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Loopy's 2022 Pride Adventure

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Dec 14, 2012
So, this weekend was Pride in my city. I used to volunteer saturdays and so I never got to go the full day, only for a few minutes at lunch time. This time I got to go the whole day though and wooooow was it an experience!

First of all, I had a very special VIP guest with me for the day!

295877340_421535150000340_8948292373934149955_n (2).jpg

I kinda love that shirt on my mum, because it's not clear if she's proud to be my mum, or she's just proud of herself for being a mum. 😂

But yeah, first things first, I got rainbow glitter put in my hair!


I bought some rainbow wings:


I got ALL the face glitter:


....and realised my eyebrows are optical illusions because they aren't there in natural light, like above, but when I'm indoors, they look dark:


Like, wut is that about?? Also, most importantly, I found and bought the best pin badge ever:

WIN_20220730_19_05_53_Pro (2).jpg

Probably gonna spam other threads with pictures of me too because I did a thing and I'm excited, but yeah, wanted to share the fun!

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