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Bizarre HuPig Dream LOL!

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Mar 14, 2006
Sometimes I like to follow scientific discoveries. I've also, sadly, lost weight this summer when I had planned on gaining more. 🤪 I think these things combined with how much I enjoy feedism led to this dream.

It's in the future, and I had won an insane lottery. The science being perfected, pig organs could be successfully transplanted to humans. I made a list of what I wanted, and the dream starts when I was fully healed up from surgery.

I had floppy ears added to mine. My nose cavity was opened, and my nose was extended and pulled out to a snout. My lips were reshaped to point out. A pig stomach was added to mine, making one giant vessel for feed. I also had a tail attached/fused to extend from my tail bone.

Non-surgically, my caretaker (farmer? feeder?) would choose when I had pig feet booties put on over my hands and feet, depending on if they wanted me to use the limbs, or just lie there and feel complete.

There were a few tvs around my pen, as well as cameras. Before and for the first half of feeding time, I could watch whatever shows I wanted. As I filled to capacity and for the hours following, the tvs would switch to the cameras around my pen and I watched myself expand and fatten from multiple angles. I'd get pats and rubs, feeling for when I'm full and smoothing out my skin. They also pulled on my tail to remind me that they're in control.

And they know I'm turned on. I always was, in this state. If they assisted me with that, I would be back to where I started within an hour, maybe less, so it's not a priority for them. And I knew that as I filled up, and a camera pointed there showed me what I'll never reach again.

They'd say things like...
Soon I'm going to have to lube up to my elbow to get in there and find it.
If you weren't such a fat pig I'd drag you to bed by your tail.
That's a good boy, you'll be the prize winner for all the years to come.

I'd fill up and feel all that weight in my giant stomach, belly stretching out, getting lots of air through my snout but lungs can't fill all the way. Sometimes they washed me and would accidentally get me off. Sometimes I'd try to walk upright but the balance was all off and then the weight came too quickly to keep up, so I stayed on all fours, or I'd just lie on my side.

It was *crazy*, and kind of amazing.

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