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How 'Canadian' do you live?

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Dec 30, 2005
Well, my German car was built in Mexico, and the Swedish truck I drive for work was built in the U.S., but I try to protect and maintain my Canadian-ness.

My composite-construction Meadow acoustic guitar was made in Waterloo, Ontario.

My BlackBerry was developed in Waterloo, Ontario (but made in China).

I have a telephone (invented by Canadian A.G. Bell)

I try to make a point of any Canadian cultural influences, no matter how tangentially they may apply (see above...er, and below).

I recycle, using my Blue Box (an initiative developed in Guelph, Ontario).

While I don't play the game, I do have a basketball (game invented by Canadian J. Naismith).

I know the difference between a cheque and a check.

I know that 'Doctor' and Stompin'' can be used to describe the same person.

I own several Robertson screwdrivers, of different sizes.

I know what a washroom is, and that a bathroom must have a bathtub (or, begrudgingly, at least a shower).

I constantly try to flush out other Canadians.

I'm sorry.*

I know what a 'Salmon Arm Salute' is.

I know what a 'Kenora dinner jacket' is.

I know that real Poutine needs cheese curds, not just cheese.

I don't recognize Justin Bieber as one of my fellow countrymen.

I feel uncomfortable about the "God keep our land" line in the rewrite of our national anthem, and sing it the old way.

I keep an ice-scraper/snow-brush in my car at all times (makes a good back-scratcher).

I am aware of other countries in North America.

Many of my friends and acquaintances are children of immigrants, as am I.

I chuckled at the way the spoken line "I hate Scarberia" appeared in the subtitles as "I hate suburbia" in Orphan Black.

I think of myself as average.

Despite my distaste for Don Cherry, I get a kick out of the way he dresses, and admire the deep love he had for his late wife.

I have a sawed-off hockey-stick in the track of the rear sliding door at my house.

I know someone is more 'Canadian' than me.

How about you? What quintessentially Canadian traits do you exhibit, or have you observed?

(This thread is open to non-Canadians who might have a bit the Spirit of the North in them too, eh?)

*At the moment, most specifically about using the term 'flush out' in such close proximity to the mention of washrooms. Oops.

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