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The fat girl lifting crew... (a dumb idea?)

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The Teflon Frog
Sep 30, 2005
Perhaps this is a dumb idea, but I've been wondering about the possibility of doing this...

I've always thought it would be fun to get a group of guys together and develop a technique to lift a heavy person, I think it's entirely possible. I would think, if you get 6 or 8 guys together the weight distributed amongst all the people would be such that an average sized person would be able to do that sort of lifting without much strain. The math simply being this... a 300 lb person lifted by 6 guys would only be 50 lbs each, a 400 lb person lifted by 8 guys the same. When I was in a search and rescue organization, we had a way of interlocking our arms to carry injured people out of the hilly areas where we practiced search and rescue techniques. Generally it was two people carrying a 150 lb person, with my average build I found the carrying fairly reasonable to do.

This idea came about because of two reasons... Firstly, I'll admit... simple cheap thrill. Like most male, macho oriented activities, I thought this would be fun for the guys... and an excuse to man-handling a fat chick...

But where this idea first originated was when I read about one of our SSBBW members falling down and not being able to get up. This always turns into a crisis (and I believe unnecessarily so...) when a heavy person falls down and nobody knows what to do, or the people around conclude that they aren't able to do anything. I think a simple technique involving multiple people could fairly readily lift a heavy person... and maybe even become the "Heimlich Technique" of lifting a heavy person, that average people could learn to do. With an injured person it's always best to have a professional who knows how not to further injure a person do something like this, but in simple situations, or situations where professionals aren't around I think something like this might actually have a practical application.

What do you folks think?

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