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Mixed Desires

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Jun 6, 2007
I've been interested in fat ever since I was young. I stuck pillows up my shirt when I was 7, intrigued by the idea of being bigger. My first orgasm (quite accidental) was due to me daydreaming about becoming unbelievably fat.

But as I grew older, my mind shifted from interested in being fat, to attraction to fat girls (though, I think the latter was always there). Now, having been exposed to Dimensions and having all of the terminology and realizing the not-uniqueness of my attractions and such, I find myself wondering about gaining again.

Has anybody else gone through this series of events? And, gainers, what precisely draws you? In my own experience, I simply am happy when I gain. Have you found a surefire reason for wanting to be fat? Am I trying to be sexual aroused by myself? Or is it just like wanting to be muscular or in shape: you enjoy it merely because you enjoy it?

Thanks for your insight.

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