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Nov 26, 2010
I've met up with a few women from feabie in the last 5 years. It's not all guys. Two of those lasted over a year despite being long distance (one ended because of the border closure with Canada due to covid). Feabie is annoying but it has some prospects if you get to know people.
Ahhh agree! Feabie can be decent.
I met my best (fat) sex partner through feabie and spend some of my best times with him, traveling between UK and Poland. But that was back in the 2015ish, so it wasn’t full of crazy people yet

Dims is a much more “normal” community, I feel like we are a big family here. I connected with a lot of people via this place and I deeply respect most of our bhm/ffa members and honestly, it just feels like home.
Feabie is tiring, full of assholes and just annoying most of the time.
Case and point below:
Me, Laura aka elebee from dims, my all time love and friend for almost 10 years now. Oh and my very very very lucky fiancé
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Jun 6, 2009
Interesting read and information, btw hello all its been a while since I was online here.
Sep 29, 2005
Is there any sites that features attractive male feedees/gainers? I wish for one that is similar to like Curvage except it's gender reverse. I just want some appealing men to look at. 😩
Hello FA friend, some great sites are depopulated these days and fading due to lack of support.
This may be due in part to monetization and an emerging glut of "professionals".

That being said: there is a lovely woman who used to publish a magazine for FFA's titled "Horngry" and she also started a website "FFAmbrosia". All her publications were top notch and she sunk all kinds of time a dedication into the materials.

As of today, the site is still up on a server and she is looking for help to keep it going --- time-wise/talent-wise. If you love Curvage type forum and you are FFA you will love this site.

What you will miss is the heavy market place that Curvage has become. NOT!

What you will love, as I do, that there is an old school "we are a community" feel for it as there is here @dimensionmagazine --- the OG FA space station for the FA universe.

Sorry about the editorializing --- please spread the word --- someone who loves big guys and would like to be apart of a community like that --- spread the word --- it's not over yet and this site can be saved and also it has so much potential to grow --- it became difficult for one person to handle on the side!

Here's the URL --- it's worth joining to get inside and check it out.

I hope some folks find an interest in this.

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