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Nov 14, 2012


“Oh my God Professor? Is that you?!”

Anne turned her head at the question. She was an associate professor of communcation at a college and she was used to seeing former students of hers when she was out and about, even traveling like she was now.

The former student in question though was not someone she was entirely prepared to see. Walking towards her was Jack Howard, must have graduated in ‘08 or ‘09 and one of her favorite students from her early days at the University.

Anne was young as professors go. At 28 she had started teaching as an adjunct while still working in the private sector. She was now 34 and an associate professor, only doing private sector work on the side. Teaching had always been something she wanted to do, a stable paycheck without some of the business stress. Her field was public relations and it could be pretty cutthroat.

When she was 25 she was hired as the Republican Party’s head of communication for the county. While still doing that job she had created her own PR firm with a few colleagues. Cranston and Associates had grown quickly in the mid-sized town of Dayton, Ohio and she was able to sell her stake in the company when the University had come through and said they wanted to hire her full time. She would be expected to complete her doctorate but they wanted her to a long tenured professor by the end of her career.

She was now more of a consultant for the area GOP, which meant she still got all the party perqs with a lot less of the work. That was what brought her to Tampa this day, she was in town for the convention. It was an easy thing to say yes to, she didn’t have to be at many of the meetings and it was going to be a mini-vacation of sorts.

The former competitive swimmer loved being in the warm weather by the ocean. The 34 year old spent each morning doing laps at the hotel pool and tried to get away to the beach in the afternoons. This trip was to be just what the doctor ordered.

She married her college sweetheart at 22, just after graduation. The marriage quickly turned into something more stressful and hard. Living outside the confines of the small college they had met at, they grew apart over the years and eventually discovered that their goals in life were drastically different.

Mitch wanted a traditional wife, one kept the house in order and did laundry etc. While she did cook most of the meals the rest of the chores normally had fallen to him. He was a high school science teacher and coached wrestling. Anne was a great cook, if she could say so herself, but her jobs had demanded a lot more time of her. After 12 years of trying to plug away at it, they finally came to the mutual decision that it would not work out.

The divorce settlement had just come through the previous month and despite the overall civil discourse, it still had effected her emotionally. Anne was 34, made good money, was attractive and doing what she wanted to do and yet something had been missing from her life for a long time.

This was the woman that turned and saw Jack walking over to her in the crowded atrium of the convention center.

Jack couldn’t believe it was Anne. He had been in her first collegiate class and she had insisted that they all call her by her first name since she was not a doctor and was still getting used to teaching. That was the only class she did that with and they had use it as a badge of honor the rest of their time in the communication program.

Jack had been a sophomore then. The head of the department had warned all of them that she was bringing in a hot shot new teacher who had practical knowledge of the field and she would be tough. The class was designed to weed out those who could not hack it and the communication department would gain some respect in the politics of the school.

Dr. Oloff’s, the head of the department, vision was to become the best program in the rapidly changing communication field. The digital age was fast paced and exciting and her department would be at the forefront of all of that.

Jack had loved the class and fed off of the no nonsense intensity of Anne’s philosophy. The wide receiver was highly intelligent and it seemed like he did his best work while he was taking one of Anne’s classes.

The man standing before her now had changed slightly. Gone were the boyish looks. He had matured a great deal. The handsome face now had a smart looking gottee. He was dressed in a good suit and well he looked to be about 40lbs heavier than he was on graduation day.

“Anne, I couldn’t believe it when I first saw you here!” Jack said enthusiastically.

“Of all the places to run into each other haha, you know?” He laughed as he said this.

“Jack! Wow yeah I didn’t expect to see you. You’re a big shot now up in Cleveland right?” she asked.

Anne and Jack had sort of kept in touch, a few e-mails here and there and they were facebook friends, which showed Anne most of Jack’s comings and goings on the newsfeed. He had been a Republican convert when she taught. One of her teaching philosophies was to have her students do projects for actual area businesses, nonprofits and other organizations. It was nothing major, just meant to get the feet wet of her students.

Jack had been put in a group that was to do minor work for one of her events and that had led to a number of discussions between her and him about the GOP. By his junior year he had made the informed decision to cross the proverbial aisle. She eventually took him on as an intern for the pivotal 2008 election and he had done good work while making important connections to the state and national party leadership.

Sure the Dems had rocked the Republican world that election but the Dayton area made significant gains in large part due to Anne and Jack’s work. He was a natural and that ability had led him to moving up in the puppet masters of the party. He was head of their efforts in the Cleveland area, the traditionally heavy democratic stronghold of Ohio. She knew he was given the job to see if he had the makings of being involved in the national efforts of the GOP.

“Yeah you could say that, it’s tough but we’re doing a lot of good work. It’s hard to convince people to vote against what they’ve been voting for their entire lives. Anyway how’s life on campus?” Jack replied.

“Oh you know, same old same old. I’m closing in on my doctorate and I still help out here and there with the party. I’m really here as an overseer which means I don’t have to do a lot of work!” she said.

“Well I have to get going to another meeting but would you want to get together in the next couple days? I know my days are booked pretty full but I think I can make some time for a dinner?” Jack asked politely.

“Sure! my number’s 937-440-8689, shoot me a text or give me a call, I’ll probably be tanning on the beach, finishing up my book.” she said.

“Thanks! When you get a text from a 216 number that’s me. Great seeing you!” With that, Jack was off, walking in the direction of a meeting room.

That had been the morning, Anne was now right where she said she would be, sitting by the pool and reading her novel. Of course she was in a hot bikini. What was the point of all that swim time if I don’t flaunt the results? Anne had maintained her athletic physique. Physical exercise was one thing that drove her and she had competed in triathlons and half marathons for the last seven years. Her body still had the tightness of her college swimming days and while many of her friends had gained weight with motherhood or slower metabolisms, Anne was still the 125lb perfect figure.

She loved walking by younger men knowing that their tongues would be hanging out. It gave her a great advantage in meetings and in the classroom. Her ex had developed something of an inferiority complex due to it she thought. Mitch was a college wrestler and they must have been the most fit couple on campus as seniors. Life after school had not been so kind to him and coaching wrestling was not the same as actually wrestling. She had expected him to gain a few lbs with the stresses of teaching but at their final divorce hearing he was pushing 300lbs. Sad how some people let themselves go. She thought.

It was that line of thinking that had led her to wondering about Jack. He was still cute, he still had that mischievious look in his eye but she was surprised at the weight. The football player had given way to an office worker although she did not deny that she had been having some strange feelings since seeing him. Her eyes had lingered on the belly that was stretched out over his waist and she definitely checked out his more filled out posterior as he walked away.

She decided that she didn’t mine the new fuller figured Jack. She wondered too if some of their proven chemistry from the classroom might spill over into her personal life...but no way, he was still too young right?

As she was thinking about all of these things her phone buzzed. She picked up her cell and saw the “216” number.

“This must be him.” She said out loud as opened the text.

“Hey Anne, it’s Jack! This meeting sucks so I could use a drink, maybe happy hour and dinner? Where’s a good spot to meet you? I was thinking around 530 or 6ish?”

Anne thought for a moment before responding. She was on vacation after all.

“530 works for me, how about the restaurant by the Convention Center, I think its called the World Cafe, see ya there!” Anne replied.

After a moment her cell buzzed again. “Works for me, see you then!”

It was 2:30 in the afternoon now. She had some time to enjoy herself before she’d get ready. She was gonna look hot tonight!

Chapter 1

Jack was feeling pretty good today. The convention meetings were going great and the higher ups were definitely liking his ideas. Tampa was a great location for the convention and he thought if kept up his meeting pace he might even be able to get his swimsuit on and enjoy it for a day towards the end.

He’d also run into Anne Hankins, his old college professor and truth be told an old crush of his. It was no secret that she was a looker, every guy at school back in the day knew it. What’s more is that Jack and her had grown close over those three years. The mild flirting that came with each class project had turned into him stopping by her office hours quite a bit.

It had reached its peak during the internship. After a night of celebrating the end of the election and the successes they had gained, the two had spent the night together. Just one night at a hotel and admittedly both had drank a little too much but it had happened.

He remembered how hot that night had been and how hot she looked with no clothes on. He knew she wasn’t happy in her marriage and she knew that he had always had a thing for her. So they both had taken advantage of the situation and both had enjoyed the night immensely but Anne had set the record straight the next morning.

It couldn’t happen again, she was married and had a career to focus on at the school. He was young and should live life a little bit before getting into any relationship with a more mature woman. The rest of the year had been slightly awkward but Jack had kept his promise to never tell anyone what had happened.

In his mind’s eye he could still see her running her hands over his abs, he could feel both of their strength as they had grabbed and thrusted and made love that entire night. He came back into the present. There was a small break in between two of his meetings and his stomach had been grumbling for the last half hour. Lunch had been at 12:30 sharp but it was now almost 3pm and Jack found himself at the doughnut tray, loading up his plate.

He caught his reflection in the glass windows overlooking the street. So much for chiseled abs now. He thought lamely. The post college years had added quite a bit of weight to Jack’s body. Football had ended and the stresses of real life had set in. The flat stomach he had his whole life had been replaced by a full belly hanging over his waist. His sharp facial features had softened and he had grown into a 38 inch waist, up from his normal 32.

He was not unemployed for long after school. The GOP had hired him for their Columbus office within a month of his graduation. He was loving his work but he soon found out that it involved a lot of events, lunch meetings and schmoozing. And the cost of those events were the calories he had been consuming.

By Christmas, he could no longer fit into his college wardrobe and needed to upgrade. That next summer, a vacation to the Outer Banks had yielded some shirtless pictures showing a decidedly doughy middle on the former wide receiver.

He had been transferred and promoted to the Cleveland office after that. Cleveland had long been a democratic stronghold in Ohio and he knew he would have to work his ass off to show any progress. He didn’t know that working his ass off in his field though really meant filling out his pants.

In the two years since he had moved to Cleveland he had gone from carrying a bit of chub on his waist to full on belly. A trip to the doctor a few weeks before the convention had confirmed Jack’s fears.

“Your heart is fine, lungs good, flexibility good. The only thing I have to warn you about is all the weight you’ve gained.” The doctor had told him.

“Looking at your history, you were 180lbs four years ago and your body fat percentage was a very strong 12% but now you are clocking in at 225lbs, which isn’t a terrible weight given your height but the body fat has gone up to 28%. That is a little concerning.”

Jack had walked on a treadmill for five minutes that day at a brisk pace and was thankful that it was only for that amount of time. He was sweating like a pig by the end of it, confirming that he had grown incredibly out of shape.

After the election I’ll take care of the weight. He thought to himself for the thousandth time since the physical. Besides a convention was meant to be enjoyed as well as work. What’s the point of paying for the freebies if he didn’t indulge a little?

He sat down at the table with a plate of 5 doughnuts.

“A little hungry are we?” Elissa Whitlock had asked with raised eyebrows.

Elissa and Jack went back all the way to his time as an intern. She was second to Anne for the Dayton area and she was not head of their communication efforts in the Chicago area. This meeting was to share ideas between two groups that were working against historically democrat regions.

“Yeah I’m starving, they keep me in too many meetings during this thing.” Jack laughed, his belly jiggled as he did so.

Elissa had also been mildly surprised by the change in Jack’s body but she couldn’t judge. The stresses of her job weighed her down too. Four years ago she had been a fresh faced career starter, a year removed from college and every bit the 115lb former sorority girl.

She was now attempting to diet off some of the 30lbs she had gained since. If she could fit into a size 8 by election day she would be happy. She was wearing a 12 now and while an 8 would still be much larger then her customary 2, she could at least get the ball rolling on getting back to that goal. After the election she could really focus some effort on losing weight. Despite her best efforts though, she eyed Jack’s cream filled doughnuts with longing.

“Want one?” He asked through a mouthful.

“Yes please!” She grabbed one before she could help herself. It was just a few cheat days at the convention she reasoned. She’d get back on the wagon soon enough.


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Nov 14, 2012
New story that's been in my head for a couple months. Should be a lot of fun!
Apr 23, 2007
just to be clear :_) i really meant it´s really good i´m really curious about what the girl will manage to coax him to ^^


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Nov 14, 2012
Well we will have to see I'm not sure I even know where it will end up!


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Nov 14, 2012
Chapter 2

Anne was in her hotel room. Her afternoon had been wonderful so far. She had spent a few hours in the sun reading and Jack had made plans with her for that evening for dinner. Now the question was what outfit would she look best in?

She had packed for possible business meetings but she also had a couple going out dresses that she had brought just in case. That was what she was going to try on now in front of the mirror.

Still in her bathing suit, she took a moment to admire all her hard work in the gym and the pool. Anne was 5’8 and a solid 125lbs. She had maintained her swimming musculature from daily laps and she had toned her lean body through frequent gym trips after work. Her body was not by accident, she refused to be one of those career women who let their bodies take the toll of trying to get ahead.

Only the holidays ever put any amount of weight on her. Every Christmas she seemed to gain between 5 and 10lbs, the only time she ever allowed herself some major indulgences. January 2nd would roll around each year and she’d survey the damage, normally a bit of a pooch to her normally flat stomach, less definition everywhere and more jiggle to her legs, and she’d spend the next month working out hard. She’d never change clothing sizes but she couldn’t deny that her wardrobe wasn’t a little bit uncomfortable during that time.

So for 11 months out of the year this is the reflection she saw. A 5’8 lean bombshell with just enough curves to make men’s heads turn. The last time her trainer had checked her body fat it had been at a healthy 18%, just right for someone who still pursued some athletic endeavors.

She turned her body as she gazed down at her legs. She raised up onto the balls of her feet and admired the calf muscles that tensed up. Twisting around back to the front she then flexed her biceps and saw the definition. She wasn’t bulky, she was lean. Her eyes rested on her torso and she noted with annoyance that her love handles still looked a bit soft compared to the rest of her.

“No matter how much I try or how small they get they still exist.” She said softly as she pinched one.

Even when she swam, they were there, she had just chalked it up to genetics and if that was the only imperfection then she was ok with it.

She pulled a light blue cocktail dress over her head. It fit her very well with her B cup breasts outlining the top just right. The dress came down to just above her knees in the front and was longer in the back. She stuck out her ass and noted with satisfaction how it looked.

Jack will love seeing me in this. She thought. Her mind lingered on their chance meeting that morning for about the 50th time that day. Whenever she had thought of it, she pictured his slightly bulging stomach in a button down shirt that looked like it was maybe a month past its expiration date.

She knew how crazy this time of the year was and she could not fault him for probably not having the time to go out and get a new shirt, was that the reason he had grown chubbier too?

Anne had a secret desire that no one knew about. She liked her men big. Sure she would date anyone with a good personality but she had discovered this fetish when her ex husband had begun to put on weight. Despite their obvious marital problems, the sex was one thing that had stayed strong during most of their time together.

Wrestlers were notorious for the methods they used to keep their weight down and Anne had been somewhat surprised after the season had ended at how her ex had eaten with such reckless abandon.

For the final three months of school she found herself rather turned on by the gluttonous habits and even encouraged some of it with treats and other things she’d bake for him. The results didn’t show right away, Mitch still worked out regularly at the free gym but their honeymoon that summer had showed that all her effort was not wasted.

The trend had continued throughout and the only enjoyment she felt at seeing her ex at those final hearings was seeing his massive bloated form. She had often wondered if she had a bit of a dominant gene in her because she loved feeling the power and influence she had exerted over his weaknesses for all things deep fried and covered in chocolate.

Anne was not crazy, in fact she often felt that the one thing their relationship lacked during the marriage was some sort of equilibrium but she understood what a fetish was and thought it was not healthy to attempt to subdue those desires within her. She understood that it was only part of what she was looking for and a very small one at that compared to the rest.

That was why Jack was so intriguing. She knew he matched her brains and cleverness and she even knew he understood her need for success but was the age difference too much?

She sighed and looked at the clock on the table. 4:30pm is what it read. She took off the dress and turned on the shower. She had an hour to get ready and meet him.

Chapter 3

Jack looked at his watch. 5:00pm is what looked back at him. This final meeting of the day was almost over and not a moment too soon. He had hoped it would have been done a half hour ago.

His empty plate was on the side of his legal pad, covered with copious notes. The last of the doughnuts had been eaten an hour ago and he was struggling against the urge to pinch some crumbs off of the plate and eat them. He had tried to ration them out over the course of the meeting but a wrench had been thrown into the works in the form of his old colleague Elissa Whitlock.

She had eaten two of the six, leaving Jack only four. Good grief! Did I just say only four? I wouldn’t even have one when I was in school! He thought jokingly.

His appetite had changed he knew and he was comforted somewhat by the change he saw in Elissa’s body. When they had first met, Elissa was hot stuff, he had even set her up on a date with a friend from the football team because they had both been at an event.

The girl sitting across from him at the table now was still very pretty but definitely not the same. Her face was fuller, her high cheek bones were not as prominent due to the more flesh the rest of her cheeks now possessed. Her business suit jacket was unbuttoned as she sat there. Beneath it Jack could see a tummy that she definitely didn’t have when they had worked together.

When they had spoken outside of the meeting, Jack also noticed that her lower half wasn’t free of the new weight either. Her thighs now rubbed together in her suit pants and her ass stuck out farther. Her curves had just grown more exaggerated compared to the smaller and more fit Elissa of years gone by.

Jack was surprised at the longing look she had given his plate full of doughnuts because the Elissa he knew didn’t eat anything like that ever. Times clearly had changed. He focused on the speaker at the head of the table.

“Well I think we all learned some important strategies to implement. Hopefully the work done here will have a lasting effect come November 4th. This meeting is officially adjourned.”

Everyone started to gather their things up and leave the room. Jack grabbed his plate to throw out in the trash. He checked his watch again, 5:04pm, he might have some time to scarf down a snack before dinner.

He felt a gentle poke on his arm as he exited the room.

“So stranger, any big plans for the little bit of free time we get this week?” Elissa asked.

“Ha funny you mention it, I actually ran into Anne Hankins this morning! We are supposed to get dinner in the next hour and catch up.” Jack said with some excitement.

“Wow Anne Hankins? I haven’t seen her in a few years, ‘08 really gave me a platform for what I do now. I have her to thank for that, so do you I would think.” She said politely.

“Trust me I know, she looks good though, you wouldn’t think any time has passed.” He said.

“That’s more than I can say for the two of us I’m afraid. I don’t know how Anne kept her body and still did all that work! I feel like a cow these days! And hate to say it but it looks like your football body left you a long time ago for the same reasons.” She said matter of factly.

Jack was surprised at the candid response. Elissa obviously wasn’t a fan of her softer features but it wasn’t the end of the world to her.

Jack patted his belly. “Hey a lot of votes will be coming with this thing, small price to pay for success I’d say.”

“That’s a good way of looking at it, still it’s not stopping me from trying to lose a few before November. By Christmas I hope I can look a little bit like the girl that first moved to Chicago a few years ago. This job is wreaking havoc on my social life!” Elissa said with a laugh.

“Yeah same here, just was read the riot act by my doctor a month ago, I don’t want to get fat haha, anyway I need to get going, maybe we can all meet up for a drink after the speeches one of these nights?” Jack asked.

“Yeah sure, that sounds great! And if you want a jumpstart on losing some of that gut, my hotel has a gym, I’m going tomorrow at 5:30am if you want to join, we both could use it with all the good food at these meetings. See ya!” With that she was off and Jack was left to make a decision if he wanted a snack or just to go to the restaurant.

He opted for the restaurant. He made a quick stop by his hotel and dropped off his briefcase, gave himself a quick look and walked to the restaurant. Anne wasn’t there yet and he got a table and ordered a beer with some happy hour mozzerella wedges right away.

The order had just come out when Jack heard someone speak behind him.

“This seat taken?” Anne asked jokingly.

“It’s all yours!” Jack said happily.

He stood up and gave her a hug. Anne felt the soft pillows of fat that were Jack’s love handles as they did so. They sat and began to catch up.

“I ordered some appetizers, you can have some if you want, it will keep me from eating them all!” Jack offered.

“Oh no I couldn’t, do you know how many calories are in those things? I got to keep my figure haha, anyway I know how these conventions go, I’m sure you are starved right now.” She refused politely. Anne ordered a glass of chardonnay.

“Classy drink.” Jack noted as he took a swig from his beer.

“Oh you know, have to keep up appearances, this is a semi-vacation for me so I am trying to enjoy it a little bit too.” She said.

“How are things down in Dayton? Students still good?” Jack asked.

“Oh yeah, still molding the young minds of tomorrow although they aren’t as bright as you were. I wouldn’t take any of them as an intern right now. And I got a divorce from Mitch, it was just not going to work out, no no don’t apologize, nothing to be sorry for, it was a long time coming.” Anne said.

Jack ate more wedges as he listened. He had attempted to say he was sorry but his mouth was too full to formulate words. He swallowed and asked. “So we are both on the dating front now then?” He laughed.

“I’m sure you don’t have time to do anything except work now, I don’t know how I did it all to be honest back then.” She smiled.

“Funny you mention that, guess who I saw today at our meeting?” Anne’s face showed that she had no idea so Jack continued. “Elissa Whitlock! She is doing my job but in Chicago. We spoke a little bit after the meeting. She said she didn’t know how you did it all and kept your physique!” Jack said with a laugh.

“I’m sure you can see I look a little different than I did from my time at school and Elissa’s not the same either.” Jack said.

“Oh?” Anne asked as her glass of wine came out.

“No we’ve gained some weight, I know shocking with all the stresses but clearly our metabolisms aren’t what they were, at least that’s what my doctor told me.” Jack said with a bit of nervousness.

“Oh Jack, don’t worry about it you look great and you’re doing a tough job.” Anne comforted him.

“After November you can lose the little bit you’ve gained although I have to admit you look much more like a man now if I do say so.” She said politely. “More mature.” She finished.

“Well thanks for that! It kind of snuck up on me, I guess I just eat a little too unhealthily right now, I can fix it in a couple months.” Jack said.

“Elissa is trying to lose some now. She invited me to the gym tomorrow morning at her hotel.” He continued.

“Oh really? How early? I wouldn’t mind getting in an early work out.” Anne asked. And see Jack struggle to jog, wouldn’t miss that for the world! She thought villainously.

“She said 5:30am, but I’m supposed to ask if you want to get a drink or something with her and I after the speeches tonight, she thought it’d be fun.” Jack said.

“Sure thing! I haven’t seen her since Dayton either although I knew she was in Chicago. It will be a lot of fun.” Anne answered. Their waitress came out again to take their order, Jack’s mozzerella wedges had disappeared and his beer was getting dangerously low.

He ordered a bacon cheeseburger and loaded fries, that is fries with nacho cheese and bacon bits. No secret to see where that belly came from, he still eats like he’s in college! Anne thought as she smiled.

She ordered a soup and salad. Jack also asked for another beer. They continued their conversation.

“Cleveland has been going great, it’s really shed that ‘mistake by the lake’ label and there are all sorts of great restaurants popping up. I take out a lot of GOP people to them and it has a good effect, it really shows how the American entreprenurial spirit shows through when people actually put in some work.” Jack said.

His burger had disappeared as she was still eating her salad. He was digging into the messy fries voraciously now. He definitely likes to eat! She thought.

“Yeah? I’ve heard that Cleveland is starting to make a come back.” Anne said, agreeing with him.

“It’s still heavily democrat but I think we will start to turn the tide this year.” John said as he took another gulp from his beer.

“So where are your seats tonight? Anywhere good?” She asked.

“Yeah the Ohio delegation is on the floor to the right of the stage as you face it so I’m somewhere behind them. Do you go to the speeches?” Jack ended his response with the question.

“I might go to the last one when Romney speaks but I won’t go to the early ones, just trying to pretend that I’m not working while I am here haha.” Anne said with a laugh.

The waitress, noticing Jack’s empty plate, came out and asked if anyone wanted dessert.

“Oh I shouldn’t, this suit won’t fit by the end of the week!” Jack said as he patted his swollen stomach.

“Oh come on, it’s the convention, besides we’re gonna work out tomorrow right? How about we split a big slice of cheesecake? I’ll pay for it!” Anne said, not allowing Jack to protest anymore.

The waitress left thinking that cheesecake was the last thing he needed after looking at how tight his button down shirt seemed.

“You’re too kind, I could have paid for it. I really did want it though!” Jack said laughing.

“I’m serious though, this suit was a bit of a struggle to get on this morning on an empty stomach and I ate a lot today before dinner.” He said with some chagrin.

“Hey its my treat and like I said we are gonna work out with Elissa tomorrow, if it makes you feel better I’ll run you through an intense work out my trainer does for me after I gain holiday weight.” Anne said helpfully. And I cannot wait to see you struggle through it big boy.

The cheesecake came out and Anne noted with glee that Jack did not wait very long before digging in. She kept him talking about things, she found out he was single, lived in a nice downtown apartment and still wanted had some ambition.

To keep the conversation going Anne had a few bites of cheesecake herself. It was very good, she forgot how much she liked cheesecake. She ate more of it than she had planned. Must be the wine. She thought dismissively as she saw Jack ate the last bite.

After their checks had been paid they stood in the lobby of the restaurant ready to part ways. Anne noted with satisfaction at how swollen her former protege’s stomach looked now. They made plans for later that night to go out with Elissa and said good bye.


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Nov 14, 2012
Chapter 4

The alarm that woke Jack up that morning was most unwelcome. Why is it so early? He thought tiredly. It was 5:15am and he rolled over in his hotel bed.

I don’t even remember setting the alarm last night. He thought. Just then his eyes snapped open as he noticed the shower was on.

“What the hell?” He said quiely as he struggled out of bed. Jack stumbled over an empty pizza box and felt some weird object on the floor. He turned on the light and saw the scene around his room.

There were empty taco bell bags, a pizza box and whipped cream containers laying on the ground around the bed. What did I do last night? Jack thought.

Just then the shower turned off. Who did I do last night? He thought as he turned toward the bathroom door.

After a moment it opened and out stepped Anne Hankins in just a towel.

“Hey big guy! I’m glad you are up. I hope you didn’t mind I set your alarm last night after you passed out.” She said with a wink.

Jack for the first time noticed he was standing in just his boxers and looked around for some article of clothing to throw on.

Anne saw the sudden change and grabbed a t-shirt that was sitting on the chest in the room.

“I hope you aren’t shy after last night.” She said in a mock tone.

“I’m just trying to get my bearings a bit, I really don’t remember much.” Jack said as he fumbled with the shirt.

Anne had turned her back to him as she dropped the towel to put on her panties.

“Well we went out with Elissa last night after the speeches.” She said as she turned again looking for her bra.

Jack couldn’t help but stare at Anne’s tight body. Her stomach was toned but not ripped like Jillian Michaels, it was just enough muscle to show that she worked out regularly but not overly so. He saw the tight ass and the strength in her hips and thighs.

Anne had put on her bra over her modest B cup breasts as she continued.

“We all had a bit too much to drink last night and around 1:30am we started to head back. You were hungry so we looked in a phone book for a pizza place to order from to your room. We also pulled some stunt you said you used to do in college and walked through the taco bell drive thru haha, I thought it was clever. I got the whipped cream from a convenient on the way and well we had some fun after that.” She said matter of factly.

Truth be told, Anne left out the fact that she had suggested pizza and got the whipped cream knowing how much fun they would have but the taco bell run was all Jack.

Jack vaguely remembered a conversation he had a few years ago as a senior in college with his then girlfriend. “You keep eating all that taco bell this late and you will wake up fat some day!” she had warned him after he and some friends had pulled the same stunt. She was more right than she knew. Jack thought.

“Anne I’m sorry...” He began.

“Oh don’t apologize, this might have made the vacation. We’re both adults I can handle a fling. Now are you gonna get ready for the gym?” She said as she looked at the clock.

Jack was surprised they were still going to do that after a night of drinking.

“Elissa is still going to be there to let us in?” Jack said hoping the answer was no.

“Oh yes, after we said our goodbyes last night she said to make sure your ass was up for the work out.” Anne said with a glint in her eye.

“And besides,” she said as she moved in closer to him. “it looks like this body could use a work out.” She said teasingly as she poked his protruding stomach. If his button down shirts were too small than his white undershirts were way too small. The one he had put on this morning barely covered his new found girth.

One of Jack’s organs had a stirring in it after Anne did that. He quickly thought about an ice cold shower.

She was standing in her bra and panties and was flirting with him after a night of sex, Jack wasn’t human if he didn’t feel anything after that.

“So I’ll see you in a few down in the lobby?” Anne asked as she pulled on her cocktail dress.

“Shower up and be ready!” She walked over and gave him a kiss before leaving.

What the hell just happened? Jack thought as he started to search through his belongings to look for shorts.

His mind was racing before he realized that he had only packed his swimsuit for anything close to shorts. He pulled on the blue and black water design suit and felt them umcomfortably get stuck on his butt. With some effort he pulled them up to his waist and saw the stretched out elastic.

“Shit she wasn’t kidding about needing a work out. Have I really gotten this fat?” He said as he pulled off the too tight t-shirt and saw his reflection in the mirror. Gone was the V shape his body had had for so long. His shoulders were still broad but his pecs had moved out and rented some space. His chest looked inflated compared to what it used to be.

His eyes moved down to the large belly that had replaced what used to be a flat midsection. He had grown wider around the edges and as he attempted to flex he struggled to see any muscle or tone anywhere.

Maybe this workout will be a good thing. He thought as he found a larger t-shirt and put on some tennis shoes. Anne was waiting in the lobby just as she said she would.

Her hair was now pulled back into a pony tail and she was wearing a pair of hot pink tight work out shorts. Above it she had on a black sports bra and her bare stomach looked tan with ab muscles showing ever so slightly. She was stretching.

“You ready big guy? I thought we could jog over there, its just a few blocks and that way we won’t have to warm up.” She said as she eyed his overlapping belly. He had changed his shirt but there wasn’t a lot he could do to hide the fat.

They walked out to the sidewalk and she began to jog. Jack started off right next to her but after two blocks had fallen behind.

“Hey! can we umm slow down a bit?” He said as he gasped for breath. Her pace was off the charts compared to what he could do.

Anne turned and saw Jack had stopped and was hanging his head with his hands on his knees.

“Not used to this anymore are you?” She said again with a tease. “Come on it’s just a few more blocks, push through, it’s the 4th quarter! That’s what you guys used to say right?” She said as she began to do her best football coach impression.

Jack slowly stood up straight and began to clumsily jog towards her. She kept a slower pace until they got to the hotel. Elissa was waiting in the lobby in a turquoise tank top and black workout leggings. Her stomach showed through her clothes as well and the leggings accentuated the soft curves her lower half now had.

“Morning guys! God Anne I hate you! You don’t look like you drank anything last night. How do you keep your figure so tight?” She said as she saw Anne’s outfit.

Anne raised her arms in mock celebration, as if she just won a gold medal. She reveled in situations like these, she knew she was hot and the envy of most other women.

“Just gotta commit and stay away from the office goodies. That’s why I never had them there when we worked campaigns.” She said.

Jack had remembered that instead of doughnuts and candy, Anne always had fruit and veggie trays for the office workers. That was a policy both he and Elissa had obviously not committed to.

“Jack you ok?” Elissa said as she saw him slump into a chair. He was breathing pretty heavily already.

“I don’t think he expected a jog right away.” Anne said with a laugh.

Elissa threw him an extra water she had brought. He gulped it down gratefully.

“So where is the gym?” Jack asked after he had recovered a bit.

“It’s on the fifth floor, it just opened up and I think we are the only ones besides some workers who are awake right now. It should be all ours.” Elissa said.

“Stairs or elevator?” She asked her former colleagues.

“Stairs of course! I had to slow down for this one when we ran over here. I need to get my heart rate up for optimal working out.” Anne said.

“Let’s go then, we can all jog up the stairs!” She walked away towards the stairwell.

Elissa and Jack followed and were already a flight behind by floor three. Jack had slowed to a walk and felt his calves burning as he finally ascended to the landing with the big number “5” next to the door. Elissa had jogged the whole way but was panting as she waited for him.

“I’m glad you are here for this.” She said between breaths. “I won’t feel so bad after Anne kicks my ass because I know you’ll be hurting more than me!” She said as she clapped him on the shoulder.

Jack was already too tired to respond. Let’s just get this over with. He thought dejectedly as he followed Elissa down the hall to the small gym.

It had a few weight machines and treadmills. Anne was on the only elliptical and was working out furiously when they entered.

“Took you guys long enough! I hope you don’t mind that I started, I needed to keep my heart rate up.” Anne said as she worked out.

“Jack, get on that treadmill and hit the warm up button. That should get you ready for the next work out.” She said.

Jack looked gloomily at the treadmill. He hadn’t been on one for longer than five minutes since college and the black machine all of the sudden looked very intimidating.

“Better get to it big guy, she doesn’t look like she is playing around this morning.” Elissa said with a puckish grin.

“Oh and Elissa? Why don’t you start out with some intervals, those are good for fat burning.” Anne commented.

It was Jack’s turn to laugh as Elissa’s face turned red. After about five minutes neither were smiling. Both were sweating buckets and grim faced as they struggled to keep up with the modest work out.

Anne had stopped her’s to watch Jack. His butt was moving back and forth methodically as he slowly jogged. Sweat was dripping down his chubbier face which by now had turned red with exhaustion. His belly jiggled up and down, up and down with each step and his calves shook.

My my he is out of shape. The football player seems to have gone away, he doesn’t even look like he is enjoying the working out. Anne thought with some guilt.

Doing her best Jillian Michaels impression she walked up next to him and said. “Come on Jack! Another half mile you can do it.” She increased his speed by .2 as she said this.

Jack ran just a little faster but looked at her with a “I can’t do it” face. He couldn’t say anything because of how hard he was breathing. Anne hit the cool down button. Jack had only run .8 miles but he looked like he was about to pass out.

Gratefully his pace slowed down, although he was still struggling to keep up. His calves burned, his glutes burned, his shirt was covered in sweat. Jack couldn’t believe he used to do this regularly and for much longer.

“Just think of the sweat as all the alcohol your body is naturally detoxing. That’s how I think of it after night of drinking and it works!” Anne said as she patted her flat and fully flexed torso. “Not an ounce of fat there!”

Jack had hit the stop button before the cool down was complete and tiredly walked over to a seat where he all but collapsed.

Elissa was still plugging away at her run. She seemed to be more used to exercise despite her heavier body. Of course she had been working out for a month prior to the convention and could easily handle 10 minutes at the gym.

Anne walked over to her.

“Wow great job!” she said as she saw Elissa’s stomach jiggling violently as she sprinted. After the sprint was over, Elissa pulled the emergency stop tab to talk.

“What’s up?” She asked quizzically as she breathed hard.

“Jack’s not feeling so hot, I think I’m gonna take him back.” Anne said.

Elissa looked at Jack as he lazily gulped down some water, still recovering from the recent exertion.

“You’re doing great though, you’ll lose that weight in no time if you keep up like this!” Anne said the compliment with a grin.

“Ha thanks, I have a long way to go before I can wear an outfit like yours though, although I have kept my old ones so maybe by the winter I can wear them again!” Elissa said as she started running again.

“See you later, we’ll have to go out again before the week is over.” Elissa said.

I plan on it, don’t you worry! Anne thought as she walked back to Jack after saying goodbye.

“You look like you could use some breakfast guy.” She said.

Jack looked up hopefully.

“We can go?” He said a little too enthusiastically.

“Haha well I wouldn’t want you having a heart attack with the election so close. I’d probably have to do all your work!” Anne said cleverly.

She helped Jack up out of the chair.

“We can take a cab back to the hotel right?” Jack asked hopefully.

“Ugh well if that’s what’s best we can, you lazy butt.” She said with a joke.

His wet white t-shirt showed off his belly exquisitely, Anne couldn’t help but stare. She had been happy that he held down all the food he had eaten the night before. Besides the mess that they would have had to clean up, it now meant that his body would start to store all the excess as more fat.

They got into the cab and Jack was surprised that instead of asking to go to the hotel, Anne instructed the driver to take them to the nearest McDonalds.

He began to voice his question when she cut him off.

“I think you need some energy and food is energy. They are the only place that’s open this early.” Anne said.

The cab driver thought that was probably the last thing his passenger needed but the girl looked great so maybe she knew what she was talking about.

An hour later Jack was stuffed and happy. He had drank 3 big glasses of orange juice and Anne paid for his breakfast. She had reasoned with him that she thought he didn’t eat healthy enough and that was why he was struggling so much at the gym. What surprised him was when she said McDonalds had healthy choices. Calories were energy, she had explained and all of McDonalds food had a ton of calories.

What Anne had left out was when you didn’t burn the extra calories it ended up on your waist somewhere. She also had left out that McDonalds was considered unhealthy because all of its food had way over the normal amount of calories for their different foods.

He looked happy as he ate so she thought what was the harm? She had ordered a breakfast dessert to split as well.

“We worked out so we can eat this!” She said.

Jack had gone up to use the restroom when Anne, to her surprise, finished the breakfast treat. Ugh he was supposed to eat most of that, not me! She thought with annoyance. As she looked at the empty trays and wrappers she thought she had eaten too much again. She glanced down at her minor food baby and thought she should do a real workout today while the convention was going on. She didn’t want to go home with a vacation belly!

Chapter 5

Jack was having a great week so far. Aside from a bit of an embarrassing experience at the hotel gym on Tuesday morning, everything had been going well.

He had been pleasantly surprised to find out that the old chemistry he and his old professor had was still there. Anne and him and made plans almost every night of the week and this Friday afternoon they were going to have a poolside lunch together.

That had presented him in this current predicament. Jack had worn his swimsuit to work out in on Monday morning, you would think that that would mean his suit would have no problems getting back on five days later.

But try as he might, he could not pull on the drawstrings hard enough to tie them. I couldn’t have gained weight this trip. He thought as he frowned. He looked at his reflection. His stomach did look a little swollen.

He had hoped that Anne helping him to eat more healthily would result in losing a few but maybe the meeting room snacks added up. Shrugging his shoulders he thought. I don’t plan on swimming anyway, we were just going to be lazy by the pool.

This was the only afternoon Jack had off after a long week although he didn’t complain too much. Rekindling something with Anne had made up for it. They had gone out 3x the last three nights and each night had ended in a hotel room stay. They had also had lunch together two of those days.

Anne still looked every bit the hot professor that Jack had remembered. Their late night sessions had proved that it was not a trick of clothing or anything. Jack felt her ab muscles, could feel the strength in her arms and legs, she was most men’s dreams.

He sighed as he gave his porked up body one more look. He was definitely going to have to do something about that belly if Anne and him had any future.

Little did Jack know that it was the belly that intrigued Anne so much. Anne was going through a couple receipts in her purse that morning and new the majority of the food charges on there did not end up in her body. She had discovered a potent combination between herself and her former protege. When they both drank, they both got hungry and Jack had been eating a lot well after 2am all week.

Anne hadn’t been completely immune from the late night stuffing, one can only say no to pizza so many times, but unlike Jack she had a body that was prepared for any indulgence. She had just put on her bikini for the 5th time this week and was happy to see that none of her late night eating ended up anywhere on her figure.

She was concocting a plan in her mind. She liked Jack, she wasn’t sure what else was there but she was willing to find out. She had been finishing up research on her dissertation, the last step in the doctorate program. She thought why not take a semester off of teaching and claim she needed to spend extra time to research? Its not as if there isn’t precedent, other professor’s did it all the time in the name of research.

That morning she had looked at information regarding apartments and townhouses in the Cleveland area. It certainly looked like a possibility for her to do this. She remembered his big swollen stomach from the night before and how soft his sides felt as they made love.

She was able to grab a handful of his love handles and she loved the feel of his chubby belly. She had called her head of the department that morning to pitch the idea and was happy to hear that it seemed like it would, she should hear by the end of the day.

Anne made her way down to the pool. She had planned to already be there with some snacks for when Jack showed up. He did not disappoint. She called over to him when she saw his pale body looking around.

His round belly bounced as he made his way over. His brown chest hair looked good on the chubby figure. Jack’s eyes immediately looked over Anne’s toned body and then settled on the beer and box of oreos next to the beach chairs. They spent the afternoon together, eating and drinking and talking.

The oreos barely last 15 minutes. All the conversation had led to neither of them realizing just how much they had been drinking, not for the first time in the last five days. Jack had leaned over to grab his beer and knocked over an empty bottle. Anne laughed and she saw him look down at the 9 or so beer bottles by his chair.

“I think we might need to clean up some of our empties.” She giggled.

Jack glanced at what he had consumed. His stomach had become tight as a drum with bloat. He struggled to bend over and grab some of the empty bottles. Anne saw the stretched elastic of the suit stretch even more. His belly bulged over his waist when he bent over.

“You may have to retire that swimsuit after this week too.” She teased as she pinched one of his love handles.

Jack felt aroused at that. Maybe it was the beer but he felt a twinge of excitement at the soft pinch.

“What do you mean?” He asked coyly.

“Well it looks a little tight is all.” Anne said, gesturing to the stretched out elastic.

His stomach growled with hunger. It had been awhile since they had eaten those oreos.

She giggled again at the clear sign that Jack was hungry.

“That settles it then, why don’t we stumble up to my room and order some room service?” she said as Jack staggered back from throwing away the beer bottles.

His stomach looked as if he had swallowed a basketball and she knew it was only full of liquid, she could fill it up with a lot of good food this afternoon.

An hour later they were in her hotel room, still in their swimsuits. Jack’s stomach now bulged with the weight of all the food he had eaten. He was still working on dessert, cheesecake of course, as Anne had found that it was a favorite he could seldom turn down.

She gingerly slid over on the bed. They were both propped up with their backs to the headboard. Oof, I ate too much. Anne thought as she felt how sluggishly she moved.

Her food baby wasn’t anything close to the size of Jack’s but she noted it with derision. It was not the first time she had overeaten this week. I’ll have to check the scale first thing when I get home tomorrow. She thought.

She reached over and began to rub Jack’s overstuffed belly. It was hard with food and he hummed pleasantly when she began. He was definitely getting aroused again.

She leaned in close and whispered. “I’ve really had a good time this week Jack.”

“I have too.” He responded through a mouthful of cheesecake.

“I was thinking when we go back, maybe we could see more of each other. You know keep some of this going?” Anne said as she gestured between her and him.

Jack swallowed his food. There wasn’t much left, which was a good thing. He didn’t feel like he could fit anymore in but he loved cheesecake.

“Yeah I think I’d like that.” He said, trying to sound cooler then he felt. It was a tough task with belly full of food on full display.

“Unless you meant all the eating from this week! I don’t think I’ll fit into my clothes with another week like that.” He joked.

“Nooo silly!” Anne said as she poked his stomach. “If we make this official I think I’ll be taking you to the gym more often, this thing has gotten bigger this week.” She teased as she pinched some of his soft flesh.

Jack reddened at that. He really was eating more than he should. He resolved for the 50th time that week to attempt to diet after the election.

Changing the subject of his body he asked. “So how will we do this if we are 4 hours away from each other?”

“I thought of that. You know how I’m working on my doctorate? I’m going to spend the semester researching in Cleveland. I can help you with some election stuff too. I’m just waiting to get the go ahead from my department head.” Anne replied.

Jack thought for a moment. It could be a nice thing to have with all his hard work, clearly the spark was still there. He looked over at her bikini clad body. He hadn’t dated a girl that hot since college. He was getting turned on just looking at her.

“Of course if you don’t want me...” Anne began but at that moment Jack rolled his body over and kissed her before she could finish. Their last night in Tampa would be memorable.


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Nov 14, 2012
Chapter 6

It was Monday and Jack hated Monday mornings. He was in the office early to catch up on the week he had missed. They had given him plenty of text, phone call and e-mail updates but nothing compared to actually being there and feeling the pulse of what was going on.

He had stopped at Starbucks that morning and gotten a large iced peppermint white mocha and a pastry. He knew one of the interns would bring in doughnuts too so he had skipped making himself breakfast that morning. The pastry had disappeared 20 minutes ago and he was already starting to crave the doughnuts.

Jack was looking over advertisement figures on the computer when Caitlin Starr walked in. Caitlin was a 28 year old office assistant, plumper than she had been in her younger days. The last five years or so had added 40lbs from the constant late night drinking and eating. The curvacious blonde was eating a breakfast sandwich when she walked in.

“Looks like Tampa agreed with you!” She said enthusiastically as she saw his lightly tanned face.

She also noticed that his dress shirt seemed to be tighter around the belly. The fit communications assistant she remembered when he started fresh out of college had given way to a chubby head of communications. She couldn’t blame him though, it was his big break and she knew he was stressed.

“Yeah we did a lot of good work down there and the weather cooperated. I even got to spend an afternoon at the pool Friday after everything was over.” He said.

“No wonder you look tanner than the rest of us. I laid out on Saturday, you’ve been working us too hard, I haven’t been able to work on mine all summer.” She said teasingly.

Jack noticed the breakfast sandwich in her hand and his stomach growled with hunger. Caitlin heard the audible sound.

“Hungry? I think Jenny will be here with doughnuts any minute. It’s her turn to bring them in today.” Caitlin said.

She was looking forward to the treats too although from how tight her bikini had grown she knew it was the last thing she should eat. Getting into that suit was a lot tougher than she remembered it being. She had a curvy body that had grown curvier that year but she had only just worn that suit what was it? a month ago? two months ago?

She was the classic example of what happened to the party girl from high school. The years of being out late all the time had taken their toll. She graduated from high school a 115lb size 2. At 21 she was 130lbs but her b cups had grown to c’s and the guys weren’t complaining. If only she had noticed the extra tummy pudge back then.

Caitlin guessed that out of the next 25lbs or so that she had gained, maybe five went to where they were supposed to, enhancing her curves like that first 15. The rest had settled in unflattering areas like her chubby belly, flabby arms and much fuller face.

Getting old sucks! She thought as she gazed down at her voluptuous body. Her legs still looked chubby in the supposedly slimming black pants she had on. She settled behind her desk. The changes in her body did little to stem the beer and fast food lifestyle she had grown accustomed to. That is why she enjoyed seeing her colleague plump up a bit, especially because he had been so fit at the beginning.

Jack had been every girl’s dream when he was hired. He had All American looks and a trim waist. Moreover he was confident but not cocky and very good at his job. And he had a sweet tooth Caitlin had discovered.

The first year nobody at the office had noticed any difference in Jack’s body. The second, he had grown softer but had not gained much weight. This third year is when Cailtin really saw the first sign of office weight gain in the form of pooch on his middle. Now that pooch had blossomed into a for sure belly.

The crush that Caitlin had developed on Jack had blossomed along with the roundness of his waist. It was a cat and mouse game and Caitlin was clearing winning because she knew this particular mouse loved a certain sort of cheese, the fried dough and smothered with chocolate kind.

She still laughed to herself sometimes when she remembered Jack’s first encounter with her homemade brownies.

“Careful, eating too many of those give you one of these.” Caitlin had said three years ago as she rubbed her stomach.

“I’m not too worried, football gave me the metabolism of a jackrabbit! Why not use it?” Jack had replied and the game was afoot.

She reckoned he had gained close to 50lbs by now. She was friends with him on facebook and knew what the football playing Jack had looked like. This version seemed to have been inflated from that. There was one picture Caitlin loved to look at, it had Jack on the beach with an ex girlfriend of his. It must have been during spring break but his abs looked particularly cut in them.

A dream of hers was to get Jack in a swimsuit at some point and take a picture of the two of them like that. The only thing standing in her way was not getting caught in a swimsuit on film in her current body and the chicken feeling she got every time she thought she had worked up the courage to ask him to hang out outside of work.

Despite being 28, Caitlin still got butterflies when it came to guys she really liked. She was much better in a bar scene where the liquid courage helped her get over her initial fears. By 24, Caitlin was over the sleazy guys at the clubs though, the last four years she had been looking for the real thing. Unfortunately this decision was timed awkwardly with the fat she had put on, making it harder, in her mind, to attract men.

“You didn’t make anything to bring in today?” Jack asked hopefully from the table.

“No I didn’t have time, any requests for tomorrow?” She responded, looking up from her desk.

“I’ve always liked those brownies with the chocolate bar in the middle, I could eat a whole tray of those.” Jack said as his mouth watered at the thought.

He must have skipped breakfast today. Caitlin thought.

“How about I make a tray for the office and I give you a tray to take home?” She said happily.

“No complaints from me!” Jack said as he went back to looking at the details of his work.

Just then, Jennifer came in with her hands full. One of the items was a box of doughnuts that Jack quickly took away from her. He had already taken a bite before she could take her rain coat off and say “Good morning”

Other members of the team filed in after that. There were about ten of them in various capacities, pretty good for a regional office but nothing compared to the staffs of some of the statewide candidates. There territory was the Northeast Ohio area and they gave satellite help to other regions as well. The party counted on dedicated local teams like this to handle the groundwork for their larger campaigns.

The coordination involved seemed staggering but this year was going pretty smoothly. Jack had met with them all as a group before the election season and put things in perspective. They were fighting an uphill battle in a heavily democratic region, so there was nothing to lose.

That had really eased the pressure off and everyone enjoyed their work. Caitlin noticed Jack going for doughnut number two as he small talked with another colleague. Probably talking about Tampa. She thought.

Jack had a 9am meeting with one of the candidates that morning for a state office. She knew he wanted to eat a few doughnuts before then if he had skipped breakfast. He liked to present himself as professional as possible so that he would be taken seriously. He knew his age counted against him in this field and he thought the best way to counteract against it was to show the candidates that he was all business.

This morning he was supposed to meet with Bill Hayward, a 45 year old businessman who was running for state rep. Bill was successful and had political aspirations for governor at one time. Thankfully for the GOP, Jack had talked him down to state rep as a first time candidate. Him running in any primary above that would have been a disaster although Bill didn’t see it that way and the office could tell that his people held a certain grudge against them and Jack for that decision.

Hayward always seemed to look for anything to degrade Jack and Caitlin knew he had tried to go above the regional office’s head to get a different decision. He was not used to getting told what to do by someone 20 years younger and especially someone who was smarter when it came to running campaigns.

I’m sure if Jack needed advice on how to sell blenders, he’d ask Bill. Caitlin thought as Bill and his assistant walked in. The hot brunette at his side was having an affair with him she knew. Bill wasn’t young but he was attractive enough for 45 and certainly made enough money for a comfortable living.

Sandra was in her early 30s and Caitlin had known her before all of this, they were from the same suburb and for years had gone to the same parties and bars. Unlike Caitlin however, Sandra spent every night in the gym working off the party calories. She walked over to Caitlin’s desk and the chubby desk worker noted how the business skirt showed off Sandra’s toned legs. Her modest chest looked good in her top and her stomach didn’t show any hint of a jiggle as she moved.

“Caitlin! When is the baby due?” Sandra said, knowing full well that Caitlin was carrying a beer and food baby and not a human baby.

Bitch. Caitlin thought as her face reddened.

“Oh actually I’m not pregnant, just gained a little weight the last few months.” Caitlin responded quietly. This Monday morning just took a turn for the worse.

“Jack, how was Tampa? Make it out to the beach or the buffet? hahaha” Bill said with a fake laugh.

“Only joking, just looks like a few lbs. I can give you the number to my trainer if you want? The metabolism isn’t what it was huh?” Bill said, trying to make Jack feel uncomfortable.

Jack ignored the comment.

“Bill what’s up with some of these quotes in the paper? As a state rep you can’t promise some of that stuff.” Jack said.

“Oh come on Jack, nobody knows what a state rep does, they don’t care if I end up doing it or not, besides immigration is a hot button topic, I’ll get people talking about me.” Bill said.

“It’s a hot button topic nationally, not for the state of Ohio!” Jack said getting hot.

“You have a specific strategy to follow and that is to keep it local, you need to shape up or you will lose some national support financially.” Jack finished.

“You guys are unbelievable, I’m in it to win this thing not improve party numbers in the region, you seem like you are derailing me.” Bill said trying to defend his actions.

“Bill, we have you winning, you’re leading in every poll and in a Republican rich area, but your actions could hurt other area candidates, its not just about you. So get on board!” Jack’s response had been firm.

“I’ll get on board but you look like you’re the one who needs to shape up.” Bill said as he left the room.

Jack sighed as he sank back in his chair. That could have gone better. He thought. He rubbed his stomach, feeling the roll of fat that was over his waist. I really did eat too much last week, I’m gonna be a whale at the election if I don’t try to figure this out a bit. He lamented.

He walked out of his office, making a bee line for the doughnuts. He found that a little office snack relieved some stress. Caitlin was already standing there with a doughnut in hand.

“How did it go boss? He seemed to leave in a huff.” She said.

One look from Jack showed that it went as well as she thought. He grabbed a couple doughnuts on a small plate.

“Bill just needed a reality check, unfortunately its my job to give it to him.” Jack replied to her question.

“Well it’s Monday so it’s supposed to suck by default. His assistant is a bitch haha.” Caitlin said trying to lighten the mood.

Jack laughed as well and politely walked away. She noticed he stopped at Jennifer’s desk though to ask for something.

He’s really being a piggy this morning, he only ever asks her to get food for him. Caitlin thought. It was 9:30 in the morning and he was about to eat his fourth doughnut of the day and probably his usual breakfast meal. An egg mcmuffin meal with three extra hash browns and hot cakes with a coke.

That belly really was no accident. Caitlin thought as she went back to her desk.
Apr 23, 2007
Oh that was so lovely how she makes him a little more chubby gains a few herself and teases him so sexily ^^ oh i owuld love such an relationship or even just a fling ;-)

I really love this story ^^
Apr 23, 2007
hehe i really liked the sequence with the fitness ;-) ah i would love to see those changes in different disciplines and having a fit girl like her teasing about when doing the exercises with me or in your case with those two lovely girls one beeing a little chubby but fitter than the men after his extended female induced eating spree^^.

that was really absolutely my taste really nice desribed and therefore very sexy and i really liked the females character in it ^^


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May 12, 2007
another excellent story, well done! can't wait to see Anne slide from fitness to fatness :)
Apr 23, 2007
would be sexy to see even the slim beauty getting some of her own medicine and prok her up a little in the process only to notice she got accidently ^^.
Maybe the two other corrupt the slim fit beauty enough that she isn´t noticing the first gains maybe 7kg ;-) and then gets really crazy getting comments form gym friends that she is porking up like her so called gym buddies that she forced the two even more to look slim besides them ;-)

ah i like it to think about those things and read this excellent story to give more fire to my thoughts ^^


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Nov 14, 2012
Chapter 7

Anne was just getting home from the gym that afternoon. A trip to the scale on her return had showed her that she gained 3lbs on her vacation. Not terrible but something that needed to be eradicated before they had some friends over. She was 34 and knew that her metabolism wasn’t what it was. She’d seen plenty of friends plump up in the last five years and she was not going to be one of them.

She had worked out hard that afternoon. She normally liked to go in the mornings when the gym on campus was less crowded but she had a meeting with her department to finalize arrangements for her semester away. Anne had come away from that meeting very excited. Besides the obvious personal benefits, she could really sink her teeth into the rest of her research and crank out the dissertation.

She had also dusted off her old baking cookbook. Anne hadn’t really baked since her divorce but she was brushing up on her old skills in preparation for seeing Jack on a consistent basis. The sex had been great last week and food had been a big part of it.

She ran her hands over her smooth abs, noting with satisfaction how toned they were. As her hand reached her lower stomach however she frowned at feeling the softness that had accumulated there. The three pounds had all gone to that specific spot.

“Gotta burn you guys off.” She said out loud.

She wasn’t too worried about the vacation weight. She was a bit surprised at how quickly 3lbs had appeared after only five days though.

“I’m getting old.” She said finally.

The timer rang from the kitchen. She walked over and pulled out the tray of chocolate chip cookie bars. She had timed her work out perfectly with how long the goodies took in the oven.

Anne sat down at her computer as she continued to make the final preparations for the adjunct who was going to teach her class. It was mostly introduction classes for new students in the program but she did have a higher level strategic communication class that was her biggest worry.

The aroma of her cookie bars permeated the apartment now. The smell was making her hungry.

I suppose a couple won’t hurt the figure, I just worked out. Anne reasoned as she cut up the tray of treats. As she began to eat, she thought about Jack’s chubbier body. The softened pecs, the round belly that had replaced all the undergrad muscles he used to have. She was getting turned on just sitting there!

After fantasizing a little bit more and remembering their wonderful week in Tampa she noticed the crumbs that were all over her front. She looked down and saw that only one row of her cookie bars remained, she had eaten the rest. She brushed the crumbs away.

How did I not notice that? She thought as she frowned. As she gazed at her small swell of belly that her recent snacking caused, her mind’s eye went back to seeing Jack’s swollen belly jiggle back and forth as she undid his suit pants during an evening in Tampa.

Anne absentmindedly grabs a box of brownie mix and begins to pour it into a bowl. She put another cookie bar in her mouth as she took out the eggs and vegetable oil and finally the measuring cup.

The tray of cookie bars was empty by the time she had the contents of the mixing bowl at the right consistency. She couldn’t explain her actions, she just had a sexual energy that was near bursting and she needed an outlet.

She started to eat the gooey brownie mix directly out of the bowl. Her mind was racing as she fixated on how chubby her former protege, and who would probably soon be her adult boyfriend had become. She had grabbed a beer out of the fridge and took two big gulps to slake the thirst the brownie mix was causing. She was dimly aware of the fullness her belly had now but she didn’t care, all that mattered was finishing the bowl.

Her cell phone went off then, snapping her out of the eating stupor. She slowly got up from the table and gingerly felt her now swollen stomach. “Oof where the hell did that come from?” She said out loud, annoyed at the disappearance of her ab muscles as they had stretched out to accommodate all the extra food she had eaten.

Anne picked up her cell phone and looked at the text message. She took another gulp of beer before she responded. She didn’t normally drink beer but she kept some in the fridge for any visitors that might like one. It was surprisingly quenching after the work out and binge.

She was confused at what happened but chalked it up to a moment of insanity. Jack had reawakened some sexual desire and she had difficulty repressing it.

Just a little bit longer and I won’t have to worry about it anymore thank God! She thought. Not a moment too soon either, I’’d start looking as chubby as him if this kept up.

She looked at what was still in the bowl and with a shrug began to finish it off.

Chapter 8

Jack sighed as he leaned back in his chair and rubbed his stomach after eating lunch. He noted how foreign it still was to feel how much girth he had gained in the last few years.

He had been slowly coming to the realization that what started as a few pounds of office weight, not uncommon for young professionals, was now turning into the norm with him. He had been looking at a few recent pictures of himself and noticed that most of his friends were softer than they had been two years ago and some had even gained a belly. But as he looked at the most recent picture he saw that he had left them in the dust when it came to weight.

He had expected his clothes to fit tighter after Tampa, he didn’t know what had gotten into him but he pigged out a lot on that trip. Unfortunately now he couldn’t figure out why the Tampa appetite refused to leave him. The two weeks since had been very stressful and he was trying to figure out how to better cope with that before he turned into an elephant.

One trick he had learned from his google research was keeping a food diary. It stated that he should eat normal for a couple days but write down everything he ate and study it after a period of time.

He sucked on his milkshake as he looked over his diary from the last two days. He was amazed at what he saw.

How did I not notice what I was forking into my mouth before this? Jack thought.

He was looking at his Monday entry.

7:30am 5 waffles with butter and syrup, glass of milk, bowl of frosted flakes.

8:15am Two glazed donuts

9:00am Two donuts, boston cream and chocolate angel

9:30am Bottle of Mountain Dew Code Red, 20 oz.

10:00am Two more glazed donuts

He could hardly believe it but his notes told him that he ate 20 donuts in two days.

“Jesus...” He said softly to himself. There was a reason he had stopped buttoning his sportcoats. Between the pictures and the food diary he now had substantial evidence to show where his substantial weight gain had come from.

He looked at the empty McDonalds bag on his desk. He had just inhaled a 10 piece chicken nugget meal, fries, a big mac, that brownie dessert that they have, a coke and he was just finishing up his chocolate milkshake topped with whipped cream.

Caitlin walked in with a stack of reports for him to look over. He quickly put the food diary away as she approached his desk.

“Have a good lunch?” She asked, motioning to the McDonalds bag he was hastily throwing away.

“Yeah but I think I’m going to start cutting back on the fast food.” He replied.

She saw how round his belly looked after his large lunch and knew he had been snacking all morning, she wondered if he was beginning to feel a bit self conscious.

“Going on a diet?” She questioned.

Jack looked up quickly, he couldn’t let her see that he wasn’t as confident as he normally was.

“What? No I think with the long hours coming up I haven’t been feeling as energetic later in the day, I should probably try to throw in some veggies or something.” Jack covered.

He also attempted to suck in his full belly without much luck. Caitlin had noticed the strain on his face when he did.

“You ought to try some red bull or an energy drink, they help me power through the rough afternoons, I can have Jenny pick some up for you if you want?” Caitlin offered.

Jack looked at her and noted that while Caitlin was overweight and he knew she got less sleep than he did, she never seemed to look tired. He knew she had at least eaten as much fast food as he did because she had been getting him lunch all week. Maybe an energy drink would give him some much needed pep in his step so he could begin to work out again.

He had resolved to get in better shape before Anne moved up to Cleveland. The food diary was a wake up call and he was already a little embarrassed by how large he had gotten.

Anne won’t stand for dating a fat former student, she liked me when I was the star football player. He thought.

“Yeah, ask her to get me some. I need to do something different with the election drawing closer.” He said.

Caitlin nodded and walked out of the office. That went well she thought. She could tell he was contemplating his big belly and she had just ensured that he would be adding more calories to his day.

She delivered the message to Jennifer and noted with some satisfaction at how the skinny co-ed’s body had filled out somewhat that summer. A combination of the office lifestyle and hanging out with Caitlin after hours most nights had led to the development of some curves on what used to a flat body. Her ass had born the brunt of the 15 or so pounds that had been gained but in Caitlin’s opinion she looked better.

As she sat back down at her desk she felt the full weight of her distended stomach. Jack’s not the only one with a belly problem. She fretted.

Jack had gratefully paid Jennifer for the pack of red bull she had bought. He had a fridge in his office and put the pack in there. He had already called a Planet Fitness that was near his apartment and signed up for a month. He had a week to start to get in shape before Anne would arrive. He was thinking about if he should start with a run or weight training when he smelled pizza. He walked out of the office and saw a Domino’s delivery man leaving. He looked over at Caitlin.

With a shrug she said. “I was just thinking about what you said about needing some afternoon energy so I thought this would help the whole office!”

Jack smiled and thought about how good his staff was. He had forgotten about his resolve to get in shape and grabbed a few slices before ducking back into his office.

Chapter 9

“That should be the last of it.” Anne said as Jack slowly walked in with a few more boxes. She hadn’t brought a ton of things but his face was still perspiring and red from the effort of moving them.

She had of course noticed right away that his beer belly remained from the last time she had seen him a few weeks before. In the intervening weeks she had honed her baking skills once more and had given a lot of thought to tonight. While he continued to move some boxes in, she had made a trip to the store to pick up the necessary ingredients.

John half-sat, half-fell into a chair they had moved into place. She immediately had given him a beer. She opened one too as she began to make a large bowl of pasta with chicken and alfredo sauce. She also began mixing up some goodies.

Knowing how men worked, she had politely asked if Jack could hook up a small tv she had brought and he had gladly accepted. She gave him another beer after he had finished. By the time dinner was ready Jack had consumed four beers and Anne had matched him.

It was when she opted to change into something a little more sexy that she noticed the bloat of her middle. She was buttoning up some shorts when she felt the soft flesh of her stomach, the pooch she had yet to take care of from her vacation. If anything, it looked as if there was a little more there.

Maybe I’m just bloated from the beer, oh and I had Wendys during the drive up, that didn’t help matters either. She thought as she put on her tank top.

Anne walked back to the other room and saw Jack peering into the kitchen, obviously curious about the good smells.

“Hungry?” She asked as she wrapped her arms around his chubby middle from behind.

Jack was holding a half drunken beer but he gently rubbed her arms. She felt and heard his stomach gurgle at the thought of food.

“I think its almost ready but I bought something to snack on if you want.” She said as she moved away. “I remembered how much you liked these at the pool!” She teased as she came back with a package of double stuffed oreos.

She loved how he grabbed the cookies by the handful after she put them on the counter. Anne had a few as well but those oreos barely lasted ten minutes as they chatted.

She liked her apartment. It was just the right size for what she was going to do and it had a kitchen, a living room and two bedrooms, one that she would use for studying.

“Pasta’s done!” She said and she scooped out the contents into a serving bowl while Jack fished out a couple of chairs to place by the table.

They continued their conversation, with Anne asking about Cleveland and the different political races with Jack answering and asking his own questions about her dissertation and her life.

When Anne noticed his plate was empty, she’d pile on another heaping helping of the chicken alfredo pasta. He had four platefuls in an hour and a half. Not that she could judge. When the timer went off for her goodies in the oven, she almost fell back into her chair when she got up due to the fullness of her own belly.

How much have I had? She thought as she all of the sudden became very aware of her food baby.

Jack gleefully began eating the gooey chocolate chip cookies. All the pasta was good but he was growing tired of the taste. His mouth had been craving something sweet and Anne had provided that.

She laughed when she saw some chocolate on his cheeks from his latest binge and she got up to kiss it off. Jack noticed how tight her shorts had grown during the course of their evening and while they perfectly accentuated her toned legs and shapely butt, the waist showed off a softness that had not really been there before.

“What’s this?” Jack teased as he pinched the love handle closest to him.

Anne stood straight up and brushed his hand away. She was about to say something angrily but she saw the half eaten cookie in her lover’s hand and an idea jumped into her head.

“I’m not so sure you should worry about me when I can see where all these cookies are going.” She said slyly as she reached down and rubbed his big belly.

Jack’s face reddened a bit but the massage felt good on his achingly full stomach. He didn’t know what had gotten into him that night but he had definitely pigged out. He didn’t know how much pasta he’d eaten, just that the serving bowl’s contents were much less now.

He saw the glint in her eye and knew that she wanted to get a little frisky. He lazily stood up and felt gravity’s full wrath as it pulled down his extra food weight.

“Whoa I did eat a lot tonight.” He said.

Anne continued to rub his belly and grabbed the plate of cookies in her other hand.

“Why don’t we bring these into the bedroom and have a little fun?” She asked and Jack followed her like a dog.

Their night would end very well and that plate of cookies didn’t last very long.


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Nov 14, 2012
Chapter 10

Since Anne had moved up, Caitlin had noticed a pattern in Jack’s behavior beginning to develop. He rarely asked her or Jenny to pick up lunch because this new girlfriend had moved into an apartment close to their office. He’d go there for lunch.

Caitlin was very annoyed by this at first, until she noticed that Jack often came back from these lunches walking slowly and clutching a very full belly. Maybe this Anne wasn’t a bad influence on her chubby crush after all?

The change didn’t go without comment from some of her colleagues either. Jennifer one day caught her by the coffee in the break room.

“Is it just me or is Jack gaining a lot of weight?” She asked in a hushed tone.

Caitlin responded. “He does look a bit rounder but the election is getting closer, he’s had a lot more meetings and he’s been going to events at night.”

“Oh I know that but I think he’s overdoing it. He wasn’t skinny before but he wasn’t fat either, I’d call him fat now if I saw him out and about.” Jennifer said.

“Have you seen his new girlfriend?” Jennifer then asked.

Caitlin was all too familiar with Jack’s new girl. In fact within five minutes of Jack telling her about Anne she had done some snooping.

Anne was pretty, no doubt about it but she was older than Caitlin by four years and from the looks of facebook had no chance of losing those pretty looks.

The only picture that gave Caitlin any hope was one from the previous Christmas. Anne still looked good but definitely a few pounds heavier, her face was fuller and she had a hint of a softer mid section.

“Yeah I’ve seen her, she’s pretty but older than him. They met while he was in college and she was his professor.” Caitlin said.

Jennifer’s eyes widened. “That’s a story, I can’t imagine dating any of my professors, although they are all old. Wasn’t Jack hotter back then?”

He’s still hot! Caitlin wanted to come back with but she instead just said. “I don’t think he’s ugly now Jen.”

“Oh no he’s not ugly but he better be careful or he’ll be huge by November.” The intern said.

Caitlin thought that was probably the goal and probably the only thing that she and his new girlfriend had in common.

“I think we’ve all gained a few, I know I don’t want to step on the scale.” Caitlin said changing the subject.

“I’ve gained some but I think its all gone to the right place!” Jennifer said gleefully as she patted her butt.

Caitlin saw that when she did this, a slight roll of fat showed on her stomach. Maybe not all of it has gone to the right place. She thought.

Jack leaned back in his chair. Good God I ate too much. He thought.

Anne’s apartment was two minutes away from his office and she loved having him over for lunch. In fact, Jack was struggling to remember the last time he had a meal that wasn’t breakfast at anywhere besides her house or an event.

With November coming rapidly, there were a lot of different events to check out in the area, some of them formal and some of them casual. It was Jack’s job to get a feel for where all their races were at and see what chances the GOP had at winning them. The national headquarters was expecting some projections and based on those they would allocate some money and resources to the races that they thought they had a chance at winning.

Jack knew that it was part of the job but he was quickly outgrowing most of his clothes. Between the events and the large meals Anne prepared, he was now close to 240lbs. He struggled with buttoning his pants every morning and he noticed how his shirts were even growing too small.

He examined his reflection in the mirror that morning and could not believe the changes. His belly had grown the most and jiggled with almost every movement. He now clearly had man boobs as well and his round face had grown a new chin.

He broached the subject during lunch with Anne.

“If I keep getting lunch here I’m gonna be huge.” He said with a hint of displeasure.

“Oh?” Anne questioned.

“I’m having trouble fitting into my clothes.” He lamented.

“Well maybe I’ll just have to get you working out with me again.” She teased.

The thought of that did not really help matters. Jack almost gagged while thinking about it now. It was well into September now and he was hoping that he could pick up some new clothes with the annual Fall sales at department stores.

He couldn’t believe he gained 15lbs in a month. Still, it wasn’t as if he was a sumo wrestler. And the sex remained great. They really enjoyed their company too, all the evenings out really gave them an opportunity to let their relationship blossom.

Besides, weight gain is the sign of contentment and things going well after you start dating right?

Jack wasn’t the only one getting worried about his figure either.

Anne had all but passed out from a food coma after Jack had left. She didn’t know what had happened in the time since she had met Jack but she was pigging out like it was Christmas all of the sudden and after two weeks in Cleveland, it was showing.

She had first thought something was amiss when her and Jack had gone to a dinner with one of the candidates and his wife. Anne was getting dressed for the occasion when she felt how tight her dress was when she zipped it up. Not sure what to make of it at the time, she ignored it. The problem was getting harder to ignore now though.

Most days she wore yoga pants, sweats or shorts and a tank top or t-shirt. She found out that Jack particularly enjoyed the more sporty look on women and she indulged him with that as much as she did with food.

But Anne began to see some subtle changes in her physique after that dinner night. For one, she thought she felt a slight jiggle in her butt as she moved. She hadn’t felt that sensation down there since she was in high school and hadn’t yet understood the importance of nutrition and offseason training.

She also noticed that when her and Jack were in the bedroom, his hands seem to have more to grab on her love handles. This coupled with the extra folding her skin seemed to do nowadays around her back and tummy.

A trip to the scale that morning had settled matters, she was up 8lbs from her pre-vacation weight and her torso had lost most of its definition. What made her feel better though was the size Jack had grown to with her cooking. Collateral damage, can’t make an omelette without breaking some eggs. She thought as she massaged her engorged belly.

Her conversation with Jack at lunch had given her some hope too. Jack was aware of his new weight and despite the complaining, still ate his way through five tacos and half a tray of brownies. The thought of it still excited her.

She had made the right choice in places to live when it came to fattening up her boyfriend but it was terrible decision regarding closeness to a gym. Anne had taken for granted life close to campus and a free recreation center. She could literally jog to it from her townhouse in Dayton. The closest gym to her now though was at least a 10 minute drive and that was without traffic.

She could work out outside but Cleveland’s weather was notoriously ever changing and with Fall came the cold. Besides, her new tummy did not look very flattering in most of her jogging outfits. Working out at home was an option but the smells of her cooking and baking seemed to make her crave the goodies and she never really felt like working out with that.

She pinched her modest flab and thought that it was only temporary, she had a whole semester of Jack to herself and she would make the most of it.

Chapter 11

So a pattern developed. Anne and Jack would wake up together, whether at his place or her’s and eat. Jack would eat again at work that morning, mostly on snacks provided by Caitlin. He’d go over to Anne’s and eat more at lunch. Return to work to finish off the rest of the goodies and finally end up either going out with Anne for food and coming back to a large late night snack or just spending the night in and eating to his heart’s content with her. And all the while he ate and ate and ate.

And much to the women in his life’s great pleasure, he grew and grew and grew. The adding of hundreds of extra calories per day to a body that had already lost its athlete metabolism had the result of rapid weight gain.

In three years Jack had gone from a fit 180lb collegiate athlete to a pudgy 225lb office worker. Not unusual for plenty of people. In the two months of his new lifestyle though, the pudgy office worker had gave way to a fat 260lb head of communications for the Republican Party complete with a double chin, jowls, wide belly and thick back fat.

Anne marvelled at his transformation every night. She couldn’t believe that her sexy student had grown into such a hot pig of a man. She loved the feel of his heavy belly and as he slept she’d sometimes outline the stretch marks that had come with the big gain. Her favorite thing to do was to take him to the gym on Saturdays with her.

Jack had convinced her that he needed to lose some weight. She had feigned surprise when he told her what his weight was up to. She had gladly offered to take him to the gym whenever he wanted if he promised to do things like take the stairs at work. She knew full well that the stairs had lasted only a day because his office was on the 5th floor of an office building, even she would have trouble doing that every day when the convenient elevator was right next to the stairwell.

Saturday mornings seemed to be the best time for him and she was more than alright with adding that to the mix because it meant 6 days out of the week he was pigging out and with his new body even a light work out was taxing.

What she hadn’t counted on was Saturdays being the only day she would make it over to the gym as well. Anne had settled into a new lifestyle of her own and her body seemed to take to it rather well.

The 125lb swimmer was now a 145lb doctoral candidate. The 20lbs had added a small pot belly, a larger chest and a jiggly ass. Her arms had also inflated with new fat and her cheeks now adorned a fuller face.

She was not oblivious to the gain either. She knew what was happening, she couldn’t control her desire to eat some of the delicious food she would make Jack and when they’d eat in the bedroom there was no way to stop it anyway. The good news was Jack normally ate a lot more than she did, the bad news was Anne was eating a lot more anyway.

During the day she rarely wore anything besides sweats or shorts, that was another change to day to day life and it allowed her to be comfortable as she worked. However it also meant that her stomach was not restricted when it came to eating. Obviously she had let it go too far.

“I’m gonna be a heffer soon if I don’t figure out a way to eat less.” She said out loud as she sat up and watched in horror as her new belly surged forward.

She pinched a roll of fat on her waist...definitely more than an inch.

I’ve worked too hard to not let myself get chubby, some of my friends would have a field day if they saw me like this! She angrily thought.

Anne could easily attest to why she was eating more, watching Jack and his big belly mesmerized her so much that she often looked down in surprise at her empty plates, but what she was trying to figure out was why this new problem was occurring.

Her ex husband got fat and Anne’s own weight barely went up at all. What had changed besides her age?

She tried to remember what was going through her head during lunch. Jack had been talking about his morning. She watched him heap a huge helping of mac and cheese with bacon onto his plate and then he offered her some. She declined but he had placed the bowl in front of her anyway. As he continued to talk, she focused more on the jiggle of his growing neck and jowls and she felt the familiar stirring inside of her. She had wanted him bad and even more when he had seconds and thirds of the pasta.

It was all she could do to keep herself from jumping on him as he had slowly gotten up and almost half waddled to the door and finally to his car. It was after that she realized that she had a hunger that needed to be satisfied. Anne had eaten the rest of the bowl and dug into a batch of cookies before her stomach was screaming no more.

“Oh my God! Me wanting Jack is making me fat!” She half shouted.

What to do with this new knowledge though? How could she figure out her sexual desires so that it didn’t lead to pigging out. She could try a run, but no not on such a full stomach right now. Changing the meals was out of the question too, they were doing their job fattening up her boyfriend. It annoyed her that she controlled so much about her life for so long and she had now come to something she was struggling to stay in charge of.

She didn’t look terrible. The extra chub on her rump jiggled but it made her look better in most pants. The belly was not good, it could be camoflaged but there was only so much she could do with her current wardrobe. Jack didn’t seem to mind playing with it either.

Anne sighed. “Today’s a waste at working off this chub, I will have to start tomorrow.”

With that she rolled off her bed and went into the kitchen to create more savory treats for her growing boyfriend.


Bill Hayward watched his assistant walk sexily out of his office. Sandra was with him at all times, whether he was running his business or working his campaign, he thought of her as stress relief.

And today was stressful, he could not believe the gall of Jack Howard, continuing to give him directions on running his campaign.

“Torpedoing my campaign is more like it.” He said to himself.

The instructions today seemed harmless but what Bill saw written between the lines was a power struggle. Jack was trying to one up him once again to look better in the eyes of the higher ups.

Bill was to attend a meeting with the rest of the candidates on a Sunday morning, where they were to discuss what they could do to help each other. It was actually a good idea, but Bill could never have given any compliments for something that wasn’t his idea.

The bright side was that after the breakfast meeting, they had a suite at the Browns game, compliments of the GOP. It would be a nice place to be visible and there would probably be some pictures, everyone could bring one guest.

Sandra had just readily agreed to it. Bill loved having his arm candy to make everyone else jealous.

Jack was also talking about the meeting over lunch with Anne.

“The meeting will be boring but the game will be worth it, even if the Browns suck.” Jack said as he dug in to more macaroni and cheese with bacon.

It was taking all of Anne’s willpower to stick to her salad. Her tight shorts were incentive to try a diet but her appetite had become a formidable adversary to her normally unshakeable willpower.

“What’s the attire?” Anne asked innocently.

“Casual, its a football game so I’ll wear my old Browns jersey, it says Quinn on the back but that’s ok. It should give us some solid pictures in the local press, should help everyone’s profile.” Jack said through a mouthful.

“I’ll need to buy some cute Browns clothes then.” Anne said as her stomach voiced its protest at the lack of food.

Anne had eaten a salad with no dressing and her body was not used to only that.

She had attempted to swim laps at the pool but when she saw how bad she looked in her swimsuit, she had decided against it rather quickly. Anne turned her attention to her diet to lose a few pounds quickly, look better in the suit and then work off the weight at the gym.

“I need to start eating that stuff.” Jack said, motioning to Anne’s empty salad bowl.

“Aw Jack, why do you say that?” Anne asked.

Jack hefted his large gut in his two hands. “I’ve put on a lot of weight, too much stress from the election I think.”

Yeah or too many trips to my fridge. Anne thought. She had discovered Jack’s love of sweet treats and always made sure she had ice cream, cookie dough, chocolate cream pie or cheesecake on hand.

“What do you think?” Jack asked as he gestured to his expansive waist.

The large fat roll pushed against his button downed shirt and tie as he sat. His fleshier face looked questioningly at her.

“Oh maybe a couple but like you said its stress, we can always work out like we did in Tampa?” Anne said with a wink.

“Ha no thank you, I think I just got over being sore from that. At least football jerseys are large, that should camouflage some of this girth.” Jack said as he patted his belly.

“Yeah it should, although maybe we should check it out before the day of, you never know if it shrank in the wash or something besides, that mac and cheese isn’t helping matters.” Anne said. Her stomach made another hunger sound.

Jack noticed this time. “Sounds like you want some of my delicious mac and cheese.”

“Oh I do, but you see hun, I’ve got to keep up appearances and I think you’ve gained enough weight for the both of us.” Anne teased.

Anne got up and pinched Jack’s full stomach.

“Hey! not fair!” Jack protested.

“What’s wrong? big football player can’t stop the swimmer from pestering him?” Anne teased some more.

She was already jogging through the apartment when Jack staggered around chasing her.

She ran behind him and pinched a love handle. He turned quickly and tried to reach for her. She quickly hopped back and they continued their playful foreplay.

By the time she had let herself be caught, Jack had sweat on his brow and was breathing heavily. Much to Anne’s chagrin, she too was breathing pretty hard.

Gotta get in better shape, he’s huge and almost caught me. Anne thought.

“What’s this babe? I’m not the only one who’s put on a few.” Jack said as he poked her softer stomach.

“It’s some love chub but not as much as you’ve got!” Anne said as she grabbed her boyfriends stomach and began to undo his pants.

“Maybe you should call the office and let them know you won’t be in this afternoon.” She offered in a sexy voice. She knew she had gotten him going and she didn’t want any time frame to ruin it. Anne wanted to see that big belly.

Jack undid her bra as he called the office and informed them that he would be taking the afternoon off. He noted Anne’s larger bosom as they continued their afternoon delight. Anne noted Jack’s chubby sides that she explored with her hands.

Anne’s stomach bunched up as she sat up to kiss Jack. She was feeling great as they made mad and passionate love to each other. Jack had to admit that they’d always had great sex and one added benefit of the weight gain on both of them was the new exploring of each other’s bodies.

If Jack was being honest with himself, he was really turned on when she felt up his belly, or pinched his love handles or even teased him.

He loved when they watched sports and she would rub his “buddha” belly for good luck. It was just nice to not have any pressure to look a certain way anymore and while he didn’t know it beforehand, Anne gaining a few pounds really made her look great.

Jack had eased himself over to the other side of the bed, feeling wonderful. He was still in the afterglow and completely content. It wasn’t long before he began to doze off.

He’s getting hotter by the day. Anne thought as she looked at him. He was still breathing decently hard but she had given him quite a work out. His stomach rose and fell. She touched the belly full on macaroni.

Still pretty full, I could definitely feel that on top of me. She wiped her hand of the sweat that had beaded on Jack’s body from his latest exertion.

All things come with a price I suppose. Anne thought. Jack’s larger body had the consequence of more things like body sweat at any sort of exercise, she had made she the only exercise he was getting was in the bedroom and did not mind, although in a perfect world he’d still have the fitness of his college football days.

Anne put a hand on her own forehead and frowned at the moisture she felt there. Jack’s not the only one getting out of shape. She heard a voice in her head say.

Looking down at her naked body she saw her accentuated features. Not fat by any means but fat for Anne. Her legs had grown with fat gain and she noted with derision the lack of muscle tone in her calves compared to a few months previous.

Her hips and thighs had rounded into form and her slight tummy bulged on her waist. Overall one could not even say she was stocky but she was not the athletic build she was used to.

Jack snored just then, snapping her back to the present. She saw his well-fed body and joked to herself quietly.

“I look tiny next to him no matter what.” She laughed.

That gave her a devious idea as the light bulb went on. She quietly got up and got dressed in some comfortable shorts and a t-shirt. She took Jack’s apartment keys as she went out the door.


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Nov 14, 2012
Very excited to see what everyone thinks about these new chapters!


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Jun 26, 2007
Very excited to see what everyone thinks about these new chapters!

They are terrific chapters. The mutual gaining has started and I always love to read about a fitness queen and feeder getting a taste of her own medicine. I notice the guy is enjoying her new chub.How about him getting a little more dominant and openly encouraging Her?


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Jun 21, 2008
This story is -literally - growing on me.

I'm always a fan of political communications - and I like the characters 'normal' responses to the issue of weight gain.

Looking forward to more.


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Apr 3, 2009
I love Anne's devious intentions and their mutual gain. I can't wait to see what Anne will do with his apartment keys.

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