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Plea to fat women

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collared Princess

Well-Known Member
Dec 4, 2007
So it has taken me a while to realize this ..I'm sure this thread may be deleted or for sure met with duhh..but I wish someone would have posted this for me to read a few years ago..
In every community you have good and bad people but I have noticed a strange trend among feeders,squashers , those into ****..any type of fat fetish..
So many men send me message's all the time..do they say hey I'd love to get to know you.No it is immediately what I can do for them..
There is nothing wrong with having a fetish and seeking out someone who is able to give you that pleasure but guys..how about looking for a wife or a serious relationship instead of wanting to just use someone for their fat..
Fellow Ssbbw's bbw's especially web models who make alot of money on these men please don't sell your self short..in time you will find that you feel empty..
Men ( not all there are some great FA's out there) but men please start having more respect for yourself and for the fat women you love

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