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GBS Rant

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In the know
Nov 2, 2005
I am almost a year out, I have a few issues that I am going to list here. This will be my little rant. I do not regret my decision but I often feel frustrated with it. Let the rant begin! LOL

All this protein and iron is making me one gassy/constipated bitch

My arms look disgusting! They hang low and they jiggle all the time. I catch people staring at them often.

Alcohol does horrible things to me. One drink causes me to have terrible pains in my back. I can not understand this, maybe someone can shed some light on it for me.

I am eating more now and it is causing me to gain at times. I really have to watch everything. It was so easy to drop the initial 110, now it will be a struggle from here on out.

People still watch everything you put in your mouth. Then they follow up their gawking with "can you eat that"? I feel like screaming at them, no i can not eat that, i am going to self destruct in 30 seconds.

Eating out with people, it takes forever to pick something from the menu. Then it is always to much but you want to eat it, if you eat you will get sick. So annoying!

I have this horrible reflex going on around my midsection. If anyone gets to close to me I automatically think they are trying to harm me so I instinctively cross my arms around myself. My body must be traumtized lol

People saying I have not lost enough weight. WTF! I think 110 lbs is more than enough. EXCUSE ME, my goal was not to be a bunch of sagging skin and bones.

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