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BBW The Chocolate Princess

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Jul 14, 2013
The Chocolate Princess
by tomboy27​

Chapter 1

Addiction - Noun - The fact or condition of being addicted to a particular substance or activity.

It was funny to me that word; Addiction. So many seemed to be brought down by the concept an imagined illness that would force people to chain their lives to something. To me it just felt like a fictional dogma, a term created to describe a persons descent into excuse making and a failure by people to take responsibility for their lives. It's funny looking back at how how much I looked down upon those suffering such imagined slights. But how I would come to change my mind on such a stance, now that's a story fit for royalty indeed.

My name Alexa Beatitude and for twenty four years I lived a life of pure luxury. As the daughter of Raymond Beatitude, one of the richest Cruiseline owners in the world I was used to getting what I wanted. Growing up I was the eye of attention, the most beautiful young woman that could possibly be found in private education. I dominated dance, equestrian and Gymnastic sports while at high school. Was the envy of every young woman my age and had the perfect feminine physique that even Venus the Goddess of love rather possess.

I was the perfect young woman, my skin tone of half Latin descent from my mother and my hair as golden as a Nordic queen, inherited from my father. My washboard abs, toned legs and appropriately rounded breasts we're enough to drive any man insane. Of course there was the minor setback of my height, at only 5 foot 5 I could have done with a few added inches to emphasise my perfection but when you'd won the genetics draw as much as I had I still wasn't complaining.

And I owed it all to one thing - discipline. Always would I spend a monotonous array of hours each week planning out my diet, putting in copious time periods in the gym to craft my beautiful 117 lbs body and studying the world of fashion to such an extent that I could never leave the house without looking like a million dollars.

It was in my blood of course. My parents both natural winners. The only time my mother had ever looked like she'd eaten a proper meal was when she was pregnant with me, and even then it struggled to be noticeable. I'd never known the woman to gain a pound through her life, she'd have taken it as a personal insult if she ever did. Naturally her personality rubbed off on me to say the least. Of course she was always ever the gold digger, the crown jewel in her achievements being snagging my father and living a life of total luxury and bliss.

My father bought in the dough, she would in turn spend it on the most expensive luxuries. My father was the ultimate example of how a disciplined life would bring success. Starting out life as a dirt poor Scandinavian boy he fought and clawed for every penny he earned. Relentlessly hounding his business rivals and stabbing people in the back to become a proverbial King, dominating the business world to match my mothers queen sized ego. So there we were, the King and Queen and I was their little princess in the middle, to be waited on tentatively hand and foot.

That was my life, the "IT" girl, too good for everyone and everything. A belief that made me narcissistic allowing me to only see the flaws in others when they were held next to my perfection. My "friends", if you want to call them that were completely exposable, a series of kiss asses that meant nothing and could be tossed away like the high heels I constantly would wear to death and break to conceal the one inadequacy of my body. Relationships were equally superficial and meaningless, men were just trophies I would allow to cling onto my arm in order to show my superiority over other women. Occasionally I would take pleasure in breaking their hearts but mostly they resonated no fathom of emotion in my soul and nor did I have any interest in allowing them too. Though I would never have realised it the time, and if I had I'd have been far too prideful to admit such a shortcoming, it was perfectly clear that there was something missing for me to discover the woman I truly was.

As I sunbathed on the deck of daddy's most profitable cruise liner (a pastime were I spent much of my time) the most off of daydreams fluttered into my head. I contemplated were all of this was going. Were I would I be down the years, successful and rich no doubt, but that would be a given considering the circumstances. I then reassured myself that it wasn't particularly relevant as of now, my snobbish personality taking over once more as my disciplined lifestyle and clear superiority would lead me self fulfilment in ways others could only dream off - but then it happened.

It happened as I lay soaking in the sun minding my own business, when she finally arrived. Lydia, a working class girl who'd had to save all year to afford the trip oddly came to my attention as I sun-lounged that morning.

For some odd reason I felt compelled by her attempts to befriend me to play along. I have no doubt now that she had no doubt summarised who I was and was merely playing the act of a suck up to ease free stuff out of me but that day perhaps compelled by the odd Cocktail I had sipped, I was willing to befriend the rather innocent looking petit girl, even exchanging phone numbers with her.

That day (though stretching all the way to the next) I oddly gave into my inhibitions and journeyed into the land of drunkenness with Lydia, putting a real dent in the drinks cabinet of the cruise liner.

Fed up of drunken men leering at us, we retreated to the safe retreat of my rather lavish room were the drunken frolicking continued. We spent a good hour telling dirty jokes and dancing along to our favourite tracks before things settled down and we both lay tiredly over my bed.

Lydia then withdrew a magazine from her handbag titled "The Chocolate Princess". What an odd title I thought to myself.

Lydia revealed that she was a keen cook and had once worked as a Chocolatier for a Belgian confectionary shop titled "The Cocoa Devil". She told me her hopes and dreams are too one day open a confectionery shop and sell chocolate to the world, a proclamation I immediately rolled my eyes at.

This earned me a disparaging a look from Lydia who began a tirade defending herself claiming Chocolate the worlds favourite delicacy, and that the only people who don't like it have never tried it; a fact that I then admitted too with proud gusto.

Lydia then looked at me as if she had seen a ghost, her lifelong passion was something I had never once experienced.

I then launched my own tirade claiming then I would never succumb to enjoying confectionery in the way that others had. I complimented by toned physique and well disciplined restraint as a wry smile rose over Lydia's face.

Perplexed by her sudden change in demeanour I of course questioned her facial expression. She then uttered the immortal words,

"How do you know you don't like it if you have never tried it".

I noticed my own demeanour changed with the acquisition. Lydia was questioning the very validity of my way of life. She was claiming the only reason I was able to live a life of restraint was because I had never been tempted, that I didn't know what I was avoiding.

I let my ego get the better of me I admit it and I made her a challenge that would have consequences to be sure. I dared her to test my restraint. That I would take my first bite of chocolate.

Lydia's eyes lit up at the request and within seconds she pulled out a large bar of chocolate from her hand bag that she had made herself, wrapped delicately in red wrapping paper, guarded by the most pretty of red ribbons.

I ripped off the rapping paper, enraged at having my life philosophy questioned, snapped one black of the bar off and pushed it gently into my waiting mouth.

I would never have known it at the time, but this was the moment that would change my life forever.

I have to admit from the second I allowed the little delicacy to slither down my throat it felt like I was seeing the world in a whole new light. As its taste lingered in my mouth my eyes widened and it seemed like I was enduring an outer body experience. I imagined myself in a Chocolate Wonderland, a Land were every morsel and facet of the environment was pure chocolate. And I was surrounded by it completely nude.

I imagined myself being fed chocolate trickles from chocolate mermaids beside a chocolate river. Once they were done with the trickles they pulled a large bucket from the river and began allowing me to chug the chocolate contents from the bucket with my own hands.

Who knows as to why I was enduring this peculiar fantasy but I Knew I didn’t want it to stop. As I journeyed through the Land of chocolate enjoying and tasting my environment I soon stumbled upon an enormous Chocolate Palace.

"Welcome back, Your Highness”

My courtiers declared as I strode through a Palace that appeared to be in my possession. Suddenly I realised that Lydia was one of my courtiers.

“I suppose you’ll be enjoying the usual treatment, your Highness”.

Lydia politely chimed curtseying before me. I decided deliriously to play up my regality despite of not knowing what this “Treatment” would entail.

“I Shall, My Dear”.

I proclaimed with a mockish sense of pretention. She grabbed my hand and ran off with me to the private bath chambers, in spite of all that I had consumed there was still a lightness to my stomach that made my consumption all the easier. As bizarre as all this was, it all felt exceedingly natural, beyond the normal mystery of a dream.

We then arrived at a Chamber built from pure golden chocolate. Sitting in the middle of the chamber was an enormous golden both, its contents being filled with warmed hot chocolate. As I stood in awe of the lavish lagoon, Lydia had secretly stripped off all of her cloths and pushed me into the bath while I wasn’t looking.

I opened my mouth as swallowed the chick gooey and exquisite substance, allowing its warm texture to encase my entire body. I partook in guzzling down the chocolate, indulging in my fantasies. Lydia then swam to me beneath the surface and started caressing me delicately, as I willingly obliged and returned the favour.

She stuck her tongue in my mouth, the taste of her chocolate flavoured tongue tingling my senses. Are tongues wrestled for a few minutes before we both relented and seized the opportunity to continue drinking, before Lydia placed her hand in the warm space between my legs.

Wave after wave of joy came over me, Id never felt happier and more fulfilled in my entire life as I moaned in abundant pleasure. I couldn’t believe how I could have gone so long in my life without tasting this little joy, the produce of cocoa beans.

After what seemed like hours of this pure ecstasy I suddenly awoke, back in my room.

“Ummm, Alexa, are you okay” Lydia asked flummoxed by my behaviour.

I was struggling to catch my bearings before I could suddenly mumble a clueless response.

“Ummm, yeah why” I asked unsure attempting to compose myself, still not willing to admit defeat to Lydia’s little game.

‘It’s just you seemed as if you were in some sort of trance for a few seconds is all. I thought there was something wrong with you. I was getting worried”.

She enquired with a look of worry on her face.

“Oh no, I’m Fine…just ummm….was in deep thougt that’s all…yeah deep thought”.

I stumbled over my words trying to not give my defeat away. However a cheeky smile was now smeared across Lydia’s face. Tasting blood, she decided to stick the knife in further.

“You like Chocolate, don’t you Alexa”

Chapter 2

Then, just like that she was gone. I’d spent the night trying to distract myself from my little revelation but had been unable to pry my thoughts away from the etherealness that Lydia had bestowed on me. After Lydia had retreated to the confines of her own cabin, I could find not but a trace of her the morning after.

As I dressed my self in whatever designer wear I could muster from my closet, I noticed Lydia had left something behind. She had left her issue of “The Chocolate Princess” behind and left it sitting temptingly on my bed. Wanting to overt my minds attention I wasted no time in throwing the silly little rag in the trashcan.

As I waltzed over to dispose of the infernal little rag I noticed however a small note fall from the contents of its pages. Surprised by the little message, I quickly realised the mischevious little note was from Lydia and addresses to me. Naturally I was intrigued and so read it with abundance.

“To My Little Princess,

I hope you enjoyed my handiwork last night, I could see from your guilty little face that the brown stuff had more of an effect on you than you cared to admit.

I’m sad to inform you that the cruise liner reached my stop on the Italian coast early this morning, so I must bid you farewell.

However before I do I thought I’d have a little fun with her Royal Highness. Inside this magazine is a list of the finest Chocolatier’s in the world. I surmised that you might enjoy paying these little “Heathens” as you might put it a visit, to I suppose test your restraint against the evils of confectionary, and your burgeoning sweet tooth.

You never know, you might even enjoy it.

Kind Regards,


Naturally I was appalled by Lydia’s belief that she had arrogantly pulled a fast one over my unwavering will power. How deluded could this girl have been, all I had done was temporarily lower my guard and allow myself to be caught out, just once. I’d had enough of her boastful attitude and did what I already had intended to do. I threw her precious “Chocolate Princess” and her note in the trashcan were it belonged, intent on throwing her and her beloved chocolate out of my life forever and returned to the ships deck, committed on putting last nights antic behind me and returning to my usual resplendent self.

I spent that day back in my old ways, not a care in the world upending my thoughts to anything but Lydia and her dreaded chocolate.

However that night while basking in the cosiness of my fireplace lit, lavish cabin, that unholy confectionary induced fantasy began to take hold of me once more.

I savagely dialled room service and practically bellowed at the poor staff to deliver a disgustingly indulgent and grotesquely expensive chocolate cake be delivered to my cabin. Bizarrely my sudden craving had eviscerated my will power, it had strangled my restraint like a Boa Constrictor and rendered me unable to resist my newly discovered weakness.

Upon his arrival I menacingly tore to the inordinately large cake from the room service attendant’s tray much to his awe and bewilderment and slammed the door on the penniless young boy with the force of Frankenstein’s Monster without even considering tipping the hapless young man.

My usual self tried to compose me and restrict my indulgence to a mere few forkfuls, but the new me indecently and piggishly devoured the Chocolate banquet with my bare hands.

I felt repulsed and humiliatingly bloated as my fork finally dropped on the empty plate, the remaining slabs of chocolate smeared across my guilty and traumatised face.

I looked down at my poor bloated tummy, poking out of my designer shirt and moaned a culpable groan. I then added to my sorrow as a thunderous belch escaped my lips for the first time in my life, tears rolling down my face as I did so due to the destruction of my seemingly watertight willpower.

I frighteningly then realised as I massaged my bloated gut, continuing my repulsive belching and undoing the ill-fated button on my jeans that Lydia had opened a Pandora’s Box inside of me. I cried myself to sleep as I realised I had tainted my designer cloths with the guilty chocolate fingerprints of my gluttony and realised that in my almost trance like eating I had withdrawn Lydia’s magazine from the Trashcan and placed the Chocolate Princess proudly on my desk.

The consequences of my burgeoning addiction would not become completely clear for some time yet, but looking back on it this was clearly the point in which I began my ascension to the Throne, of what I was seemingly destined to become,

The Chocolate Princess.

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