Well keep at it hun, I'm sure there's a company or organization looking for a business major right out of college, plus its a tough economy you need to make sure you stand out."

"I know but I'm going crazy! Every day its like all I do is look, look and look!"

Linda sighed. Maybe she was being too hard on him and he was looking more stressed. Everything in life to this point had come easy to John, sports opened up a lot of opportunities and for the first time he had to work at selling himself. He definitely was not acting like normal since baseball had ended.

"Sounds like you need a stress reliever until things start going your way, you know I can get you a free membership at work?"

Linda was an assistant director at their city's recreation department and taught some zumba classes most nights. She loved it and it did provide her perfect release from working in the office all day dealing with parents, coaches and tons of other issues that come with working at a rec department.

"Nah that's ok, wouldn't want to freeload." John replied.

Haha you already freeload a bit hunny Linda thought but kept it to herself. She could overlook the free meals and lack of rent for her son.

"Well alright but seriously think about doing something and the bar doesn't count!" she jokingly added.

John was like most other 22 year olds, their new found freedom to drink seemed like a rite of passage and every night he was out hanging with his buddies at one establishment or another.

Later that night, John was at one of those establishments. Wednesdays were $1 Miller Lites at the Molly O'reilly's, the local Irish bar. John knew the specials around town pretty well due to his tight budget.

"This whole job search thing sucks!" he complained to his friend Brendan.

"Dude I know, I'm in the same boat, its killing me!" Brendan replied.

"It's like how can we go out and take on the world when the world won't hire us?" John asked as he finished is 4th beer of the night.

"Who knows, nothing to do but to keep at it I guess, you need another one?" John nodded as his friend went back to the bar.

He scanned the room as he waited.

Mom is right, it wouldn't be so bad if I had something to take my mind off of it. he thought. His eyes rested on one table full of people all wearing the same shirt. They looked a little out of place, some were a bit dirty and all were wearing athletic gear but they also were having a great time. One girl in particular, a blonde, caught his eye as she laughed at something one of her teammates said. They all looked like they didn't have a care in the world at that point.

The idea hit John right away, he'd join a softball team!

Chapter 1

The next morning John woke up, a bit hungover but nothing too terrible. He walked into the kitchen where his mom was eating breakfast.

"Late night?" she asked.

"Ha not too bad Mom, I was out with Brendan, it was fun and I came up with something to do to take my mind off of being jobless."

"Oh?" Linda looked at her son, curiousity on her face.

"Yep! I'm gonna join a softball team. What team wouldn't want me with my background? plus it would give me a reason to exercise and stuff."

"Oh that's a great idea John! I'll ask the adult league supervisor at work if he knows of any teams looking for some extra players, I'll even pay the fee for you."

She was elated, as a former athlete herself she knew how hard it was to lose a competitive sport, rec leagues weren't the same as NCAA athletics but for most people it would do. She was also happy that it would be something physical, the amount of time her son spent out had worried her. She thought about it as she looked over his shirtless body.

He certainly doesn't look like he has a few beers every night but as time goes on that athlete metabolism will slow, its only been a month since he stopped playing baseball anyway, this will be good for him.

"Well I'm off to work!" she said as she put her dishes in the sink. "I'll let you know what I find out, in the mean time keep looking for that job, I have a feeling you'll be hearing some good news soon!"

After showering that morning John paused in front of the mirror.

If the girls on the teams are as hot as the ones at the bar last night maybe I'll luck out with a girlfriend too!

He flexed and looked over his body, stomach flat from years of conditioning for sports, not quite a 6-pack but he had been on the computer most days and drinking at night, he was sure he'd get that back once he was on the playing field again.

His mom called around 1pm that day.

"Good news John, Bob at work said that the team from Molly O'Reilly's just had a player drop because of an injury, their manager's name is Kate Collins and her number is..." John wrote down the number has she read it to him, he planned to call her right away.

"That's great Mom! thanks a bunch! I'm gonna give her a call now, love ya!" He hung up and dialed.

The call went great, Kate seemed cool and said they needed an outfielder because their normal guy had sprained his ankle and would be out for a few weeks, plus because of people going on vacations and what not it was always good to have a sub anyway. She seemed pretty excited when John told her about his playing career and how he was itching to get back to playing something.

"We're pretty good, we won the league last year but there are some other teams that are giving us a run for our money this year. Our next game is tomorrow night, the game days are Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Make sure you wear green!" she told him.

"Oh and we always go out to Molly's after the games so make sure you come! its a great chance to hang out and meet everyone, you know how it is in the dugout, not a great place for a conversation. Some extra incentive to play well, every home run you hit equals one free beer that night at the bar! See ya tomorrow and thanks for joining!"

John hung up the phone and practically skipped to his desk.

I've got enough frustration over this job situation to hit 60 home runs right now! he thought to himself.

6pm the next day could not have come any sooner. After receiving a few more rejections of his resume, John was dying for a chance to take out his frustration on the large neon yellow ball. He saw some players in kelly green warming up, they had to be his team. As he walked up one of them stopped and approached him, she looked to be in her late 20s and a little on the heavy side, large chest, pot belly and thick legs. Definitely gave John the feeling that she had once played pretty seriously but a while ago.

"Hey! are you John? I'm Kate, we talked on the phone yesterday." She reached out her hand and they shook.

"Thanks for having me!" John said enthusiastically. "I can't tell you how much I'm going to enjoy playing again."

"We are definitely happy to have you, it's co-ed so that's 12 fielders, 4 in the outfield plus 2 short fielders on each side besides the infield. We have to go guy and then girl in the lineup and in the field so if we didn't have enough of either gender we would play two down in the field, definitely a disadvantage." She explained.

"When you are up to bat you start with a 1-1 count, anything more than 2 foul balls and you are out but if you played baseball I doubt you will let it get to two strikes very often. Follow me and I'll introduce to you everyone."

She gave him the big generic "Guys this is John, John these are the guys!"

As John surveyed his new team he noticed the blonde that he originally saw at the bar. She was about 5'5 and 130lbs, clearly had played some ball and pretty recently it looked like. She was maybe a year or two older then him and had gorgeous blue eyes.

"Hi! My name is Liz, I play left center, I guess we are going to be partners, Kate has you in left." She looked him over as she said it.

"Sounds great! yeah I was a centerfielder in college so I'm used to the outfield. Looks like you have some wheels too!" John said.

"Oh yeah, I'm pretty fast and running 3x a week keeps me in shape, even if my softball muscles aren't what they used to be." She laughed. "I'll see ya out there, I'm gonna finish warming up."

As she walked away John couldn't help but watch, she definitely had that athletic build and her hips swayed back in forth in her softball shorts. Soft small love handles were visible under her jersey but overall she looked every bit the softball player she said she was.

"Hey bud!" a large guy clapped John on the shoulder. "My name is Ryan, I play first base, nice to have another ball player on the team."

Ryan was about 6'3 and 260lbs, his jersey was stretched across a big belly and he looked to be in his early 30s. "I'm our power hitter, I bat clean up, just get on base and I'll drive you in!"

"We call him the big double" Kate said from the bench as she was getting ready. "Because he'll send the ball flying and only get to 2nd base!"

Ryan faked a hurt look.

"Only to 2nd? do you have any idea how hard it is to hit the ball that far? haha she's right though, I don't have the speed I used to, 2nd base is about my limit. A few too many beers over the years, plus its just rec league softball, no need to go all out in this league and get hurt." He seemed like a good guy.

He won't have to run past 2nd if I'm on base already, I'll score on almost any hit. John thought as he continued to shake hands and meet everyone.

His first game went well, the first time up he hit a line drive double down the line, the next time he powered an in the park home run (not hard to do with no fence on the outfield, he just had to get the ball past the fielders) and he had a bloop single. His only negative was a pop out, it was just hard to get used to hitting such an easy lob pitch into a line drive every time. Fielding-wise he had 3 catches, one coming on a fantastic dive. Molly's won the game 15-11 and they all celebrated at the bar that night.

"First round is on me!" Kate announced as they walked in. John ordered a tall beer and looked over the menu, he was starving after the game and it felt good to have his blood pumping again from running around.

"Man they got a ton of good stuff on here!" he said to Liz.

"Oh yeah, I've never had anything bad here, especially their boneless wings and nachos." She told him.

His mom had given him some money before he left so he wouldn't feel left out and he put it to good use now.

The waitress came by and he ordered nachos, 12 boneless wings, got another tall beer for his home run, and ordered a bacon cheeseburger with fries. Ryan ordered close to the same amount.

"Looks like I finally have someone who can match me plate for plate!" he chided John as the food arrived.

"Haha I just work up an appetite playing I guess." John said.

"I don't know where you will put it all! but keep making those diving catches and I won't say anything!" Kate joked.

Needless to say John went home thoroughly stuffed but happy.

I could get used to this 3x a week, free beer and great food her thought. The team had accepted him and he played well. He could not wait for the next game!

Chapter 2

The next four games went much like the first. John played extremely well and impressed his teammates with his athleticism. They had continued to win and he had continued to hit home runs, meaning more free beer at Molly’s. He now knew everyone, there was Michelle who played 3rd for them and Becca who played 2nd base, both former high school players.

Michelle had been all conference her senior year but that was 8 years ago and she was now every bit the ex player, with a beer gut and thunder thighs she surely didn’t have during her playing days. She had long curly dark hair and a cute face though. She was about 5’8. Becca was about 25 and had light brown hair. She was slender, probably around 120lbs and 5’7, she played one year in college before giving it up.

Tim was the team’s short left fielder, the most unathletic of the team. He loved sports and was an intramural junky in college. He played one year in high school before being cut. He was 23 and could play a little bit, but clearly wasn’t as skilled as the rest of the team. His jersey was looking a little tight across the middle which told John that Tim had probably been a few pounds less when he first joined the team last year. Still he was cool and really funny. John would put him at 5’9, 190-200lbs.

Alex was the other short outfielder and she was pretty good. Like John she had played college ball at a small school although she was a little older then him at 27. She was short, about 5’3 and weighed around 140lbs. Her muscles were covered in some flab he could see but she was still pretty quick. Her legs were toned which meant she probably ran a lot, but judging from her stomach and love handles she hadn’t been on her college work out regimen. Alex had straight brown hair and brown eyes with a bit of a chipmunk face, chubbier cheeks but still cute.

Todd was their shortstop and probably the best player on the team. He just had a knack for coming up with the tough ground ball and making a good throw. He also was that perfect combination of size, speed, smarts and athleticism. He played Division 1 baseball and was 6’2, 200lbs of what looked to be solid muscle.

Wow I guess that’s the difference between D-3 and D-1 John had thought when he met him. It wasn’t that John was a bad athlete but he certainly didn’t possess all the tools that Todd had.

Rounding out the field, Kate played right field, Tom played right center, another guy a few years older than John, 5’11 and around 240, definitely had muscle but definitely wasn’t shy of the office doughnuts and happy hour beers, Amber was their catcher, 5’5 and stocky. John thought she was somewhere in the 180-190lb range. Finally their pitcher was Dave, older than the rest of the team he was a softball legend in their city. He was 39, had a wife and kids and loved to play. Over the years he had definitely put on weight and one of the reasons he pitched was so he wouldn’t be a fielding liability. He was 5’9 and around 250lbs it looked to John.

John loved his new team! They were good, cool and genuinely loved to play and hang out together. They welcomed him with open arms and he fit right in. He found that his favorite times often were at the bar celebrating a win. He had quickly become an expert with the Molly O’Reilly’s menu. Mozzerella sticks, boneless wings, fried macaroni and cheese with ranch, you name it and he had tried it. They had great burgers and he often used that as his main meal while he ordered some mix of appetizers to go along with it. Their beer selection was top notch and he was soon sampling some pretty good microbrews with his free home run beers.

The job front had gotten a little bit better for John as well. Not long after he joined the team, Kate had found out that he was a marketing major and told him about a part time job with her business.

“It’s a nonprofit and part time so it won’t pay well but you’ll definitely get some good experience! Besides our break room is always stocked with goodies and the building has a great cafeteria, if anything do it for the food.” She had told him once after a game.

John applied the next day and was hired on the spot. It was one of those local environmental groups, big on keeping the city parks clean and raising awareness to local causes for that. She was right, the pay wasn’t great but it was a start and with not having to pay rent at home, most of his checks went right into his “hanging out” budget with the majority being spent at Molly O’Reilly’s three nights a week.

Kate had also been right about the building’s cafeteria. It was a large multi-story office building closer to the city’s downtown and they a great selection for their workers. He soon found that he had developed an afternoon taste for italian pastas and was eating there every day he went into work, so only two to three times a week depending on what was going on.

Linda could not have been more thrilled.

“Hunny you really are making me proud!” she told him one morning at breakfast.

“Yeah I just wish I could find something full time, but its not so bad Mom. I enjoy the work, wouldn’t even mind working there for a career.” He replied. “Besides the food is great!”

Linda nodded as she looked at him. She couldn’t quite put her finger on it but he looked just a tad different to her. Maybe it was just that he was more positive again.

The change had not gone unnoticed to Kate either.

“Has John looked a little different to you?” she asked Liz as they warmed up.

“Um maybe a bit but nothing crazy, he definitely seems to enjoy playing, why?” Liz said.

“I don’t know, last game he came in and took off his shirt to throw on his jersey and I noticed he doesn’t have abs anymore.” Kate said quietly.

Liz instantly paid more attention to the conversation. She liked John but looks wise he wasn’t her type. She liked guys with some meat on them, something to grab onto.

“I mean don’t get me wrong, he’s not fat or anything! His stomach is still flat, there just isn’t that definition anymore.” Kate said. “Not that I’m one to talk, I’ve gained another 5lbs this summer, I really need to start eating better.”

“Oh you are fine Kate, you are a softball player, we aren’t cheerleaders!” Liz said as she threw the ball back to her friend.

“You are a softball player, I’m the fat ex player haha! Seriously I’m around 170lbs now and I know its not muscle.” She looked down at herself after she caught the ball.

She was not unattractive at all, but she was on the heavy side she had to admit. The years had added a pronounced belly that had finally caught up to her large chest, which is where the weight went when she had first joined the ranks of “real life.” She worked out but her diet and beer intake had proven that her running and lifting plan was no match.

From her playing days she was only up 25lbs but she knew her body composition now had a lot more fat in it than when she had played. Her hips and thighs were still her strongest muscles but they had a jiggle to them now that could not be denied and all her clothes were growing too tight for comfort.

Kate threw the ball back. “I guess I shouldn’t be so surprised his abs are gone, you should see how he eats at work, I never saw someone like pasta so much.”

“Ha well I see how he eats after our games, I’d be a house if even just ate his appetizers!” Liz said. She had noticed his appetite as they hung out but it never seemed to go anywhere so she just thought he was one of those lucky people that never put on weight. Now she resolved to check out Kate’s observations.

John was sitting on the bench, he had already warmed up and was putting on his cleats and jersey. As he took off his shirt, Liz scanned his body for any hint that maybe he had gained weight. His chest still looked very strong and she could clearly see the muscle in his arms as he pulled out his jersey. Her eyes narrowed as she got past his ribs and down to his waist. Definitely no ab definition but definitely still flat.

Hmm so maybe all those calories are doing some work she thought.

Chapter 3

It was July now and they were still undefeated although they would be playing some of the tougher teams in the league this month. John had kept up his hitting frenzy and was being rewarded with more free beer then anyone else on the team.

Liz noticed that when John drank a few his appetite definitely kicked into gear. With the new job, some of his going out had been curtailed with the need to wake up early and get to work but he was still polishing off a lot of beer each week. He wasn’t an alcoholic, he just liked to have a drink with his food and friends.

He had just finished some loaded nachos when Liz sat next to him. Most of the team had left for the night and now it was just Ryan, Liz and John.

“Damn dude, you got me beat today!” Ryan said as he looked at all the empty plates around the table.

John stifled a blech. “We earned it today man.”

He said this as he re-adjusted himself in his seat. Liz was practically mesmerized by his distended stomach. It jutted out over his shorts and looked full to bursting. She was snapped out of her stupor as John looked up.

“You ok Liz?” he asked.

“What? Oh yeah I’m fine, I was just thinking of that game, we had such a great comeback!” she said recovering her cool.

They did have a tremendous rally in the last two innings. Down seven runs with just six outs to give they had pulled together to score eight and win the game. John had slid across home to score the game winner. He still had some dirt on his face, a badge of honor for sliding head first on the dusty diamond.

“Yeah it was awesome!” John exclaimed as he tipped back the last of his tall beer. This was the best he felt all summer.

“You look like you need another beer.” Liz said point at John’s now empty glass.

“Yeah I can use one, just put it on my tab, and order some more mozz sticks please!” John asked as Liz got up to tell the bartender.

“Ugh dude I think I’m gonna call it a night after this one. You win the food title today. Besides Lindsay wants me to do this new diet with her, and I didn’t do myself any favors with what I ate tonight.” Ryan said. Lindsay was his girlfriend and they had been dating seriously for a few years.

John laughed. “Haha you don’t seem like the dieting type man. How did she con you into that?”

“I’m not and its a contest, she thinks we’ve both gotten too fat since moving in together. I would never tell her this but I couldn’t help but think I’ve gotten too fat since we started to date!” Ryan drained his beer after he said this.

He gave his corpulent belly a shake. “I have put on like 50lbs since moving from the yard to the office.”

Ryan worked for a landscaping company and his first few years there he had been doing the back breaking labor, he was moved into the office in his 4th year there and had been there ever since. His body had gone from a powerful 6’3 220lb first baseman, who dropped out of college, to the large and flabby man John saw before him now. He could still hit the ball a ton though and as long as you didn’t ask him to move too much he fielded reasonably well.

As they chatted Liz came back with another beer and a water for herself. Ryan said his good byes as she sat back down.

“No more beer for you?” John asked, noticing the water.

“Oh no I don’t think so, I probably had one too many already. I need to start watching it anyhow, beer league softball is fun but really not great exercise if you want a bikini ready body.” She explained.

“You look great to me!” John said as he absent-mindedly rubbed his full belly.

Liz smiled and said.

“Thanks I’m glad I have the approval of our left fielder,” she said in a joking and sarcastic way “but seriously I don’t want to wake up one day all fat and flabby, I’ve kept in shape since sports ended but I know I’m not anywhere close to what I was when I played in school, I really need to watch it as I get older.”

The waitress came with John’s mozzerella sticks. He took a bite and said.

“Its not like you just lose that physique you know! We are athletes its just a natural thing.”

Haha he is so funny Liz thought as John kept eating. Maybe he is going to put on some weight, definitely if he keeps eating like this.

They didn’t stay too long after that, just until John was able to eat all of his food and finish his last beer. She watched him get into his car and drive away as she sat in the parking lot. He was cute and confident and seemed like a really good guy.

She drove home and ended her night with a thought. Let’s keep an eye and see if all that food does any damage to his athletic body.

(Continued in post 4 of this thread)

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