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Internet addiction and mental health.

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user 131842

FFA/small BBW
May 6, 2022
Well, I wrote a Debbie Downer thread about my sad life on an anime figure collecting community. Out of all the places.

I was intentionally going to keep it up for a short time. Which I did. There were a few kind comments and I got what I wanted.

Suddenly, someone wrote a blog that was kind of talking behind my back. Thankfully, that blog either got taken down by the owner or a mod removed it.

I've learned my lesson that venting in public is a gamble. Unless if it's at a tight knit community. Which my daily website isn't very tight knit unlike Dimensions. Now I have a tattoo that I regret getting and will always remember it.

I am still sad about the whole incident. It's like the equivalent of a person crying softly on a park bench while a group of people talk behind that person's back on how they don't like seeing people crying in public.

I now logged off from that addiction and deleted my search history. I'm debating whether I should only lurk occasionally or wait for a few months. Or delete my account. Even though I don't want to because I have sentimental memories on there and some of my friends don't have other social alternatives.

I'm going to only talk to folks on here and my close friends on Discord. This month has been very tough for me. With being unemployed and dealing with depression. I do want to use my phone less. Maybe I will order needle felting supplies and coloring books to combat my addiction.

I may have that scar. But at least I won't get another one now I learned from my mistakes.