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BBW "Pink" – – – (An SSBBW Reality)

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Sep 18, 2021
"Pink" – – – (An SSBBW Reality)
If I told you that I was Invisible . . .
Would you Believe me?

Or, would you rely upon the fact
That you can see me?
But – what is it that you see
Can you see the airé that I breathe
Or... can you see me breathing
OK then; so you know something's here
But – am I?

Am I equal to You
Or am I, 3/5th of a person
Not respected as a whole human being
More like 60% here, and 40% not here?
That part that's like you
And the rest, you just don't see

Are you and I considered “We The People”
Or is it a Skinny You, and Another skinny you
Can I fly the Skies the way that you do
Or am I stuck, on the Train
Cause my Hips are too Big
My Pride too Wide

Maybe I'm the less privileged Twin
The Heavy one, that got lost in the Shuffle
Like that Woman, who had a Black baby
And a White one
At the Same time . . .
You think they're treated Equal
By Civil Society?

Do I have to lose a Thousand pounds
For you to Recognize me
Do I have to be a Statue, or a Sculpture
For you to know that I – Am – Art
And I – Am – Here
Here ye, Hear ye

Maybe, Just-for-the-Sake-of-Argument!
Maybe, I'm telling the Truth
And I am Invisible
Or maybe I'm Two-dimensional
And you just can't see that Third Dimension
When you turn your head

Cause I'm Bigger than your Life
Or perhaps, because I once lacked my own Self-Esteem
Or perhaps, because I just Live near you
Right across the Street
Where nobody can see me

Like “Those” people
The Kind of “People” that we Don't see
Never “See”
Not even on T.V.
Even though I'm Everywhere
A Larger part of “Humanity”

Maybe, I'm that Obese person
The one that you sent to (quote-unquote) “Fat Camp”
– Cause you think that makes a Difference –
Instead of instilling CONFIDENCE in Me
So that I can Know that – I...Am...BeautiFull.

Maybe you just don't Know Where I'm from?
A place that you wouldn't Recognize
Never Heard of
Some big GIGANTIC Beanstock location
That's not on the Internet!!!
Not in those Clothing Stores!!!
Not on the Sports Teams!!!
Not at the Beaches!!!
Not in your stationary tabled Restaurants!!!
Not two-seated on a Airplane!!!
Not in those tiny Movie Theatre seats!!!
DAMN SURE not on the Screen!!!
Not someone you'd Dance with, in the Club!!!
Not someone Admired!!!
By people— who aren't— Admirers

The Beautiful Pink Elephant
That you DON’T see

Is it because you don't Admire yourself?
Without putting Me down
Or am I, an Experiment for you
Someone that you'll Play with
In Private
But wouldn't take Home
In Public

For Your Information, F-Y-I
I am Beauty-Full, on the Inside, and Out
My Culture truly is different than yours, though
You see – We can Appreciate you
For WHO you are
And not merely,
WHAT you are

We can Respect you
For your Accomplishments
And we do not Persecute you
For your Realities
And we Recognize Y-O-U
Inside . . . And Out


If I told you that I was Invisible . . .
Would you Believe me?

~ E. Taylor Ambrose


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