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Is it hypocritical redux; to be attracted to fat while remaining thin?

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Oct 25, 2012
I feel the need to preface this discussion with a disclaimer: a few years back while having a discussion on fantasyfeeder I proposed the question "Is it hypocritical to want to have a fat partner while wanting to be physically fit/ in shape / and or thin?" or something to that effect. The thing is at the time the thread kind of self-destructed with some proposing that I did harbor anti-fat hatred if only subconsciously while many more empathized with my plight. At the time I don't really feel as though I got an adequate answer to that question; so now I propose it again all to you here, and hopefully this time there can be a civil discussion without some of the familiars (those who frequent FF, Curvage, and Dims) from getting angry outright. My situation is slightly different now from then. In the intervening time I have gotten married to my wonderful wife whom I love very much ( she is a big girl about 220 lbs) and I have gained weight, lost it gained it again, and lost again. Currently I am on another fitness kick and I have lost quite a lot. The question always creeps back though and I wonder, because she has expressed interest in getting in shape, but sorta lacks the willpower to follow through a lot of the time; and this isn't an issue of I want her to stay fat cause I consider myself "bi-sizual" as some have to come to call it in the FA/FFA community. I'll be happy whether she is fat or skinny cause she's that pretty and delightful, but it still nags me sometimes. One question that I did get answered was my parent's acceptance, which interestingly is; well they love her too. I'd like to hear your thoughts on this issue and whether or not it seems legitimate or if I'm just overreacting or if I have some moral imperative to help my wife lose weight if she wants to. I feel conflicted about it but I can respect her wishes. If you frequent Curvage or FF as well as here and you remember this discussion I would appreciate if you would identify yourself via avatar or NN/callsign and what your original thoughts were. Lastly I would kindly ask this discussion remain civil as last time Saphiel Sir on FF had to nuke it previously.
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