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Bellied Boy with a Badge - by Fed Up (~BHM, Stuffing, MWG)

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Oct 9, 2005
~BHM, Stuffing, MWG - The mall security force binges on leftovers,until a certain burger shop owner decides to have some fun

Bellied Boy with a Badge
by Fed Up

[Author's Note: The following is an erotic gainer/encourage feeding story with adult themes, situations, and language. Please do not continue if you are offended by this type of writing or are under 18 years of age.]

Kyle found his new uniform sticking to him a bit in the hot sun, and couldn't wait to get inside the air-conditioned mall. It was his second week as a security guard at Waterton Mall, and he was adjusting to the job a little bit better.

His uniform seemed a little tight and somewhat uncomfortable, but then most everything he wore was that way. Kyle's beefy six-foot-two frame was always a little hard to fit due to his hefty football player's attributes. He had always had wide shoulders and a V-shaped back, strong arms, powerful legs, a big bubblebutt, thick pecs, and a substantial belly. Kyle's former washboard abdomen had bowed out into a firm belly, and it was big, round, and smooth.

The belly had expanded more since he stopped training for the game, and stuck out noticeably over tight jeans. He looked especially handsome in his beige guards' uniform--and definitely packed appearing. Kyle's handsome Midwest face was as tan as the rest of him, showing off his piercing blue eyes and sun-lightened brownish-blond hair. Because he was so solid, few would have guess him at his weight of 250 pounds--he carried it very well.

He finally made it inside and took a deep sigh. Signing in, he looked around the room and took inventory. Buster and Thad were the only guys there, and they were lounging.

"Boy, it's hotter than hades out there."

"Sure is. Glad we're in here."

"This heat really spoils my appetite." Kyle pointed out and watched Buster's eyes widen.

"You're kidding! Really? Nothing affects my appetite."

Kyle looked over Buster's extra-plump 22 year-old belly and concentrated on the stressed seams. "I would agree with that...looks like you got quite an appetite, guy."

They all laughed. "Well, that's no secret. Plus, it's too tempting to pass up all that free food in the food court." Buster patted his big round belly.

Thad piped up. "No lie...I've gained twenty pounds since I started working here." The cute security guard surveyed his small, nicely shaped mound of belly.

"What's this about free food?" Kyle wanted to know.

"Well, when they get used to you, they'll start being friendly and offering you food down in the food court. There's some really great places and generous people down there."

"Hmmm. Cool...a side benefit."

"Hey-- it's the best part of the job!" Buster assured him, still rubbing his belly.

Kyle left to start his rounds--walking round and round and round. He cruised through the food court as though he'd never wandered through there in his college days, strutting by the little restaurants like he had leased them the space. Kyle noticed that he was receiving new waves of attention that he hadn't before, basking in the stares like a lifeguard would soak up sun at a city pool. A young woman at Mario's Italian Feast looked as though she'd be wet for a week just watching Kyle pass by.

The next time around, he stopped at Mario's and ordered a large Coke. The perky blond girl wasted no time in getting to the soda machine to pour Kyle a large cup. "Here you go, um, you're new, right?"

"Yeah. Hi--my name's Kyle."

"I'm Denise." She said, shaking his hand while turning down the $1.30 for the Coke.

The summer heat kept on as the days passed with Kyle looking forward to getting to that air-conditioned mall and making his rounds; spending more than his share of time in the food fair.

Kyle had discovered that the heat was no longer affecting his appetite. As Kyle's face became familiar to the people working in the food fair, he found that catching a snack was no problem. He'd flash his badge and his pearly whites and get served up a hefty slice of pizza, a corn dog, a plateful of Chinese food, a Big Mac, a loaded baked potato, or whatever his heart desired.

Kyle grew used to that warm friendly growth feeling as he'd start his shift feeling moderately hungry and then finishing his shift with a hefty bloated feeling. The ex-jock's belly would progressively grow with the generous tasty handouts until it brimmed with tight-skinned ecstasy. Kyle's swollen belly looked great in his uniform, and on a particularly good day, the buttons would look perfectly tortured.

Day after day, Kyle was fed shamefully well like a prize hog, and the pounds started sticking. His shirt collar was getting tight, his pant seams began exposing threads, and his belly was pooching beneath his ribs like a solid basketball. Denise took advantage of Kyle's easy-going hungry nature, and took pride in passing the husky stud piles of good chow from the handy steam tables, barely containing her joy when she'd see Kyle coming her way.

One night near closing, Kyle was in the food court nibbling on a sack of Mrs. Field's brownies and cookies. The tasty morsels only added to the fullness of his big bloated stomach that already looked on the verge of sending a couple buttons on a trip through space. Kyle had a bit of a waddle as he cruised the food court.

"Wow...just look at him." Geri nudged Denise, who was already in deep lust drinking in the sight of Kyle with her eyes.

"I am. He's so hot."

"Well, a little on the hefty side and I've been watching him get bigger. Look at his uniform tonight! He's really getting a big belly!"

"Isn't it... totally hot?" Denise asked, turning towards Geri to show a quick expression of adoration.

"I don't know if I'd describe it quite the same way...but it does kind of have its charm. He's a damn handsome guy, but I suppose he's married."

"I don't think so, I haven't seen a ring..." Denise said, smirking at her. "I get palpitations just thinking about that hefty hunk at my dinner table."

"Oh, that ol' get-to-a-man's-heart-through-his-stomach thing, huh."


Kyle walked close to Mario's and felt his ego swell as he discovered Denise staring at him. Kyle tried to suck in his stomach as he shoved in the last bite of caramel fudge brownie. "Hi Denise."

"Hi there. How's it goin'?"

"Great. It's been a great night for eatin'."

"Say, wanna try these new raviolis?"

A smile curled on Geri's lips as she eavesdropped.

Kyle sighed, putting a hand on his round belly. "Sure sounds good, but I really pigged out today. Must have put on 16 pounds..." Kyle chuckled holding his belly in his hands.

"Oh come on...they're excellent! Not too filling..." Denise persuaded, kicking Geri's foot to make her stop her giggling under her breath. Denise watched Kyle as he weighed it in his mind.

"Well, all right. I suppose I could manage a few of your new raviolis."

Denise almost let out a squeal of delight as she generously dished up a respectable dinner-sized portion of spicy sausage ravioli in Mario's famous marinara. Even though closing time was just a tiny sweep of the minute hand away, Kyle sat down in front of Mario's and devoured ravioli.

Denise had given him a large Coke to wash it down, and Kyle ate like he had no limit. The hefty stud gave Denise the thumb's up signal for the ravioli and patted his belly. As he sat there on his chubby buns stuffing his face, Buster came up from behind. Buster had just come from cleaning up McDonald's heat rack, and belched as he pulled up along side Kyle.

Kyle had done a good job with the ravioli, and he'd eaten most of it when Buster reached down and thumped his belly. Sliver-sized gaps had appeared between the buttons on Kyle's filled shirt making him look extra pumped and well-fed. The tight belt under Kyle's meaty middle focused his pooch outwards, giving him a buddha look.

"Hey there Kyle. Finish up here, we gotta close soon." Buster paused and then went on with "I see you're enjoying the food court-- nice belly ya got there. Careful though, they'll feed ya until ya bust!"

"No lie and I love it. Say, you're pretty fatso yourself. Where have you been grazing?" Kyle reached his hand up and punched Buster's fat overhang from below to make it bounce up and down.

"McDonald's. A lot of unwanted burgers. There's almost too much food to eat. You should try it sometime."

"I hope to...but I'll have to beat you to it sometime." Kyle said, finishing up the last of his ravioli.

"Thanks, Denise!" he said as he slowly got up to follow Buster's casual waddle. He sauntered back up to Mario's counter, rubbing his more bloated belly in wide circles. "You made my belly F-U-L-L now." Kyle's big belly cast a shadow on the counter as it firmly protruded out into space. Denise reached over and pushed her finger into Kyle's deep belly button.

"Hey--anyway I can help. I'm glad you enjoyed it. See ya tomorrow?"

"You bet. See ya!"

The well fed days of summer went on for Kyle in grand fashion. Days stretched into weeks, and Kyle was happily passing the time checking his growing mass on the scale. He'd gone from 250 to 263 in no time, and it only took a month more to make it to 280. His belly and butt were the most affected, and Kyle was proud of his increase in size and how heavy he felt.

He still worked out at the gym every other night, and he stayed buffed. Back at 270, he couldn't get his uniform shirt to button around his belly, and it was difficult buttoning his tight-waisted pants. He put up with squeezing into his tight pants, but had to get an XXL shirt so he could breathe without making his buttons attempt to liberate themselves.

After an evening of gorging himself on food court donations, he had to unbutton his pants or risk losing that button, and loosening his belt notch by notch became almost a religious experience. Denise had stepped up her feeding attempts, and Kyle became programmed to salivate whenever he passed Mario's.

By 290, he had a very prominent and sexy belly that jutted out handsomely. Geri said he looked like a high school football coach with his hefty paunch and crew cut. Geri called him "Butterball with a Hard-On" because every time he got stuffed, he got noticeably hard.

Kyle loved his job. He barely had to do anything, and got totally porked up on his shift from start to finish. Buster and Thad, his two buddies, gained weight as well. Buster was getting really obese, and Thad's physique was irresistible with another 30 additional pounds--a marked improvement in belly and butt development.

Kyle loved gorging himself and then encouraging Thad to stuff in every morsel he could. Thad's belly would get firmly overpumped and leave him stupid from his overeating. Kyle would then push his massive belly into Thad's and bump him around with it. They loved going into the guard's bathroom, pulling their shirts up and smacking into each other in an exhibition of masculinity. It was like a drug, and Kyle grew and grew. Fatter and fatter, bigger and bigger, Kyle's beefy body blew up like a giant balloon, and the food court people continued to serve him up with more than he should eat.

Denise kept shoving food in Kyle's direction, watching how fat he was getting. She fantasized about being forward enough to grab a love handle, spank his chunky butt, or rub his rotund stud-belly. From all the help Kyle was getting, it was no surprise that day when he stepped on the scale and found that he was a couple ticks over 300 pounds.

Kyle happened to beat Buster to the Golden Arches one night, and acquired quite the taste for aged McDonald burgers. It had been slow, and there was a ton of burgers to be vacuumed up by some hungry overweight ex-jock. The beefy boy was more than happy, ready, and willing to do the job, and he unwrapped hamburgers like Christmas presents.

Kyle spread his legs and leaned forward as he sat on a stool in the back, his belly pumping bigger and rounder with every suck of milkshake and bite of burger. His shirt tightened up as his belly swelled, and Kyle crammed hamburgers down his gullet like a pig bellying up at an overflowing trough. The front of Kyle's tortured uniform shirt sported football-shaped gaps, baring his big fat smooth belly in the best places. The buttons looked ready to pop, and he found that he had to unbuckle his belt, unbutton his pants, and let his expanding belly hang.

Kyle was beyond full with his enormous round belly making grumbling noises, but he still had hamburgers to stuff in. And then it happened. Kyle heard a door slam and then quick heavy footsteps coming toward him. Kyle found that he could barely move, and lifted his head in time to see an older gentleman coming toward him with a concerned look on his face.

"What are you doing back here?" the man asked.

"Umm, umm..." Kyle was so nervous that he let loose on a belch that would have blown over a lesser man. "Well...I...uh..."

"My God! Look at the size of this gut!" He reached down and smacked Kyle's enormously overstuffed belly like he were bouncing a big beachball. The man's mouth contorted into a smile after he gave an appreciative whistle. "So, you growin' your belly off of my hamburger stock, huh?"

"Sorry, sir...I take it you must be the owner?" Kyle said nervously, knowing he could be fired easily for being caught back there.

"That's right, chunky," the man said. "You must be really enjoying yourself back here--your belly as big as a house from eatin' a bunch of throwaway hamburgers and stuff. I guess...at least it's not wasting food, huh?" He took to smacking Kyle's distended paunch once again, paying attention to the fact that it was hard like the Rock of Gibraltar.

Kyle belched some more. "Well, I apologize again. You won't report this to my supervisor, will you?" he asked, knowing he needed the job.

The man smiled as he formed his hand into a fist and gently, but firmly, pummeled Kyle's stuffed gut. "Well, I'll tell you what. You like to eat hamburgers, then you eat hamburgers till I tell you to stop...deal?"

Kyle's eyes widened. He thought to himself "oh God! I'm already so freakin' full...how will I eat more?" Then he agreed.

"It's a good thing that I don't mind handsome young guys with big fat bellies eatin' all of my profits, or you'd be lookin' for a new job. I know Bob, your supervisor, and he'd have a cow if he found out you were hangin' out back here." the man said. In reality he knew that Bob would probably just get a kick out of it, and the man really didn't care about Kyle eating a bunch of hamburgers that were probably going to get tossed anyway. But he wanted to bend Kyle to his will.

Kyle shoved another Quarter Pounder in his mouth and chewed. The man sat across from him and watched. The security guard's belly looked immense as it expanded in the ever-smaller shrinking uniform shirt. The side seams appeared gathered almost, and the gaps between the buttons in front were spreading wider. Kyle's cheeks were a little red after he finished his latest Quarter Pounder, and he put a hand on the top of his sore belly.

"That's right, chunky, you just keep stuffin' those burgers down that gullet of yours. I've seen you around now for a couple months, and it looks to me like you've put on a few pounds. Everyone took to fattening you up...well, I'm just doing my part." The man paused and noticed that Kyle hadn't yet picked up his next hamburger off the tray. There were still about a half-dozen left of assorted kinds, and he wanted to make sure Kyle somehow ate them all.

"Hey, Bill, come here."

Bill quit cleaning the grill and walked over bringing his six-pack of Miller with him. "Yeah, boss?"

"Help this guy out. He needs to finish all these burgers."

"Wohhh...I'm kinda full now, boss, uh..."

"No, no, no. Make him eat them."

"Oh! OK...a pleasure. He is a fat one, isn't he?" Bill admired the contour of the rotund stretched gut from where he stood, and then walked over to get a closer look. "Man...I can only aspire to grow a belly that big. That's one hell of a paunch."

Bill looked pretty good himself having eaten hamburgers during most of his shift. He was a little shorter than Kyle, and had a stocky football player's build. Bill had a stout belly that bowed out and stuck over his uniform pants. He stood right in front of Kyle, pushing Kyle's legs apart more with his knees. Kyle had to lean forward to balance himself on the stool, which let out a threatened squeak every once in a while.

Bill grabbed a cheeseburger, unwrapped it, and pushed it against Kyle's lips until he opened his mouth to accept a big bite. Kyle couldn't do anything but sit there on his fat ass and eat, and he knew he better eat like there was no tomorrow or he'd probably be out of a job. The owner just sat across from him with a wide smile on his face watching him chew.

The cheeseburger disappeared with a belch, then a Big Mac, next two McChicken sandwiches, followed by a Quarter Pounder with cheese. Kyle's gorged belly swelled in circumference, pulling the already tortured uniform shirt even tighter around him. Gaps were sprouted everywhere, but the gaps on his belly area were at least 2 inches wide. From Kyle's expression, he looked like he'd explode at any moment.

"Getting your fill, chunky? You look like a giant tick ready to pop! But hey, good news, only one more little hamburger and you're done." The owner peered around Bill to get a better look at Kyle's face.

"Bill, why don't you undo the poor guy's shirt buttons. We don't want him crawling around on the floor looking for buttons he's sent flying off his stuffed gut."

Bill reached down and fumbled with Kyle's tight buttons. Kyle was wearing a very tight white tee shirt underneath so his belly wouldn't stick out bare, but he split out of his shirt like a fat caterpillar shedding skin.

"Thanks, I appreciate that," Kyle told Bill.

Bill looked into Kyle's blue eyes. "Here, stand up."

The owner sat back and slid his hand along his crotch in response to seeing Kyle get up and relax his swollen belly. "Damn, he's big. C'mon, Bill, get that last hamburger in him."

"Come over here, big guy." Bill nudged Kyle over in the direction of one of the preparation tables. Kyle's pants were falling off, and he scrambled to grab them before they slid down his tree-trunk legs.

"Lean over." Bill pushed Kyle's mid back to pivot the big round stud down toward the table. Kyle leaned on his forearms while his pants hit the floor. "That's right--just let that big ol' belly hang there."

The owner had gotten up out of his chair and come closer to inspect Kyle's immense belly hang. Kyle's tight underwear showed off his perfectly plump buns and substantial basket, the man discovered as he surveyed his hamburger hog. Bill kicked Kyle's legs apart. "Spread 'em."

Bill was just about to push the last hamburger into Kyle's ready mouth, when the man held the feeding arm back.

"Wait a minute." The man reached around and started to smack Kyle's ass. "I've had dreams about an ass like this. It's huge, firm, and sooo deep." The man's breathing became deep and irregular as he feverishly massaged his crotch.

Kyle's face would have turned all the way white if it wouldn't have been so flushed from his immensely swollen belly. Bill patted Kyle's belly. "OK, here comes the last little hamburger. Any objections, chunky?" Bill asked, shoving the hamburger in Kyle's mouth. There was a bit of a muffled noise, but Kyle just chewed with a smile on his face.

Kyle was so afraid that he was trying out for a part in Deliverance II, that he could scarcely breathe. The big bloated jock had swallowed the last bit of hamburger that Bill had pushed into his mouth and moaned softly; Bill still stood at Kyle's side, reaching under the giant round stuffed belly to rub it. Kyle couldn't have been more gorged with food, and his belly was a rock-hard sphere from his pecs to his dick.

"Ya know, Bill, I think this big guy is still hungry. Look how his sides are bulging out--looks like a big fat horse." The man noted, smacking Kyle's sides with alternating hands.

"Can I go now?" Kyle asked sheepishly.

"I dunno. What do you think, Bill?"

"Sure. He's good." Bill walked up to Kyle and felt his belly out. "Excellent belly. Hope you bring it back sometime so we can fill it up again."

Kyle collected himself and tried to dress with what was left of his uniform. He barely got his pants up and buttoned, and they rode all the way down under his giant belly pooch. Kyle gave up even trying to button his shirt.

It was late, and Kyle waddled briskly to his car; his rock-hard, still-bloated belly made his cock throb. Kyle's belly had ballooned so big that it was hard for him to walk fast, so he put a hand on his distant middle to steady it as it bounced itself up and down. He entered the circle of illumination from a parking lot light, and was almost to his car when he heard a voice calling out to him from behind.

"Kyle, Kyle...wait up!"

Kyle turned to see Denise running up to him. Denise' eyes widened as she got closer to the over-stuffed stud, and couldn't believe the incredible size of Kyle's belly. It just bulged out there in space like an over-blown beachball. Kyle's T-shirt was unable to cover it all, and a few sexy inches of bare barrel-belly beckoned for attention.

"Hey, Denise. What's up?"

'My blood pressure', she thought. "Not much. You?"

"Not a heck of a lot. Gonna go home and take a shower. Been a long day."

"I was bummed. You didn't come by...and I made a special pizza thing for you."

"I'm sorry. I got stuck somewhere."

Denise continued to stare at Kyle's massive belly. "Stuck?"

The two chuckled. Kyle put his hand on his belly and thumped it. "Well, I gotta get his big thing home and relax it before it busts itself open."

"OK...but anytime you want me to help you with that, you just let me know, OK?"

"I will."

The two smiled and got in their respective cars; Denise had food for thought...

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