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Nov 14, 2012

Beer League First Season
by Exjock



"Ugh 8am?"

John woke up on a sunny June morning. It had been three weeks since he had graduated from college and two weeks since his baseball team lost in the conference semifinals for baseball. It still stung, his baseball career was over, not that he had expected it to go past college.

The 6'1, 170lb high school star had delibersately enrolled in a smaller school for the education, passing up on the opportunity to probably walk on at a major university's baseball program. It wasn't worth working his butt off to maybe get some playing time when he could play every day at a smaller school.

His choice had been proven right time after time the last four years. They had won their conference in his sophomore year and made to at least the semi-finals the other years. As a centerfielder and the lead-off hitter he had not only led his team in hits but stolen bases as well the last two years. But it was now over and real life was beckoning.

His mom, Linda, had set the record straight to the 22 year-old the night before.

"I want you up early tomorrow, you need to look for a job. You have your degree now which means you can start on your career, but I won't let you be lazy, you need to get a move on."

So he had set his alarm and now groggily sat up in his bed.

Guess this is the beginning of my new life.

After he had showered and threw on some basketball shorts he got on his laptop and started to look.

2 weeks later

"How was the search today John?" his mom asked as they sat down at dinner.

"Nada again, just seems like I throw my resume out there and then never hear back."

"Well keep at it hun, I'm sure there's a company or organization looking for a business major right out of college, plus its a tough economy you need to make sure you stand out."

"I know but I'm going crazy! Every day its like all I do is look, look and look!"

Linda sighed. Maybe she was being too hard on him and he was looking more stressed. Everything in life to this point had come easy to John, sports opened up a lot of opportunities and for the first time he had to work at selling himself. He definitely was not acting like normal since baseball had ended.

"Sounds like you need a stress reliever until things start going your way, you know I can get you a free membership at work?"

Linda was an assistant director at their city's recreation department and taught some zumba classes most nights. She loved it and it did provide her perfect release from working in the office all day dealing with parents, coaches and tons of other issues that come with working at a rec department.

"Nah that's ok, wouldn't want to freeload." John replied.

Haha you already freeload a bit hunny Linda thought but kept it to herself. She could overlook the free meals and lack of rent for her son.

"Well alright but seriously think about doing something and the bar doesn't count!" she jokingly added.

John was like most other 22 year olds, their new found freedom to drink seemed like a rite of passage and every night he was out hanging with his buddies at one establishment or another.

Later that night, John was at one of those establishments. Wednesdays were $1 Miller Lites at the Molly O'reilly's, the local Irish bar. John knew the specials around town pretty well due to his tight budget.

"This whole job search thing sucks!" he complained to his friend Brendan.

"Dude I know, I'm in the same boat, its killing me!" Brendan replied.

"It's like how can we go out and take on the world when the world won't hire us?" John asked as he finished is 4th beer of the night.

"Who knows, nothing to do but to keep at it I guess, you need another one?" John nodded as his friend went back to the bar.

He scanned the room as he waited.

Mom is right, it wouldn't be so bad if I had something to take my mind off of it. he thought. His eyes rested on one table full of people all wearing the same shirt. They looked a little out of place, some were a bit dirty and all were wearing athletic gear but they also were having a great time. One girl in particular, a blonde, caught his eye as she laughed at something one of her teammates said. They all looked like they didn't have a care in the world at that point.

The idea hit John right away, he'd join a softball team!

Chapter 1

The next morning John woke up, a bit hungover but nothing too terrible. He walked into the kitchen where his mom was eating breakfast.

"Late night?" she asked.

"Ha not too bad Mom, I was out with Brendan, it was fun and I came up with something to do to take my mind off of being jobless."

"Oh?" Linda looked at her son, curiousity on her face.

"Yep! I'm gonna join a softball team. What team wouldn't want me with my background? plus it would give me a reason to exercise and stuff."

"Oh that's a great idea John! I'll ask the adult league supervisor at work if he knows of any teams looking for some extra players, I'll even pay the fee for you."

She was elated, as a former athlete herself she knew how hard it was to lose a competitive sport, rec leagues weren't the same as NCAA athletics but for most people it would do. She was also happy that it would be something physical, the amount of time her son spent out had worried her. She thought about it as she looked over his shirtless body.

He certainly doesn't look like he has a few beers every night but as time goes on that athlete metabolism will slow, its only been a month since he stopped playing baseball anyway, this will be good for him.

"Well I'm off to work!" she said as she put her dishes in the sink. "I'll let you know what I find out, in the mean time keep looking for that job, I have a feeling you'll be hearing some good news soon!"

After showering that morning John paused in front of the mirror.

If the girls on the teams are as hot as the ones at the bar last night maybe I'll luck out with a girlfriend too!

He flexed and looked over his body, stomach flat from years of conditioning for sports, not quite a 6-pack but he had been on the computer most days and drinking at night, he was sure he'd get that back once he was on the playing field again.

His mom called around 1pm that day.

"Good news John, Bob at work said that the team from Molly O'Reilly's just had a player drop because of an injury, their manager's name is Kate Collins and her number is..." John wrote down the number has she read it to him, he planned to call her right away.

"That's great Mom! thanks a bunch! I'm gonna give her a call now, love ya!" He hung up and dialed.

The call went great, Kate seemed cool and said they needed an outfielder because their normal guy had sprained his ankle and would be out for a few weeks, plus because of people going on vacations and what not it was always good to have a sub anyway. She seemed pretty excited when John told her about his playing career and how he was itching to get back to playing something.

"We're pretty good, we won the league last year but there are some other teams that are giving us a run for our money this year. Our next game is tomorrow night, the game days are Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Make sure you wear green!" she told him.

"Oh and we always go out to Molly's after the games so make sure you come! its a great chance to hang out and meet everyone, you know how it is in the dugout, not a great place for a conversation. Some extra incentive to play well, every home run you hit equals one free beer that night at the bar! See ya tomorrow and thanks for joining!"

John hung up the phone and practically skipped to his desk.

I've got enough frustration over this job situation to hit 60 home runs right now! he thought to himself.

6pm the next day could not have come any sooner. After receiving a few more rejections of his resume, John was dying for a chance to take out his frustration on the large neon yellow ball. He saw some players in kelly green warming up, they had to be his team. As he walked up one of them stopped and approached him, she looked to be in her late 20s and a little on the heavy side, large chest, pot belly and thick legs. Definitely gave John the feeling that she had once played pretty seriously but a while ago.

"Hey! are you John? I'm Kate, we talked on the phone yesterday." She reached out her hand and they shook.

"Thanks for having me!" John said enthusiastically. "I can't tell you how much I'm going to enjoy playing again."

"We are definitely happy to have you, it's co-ed so that's 12 fielders, 4 in the outfield plus 2 short fielders on each side besides the infield. We have to go guy and then girl in the lineup and in the field so if we didn't have enough of either gender we would play two down in the field, definitely a disadvantage." She explained.

"When you are up to bat you start with a 1-1 count, anything more than 2 foul balls and you are out but if you played baseball I doubt you will let it get to two strikes very often. Follow me and I'll introduce to you everyone."

She gave him the big generic "Guys this is John, John these are the guys!"

As John surveyed his new team he noticed the blonde that he originally saw at the bar. She was about 5'5 and 130lbs, clearly had played some ball and pretty recently it looked like. She was maybe a year or two older then him and had gorgeous blue eyes.

"Hi! My name is Liz, I play left center, I guess we are going to be partners, Kate has you in left." She looked him over as she said it.

"Sounds great! yeah I was a centerfielder in college so I'm used to the outfield. Looks like you have some wheels too!" John said.

"Oh yeah, I'm pretty fast and running 3x a week keeps me in shape, even if my softball muscles aren't what they used to be." She laughed. "I'll see ya out there, I'm gonna finish warming up."

As she walked away John couldn't help but watch, she definitely had that athletic build and her hips swayed back in forth in her softball shorts. Soft small love handles were visible under her jersey but overall she looked every bit the softball player she said she was.

"Hey bud!" a large guy clapped John on the shoulder. "My name is Ryan, I play first base, nice to have another ball player on the team."

Ryan was about 6'3 and 260lbs, his jersey was stretched across a big belly and he looked to be in his early 30s. "I'm our power hitter, I bat clean up, just get on base and I'll drive you in!"

"We call him the big double" Kate said from the bench as she was getting ready. "Because he'll send the ball flying and only get to 2nd base!"

Ryan faked a hurt look.

"Only to 2nd? do you have any idea how hard it is to hit the ball that far? haha she's right though, I don't have the speed I used to, 2nd base is about my limit. A few too many beers over the years, plus its just rec league softball, no need to go all out in this league and get hurt." He seemed like a good guy.

He won't have to run past 2nd if I'm on base already, I'll score on almost any hit. John thought as he continued to shake hands and meet everyone.

His first game went well, the first time up he hit a line drive double down the line, the next time he powered an in the park home run (not hard to do with no fence on the outfield, he just had to get the ball past the fielders) and he had a bloop single. His only negative was a pop out, it was just hard to get used to hitting such an easy lob pitch into a line drive every time. Fielding-wise he had 3 catches, one coming on a fantastic dive. Molly's won the game 15-11 and they all celebrated at the bar that night.

"First round is on me!" Kate announced as they walked in. John ordered a tall beer and looked over the menu, he was starving after the game and it felt good to have his blood pumping again from running around.

"Man they got a ton of good stuff on here!" he said to Liz.

"Oh yeah, I've never had anything bad here, especially their boneless wings and nachos." She told him.

His mom had given him some money before he left so he wouldn't feel left out and he put it to good use now.

The waitress came by and he ordered nachos, 12 boneless wings, got another tall beer for his home run, and ordered a bacon cheeseburger with fries. Ryan ordered close to the same amount.

"Looks like I finally have someone who can match me plate for plate!" he chided John as the food arrived.

"Haha I just work up an appetite playing I guess." John said.

"I don't know where you will put it all! but keep making those diving catches and I won't say anything!" Kate joked.

Needless to say John went home thoroughly stuffed but happy.

I could get used to this 3x a week, free beer and great food her thought. The team had accepted him and he played well. He could not wait for the next game!

Chapter 2

The next four games went much like the first. John played extremely well and impressed his teammates with his athleticism. They had continued to win and he had continued to hit home runs, meaning more free beer at Molly’s. He now knew everyone, there was Michelle who played 3rd for them and Becca who played 2nd base, both former high school players.

Michelle had been all conference her senior year but that was 8 years ago and she was now every bit the ex player, with a beer gut and thunder thighs she surely didn’t have during her playing days. She had long curly dark hair and a cute face though. She was about 5’8. Becca was about 25 and had light brown hair. She was slender, probably around 120lbs and 5’7, she played one year in college before giving it up.

Tim was the team’s short left fielder, the most unathletic of the team. He loved sports and was an intramural junky in college. He played one year in high school before being cut. He was 23 and could play a little bit, but clearly wasn’t as skilled as the rest of the team. His jersey was looking a little tight across the middle which told John that Tim had probably been a few pounds less when he first joined the team last year. Still he was cool and really funny. John would put him at 5’9, 190-200lbs.

Alex was the other short outfielder and she was pretty good. Like John she had played college ball at a small school although she was a little older then him at 27. She was short, about 5’3 and weighed around 140lbs. Her muscles were covered in some flab he could see but she was still pretty quick. Her legs were toned which meant she probably ran a lot, but judging from her stomach and love handles she hadn’t been on her college work out regimen. Alex had straight brown hair and brown eyes with a bit of a chipmunk face, chubbier cheeks but still cute.

Todd was their shortstop and probably the best player on the team. He just had a knack for coming up with the tough ground ball and making a good throw. He also was that perfect combination of size, speed, smarts and athleticism. He played Division 1 baseball and was 6’2, 200lbs of what looked to be solid muscle.

Wow I guess that’s the difference between D-3 and D-1 John had thought when he met him. It wasn’t that John was a bad athlete but he certainly didn’t possess all the tools that Todd had.

Rounding out the field, Kate played right field, Tom played right center, another guy a few years older than John, 5’11 and around 240, definitely had muscle but definitely wasn’t shy of the office doughnuts and happy hour beers, Amber was their catcher, 5’5 and stocky. John thought she was somewhere in the 180-190lb range. Finally their pitcher was Dave, older than the rest of the team he was a softball legend in their city. He was 39, had a wife and kids and loved to play. Over the years he had definitely put on weight and one of the reasons he pitched was so he wouldn’t be a fielding liability. He was 5’9 and around 250lbs it looked to John.

John loved his new team! They were good, cool and genuinely loved to play and hang out together. They welcomed him with open arms and he fit right in. He found that his favorite times often were at the bar celebrating a win. He had quickly become an expert with the Molly O’Reilly’s menu. Mozzerella sticks, boneless wings, fried macaroni and cheese with ranch, you name it and he had tried it. They had great burgers and he often used that as his main meal while he ordered some mix of appetizers to go along with it. Their beer selection was top notch and he was soon sampling some pretty good microbrews with his free home run beers.

The job front had gotten a little bit better for John as well. Not long after he joined the team, Kate had found out that he was a marketing major and told him about a part time job with her business.

“It’s a nonprofit and part time so it won’t pay well but you’ll definitely get some good experience! Besides our break room is always stocked with goodies and the building has a great cafeteria, if anything do it for the food.” She had told him once after a game.

John applied the next day and was hired on the spot. It was one of those local environmental groups, big on keeping the city parks clean and raising awareness to local causes for that. She was right, the pay wasn’t great but it was a start and with not having to pay rent at home, most of his checks went right into his “hanging out” budget with the majority being spent at Molly O’Reilly’s three nights a week.

Kate had also been right about the building’s cafeteria. It was a large multi-story office building closer to the city’s downtown and they a great selection for their workers. He soon found that he had developed an afternoon taste for italian pastas and was eating there every day he went into work, so only two to three times a week depending on what was going on.

Linda could not have been more thrilled.

“Hunny you really are making me proud!” she told him one morning at breakfast.

“Yeah I just wish I could find something full time, but its not so bad Mom. I enjoy the work, wouldn’t even mind working there for a career.” He replied. “Besides the food is great!”

Linda nodded as she looked at him. She couldn’t quite put her finger on it but he looked just a tad different to her. Maybe it was just that he was more positive again.

The change had not gone unnoticed to Kate either.

“Has John looked a little different to you?” she asked Liz as they warmed up.

“Um maybe a bit but nothing crazy, he definitely seems to enjoy playing, why?” Liz said.

“I don’t know, last game he came in and took off his shirt to throw on his jersey and I noticed he doesn’t have abs anymore.” Kate said quietly.

Liz instantly paid more attention to the conversation. She liked John but looks wise he wasn’t her type. She liked guys with some meat on them, something to grab onto.

“I mean don’t get me wrong, he’s not fat or anything! His stomach is still flat, there just isn’t that definition anymore.” Kate said. “Not that I’m one to talk, I’ve gained another 5lbs this summer, I really need to start eating better.”

“Oh you are fine Kate, you are a softball player, we aren’t cheerleaders!” Liz said as she threw the ball back to her friend.

“You are a softball player, I’m the fat ex player haha! Seriously I’m around 170lbs now and I know its not muscle.” She looked down at herself after she caught the ball.

She was not unattractive at all, but she was on the heavy side she had to admit. The years had added a pronounced belly that had finally caught up to her large chest, which is where the weight went when she had first joined the ranks of “real life.” She worked out but her diet and beer intake had proven that her running and lifting plan was no match.

From her playing days she was only up 25lbs but she knew her body composition now had a lot more fat in it than when she had played. Her hips and thighs were still her strongest muscles but they had a jiggle to them now that could not be denied and all her clothes were growing too tight for comfort.

Kate threw the ball back. “I guess I shouldn’t be so surprised his abs are gone, you should see how he eats at work, I never saw someone like pasta so much.”

“Ha well I see how he eats after our games, I’d be a house if even just ate his appetizers!” Liz said. She had noticed his appetite as they hung out but it never seemed to go anywhere so she just thought he was one of those lucky people that never put on weight. Now she resolved to check out Kate’s observations.

John was sitting on the bench, he had already warmed up and was putting on his cleats and jersey. As he took off his shirt, Liz scanned his body for any hint that maybe he had gained weight. His chest still looked very strong and she could clearly see the muscle in his arms as he pulled out his jersey. Her eyes narrowed as she got past his ribs and down to his waist. Definitely no ab definition but definitely still flat.

Hmm so maybe all those calories are doing some work she thought.

Chapter 3

It was July now and they were still undefeated although they would be playing some of the tougher teams in the league this month. John had kept up his hitting frenzy and was being rewarded with more free beer then anyone else on the team.

Liz noticed that when John drank a few his appetite definitely kicked into gear. With the new job, some of his going out had been curtailed with the need to wake up early and get to work but he was still polishing off a lot of beer each week. He wasn’t an alcoholic, he just liked to have a drink with his food and friends.

He had just finished some loaded nachos when Liz sat next to him. Most of the team had left for the night and now it was just Ryan, Liz and John.

“Damn dude, you got me beat today!” Ryan said as he looked at all the empty plates around the table.

John stifled a blech. “We earned it today man.”

He said this as he re-adjusted himself in his seat. Liz was practically mesmerized by his distended stomach. It jutted out over his shorts and looked full to bursting. She was snapped out of her stupor as John looked up.

“You ok Liz?” he asked.

“What? Oh yeah I’m fine, I was just thinking of that game, we had such a great comeback!” she said recovering her cool.

They did have a tremendous rally in the last two innings. Down seven runs with just six outs to give they had pulled together to score eight and win the game. John had slid across home to score the game winner. He still had some dirt on his face, a badge of honor for sliding head first on the dusty diamond.

“Yeah it was awesome!” John exclaimed as he tipped back the last of his tall beer. This was the best he felt all summer.

“You look like you need another beer.” Liz said point at John’s now empty glass.

“Yeah I can use one, just put it on my tab, and order some more mozz sticks please!” John asked as Liz got up to tell the bartender.

“Ugh dude I think I’m gonna call it a night after this one. You win the food title today. Besides Lindsay wants me to do this new diet with her, and I didn’t do myself any favors with what I ate tonight.” Ryan said. Lindsay was his girlfriend and they had been dating seriously for a few years.

John laughed. “Haha you don’t seem like the dieting type man. How did she con you into that?”

“I’m not and its a contest, she thinks we’ve both gotten too fat since moving in together. I would never tell her this but I couldn’t help but think I’ve gotten too fat since we started to date!” Ryan drained his beer after he said this.

He gave his corpulent belly a shake. “I have put on like 50lbs since moving from the yard to the office.”

Ryan worked for a landscaping company and his first few years there he had been doing the back breaking labor, he was moved into the office in his 4th year there and had been there ever since. His body had gone from a powerful 6’3 220lb first baseman, who dropped out of college, to the large and flabby man John saw before him now. He could still hit the ball a ton though and as long as you didn’t ask him to move too much he fielded reasonably well.

As they chatted Liz came back with another beer and a water for herself. Ryan said his good byes as she sat back down.

“No more beer for you?” John asked, noticing the water.

“Oh no I don’t think so, I probably had one too many already. I need to start watching it anyhow, beer league softball is fun but really not great exercise if you want a bikini ready body.” She explained.

“You look great to me!” John said as he absent-mindedly rubbed his full belly.

Liz smiled and said.

“Thanks I’m glad I have the approval of our left fielder,” she said in a joking and sarcastic way “but seriously I don’t want to wake up one day all fat and flabby, I’ve kept in shape since sports ended but I know I’m not anywhere close to what I was when I played in school, I really need to watch it as I get older.”

The waitress came with John’s mozzerella sticks. He took a bite and said.

“Its not like you just lose that physique you know! We are athletes its just a natural thing.”

Haha he is so funny Liz thought as John kept eating. Maybe he is going to put on some weight, definitely if he keeps eating like this.

They didn’t stay too long after that, just until John was able to eat all of his food and finish his last beer. She watched him get into his car and drive away as she sat in the parking lot. He was cute and confident and seemed like a really good guy.

She drove home and ended her night with a thought. Let’s keep an eye and see if all that food does any damage to his athletic body.

(Continued in post 4 of this thread)


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Nov 14, 2012
Thanks I'm glad you approve, this is my first time ever trying to write something like this so I'm open to any constructive criticism. I'm happy you enjoy it though. More chapters to follow soon!


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Nov 14, 2012
Chapter 4

July had become August and it was hot. The team had cooled off a bit during the last two weeks of July and now had two losses, mostly due to people going on vacations. They weren’t worried going into their final stretch of the regular season. Only one other team had any real shot of knocking them out and they wouldn’t see them until the championship if the standings stayed how they were and both teams won their brackets.

So the Molly’s team kept playing and winning once they were back to full strength. If you looked at the rec league’s stats online you would see that one of their players was in the top three of every offensive category, with many coming in third or fourth to teammates. John was third in the league in home runs and second on the team with 28. He also had 14 triples which at one point was leading the league but that total had not held recently.

As the season had progressed he found that legging out a triple was pretty hard work. The home run was worth it for the freebie at the bar, but you didn’t really get anything for a triple. Besides, he had been thrown out trying for it the last two times he had the opportunity and one of those games had been a loss. He couldn’t put a finger on it but he felt like he didn’t have the same burst of speed coming out of the box that he was used to. He chalked it up to the season, he wasn’t working out like he had been for baseball but three games a week was a lot. He was probably just burned out a bit from all the sprinting.

Of course if he could read his mom’s thoughts he would know that it was possible maybe he had gotten a little bit heavier. One Saturday morning he woke up and went out to the kitchen for breakfast, it had been a late night with the team and Liz. As was his typical guy custom, he was wearing nothing but basketball shorts.

Linda had been going to work earlier than John was waking up for the past month and this was the first time she saw him in awhile in his “morning clothes.” Her eyes zeroed in on what was an undeniable pouch of fat on her son’s stomach.

“Another long night with the team?” she asked, already knowing the answer.

“Yeah could you tell?” he said with an embarrassed look on his face.

“Oh John don’t worry I know what it is like to be in your 20s. As long as you are safe I don’t care. What did you do?” Linda said, lightening the mood a bit.

“Just played the game, won again, went out to Molly’s and then hung out with Liz and got some late night ice cream. Overall it was a good night!” John answered.

Linda pressed on. “You’ve been seeing a lot of that Liz, she’s on the team right?”

“Yep! she’s great Mom and really cool. We’ve been hanging out a lot after the team leaves.” John said, having trouble containing his enthusiasm.

“So is she girlfriend material?” Linda asked, again already knowing the answer.

“Umm well we will see where it goes I guess. I do like her a lot though.” John replied.

It would be good for him to find someone around here to keep him grounded a bit. He dated too much in college, he needs a long healthy relationship. Linda thought as they ate and chatted.

“Are there any more pancakes Mom?” her son asked.

“Yeah a couple on the stove hun.” She said as she watched him get up.

How was I so blind to that little bit of chub he’s got now? He’s been eating like a horse here and has been out with friends a lot and I bet going out for some late night ice cream wasn’t a first last night for him and his new girl. Linda thought as she sat there. She surveyed the changes on her son’s body.

He better start watching some of his diet, that little bit on his waist will be renting more room to some friends soon. As John sat, there was just a little bit of belly to roll over his waist a bit. He still had muscle but there was a flabbiness to his middle. Besides his waist he looked practically the same.

Maybe I’m just making a mountain out of a molehill. She reflected. Afterall he doesn’t play real sports anymore.

She was sure if it became a major problem he would take care of it. She worked at a gym anyway, she could get him to work out if push came to shove.

John’s changes had also not gone unnoticed to Liz and Kate. They were out to lunch that day and were talking about the team.

“Yeah Lindsay’s really got Ryan on that diet! I couldn’t believe he only had water last night and a salad.” Kate said to her friend.

“That’s ok, I think John made up for it!” Liz said.

“Did he ever, I think he eats more and more as the season goes on. I need some of his metabolism!” Kate lamented as she looked at her burger and fries.

“Oh I’m not sure you do right now, we got some ice cream after you guys left and his stomach looked about three months pregnant!” Liz jokingly said.

“How was that by the way? You two seem to be hanging out a lot more on your own, is this a softball romance?” Kate asked.

“I don’t know, he’s really cool but I’m taking it really slow.” Liz said.

“Well don’t take it too slow or you’ll be in Lindsay’s position before you know it. You don’t want John turning into Ryan before you even date him!”

If only she knew the half of it Liz thought.

As Kate finished her burger she said. “I need to find a Lindsay to kick my ass. I could barely button my work pants yesterday.”

Maybe if you laid off the fries and milkshakes Liz mused to herself. She loved Kate but with her diet there was no surprise why she was getting bigger. That’s exactly why I need to start paying more attention to what I put in my mouth.

Ice cream was fun with John last night but the scale showed 134lbs to Liz today and that was a first. A look in the mirror showed that she still looked pretty much the same but her stomach looked a little more pudgy than she would have liked. She wasn’t too worried but from knowing Kate for a couple years she knew how 4lbs could become 8 and 12 after a year if she didn’t take care of it now. Of course that didn’t stop her from getting fries on her plate today but she didn’t want Kate to feel bad after she ordered the burger.

I can start watching what I eat tomorrow, today is Saturday and its meant to be a fun day!

Another two weeks had gone by and the playoff bracket was thinning out. One more out and Molly’s would be going to the championship!

Come on buddy, fly out to me John thought as he watched Dave lob the pitch to the hitter. With a big swing the ball flew off the bat. John was already moving to his left as he watched the trajectory of the ball start to fall towards the earth.

“Mine!” he shouted just at the same time Liz did. John glanced over quickly and saw her sprinting just as hard towards the same spot as him. Thinking quickly as he moved he slid feet first just as Liz jumped. Her glove closed around the ball just as her feet were knocked out from under her. She landed right on top of John in a heap of arms and legs. It was all John could do to stop her from face planting into the ground.

“Thanks for breaking my fall.” She said slyly as they heard their teammates whooping and cheering.

“Anytime” John said cooly.

As Liz got up her hand grazed his stomach and she felt a thrill. There was some definite pudge there and she couldn’t help but smile as she ran in to shake hands.

John had also felt a thrill but it had come a little earlier when she first looked down. Their eyes had met and there was an unmistakeable spark.

Chapter 5

“John, I want to see you in my office as soon as you have finished with that marketing campaign plan.” Mr. Hail said over the phone’s intercom.

“What do you think that’s about?” John asked Kate as he started to gather his report.

“Who knows but if I had to guess you might be picking up some more hours.” She said with a smile on her face.

Kate was wearing a red blouse today that looked a little strained around the chest and belly area. She had a half eaten doughnut at her desk.

“We just heard that big grant was awarded to us so we have a lot of new funds coming in and you’ve been doing good work, I really think he’s gonna take you on full-time.” She added.

“Well we will see, I better get over there.” John said as he straightened his tie and shirt.

Kate couldn’t help but notice that his khakis were looking, well a little tight. They seemed to pinch at his sides a bit as he twisted in his seat or bent over. This was also coupled with a little jelly roll that certainly was not there a month ago.

Oh my Kate thought to herself. He has definitely put on some weight, he will have a belly by Halloween at this rate!

John came back after a few minutes, obviously with a big spring in his step.

“You are a fortune teller!” He said to her as sat back down.

“What happened?” she asked him right away.

“Hail said they want to take me on full time. He said they are really seeing some good results from some of the different campaigns I’ve put together and one of them was a big reason we were awarded that grant. He said he doesn’t want to let me go corporate just yet while I can still do some good work here, so starting tomorrow I’ll be coming in five days a week!” He told her.

“That’s awesome! Wow a full time job and we’re in the championship tomorrow, you’ve really had yourself a week haven’t you? Let’s celebrate and take an early lunch, on me!” She said.

“Works for me!” he exclaimed as he put some of his things away.

After a few minutes they were down in the cafeteria, working on big helpings of food. A plate of spaghetti and meatballs for John and a grilled chicken salad doused in ranch for Kate.

“You know I’ve eaten more spaghetti working here then I think I have the previous 3 years combined!” he told her as he spun some pasta on his fork. He had loaded his plate with parmesan cheese and grabbed two breadsticks.

“I know its so good! I have sampled enough pasta from here since I started. I’m on a diet now though so I can’t have it today and I don’t want you eating too much before the big game, we can’t have our leftfielder waddling down the line!” she laughed.

“You are missing out Kate!” John said. Although that salad is covered in ranch and you’ve eaten a few doughnuts today, you will have a tough time losing some weight eating like that

John pulled on his belt as he felt the tightness of his waist.

“Ugh I think my mom shrank these in the wash.” He said.

Yeah or you are in a little denial bud. I remember that phase. Kate mused to herself as she looked at his full stomach in pants that were probably an inch too small at this point. Her hand then rested on her own full stomach in a pair of pants that also were pinching her waist. Oof my button would have broken by now if I ate what he ate, I shouldn’t have dessert.

“Maybe we shouldn’t get dessert then? It’d be embarrassing to come back with a broken button if your pants shrank ya know?” Kate said also thinking that some dessert was the last thing she needed as well.

“Nonsense, I’m celebrating and I won’t let the dryer get in the way of something good!” John said airily.

“Alright well I did see some chocolate cream pie in the case up there, it looked pretty good.” Kate replied.

“Sounds great!”

She went up and bought once slice of pie, she really didn’t need those calories. Then a chocolate chip cookie caught her eye.

Oh what the hell Kate thought as she threw it on the counter.

John and his Mom went out to dinner that night to celebrate as well and of course Liz and him hung out after that. John so far had been completely oblivious to the amount of calories he was consuming and the small effects it had had on his body. But as his life was changing, so was his body.

John woke up the day of the championship pretty pumped. Yesterday had been great. A promotion to full time and a great night out with Liz had led to him feeling ecstatic today. He jumped in the shower as he was preparing for the day, still thinking about Liz.

She really seems to be into me. He reflected as he lathered soap on his body. So far nothing physical had happened but he figured that was just a matter of time. She was always sitting next to him at the bar and they had been texting almost nonstop over the last three weeks. Not to mention that they had made such a habit out of getting ice cream at the same little place where the workers knew their order by heart.

As he twisted his body, John felt a strange sensation just under his rib cage on his back. He looked down and saw his skin folded over.

When did that happen? He thought. He poked the fold and felt his finger dig in about an inch. Frowning he turned off the water and stepped out of the shower.

He took a long look in the mirror. Whoa, when did I get so soft?

John thought as he took in some changes that had occurred over the last few months. His face looked largely the same, maybe a little less defined around the edges but still close to what it was. As his eyes moved down though he saw some more drastic changes.

His pecs had thickened and started to plump up and they definitely were not muscle. He flexed his arms.

Still a lot of muscle there He sighed with relief. His eyes then rested on his torso. That’s definitely different

His abs that had been so perfect during his last baseball game were no longer visible. They had been replaced with a soft layer of fat that he felt as he pinched his middle with his fingers.

They say pinch an inch right? That’s about an inch. He thought as he looked down. It wasn’t the end of the world but he definitely looked different.

My middle got so...pudgy? John thought as he struggled to find an appropriate word. He had never gained any weight before besides muscle and this was a strange new feeling for him. He wasn’t quite sure what to think of it. He felt the mushiness of his sides.

I didn’t even know you could gain weight there. He laughed a bit to himself.

I’m sure it will work itself out, just a few more runs going along with all the exercise I get at softball. John thought.

He wasn’t really that concerned. He just figured his lifestyle had changed and his body would even itself out eventually. He certainly didn’t think about all the calories he was consuming in almost every facet of his life or what would happen when softball ended after today. Not that beer league softball was great exercise in the first place but it definitely stood no chance if you consumed a few beers and wings after each game.

Liz was standing in front of her mirror that morning as well. She was not as dismissive to some of the changes to her body.

“I need to cut out some of that ice cream.” She said to herself. There was a definite pooch of her belly and she had weighed in at 139lbs. She had been all too conscious of how her shorts dug into her sides last night and when she stripped down for bed she saw a ring around her waist that hadn’t been there at the beginning of the summer. She had resolved to check it out in the morning after everything had been digested.

Now standing in front of the mirror she saw that even her running was not doing enough. Most of the weight had gone to her middle but she also noticed more of a jiggle in her legs when she walked.

My thighs do look a little bigger she thought as she looked on. The gap between her legs had grown a little smaller. She felt her love handles. Even when she was at the peak of her physical condition she had never been able to work off the stubborn pockets of fat. They had grown as well.

At least bikini season is just about over She lamented to herself. It had been a fun summer but she had to buckle down this Autumn. She couldn’t let herself get fat.

The one comfort she had as she stood in front of the mirror was that she knew if she had gained a few lbs, John had too. It was tough to see because when they normally hung out he was eating a ton and his belly was bloated but she could tell that slowly but surely his hard features were growing a little softer.

With how much he eats and drinks I can’t believe he doesn’t have a belly yet! She mused to herself. She was becoming more attracted to John every time she saw him and she knew the next step in their relationship would happen soon if that is what he wanted. She had told Kate she wanted to take it really slow but lately she had been finding it extremely hard to hold to that decision.

Last night John had groaned with approval after finishing his ice cream sundae and it took every ounce of willpower Liz had to not rub his belly. He really was cute and it was even cuter that he seemed oblivious to what all that food was doing to his once very athletic frame.

If he keeps it up I will have a hot boyfriend by Christmas!

Chapter 6

John wiped the sweat from his brow as he stood on second base. It was the 6th inning and they were down 9-7 in the championship. He had just drove in Becca but Tim had gotten thrown out at the plate.

Blast! He should have held at third, he’s one of our slowest players! John thought angrily. Tim’s lack of athletic skill might have cost them the game. He’s gotta start working out more, that jersey has grown tighter all summer.

Liz was up right now, her and John were the top of the order. She had speed but no power in her bat. John knew once she made contact he would be off to the races with two outs in the inning. If she grounded the ball slowly they might both be safe. If she grounded it to the left side of the infield he would stay put so as not to be tagged out. He waited patiently as he watched the pitcher lob the ball.

Liz stood in the batter’s box as the pitch came slowly towards her. It was coming right down the middle and she knew she would make contact. She swung as hard as she could and sent a hard grounder right back towards the pitcher.

John made sure it went past the mound and then took off as fast as he could. Dave was coaching third and was waving his arms frantically to send him home. As John made the turn he put on an extra burst of speed as he flew across the plate. They had thrown home despite the fact that he didn’t have to slide, Liz had taken that opportunity and took an extra base with no throw.

Ryan, their best hitter was up now and they had a chance to take the lead. John sat on the bench heavily next to Tim, pulling out his gatorade and drinking deeply. He was sweating again and sucking some wind!

Tim said. “Whoa you alright buddy?”

John took a second to reply. “Wha? yeah man I’m cool just a little out of breath.”

“I feel your pain, I was the same way after I got thrown out, I gotta lose some of this” Tim replied as he patted his belly.

They watched as Ryan took the first pitch for a ball.

“Yeah dude you should probably start running or something, I think that jelly roll has grown a bit this season!” John teased his teammate.

“I know, I need to lay off the sweets at work.” Tim said.

The second pitch came to Ryan, it was too high as he took it again.

“You ought to talk to Ryan, Lindsay has him on a diet and its working.” John said motioning to the player at the plate.

Ryan definitely was following the diet. His jersey looked looser and he had lost about 10lbs. Lindsay normally came to the bar with him after the games now and made sure he didn’t overdo it. Lindsay was about Ryan’s age and was a secretary. She had lost some weight too on their diet but not as much as he did as she often complained about. She was curvy and a former cheerleader, so the extra weight that came with sitting for 8 hours a day did not sit well with her.

The third pitch came and Ryan launched it towards left field. As the ball exploded off of the bat, John and Tim stood in unison to watch it arch away. John saw the left fielder sprinting towards the fence and then just stop as the ball cleared it.

The whole team whooped and hollered as Ryan rounded the bags. They were up one with three more outs to get. The key would be holding the lead through the last inning. Kate was up next and popped out to short.

John grabbed his glove and took one more gulp of gatorade. He jogged out with Liz to the outfield and stopped to catch his breath a bit yet again.

Geez what is with me? When did a game make me so tired? He thought surprised. Of course he gave no thought to his indulgent summer or the changes he had noticed the previous day.

As hard as it is to hold a one run lead in softball, the Molly’s team did it quite easily. A pop fly and a ground out and all of the sudden they were one out away from winning it all. A weak grounder to first and they found themselves champions of the league!

That night at Molly’s the whole team was celebrating as the owner announced the first few rounds were on him. John had ordered a ton of food as usual. Mozz sticks, 20 boneless wings, fried macaroni and cheese, chicken fingers and of course his staple burger and fries.

They were all celebrating but nobody had nearly as much food as John did.

I guess he’s really gotten used to eating so much now Liz thought as she watched him shovel in his food and down it with a tall beer.

“What’s everyone doing Labor Day weekend?” Kate asked everyone.

“No plans at all Kate, why what’s going on?” Ryan replied. The rest of the team murmured something similar, John just nodded, his mouth was too full to say anything.

“I was thinking we celebrate as a team in style, my apartment complex has a pool so I figure we could grill out and have a pool party and top it off with a visit to Molly’s that Sunday, what do you all think?” Kate asked.

They all raised their glasses in a toast and cheered their manager for the great idea! Labor Day weekend was the perfect way to end the summer and on a high note.

Liz sat back worried. She had put her bikini away thinking she didn’t need to use it anymore and not a moment too soon given her recent small weight gain. She had gotten mozzerella sticks and wings tonight because John had said they were so good and she was already on her second beer. There was no way she could lose all her flab in a week.

She pushed her plate away.

“You’re not gonna finish those?” John asked as he saw her put her silverware on the plate.

He really is cute and getting cuter she thought as she handed over her plate and he dumped the contents onto his. He sat across the table from her, next to him was Kate and on his other side was Tim, who wasn’t eating as much as John but definitely was no stranger to the menu either. Kate too was digging in eagerly, her diet an afterthought apparently.

Well my little bit of flab won’t be the worst there and Ryan is still huge too, maybe I’m making a mountain out of a mole hill. She then got very excited. She hadn’t seen John with no shirt on in about a month and she knew his waist had grown. I can’t wait to see how hot he’s gotten next week!


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Thanks I'm glad you approve, this is my first time ever trying to write something like this so I'm open to any constructive criticism. I'm happy you enjoy it though. More chapters to follow soon!

Nice story, hope there will be more


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I love how you've kept this realistic
This is very good work. Please continue
I'm eager to see more!


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pretty funny how he's just like "woah, i'm getting pudgy"... even better is her anger with herself... liz and john are both so reluctant to get fat, but they cant keep their hands out of a good meal


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Thank you for all the responses! Yes I wanted to go with as realistic of a gain as possible and I want to show the different phases of ex athletes that you find in life. I'm glad everyone is enjoying it!


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good story development, i like how you're stringing it out long and slow. can't wait for the pool party and seeing it all hang out :)


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Chapter 7

“Ugh!” John said to himself as he tried on yet another pair of pants that morning. It was Monday and he had just had the best weekend of the summer. Friday they had won the championship and he had hung out with Liz the next two days almost nonstop.

He was waking up happy every morning, mostly because of what occurred the previous night and he could find little to complain about in his life right now. That was until this morning as he was getting dressed.

I really need to start running or something he thought as he tried to do the button up to no avail. His stomach was softly pooching all around the waist. The sides of his torso were definitely looking a little more meaty. The body he had now was not one of a collegiate athlete anymore.

No wonder I was getting tired at the game, there’s all this flab now! he lamented.

“Honey! Is everything ok? your breakfast his getting cold!” His mom shouted from the kitchen.

Crap I need to get these things on! John thought.

He sucked in his new tummy as far as he could and laid down on the bed.

Come on...come on.... he willed the two sides to come together as he quickly slipped the button through its hole.

Thank Goodness he thought as he sat up.

Wow... he looked at how much his tummy spilled over this pants. He lightly touched one finger under his waist and lifted up a roll of fat.

Linda walked through the door just then.

“John are you ok?...Whoa!”

“Mom!” John said surprised as he jumped up from his bed.

He stood there with his arms over his bare body.

“John I’m sorry I didn’t mean to surprise you.” His mom said looking embarrassed as well.

She couldn’t help but stare at her son’s soft little belly spilling over his waist as he stood. He must have put on 10lbs!

“Could you get out please?” John said annoyed. He sucked in his tummy roll but it was clear his pants were straining to stay buttoned.

“I’ll be downstairs hun. I’m sorry.” Linda said as she walked out of the room. All that bar time and ice cream time really did a number on John, not to mention working 8 hours a day now.

Linda knew how it went. She had played tennis in college once upon a time. She loved the sport and her teammates however that didn’t stop her from losing her form once the practices had ended and real life began. Her first job out of college 25 years ago was one where she sat at a desk most of the day. Her once lithe form had chubbed up by 30lbs the first two years out of school.

It was a time in her life she didn’t care to remember much. John was her saving grace from that, her pride and joy. After he was born she knew she had to get serious about her health. She remembered how startling her weight was two weeks after the birth, she was a single mother and weighed 210lbs.

I was so big... She remembered. She had buckled down after that. She never got back to that magical 115lb tennis body but these days she was clocking in around 135.

Not bad for 47. She knew she looked pretty good for her age, her job really helped her maintain it. What to do about John though? While it was easy to see why he gained the weight, the real question was did he know what to do about it and what was her role in this all? He was 22 for goodness sake and as much as she wanted him to stay her little boy forever, she knew that at some point she had to let him be his own man.

I kept sweets and unhealthy food away from him most of his life, he is making his own choices now, he needs to live with the consequences, besides what young man wants nutrition advice from his mother unless he asks for it? Linda thought.

John came walking downstairs to the breakfast table. His belt covered up what Linda knew was a button that was so very close to coming apart. His shirt looked tight around the middle as well.

“After work I’m gonna stop by the mall and get some new clothes today.” John said as he poured a ton of syrup over some waffles.

“Do you have enough money? Clothes can be expensive.” Linda said while John started to eat.

“Yeah I think so, I’m making more money than I ever have right now.” John said through a mouthful of waffle.

“Alright well call if you need anything.” She said.

He threw two more waffles in the toaster as he finished what was on his plate.

John’s commute into work was an easy one. His mom said she would walk to work while the weather was nice so he could normally have the car during the work day. It was his turn to pick up the office doughnuts this morning.

As he waited in the drive thru at Dunkin Donuts, he contemplated the menu.

They know our office order so that’s easy but I could use something sweet for the rest of the drive. He thought, paying no attention to his pants digging into his newly soft tummy.

The worker handed him the two boxes and he asked. “Could I also get a box of chocolate donut holes?”

Initially looking annoyed, the server went back and completed the order, the box was barely in his hands before he opened it up and grabbed a handful to eat.

There was just crumbs left when he pulled into the parking lot ten minutes later. 25 of those little things are definitely not enough. He thought as he brushed himself off.

The day went by quickly enough for John. He had his usual lunch at the buffet with Kate and he continued to work on a few projects. Periodically he would exchange some text conversations with Liz which helped keep the day fresh. On the way home he stopped at the mall just as he said he would and not a moment too soon. While eating the last eclair at the office around 4:30pm he became painfully aware of how tight his pants had really become.

This was long overdue he thought as he walked into the changing room with a few pairs of pants over his arm. As he undressed he caught the reflection in the full length mirror. His stomach looked even more prominent than it did that morning. Gotta start jogging or this bit of pudge will be a belly soon.

His 32 inch waist pants seemed relieved as he set them down. He tried on a pair of the 34s, they fit but they were also a little tighter then he would have liked. The 36s fit just fine though. I can buy the 36s, I won’t be wearing them that long anyway once I start working out again.

John left the button undone and covered it with his belt buckle. There was no sense struggling in the changing room.

It’s just a temporary measure. He thought as he left the department store.

Chapter 8

The week went by dully. With summer wrapping up there weren’t as many things going on around town and time at the office was becoming a bit slow as well.

“Need a refill?” Kate asked John as she pointed to the powdered sugar crumbs on his napkin.

“Yes please! This day is just going by so slow.” John replied.

“I know, it looked like you were dying of boredom so I thought I’d get you something. Office snacks are the answer to boredom.” she said.

She came back with a glazed and boston cream doughnut.

“Which one do you want?” she asked.

“Boston creams are my favorite, I already had two of them today.” he said as he took the chocolate frosted doughnut from her hand.

“Good because I prefer glazed!” Kate said as she took a bite.

“So what’s the deal with the pool party? Will there be food there too?” John asked.

“Oh yeah! I was going to buy hamburgers and brats or something and pull out my grill. If you just want to bring chips or beer that would be good. I know Alex is bringing potato salad and Amber said she would bring some dessert.” Kate said.

“Liz is bringing dessert too.” John put in.

“Right! I forgot about that.” Kate replied. “So we should have a pretty good spread.”

“I can’t wait, I love cook outs, plus we get to celebrate a great season again.” John said with enthusiasm. “I can’t thank you enough Kate for letting me join the team.”

“Oh it was nothing, you can stop thanking me, besides you were one of our best players, I should be thanking you.” She pointed out. “Ugh, I want another doughnut but I know I shouldn’t.”

“Why not? Didn’t you say it keeps boredom away?” he asked playfully.

“Yeah that was until you reminded me of the pool party and I remembered how tight my bikini was the last time I tried it on.” Kate shot back.

She hefted her sizeable middle.

She has gained a bit of weight too since I joined the team, thank Goodness I’m not the only one and she wasn’t the smallest girl anyway. John thought as he watched Kate fret.

“Don’t you run with Liz a couple times a week?” John asked already knowing the answer.

“I do but it doesn’t seem to be doing a good job of running off the lbs.” Kate said.

“I just don’t know why my body won’t change” she sighed.

“Oh you look alright Kate. Maybe a little heavy but you have muscle too, plus you can throw back beer almost as well as I can.” John said, trying to be helpful.

“Gee thanks.” Kate said without any enthusiasm. Just you wait John, you are going to be in the same boat as me if you keep munching on those doughnuts, your pants barely fit...wait a second what happened to the tightness on his waist?

“Did you get new clothes?” Kate blurted out.

“What? Uh yeah like a couple days ago. Why do you ask?” John said surprised.

“No reason, they just look to fit you a little better is all.” Kate said slyly. Call me a little heavy and get away with it? I don’t think so.

“Oh well yeah, remember I said they were getting shrunk?” John said trying to play it off as he finished his doughnut.

“Oh riggghhhtt, I forgot about that. They look good on you, your old ones look to be getting super tight, if I didn’t know any better I would have guessed you gained a few lbs yourself.” Kate said with a cheshire grin.

“Umm yeah just needed to get some pants that weren’t shrunk is all.” John said now going a bit red.

“Good! Then we’ll still get to see those abs of yours this weekend!” Kate said as she spun in her chair. “We ought to get back to work.” she finished the conversation, pleased with herself.

That night John examined his body yet again in front of the mirror. His stomach had red crease lines from bunching up as he sat most of the day. It certainly looked to have more of a roundness to it.

Not quite a belly, just a little more full in the waist is all. John thought to himself. He stepped on the scale and watched the digital read out go up and down and finally settle on the number 184.

“14lbs, man I really need to do something quick before that pool party. I won’t be able to hide any of this.” He said to himself as he cupped his tiny tummy and hefted it a bit. Is there more jiggle there then there was before?

Chapter 9

Liz awoke Sunday feeling pretty good. Her and John had been together the night before and she was pretty sure that he was going to ask her out officially very soon. It was about time! She had been wanting to kiss him since she landed on top of him in the outfield. Some of it was her own doing, not wanting to be in private places yet, only keeping to the bar and night life scene but she was positive that they both wanted this now.

It’s been long enough in the single life, fun times but I’m ready to date again, especially with such a good guy like John. She reflected.

She had been worried at first that, with him being fresh out of college, he would rely on her for a lot of things. She wanted to let him grow up a little bit, find a job, make some money and be an adult for a little while without having to identify himself with her.

She also was leery of dating again. Her previous relationship had not ended well. It was a college romance that had lasted into their first year out of school. She had thought they would be engaged that Christmas but she had found him with a girl he worked with before they were to go out for New Year’s Eve. It should have been one strike and you're out but with Liz still being a little naive she had given him a couple extra chances during which she was only heart broken again and again. The final straw had come the previous November. She vowed not to date for a long time after that and enjoy life.

She didn’t want John to be roped into a similar situation, she wasn’t sure where they would end up but through her experience now she knew that a long term committed relationship couldn’t be forced and while that was her end goal, it was okay not to have it at 25 years old.

All of that being said, she still wanted to have him almost from the moment he showed an interest to her. It was evident that John had liked her from the moment he laid eyes on her, but Liz wanted to get to know him a little bit before she let on that there might be something special there. She didn’t want a fling, she wanted an adult relationship and see where it would lead them.

“Hello old friend.” she said as she pulled her bikini out of her closet. Work had kept her pretty busy this last month and she hadn’t worn it since she had gone on vacation in July.

She quickly slipped it on and stood in front of her mirror to survey the damage. She had weighed in at 143lbs that morning so she knew she wasn’t going to like what she saw. The last time she had worn the soft yellow swimsuit she was under 135lbs. Now as she stood there she took stock of all the changes.

Well at least my boobs are bigger. She finally thought. Being a tiny softball player for most of her mature life meant that she was sporting an A cup in college that had gradually filled into a B in the years after. Now though she wouldn’t be surprised if she could wear a C. Not a bad change in her opinion. She had felt the warning signs in her chest all month but standing there at this moment she knew that some bra shopping would be in order soon.

Her feeling of goodwill ended when she gazed upon her belly and yes it could definitely be called a belly. Gone was that perfect blend of muscle and softness that makes guys go wild. She turned to the side and took in her belly pooch. It arched out a couple inches over her waist. Her bikini bottom was digging into the soft flesh all around.

She turned her body and looked at her back. Her top was also digging into the soft flesh that was now underneath her arms. Her love handles had grown as well and they rolled over her sides like dough. She saw too that her shoulders looked less defined. Her arms had missed most of the gain but even they looked like they had lost some definition.

She faced forward once more and finally looked at her legs. When you played softball, your lower body was so important and that was the area that you worked on the most in the offseason. Liz was no different than almost all players in having strong hips and thighs and carrying most of her muscle there.

She poked a finger into her meatier thigh and watched it sink in. There was still muscle there but it had a layer of flab to it now.

No wonder my skirts and pants have been getting tighter. She lamented. Liz had the body of an ex player for sure now, something she thought she would never let herself get to. She caught a look into her face, she had always had pretty blue eyes. Her cheeks had continued to fill out but she was still pretty.

Today is a celebration and if I’m lucky I will have more to celebrate then the team tonight. John obviously likes me and it was worth a few pounds if I end up with him! Today will be an indulgence day and I can get start a diet or something tomorrow. Liz thought as she put on some clothes over her bikini. She had to get ready fast because her and John were going together.

Oh John, he’s filled out some too, I will be all over him if he takes his shirt off. She thought as the buzzer to her apartment rang.

Chapter 10

John was waiting outside Liz’s apartment. He had texted her he was here then walked up to the building and punched in the buzzer to her place.

“I’ll be right down.” Liz said through the microphone.

John stared at his reflection in the window of the apartment building door. His face had filled out a bit but with clothes on he looked normal. When he had put on his swim trunks getting ready he had looked in the mirror just as long as Liz but with less worry.

He had grown a little tummy but overall he felt he still looked good. He figured he would lose it all when his body got used to his new life, sitting for 8 hours a day was no way to keep abs when previously he was practicing for 3 hours each day. He thought once Liz and him were together they would probably run together and he’d lose that 14lbs.

Strangely absent from his thoughts was any idea toward his newly robust appetite. He was eating as much as Michael Phelps but without the hours in the pool!

As if in protest his stomach growled. John patted as he felt its flabbiness under his shirt. He was hungry and the snack table would be one of his first stops at the party.

Liz came out right then, wearing short jean shorts and a cute t-shirt. The shirt hung just above her midriff. John’s eyes zeroed in on the tummy roll just over her button for a second before he looked up.

“Hey you look great! ready to go?” He said.

“Thanks! yeah let’s get over there, we’re gonna be a bit late as it is.” Liz replied.

They arrived after a short drive. It looked like almost everyone was there. The grill was cooking and a few people were in the pool already.

“Hey!” Kate shouted. Everyone else shared a hello and the party was officially started.

True to his thoughts, John hit the snack table right away. It was a good spread, chips and dip, pretzels, beer, buffalo chicken dip, crackers and cheese, pretty much all the party foods. He had grabbed his third handful of chips and was about to check out the buffalo chicken dip when Tim and Michelle came up to the table, fresh out of the pool.

“Hey bud! what’s up?” Tim said as he dried his hands off with a towel. He looked around the snack table like a tiger sizing up its prey. He was standing there in just his swimsuit, which looked like it might have run its course on his body. Tim’s stomach ballooned out in front of him with an obvious chubbiness. He had small man boobs and slight stretch marks on his waist. His arms lacked any sort of real tone and his face was round with a bit of a double chin these days.

“Nothing much, was about to try some more of this buffalo chicken dip.” John replied.

“Oh I made that!” Michelle said joining them. “You like it?” she asked enthusiastically.

“Yeah honestly I cannot stop eating it.” John said taking another swig of beer.

Michelle had played third base for them. It was almost the perfect position for her in a co-ed league. She had grown big during her eight years since college softball and her lean, tall body had given way to a more abundant form. Most guys cannot wait enough on a slow pitch to not pull it so third base is one of the more crucial positions.

With Michelle losing nothing of her fielding instincts she simply had to stand a few feet from the base and most of the balls that came her way were stopped in her glove. Like Ryan on the opposite corner, the less she had to move in the field the more effective she was.

John had seen old pictures on facebook of Michelle during her playing days and while her face made him see that it was the same person, the rest of the body showed that she not only had grown but she seemed to relish in her indulgence.

She had on a large pink bikini, which accommodated a fairly large chest. She had large chunky arms which obviously still had some throwing muscle underneath. Her belly bore the brunt of most of her gain. It was big, soft and rolly. Anytime she moved, her stomach was guarenteed to jiggle. Her thighs looked stuffed into her bikini bottom and her ass was dimpled. John probably put her playing weight at around 150lbs of solid muscle, she now looked to be at the 195-200lb range.

“I’m glad you like it, it will keep me from eating it all!” Michelle said as she patted her belly.

“Don’t worry I’ll save you some.” John replied.

He looked around the party for Liz. He saw her standing by the pool with a beer in her hand, talking to Becca. Becca was in her bikini but Liz was still in what she wore out of the apartment.

I wonder what they are talking about. John thought.

“You look great!” Liz said to Becca.

“Aw thanks, I was a little worried coming into today because I’ve put on a little weight but I dieted like crazy all week. I thought swimsuit season was over!” Becca told Liz.

“I know! I’m in the same boat but seriously you look good. I can’t tell.” Liz comforted her friend.

“Well I’m going to make a major commitment to get back to my playing weight, I’ve let it get a little too out of hand this summer.”

Liz sized her up, Becca definitely wasn’t at her playing weight but she also wasn’t fat. She still had a lean look, although her stomach had grown soft and pudgy. Becca worked out a lot and Liz knew that it was probably just her food choices and metabolism slowing that had made her waist thicken.

Not that I am doing much better. Liz thought. Becca was probably around 135lbs which made her both taller and lighter given Liz’s most recent weight gain.

She’s gonna love when I strip down and am sporting this newly formed tummy.

John walked over just then. He had a beer in his hand and some buffalo chicken dip on the side of his mouth. God he looks hot even when he’s messy! Liz thought as she looked at him.

“Why don’t you finish that beer and we can take a dip before the food is ready?” Liz told John, giving him her best ‘do this for me’ face.

“Umm yeah ok we can do that.” John said a little perplexed. He downed the rest of his beer and wiped his mouth with the back of his hand.

They walked together over to a chair as they both kicked off sandals and Liz shimmied her shorts down.

Wow Liz has a hot ass. John looked mesmerized. Liz then pulled her shirt over her head to reveal a sexy little bikini. It looked a little tight but John didn’t care, as far as he was concerned the hottest girl in town was standing in front of him right now.

“So are you going to go swimming with your shirt on? Afraid to catch some sun?” Liz asked him as she winked.

“What? Oh right.” John said as he fumbled to take his shirt off. As he lifted his shirt over his head Liz saw for the first time, in the flesh, where all that food had been going.

She felt something stir inside of her.

John’s middle was pudgy. Not fat, not big, not chubby, but pudgy. His abs had become flabs. There simply was no definition and a couple of inches of fat pooched out over his waist. Gone too were the perfect pecs he had. There wasn’t as much fat up there but they had grown a little heavier. His arms and legs looked to have missed out on gaining anything. She loved what she saw.

Before she knew it she was running and jumping onto him as he surprisingly caught her and fell back into the pool.

John had looked up just in time to see Liz in the air. He caught her around the waist and felt her chubbier middle and love handles as her momentum carried him over the side of the pool.

Underwater they kissed for the first time.

Finally! They both thought.

They came up for air, arms around each other. The team was watching them, a bit dumbfounded.

“Did it seriously take you that long for you guys to finally kiss?” Kate said slyly.

Everyone laughed and the party continued. John and Liz were pretty much inseparable the rest of the night. Both were so happy, words were simply superfluous to describe it.

John dropped her off at her apartment that night after a lot of eating, drinking and intimacy.

“Its nice to finally be official.” He said with a grin.

“I have waited for this to happen for a long time.” Liz said as she smiled back.

They kissed passionately once more as they enjoyed each other on the last night of the summer.


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Nov 14, 2012
Chapter 11 - The Offseason

John woke up groggily. It was Sunday and he and Liz had been out quite late the night before with some of his friends. Two weeks had passed since the end of the year softball party and they had been a blur of being together, seeing each other’s friends and going out.

Still the honeymoon period, that’s what they call it right? John thought as he got himself out of bed to use the bathroom and get some water.

It was the third time he had spent the night over at her apartment. It was close enough to the bar they had been to the night before that they could walk and he didn’t want to risk driving home. There was also the added benefit of sharing a bed with Liz.

The first time was a little comical, she had made him sleep on the couch.

“You’re not getting anything that easy John Matthews.” Liz had playfully told him that night.

It had been fine with John, he certainly wanted to but with Liz he knew it would happen when the moment was right, just like when he had asked her out. He respected her wishes to continue to take things slow and he didn’t want to ruin the potential with her.

After he had done his business, he was washing his hands when he paused to look at himself in front of her mirror.

I definitely need some exercise, I look bigger. He thought.

He eyed her scale in the corner of the bathroom. Giving a shrug that said “what the heck” he stepped over to it. He watched the digital numbers go up then down then finally settle on the number 189.

Five pounds in a few weeks? Is it starting to pile on more quickly? He thought.

John grabbed some water and laid back down next to Liz. She rolled over half asleep.

“Everything ok?” She said with her eyes closed.

“Yeah everything’s fine.” John said a little too quickly.

She reached her arm around his waist as they snuggled a bit. John all of the sudden was very aware of how his flab felt with her arm there.

“You feel tense. What’s wrong?” she asked.

“Nothing, I’ve just gained a few pounds, I’m gonna start going on some runs with you I think.” He said finally.

“Oh John, you look good! I think you’re hot, you know that.” Liz said sympathetically.

“Yeah?” John said with a bit of a mischievious grin.

“Yes.” she leaned over and kissed him.

As John wrapped his arms around her he couldn’t help but notice her soft love handles.

At least I’m not the only one gaining weight here. He thought quickly as his attention turned to more important matters.

Liz was absolutely glowing that morning as she walked into her office. She was a writer for a business magazine, nothing major, it specialized in local businesses and happenings around the city.

A colleague, Amanda, noticed the extra spring in Liz’s step as she walked by with a large coffee from Starbucks in her hand.

“Another fun night with the new bf?” She asked Liz.

“Yep!” Liz said cheerfully as she sat down. She was wearing black business pants and a white button down top that looked a little stretched to support her newly acquired middle.

Things like that did not go unobserved in an office of mostly women, especially on a girl who had been so fit. Liz’s desk had a few pictures on it, most of them sports related. Her running a 5k with a friend in one, last year’s softball team champions in another, the message was clear that she enjoyed being active.

The great mystery as to why she was growing a bit more soft was solved when Amanda found out about John. Many co-workers had gained weight over the course of her tenure there due to relationships and marriages and kids.

Even Amanda herself had felt the pounds creeping up after her 30th birthday a few years ago. She knew all too well how her weight fluctuated with different relationships during her dating escapades.

Liz will figure it out, she still says she is pretty active. Amanda thought sympathetically. She regarded Liz as a bit of a protege and they got along in the office very well.

“How’s the article about the art museum expansion coming along?” She asked her young friend.

“It’s going good!, I’ll be done with it today. Are there any doughnuts in the break room?” Liz replied.

“Um yeah I think someone made a stop at Dunkin.” Amanda said.

She watched as Liz got up and walked over to the room. Her hips had more of jiggle to them as she walked than Amanda remembered.

Guess no one is free from the love chub, even a former softball star. Amanda thought.

John was eating a doughnut that morning too. He had picked up the habit of stopping by the shop and getting a box of doughnut holes each day. He would keep them at his desk all morning to snack on, which saved him from getting up from his computer.

Kate had watched this new habit from the confines of her desk. Since it had started she had noticed other changes too. She had seen the same thing happen with her own body a few years beforehand. John was getting chubby.

He was really starting to fill out. Always broad-shouldered, his pecs had certainly softened to a point where that had grown out a bit. His flabby middle was about to give way to a belly very soon. He was on the cusp of moving from an athletic frame albeit with a few extra pounds to one that was more well-fed.

The pool party had been surprising to a lot of people, but not Kate. She saw him almost every day and knew he had gained some weight. However the rest of the team did not notice it as well until he took his shirt off.

After John and Liz had left the party, both attempting to suck in very stuffed bellies, the gossip had started.

“Did you see that tummy Liz has gained? Her bikini looked so tight!” Becca had told her.

“It was nice to see them finally get together but they better watch it together or they’re both gonna get fat. John had a tummy bulge over his suit too!” Lindsay had jumped in with.

That had been interesting coming from her. In the few years her and Ryan had dated he had grown downright fat and she had not lost out on putting on some either. Although Ryan was definitely losing weight now and Lindsay had looked great in her bikini.

Her middle was still soft and pudgy but she had lost weight too. Kate reflected.

Kate had refrained from jumping into the gossip because despite her best efforts she was still weighing in at above 170lbs. In fact well above 170lbs now. She had looked terrible at the pool party she thought. Some pictures had been posted on facebook from the day and she had immediately cropped them to only show her chest and face.

My beer gut is ridiculous, how did I ever let myself get so fat? Kate thought. She had finally updated her wardrobe again, something she had been putting off with the thought that she would be losing weight.

Kate ran for four miles three times a week and was not noticing any change in her appearance at all, which was one of the reasons she relished in John’s changes now. It didn’t make her feel so bad seeing a more athletic body gain some weight.

“Need another doughnut?” she asked noticing John’s empty box of doughnut holes.

“Um yeah! Have I ever said no to that?” John said.

No you have not that’s for sure. Kate thought as she saw his full tummy roll over his waist a bit.

Chapter 12

John groaned as he pushed his empty plate away. Liz giggled, a little tipsy from some wine.

“Did you like it?” she asked motioning to his plate.

“Yeah babe, you outdid yourself again. I think I had too many mashed potatoes though.” He said rubbing his distended belly.

“I don’t think the four beers helped either!” she teased him.

She was right. Liz had made another large dinner and John had let his appetite get the best of him again. He had mindlessly eaten his way through three big helpings of mashed potatoes, a half of a turkey breast and rice to top it all off. He was stuffed and Liz had been no stranger to a large meal either.

Since John and her started to date she had started to use recipes for different meals from a cookbook her mother had given her. Most of the dinners in there were for at least two people so her new boyfriend had given her the perfect reason to start to look for things she had always wanted to try. So far he had been a willing although unknowing participant.

Tonight they were celebrating their one month and Liz had made sure it would be in style.

“I hope you have room for dessert!” She said as she got up and pulled out a chocolate cream pie.

John’s eye’s widened and his mouth began to salivate at the sight.

“Oh I think I can manage.” He said with a grin.

After about 15 minutes they were both leaning back heavily in their chairs. John had unbuttoned his jeans after one slice, Liz after a couple but her’s were not as tight to begin with. Where the pie had been, only crumbs remained.

“Hun, you look a little full.” Liz said gesturing to John’s bulging midsection.

She struggled to get up, her body was heavily full with food as well, and walked over to her boyfriend. She kissed him and began to massage his aching stomach.

He really needs some new jeans, I can barely fit my hands under his waist, but he is soooo hot. Liz thought as she began to get lost in the moment.

It wasn’t long before John staggered up, clumsily taking off his shirt and pants and carried Liz into her bedroom as she also fumbled with her clothes.

They had a wonderful rest of the night as they explored each new fold of skin and bulge.

As they both laid in bed, Liz could not stop her hands slowly circling John’s growing belly. He had been asleep for awhile and she was cuddling.

He’s been filling this thing up and its driving me crazy. It’s gotten so soft.

John’s abs had thickened and spread until there was a round protrusion poking up just a little as he laid on his back sleeping. Liz knew some of it was due to the amount of food he had eaten but she also knew that it seemed each day his pants looked a little tighter and tighter in the morning.

She could feel the mound of fat that had accumulated around his navel and his sides were definitely huskier. She looked at him as he slept. His face was filling out too. His cheeks were fuller and under his chin a softness had developed.

He did not seem to mind the changes, if his eating were any clue. The only thing Liz did not like about their relationship was the extra padding her hips had gained so far. She was struggling into most of her work clothes now and when she looked in the mirror she could tell the summer weight gain was growing into fall flab.

Her curves were accentuated but with that came a more ample midsection that was rapidly moving on from “soft tummy pudge” to belly. Even her legs, which had been her favorite part of her body, were thickening up and her calves jiggled a little too much for her liking now.

She sighed as she looked down. Laying on her back, her stomach used to suck in naturally, now it arched up.

A little too much belly for gravity to make disappear. She thought. With that she fell back asleep.

John and Kate were getting lunch the next day in their building’s cafeteria. John’s plate was of course loaded to the max while Kate had opted for a light salad. She had lost five pounds, although it was not very noticeable by anything except she had become a bit short tempered.

Today would be hard though because she felt it was her duty as a colleague to inform John on some of the gossip from around the office surrounding his new chunky look.

“So are you going up for seconds?” John asked pointing at Kate’s plate.

“Um no I think this is good enough for me, trying to still get smaller, especially with the holidays right around the corner.” Kate replied. “Are you sure its a good idea to get some more for you?”

John looked at her quizzically. “What do you mean?”

“Well, I don’t want to offend you but I think some of these big meals have added up.” Kate said feeling awkward.

John leaned back heavily.

“Oh yeah I mean I know I’ve gained a little bit of weight.” He said looking down at his close to empty plate.

“I mean its not like you look bad and I know the same thing happened to me with sports ending, I just know sometimes people need a bit of a wake up call, you know if you wanted to lose it we could always do a diet together or something? I’m still trying to get back to my playing weight.” Kate said reassuringly.

“Yeah maybe I should do that. I figure it will be easy to lose, I’m not that far removed from playing a college sport and softball seemed to keep me in pretty good shape, its no wonder I packed on a few after that ended.” He said.

You were gaining while we played! It wasn’t lack of exercise it was overeating! and it is way more than a few. She wanted to yell but she kept her manners.

“Alright well we can start tomorrow! I’ll e-mail you some diet stuff, we can have you back into baseball shape in no time!” Kate said happily.

“Okay great! Yeah I wouldn’t mind dropping a few, for Halloween Liz and I were going to be Tarzan and Jane and I don’t think I’ve ever seen Tarzan with a beer belly.” John sighed.

They finished eating and then went back to work.

Chapter 13

“Babe! Our costumes came in!” Liz said excitedly as she walked into the door of her apartment. John was sitting on the couch playing video games, he had moved his xbox 360 over to her place not long after he had started to spend the night there most of the time. He could play Madden and she could watch Netflix. It also had the added benefit in Liz’s mind of keeping John on the couch as she gave him some delicious treats she would make.

She did feel a little devious about that but she loved the way he looked right now and it was one of the biggest reasons she was excited that their Halloween costumes had come in. John’s was going to be next to nothing and she could not wait to see how he looked in it.

“Try it on right now! We have to make sure everything we ordered is right.” She said.

Grumbling, John paused his game and took the package into the bathroom.

A few moments later John shouted. “Hey Liz, did you order the right size?”

She smiled. “Yeah babe! why? you were supposed to have a large right?”

“Yeah umm that’s what I thought but I’m having a hard time believing this is the right size.” He said hesitantly.

“Well come out and let’s have a look-see!” Liz replied.

The door opened and she watched him slowly come out. The first thing she noticed was his belly folding over the waist of the costume. His well defined chest certainly gained a fair amount of padding as well. Standing before her was her chunky boyfriend, for that was the only way he could be described now.

“Is it bad that I just want to jump you right now?” she said with a glint in her eye.

John laughed. “I wouldn’t complain although I think its unfair that you can see me wearing next to nothing and you’re still in your work clothes.”

Nodding in the direction of the other costume in her hand, Liz got the idea pretty quickly.

“I’ll only be a minute.” she said as she quickly closed the bathroom door.

John walked into Liz’s bedroom and shoved some clothes off the bed. He was standing around, thinking of what pose to take when he caught a reflection of himself in the corner of his eye. Like most girls, Liz had a full length mirror somewhere in her apartment, her’s happened to be located in the bedroom on the closet door.

“Holy crap” John said to himself. Is that really my stomach!?

Standing so he could look at his profile, John saw a belly arched in front of him. His thicker waist had gained too much fat, the only place for it to go had been out in front. The spherical mass had taken on a blob-like feeling.

He cupped his gut. Wow that’s definitely a beer belly, no wonder this costume is tight.

“Babe, I think something is wrong with my size too.” Liz said as she walked into her bedroom.

John looked up and saw a girl straining to keep her body into a very tight outfit. Her stomach spilled over the sides, her chest was struggling to stay in and the bottoms looked like they were barely clinging onto her hips.

“We’ve put on a few lbs, Kate mentioned it at work last week about me and I’m supposed to be dieting with her, I didn’t really see the extent of it until now.” John said.

He immediately knew he said the wrong thing. Liz crumpled to the floor, tears welling in her eyes.

“I’m soo fat!” she cried.

“Its been happening all summer...barely any of my clothes fit...everything feels flabby!” She said in between sobs.

John kneeled down. He saw how her body shuddered as she wept. Her stomach billowed out over her waist sitting in that position. Her love handles rounded over the sides of the too tight costume. He was getting turned on by her body in that outfit.

“Babe, I think you look awesome!” he said softly.

Liz looked up, obviously surprised. He pressed on.

“I don’t care that you’ve gained a few pounds, I have too, we can change it if we want to but I’m telling you right now that all that’s keeping me from picking you up and throwing you on that bed is that you have some tears in your eyes.”

Liz barely had time to wipe away some of those tears as John scooped her up and walked her over to the bed. They wouldn’t waste any time with words for the next couple of hours.
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wow that was soo good !!!

i love this story all the nice sexy descriptions of female and male gains and the depth of characters :)


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Chapter 14

Linda was worried. It was the Saturday after Halloween and her son had spent the night at home for one of the few times in the last month and a half. She didn’t mind that. Sure she missed him being around more often but she understood what life in your 20s was like and she was happy that he was happy. Getting to be very happy it seemed.

That morning John had walked out to eat breakfast rather lazily and with no shirt on. Wearing no shirt at home was not new for Linda to see however the larger belly certainly was. His shoulders had remained strong but his pectoral muscles were gone, replaced by a softer chest that jiggled slightly as he had sat down. Those were nothing compared to the rounder waist though.

Linda had seen the change come slowly. Her son had been a collegiate athlete and when he first came home he had the chiseled body of one. The late night carousing with the softball team quickly changed that. Bar food and beer are not the best nutrition and she had noticed that her son’s abs were the first thing to disappear.

Then had come a morning where she had accidentally walked in on him as he was getting dressed. Well getting dressed was a bit of loose term, as he was laying down on his bed struggling to button a pair of khakis. She knew how it went, her collegiate athlete body disappeared after she was done with school too, a life of endless partying and making more money than she ever had before. It had cost her dearly though.

She had gained 30lbs in those first two years, a combination of the lifestyle and a desk job. She had been oblivious to it until a so-called “friend” had pointed it out in front of the group one night. Rather rudely at that. I was young and stupid she thought. At 23 she thought she still possessed the body she had at 21. Her clothes did not agree.

After that came some dark times in her life. She had begun to hate herself, falling into a downward spiral. She no longer cared about how she looked, she overate, overdrank and worst of all made bad decisions regarding male companions. One of them eventually became John’s father, someone she didn’t care to ever discuss much.

John had come into her life at a critical moment. She was 25, single, and 210lbs. It was right there on her hospital bed that she decided she needed to do better, not just for her but for her son. And that is why she was worried now.

“John hunny, I was thinking about going for a run this afternoon if you wanted to join. Liz could come too!” she offered.

Through chewing he replied. “Oh no thanks Mom, Liz and I are supposed to get brunch and I won’t feel like running after that.”

Giving the substantial stack of pancakes on his plate a look as John continued to devour them, Linda asked politely. “Brunch after all of that on your plate?”

“Oh yeah, Liz isn’t up yet and I was starving after last night.” He replied.

“I remember you coming in pretty late last night, were you at a party?” She asked.

Linda had woken up with a start around 2am because she heard John coming in. She had ventured downstairs for a peek and saw him eating a bag of McDonalds. It was that scene that had her worried this morning.

“Yeah! It was a lot of fun, the Tarzan and Jane costumes were a hit!” Her son said.

I can’t believe he went out in that. She thought. He was wearing sweat pants this morning, he liked to dress comfy around the house but she suspected that his jeans had grown a little bit hard to button these days. She glanced at his burgeoning belly again and thought enough was enough, she needed to come right out with it.

“You know hun, you’ve gained quite a lot of weight since graduation.” She said as nicely as she could. Her tone was one of concern.

John looked up.

“What do you mean?” He asked searchingly.

Linda moved next to him at the table. She gently pinched his stomach, which spilled over his waist.

“This is what I mean, that didn’t used to be there hun.” She said.

Her son’s face went red. “I...I know...I” He tried to answer.

“No I don’t mean to be nagging about, I’m just a little worried. I know how life can get when school is over and I’d hate for you to deal with some of those same problems I went through.” She said, trying to make him feel better.

“Do you know how much you weigh?” She asked.

John just shook his head as he looked down at his stomach. He hadn’t been oblivious to his new form but other people noticing and being concerned was something he was not prepared to deal with, especially when it was his mom.

“Well why don’t you finish up and we’ll check it out.” She offered.

John finished the pancakes although he became very aware of just how much he was eating that morning all of the sudden. He reluctantly went upstairs with his mom and into the bathroom. The scale was kept underneath the sink and he pulled it out. Linda watch as her son’s fleshy middle bunched up into wrinkles and his love handles bulged out over his sides when he bent over.

I hope I’m doing the right thing, this could be a good wake up call. She thought.

John then stepped on the scale gingerly and looked down. The first thing he saw was his now slightly full stomach. His toes peeked out just behind it and most of his foot was obscured from the view. His eyes settled on the digital read out.

“217lbs” He said, more then a little shocked. He knew he had been gaining weight but he had figured that at some point it would stop and settle. He never thought he’d gain so much so quickly though.

“What were you in college?” Linda asked coyly.

“170lbs.” John said quietly.

“Oh hunny, I’m sorry! I just thought I needed to point it out to you. You know I help people with this problem all the time and I had to deal with it myself once upon a time. Its an easy fix, you are still so young, you just need to learn how to eat and exercise while not playing sports anymore. It’s a good lesson to learn early.” She said.

“Mom, I’m sorry.” He offered lamely.

“Oh no kiddo, I’m not disappointed or anything I’m just worried a lot. There’s some health problems that come with being overweight and I want to spare you that. I know what a bad cycle it can be with not having time to work out and working more, stress increases, I just want you to know I’m here and we can fix this together, I think I’ve even gained a little weight with you back home.” She said in her mom tone.

Linda moved over to the scale and hopped on it. She honestly had done it to try to make her son feel better, she didn’t expect to see anything she wasn’t ready for. Her weight was normally in the 135-138 range but when she looked down she saw 142 on the read out.

“Thanks mom, I’ll try to be more mindful about what I’m eating. But I gotta go get ready for brunch. Love ya!” John said as he left to go change.

Well I tried Linda thought. But how did I manage to gain 7lbs without noticing!

Chapter 15

John had had an awkward morning. He was slightly hungover from the party the night before and was gratefully eating up pancakes when his mom had dropped a bombshell on him. She was worried about him and all the weight he had gained.

It had taken him by surprise, not because he hadn’t noticed the pounds coming on, but he didn’t think it was much of anything to be concerned with. He wasn’t playing baseball anymore and he was enjoying time with a great girl, which happened to also include a fair amount of good food. He didn’t need to keep his baseball physique and Liz seemed to love his new body.

But he had thought that at some point it would slow down. He thought his body would settle on its new shape and he wouldn’t have to keep buying new clothes. 217lbs was a revelation though. The last time he had weighed himself he was 189lbs, 19 up from his playing weight and a lot to gain over a summer. But 19 from May to September made sense given the only exercise he got was softball one night a week and even those nights his beer drinking negated the calories burned.

Now softball had been over for a month and a half and he had gone from that flabby 189lbs to a getting kind of fat 217lbs. As he thought back, it had been a great time.
I think almost every time Liz and I are together we eat a lot and most of the time that includes some drinks too.

The big gain was not lost on her either. John had noticed before the costume malfunction that his girlfriend had grown softer all over. He was not entirely disappointed with this.

When they had first dated she was fit, no doubt about it. Probably a little softer than her playing days but overall pretty in shape. Lately he had noticed that her body had grown a lot easier to grab in certain sections. He first saw this on her love handles, while probably the part of her body that had the most fat at first anyway, they had become chubbier and she had a pronounced muffin top when she wore jeans now. Speaking of jeans, many of hers fit better now. Her ass had grown into its new shape and her hips and thighs and plumped up.

Liz’s calf mucles had lost their tone but John didn’t care. He loved the changes down there and one of his favorite things to do when they were intimate was to run his hands up and down her thighs. It was when he was doing this one night that he first saw the pooch belly that Liz had gained. Her stomach had been flat but solid when they first met, now it was carrying some chunk.

Not that he was one to talk, her hands always seemed to squeeze his belly, could it be called a belly now? He grunted as he tried to pull the sides of his jeans together.
Jesus I have gotten pretty fat.

He thought as he struggled to button the jeans. Success! He looked down at the donut that his tight pants had created. He felt under the roll of pure fat, touching the waist of his jeans.

“There must be two inches of fat there.” He said out loud. With a sigh he threw on a baggy t-shirt, grabbed a jacket and went out the door.

Tina’s was a great little place that served breakfast, brunch and lunch. It was inexpensive and delicious. The best thing on the menu was a breakfast special, a plate of hash browns, type of eggs, toast, bacon and sausage. All of that for only $5! John ordered two of those right away and Liz ordered one with a cup of coffee, John being the consumate “little kid” had chocolate milk for his drink.

As they waited for their food they chatted a little about the night before. Liz was wearing a track jacket and loose sweatpants that showed off her ample lower half quite well. She noticed that John had opted for a large t-shirt and jeans, which she knew was men’s fashion code for “cover a belly.”

He was so cute, he must have struggled to get those jeans on because she knew what he looked like underneath and more to the point she knew what he had consumed the previous night.

The party had been at one of his friend’s from high school’s house, a group of friends that she was starting to get to know pretty well. They were all old teammates of John’s although unlike him, most of their playing careers had ended at 18. It was a group she thought he was starting to resemble. They all knew how to have a good time and all of them were well above their playing weights. The party had a spread that was pretty good for a house owned by an ex jock male.

Buffalo chicken dip, pigs in blankets, chips, desserts like brownies with peanut butter and all sorts of cookies, not to mention all the beer. She had gleefully watched her boyfriend eat and eat and eat, always with a beer in hand. Being former athletes, most of his friends had gotten quite competitive at the beer pong table and her and John had owned the table for 6 straight games.

With each passing hour at the party she had noticed her boyfriend’s stomach growing more and more full. John had no clue as to how much he was eating, he had become a “grazer” just constantly snacking on the high calorie treats. At about 1am he needed to sit down and Liz, who was packing away quite a lot herself, joined him on the couch. When her hand grazed his stomach she felt just how stuffed it was.

Liz remembered the night so fondly she wasn’t paying attention to what John was saying at the brunch table now.

“Babe you ok?” he asked.

She snapped out of her trance.

“I’m sorry what were you saying?” she said quickly.

John looked mildly upset.

“I was saying my mom is worried about me, she’s noticed that...well I’ve gained a lot of weight. It was fun at first but now I’m wondering if I went too far enjoying myself ya know?” He said dejectedly.

Liz noticed that this new revelation did little to stem his appetite this morning but she held onto that thought.

“Aww Babe, I think you look hot, you know that right?” Liz said soothingly.

“Yeah I know and I’m really not that fat, just fat for me I guess.” He said as the the food came out. He dug in right away. Liz was almost mesmerized by watching him eat again but she snapped herself out of it before she got too carried away.

She readjusted her jacket over her own waist. She suddenly had an idea. Getting up and moving over towards John she said.

“You know you have some company as well.”

He looked up as she unzipped her jacket showing off a very tight black tank top. It was one of her old standbys and something John had seen her in at various stages of their relationship. The difference now was that it was stretched tightly across her rounded stomach, a development John had noticed and enjoyed.

Her chest filled out the top much better too and the garment looked tight under her arms. She wasn’t fat either but she had clearly gained some more weight.

She continued.

“So if you think you are getting too fat then I must be too, seeing as we eat together about 70% of the time.” She giggled.

“Besides, you getting a little fluffier makes me feel better about some of my extra fluff.”

I hope I’m not taking too much of a chance here. Liz thought.

The look John was giving her was saying that he enjoyed her more voluptuous figure as much as she did his.

She leaned in close and whispered.

“Besides, you know how much I love feeling all these changes.”

As she said this she gently ran her hand down his side and cupped the love handle that was spilling over his side.

John voraciously tore into the rest of his breakfast as Liz ate some and got a box. They went back to her apartment where she was able to feel more of his “changes.”


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Nov 14, 2012
Chapter 16

The weather was getting colder. John and Liz were in the car on their way to John’s college for its alumni weekend. It was a crisp fall morning, two weeks before Thanksgiving. John was wearing sweats for the three hour drive.

Liz could tell that he was excited. He hadn’t been back to campus yet and she knew he still knew a lot of people still in school. She also knew he was nervous to see some people with all the changes his body had gone through.

She eyed his belly that spilled over the seat belt. It jiggled slightly with the motion of the car. She had watched mesmerized as he inhaled the $15 worth of McDonalds he had ordered at the rest stop. He’s really embracing this whole eating thing. She thought.

She had been worried that John would react negatively to his mom’s worries, their relationship had blossomed as much as the weight they had each put on and she didn’t want anything to jeopardize that. She thought his new belly was hot! And besides, they were both enjoying themselves, it’s not like they were 300lbs.

I wonder what John would look like at 300lbs? Liz immediately pondered. She dismissed the thought right away. Fat or thin, she loved the man and she considered herself lucky to have found him.

This weekend she was going to try to help him out anyway she could. He had told her that there was a high possibility of running into an ex girlfriend of his and she knew that only exasperated how nervous he was to see other people who remembered him as the very fit and very fast centerfielder.

He hiccuped after drinking from his extra large coke. Liz reached over and gently rubbed the belly full of hot cakes, hash browns and egg mcmuffins.

“Mmm thanks babe.” John said.

They stopped only one more time before they arrived on campus. John was eating one of the chocolate covered doughnuts he had bought from that rest area as he drove the car around the college, showing Liz some of the sites.

“That’s Old Main, its like the most iconic building on campus, that’s where the caf is, we can stop there for breakfast.”

“You mean brunch or something?” Liz laughed. “We already ate breakfast.”

“Oh yeah whatever, you’ll love the food, I just want to eat it again and I’m already getting a little hungry.” John replied.

She could tell he was very excited. The appetite was just one more sign of that. She took another doughnut out as well, ignoring the full feeling of her own belly.

They parked in the visitors lot and walked into the large cafeteria. It was your typical scene on a Friday morning. A mix of undergrads and professors eating breakfast and chatting. John and Liz looked the part of college undergrads, they were both young enough to be mistaken for being students and their attire that morning certainly added to that.

John paid for the buffet and eagerly handed a tray to Liz.

“This food is amazing! It’s won awards for collegiate dining.” John told her enthusiastically.

He showed her the different stations that prepared different foods. It was breakfast so you wouldn’t think there was a whole lot to it but Liz saw a waffle station, an omelette station and even cereal.

John had already gotten in line for a waffle. Liz decided on an omelette, she wasn’t really that hungry but she didn’t want John to feel bad about getting more food.

She was already halfway done with her meal when John finally sat down at the table with a tray piled with food.

Oh my God, he really does love this eating thing. Liz thought as she looked at this two waffles loaded with whipped cream and strawberries, a bowl of Captain Crunch, an omelette and four doughnuts.

“Where are you going to put that all?” She teased him as he took a forkful of omelette.

John laughed. “I guess I’ll just have to make more room.”

He was wearing a sweatshirt and sweat pants so it was hard to see the effects of all the eating but Liz could still tell that he had a belly.

It also did not go unnoticed to a senior girl who was eating just a bagel at the corner of the cafeteria. She was furiously texting a friend.

“You are never gonna guess who I’m looking at right now.” The text said.

“?” Was the reply.

“Your ex...and he got fat.”

After breakfast, Liz said she wanted to see some of the campus. What she really meant was she wanted to walk off some of breakfast so she wouldn’t have any issues with her jeans later that day. She knew John could use a walk too.

They spent the next hour walking through the different buildings and seeing some of the school’s facilities. Along the way John saw a lot of familiar faces and Liz almost laughed at the shock most had on them when they recognized the much fuller face.

There were a couple of moments that Liz felt her boyfriend tense at. When they had checked out the school’s recreation center, one of the trainers that John had done races and other challenges with teased him for his new girth.

“What have they been feeding ya in the real world?” She said as she poked his full belly.

The only other time Liz could sense John’s nervousness that morning was when he said hi to his baseball coach.

He obviously noticed but was polite enough to not say anything. Liz figured there were probably plenty of former players of his that had come back heavier, it was nothing new to him.

John had finally received a text message from the friend who lived at the house they were staying at that weekend. They knew they wouldn’t be up too early after a “Thirsty Thursday” night and it was about noon.

They had began to make their way towards the car when John stopped cold in his tracks.

“What’s wrong babe?” Liz asked as she followed his gaze to a jogger wearing yoga pants and a sports bra.

Her tanned and flawless stomach showed Liz that this girl seemed to be the typical sorority girl working on her figure. Then it all clicked.

“That’s your ex?” she asked quietly.

John nodded his head as the jogger came closer. Her eyes widened as she focused on the two figures standing on the sidewalk.

She took out her earphones as she approached them.

“Wow John! It’s been a long time.” The 115lb senior said surprised.

John’s face went red.

“Yeah Kara umm hi, how’s it going? This is my girlfriend Liz.”

Kara gave Liz the once over. What she saw immediately was a jacket that looked tight around the waist. It wasn’t that Liz was fat but she definitely was carrying more weight than Kara was.

She stuck out her hand.

“I’m Kara, John and I dated for two years, just had to get rid of the elephant in the room.” Kara said quickly.

Liz responded. “Oh yeah um I’ve heard a little bit about you, just out for a run? Isn’t it cold for just a sports bra?”

Kara was freezing but when she had heard that John was on campus and looking more than a little well fed she felt like she needed to show off. She reasoned she could run through campus straight to the gym to get warm.

“Yeah I thought I could use some calorie burning this morning.” Kara said ignoring the last question. “Do you run Liz?”

Liz bristled a bit at the question. “Umm, yeah not as often as I’d like to but I used to play sports.”

“A few years ago huh?” Kara continued, smelling blood. “Looks like John hasn’t been missing any meals.” She said as she reached out and poked his stomach.

“Whoa did I feel a kick?” Kara said as she threw her head back and laughed. “I’m sorry John, I’m just surprised at the new you, you used to be so fit back in the day...five months ago.” Kara smiled as she rubbed it in.

Liz felt the need to defend her increasingly embarrassed boyfriend.

“I love him how he is, there’s just more to love now.” She said defiantly and hugged her hands around his soft waist.

“I don’t mean to be rude it’s just wow, well anyway I need to finish up this work out, got to keep my girlish figure. I’m sure you’ll be at the baseball house tonight? I’ll see you then.” Kara finished and put her earphones back in before either could respond.

“That could have gone better.” John said lamely.

“She’s a bitch John, don’t feel bad. Besides...” Liz cupped his belly with both her hands, feeling its weight. “I like the new you, I liked the old you too, it doesn’t matter to me what you look like. But I will admit, there’s more to play with on you now.” She leaned in and kissed him.

He knew he had the perfect girl after she said that.

“Are we going to meet some of your cool friends now? No more like her.” Liz said as she winked at him.

It was going to be a fun and interesting weekend.


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Nov 14, 2012
I needed to take a break from the characters, now I think I have a good pattern going that I started my other story. Excited to see where John and Liz end up though!

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