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Best "stuff" in/around......Ottawa?

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Sep 29, 2005
The great white north, eh?
24 November 2014 -- totally abusing my mod powers to broaden the topic of this thread. Was "best food", making it "best stuff"

I wondered whether to do this on the foodee board or the Canada board, but I figured here would have a better chance of finding people from Ottawa :)

So here is the situation: I love food, especially good food. Not always gourmet, I'm quite willing to go out of the way to see if some place truly does have the best poutine in town, or whatever. This might be falling into stereotypes, but I figure that people around Dimensions probably care more about food than do most, at least on average. So I thought some of you may know of some great eats in town that I haven't discovered.

What I'm hoping is that those who are in Ottawa, or familiar enough with it to have opinions, will share what they consider outstanding food sources.

I'll start:

Pattisserie (baked goods like croissants, as well as cakes): Fidelice, on St. Joseph in Gatineau. Their chocolatine are addictive, their cakes sublime. My whole family is willing to make the 8km bike ride there on a weekend just for the chocolatine. It is just south/west from Galleries de Hull.

Burgers: The Works (they have about four locations now). My only complaint about them is that they don't take reservations and there is normally a long line up to get seated.

Chocolates: Truffled Treasures is pretty good, but I think even better is a new place, MC Chaloin, also on St. Joseph in Hull, this time north/east from Galleries de Hull by several blocks. Really cool chocolates, give the pepper ones a try!

Fresh corn on the cob: Parkdale market, the southernmost stall. Get there early in the day or they will be out of the sweet caramel, but if you get there in time it is the best corn that you don't pick from your own garden. (they sell only their own, or if they buy from neighboring farms they make it clear, so you know what you are getting from them)

So, what are some of your favorites?

PS: Feel free to make similar threads for other cities.
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