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I'm booked in!

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Well-Known Member
Oct 20, 2007
I'm booked in for WLS (lapband) on the 29th october.
After nearly 4 and a half years waiting on the public health system to book it in for me, i've decided to go private and pay for the lot out of my own pocket (15K AUD).
Choosing to get lapband was not an easy choice for me, as i always maintained that when my weight started causing health issues, i would try and lose some naturally but still remain a bigger girl.
Recently (the last year) severe back pain, central obstructive sleep apnea and respiratory issues had me looking into it privately, but when i was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes - my decision was made.
Currently, I am unable to really leave my house much both because of the physical difficulties i encounter plus the general public's disdain of larger people (i live in a very Asian community and there aren't many people around the same size as me)
I'm aiming for a size 16-18, still curvy and plumpy in the right spots, but definately looking forward to massively improved health most of all.


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