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Mar 9, 2020
San Antonio, TX
Sam's stay with Granny
by gaedkeg1122

Sam was a recent high school graduate. She decided that she would spend the summer with her grandmother before she started college. She was 19 years old, had long brown hair and was relatively thin with the only exception being her breasts.

Her grandmother was a sweet old lady that was around her mid 60s. She was outside knitting some random stuff on her porch, enjoying the warm summer heat. She smiled a bit as she saw Sam’s car driving in front of the house. Once Sam parked the car, her grandmother stood up and walked towards the car. "Hi granny!" Sam said. "I’m so happy to see you." Granny smiled at her youthful granddaughter. "Hello sweetie, I'm so happy you came for a visit." she said.

"Yeah, I’m happy too. Oh, I know this seems like a random question but do you have anything to eat? I haven’t had anything to eat for hours." Sam said. "Of course, I always have some food ready for my favorite granddaughter" Granny said as she pinched Sam’s cheeks. Granny felt nothing but skin and bone on Sam’s face. "You poor thing, you're far too skinny since the last time I saw you." Granny said. "Well, I guess. I thought that I would be more popular with the boys if I was thinner, but it turns out that most boys really only liked me because of my breasts. Nothing else about me really excited them. Maybe I AM just a little too thin." Sam said while feeling out her thin body. "Don't worry sweetie, I promise that we’ll work on developing those curves " Granny said as she opened the front door. "Come inside, I have some light snacks already prepared" she said.

Sam and Granny walked in and Sam sat at the kitchen table waiting for her snack. Soon, Granny brought in a tray full of warm cookies and placed it on the table. "Here you go Sam, your favorite." Granny said. She smiled at Sam as she went back into the kitchen. Sam started to nibble one of the cookies. It was full of flavor and Sam enjoyed each bite she took.

"So, what made you want to stay here for the whole summer sweetie?" Granny asked. "Well, College is very far away. I know that I won’t be able to *MUNCH* see you for a long time once I get started. So I figured I would come here and spend the summer with you before all that started." Sam explained. "Well, I really appreciate you coming" Granny said as she placed another tray of cookies beside the first one. "I hope I'm not overwhelming you with these cookies." "No it’s fine. Like I said, I haven’t eaten anything in hours." Sam explained as she finished the first tray and moved on to the second. "Okay sweetie, just tell me if you're feeling full. I have a lot of cookies that I baked just for you." Granny said.

Sam sat at the table and continued to eat cookies. Each one was packed with more flavor than the next and were very enticing. In just a few minutes Sam finished the second tray. Sam’s tiny belly had pushed out from the cookies a bit. But she oddly wasn’t full just yet.

"Still have some room for cake?" Granny asked. She had come back holding a large chocolate cake. "Oh my, you're really were hungry, weren’t you?" Granny said. "Well since you already made it, I don’t want to ruin it. Ok, I’ll have some cake." Sam said. "That's good to hear" Granny said as she patted Sam’s stomach. "You're still very skinny, so it’s ok to indulge a bit." Sam started to eat away at the cake. She worked away at one slice at a time. "I remember you being a gluttonous little girl when you were younger." Granny said, remembering the good old days. "Well, your cooking is so good. It’s hard to say no to your food.*stuff*" Sam acknowledged with some cake in her mouth.

Sam finished most of the cake and patted her stomach. "Okay, I think I’m finally full." Sam said. "Are you sure you don't want more cake or cookies sweetie?" Granny asked as she put two more trays of cookies and cakes on the table. Not able to say no to Granny, Sam said "Well, I guess some more wouldn’t hurt." Sam tucked into the sweets proper, eating them faster than earlier. Sam continued to fill out little by little as she ate more and more. "I’m gonna take a little break from cooking for now. I ain't as youthful as I used to be" Granny said as she sat down beside Sam.

Sam swallowed another slab of cake and then shoved two more cookies in. "How is your food so good Granny?" Sam asked hastily. "Well, I just love cooking sweetie. I'm just happy for anyone to enjoy my food, but especially my sweets." Granny explained. "Well I certainly am Granny." Sam said as she polished off another tray of cookies then went on to eat away at another cake.

After a few more minutes, Sam’s belly was beyond stuffed, and had stretched with every slice of cake or cookie that Sam ate. Eventually she finished everything on the table. *HUFF* "Oh god that was good." Sam huffed. "I have a good feeling that you're really going to enjoy the next few months here. You'll be a different girl once you go back to college." Granny said. "I guess so. Especially if that’s what you call a light snack." Sam joked. "It helps that you can't say no to my yummy sweets" Granny said sweetly. "It’s all too good to pass up." Sam huffed.

Sam soon started feeling drowsy. "I’m feeling kinda tired from the trip. I think I’m gonna take a nap." Sam said. "Ok deer, I’ll call you for dinner if you are still asleep." Granny said. Sam got up with a newly formed swollen belly and walked over to the guest room to drop off her stuff. She collapsed on the bed and immediately fell asleep. Sam slept on her bed comfortably for a couple hours. While she slept, she dreamed of being utterly enormous from Granny’s food. The idea of getting fatter and fatter scared her at first, but then she remembered that would mean she would have all that delicious food made by Granny. She wouldn’t have to worry about school either. She dreamt of being pampered and fed to her heart's content. Sam woke up later with her new belly growling.

Sam noticed that there was something in the air, a warm and tasty smell from outside of Sam’s room. Sam walked out of her room and made her way to the dining room to find several dishes of food prepared just for her. "Oh, I see you're awake. Sorry if I made too much, I just thought you'd be so hungry when you wake up." Granny explained. "Oh it’s fine. You’re right, I am strangely hungry. What should I have first?" Sam asked as she sat down. "Well, I made some cheese burgers, french fries, chicken nuggets, and for desert, different flavors of pies. Oh, and be sure to let me know if you want more of anything." Granny explained.

Sam started eating burgers and fries. Both were covered with cheese and the burgers had three patties. "Oh god these are good! *GULP*" Sam exclaimed. "I remember how you used to love eating McDonald’s every day when you visited me as a kid. So, I tried my best to be one step ahead of McDonald’s" Granny explained. "Big Macs have nothing on these!" *BURRP* Sam said. She finished off another burger and focused her attention on the chicken nuggets. They were an explosion of flavor in Sam’s mouth. "So good!" Sam moaned. She shoved in two at a time. Soon after Sam lifted up the rest of the bowl so all the nuggets would fall directly into her mouth. Her belly bulged out and her ass grew. "Can you make me more nuggets while I finish off the burgers?" *BURRP* Sam asked. Granny gave a nod and smiled at Sam. "I would be glad to make more food sweetie. Why wouldn't I cook more food for my lovely Granddaughter?"

Sam was too busy stuffing burgers in her mouth to respond. "So good!" Sam moaned again. Eventually she finished the burgers and fries. Then she turned her attention to the pies and buried her face in one of them. She now had lost most of her reserves and her manners. "More burgers too while you’re at it!" Sam demanded. "Such a greedy little girl" Granny giggled as she headed into the kitchen. She started cooking more burgers and nuggets for Sam to enjoy.

Sam had finished her fifth pie before she cleaned her face off. Then she buried her face in another. Sam exclaimed "Mmm, chocolate pie! My favorite! *GUZZLE*". Granny came in with more burgers and nuggets for Sam to eat. "Oh my, already on your sixth pie? You are quite a messy girl " Granny said. "It’s just so good. I just have to take it in as fast as possible!" Sam exclaimed. Sam finished pie number six and got started on the new burgers and nuggets. Sam even put some of the nuggets inside the burgers just to mix up the tastes.

Suddenly, Sam’s shirt unbuttoned from the top. Her breasts had grown and had pushed against her shirt. Sam eventually finished all the burgers and nuggets, devoured the last pie, and sat back with a big full belly. Her face was covered with food stains. "So much... but so good" Sam moaned. "You’ve grown so much, all in one day too. I’m really glad to have such a gluttonous granddaughter" Granny said. "*HUFF* Well, it’s your food. It’s so divine. I could eat it forever if I couldn’t get full." Sam muttered. She then perked up and asked "Hey, tomorrow can I just have sweets for breakfast? Pastries, cookies, cakes, candy, the works?". "Sure thing, like I said sweetie, I love to cook. So sweets for breakfast is a wonderful idea" Granny said. Sam got up and hugged granny, then walked back to her bedroom and passed out.
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