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The Fat Morality Quiz

Dimensions Magazine

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Proud Bleeding Heart Lib
Oct 4, 2005
, Cis Woman
The Fat Morality Quiz

This is for fat people only. Duh.

This quiz is designed to determine whether you're a good fatty or a bad fatty based on your behaviors and my random measurement criteria that means nothing. This quiz requires math. Take off your shoes if you need to, even though you probably can't see your feet anyway.

In each category, find the option that best describes you and add or subtract accordingly. If none of the options fit, you get 0 points for the category. Sorry, I'm really fat and probably going to die soon. I don't have time to assign point values to every possible answer.

Everyone starts with a score of 0.

Nutrition(choose one. Don't be greedy.):
Add 6 points if you eat healthily all the time.
Add 4 points if you eat healthily some of the time.
Subtract 4 points if you like junk food.
Subtract 6 points if you never met a Cheeto you didn't like (and eat.)

Exercise (choose one):
Add 6 points if you exercise all the time
Add 4 points if you exercise sometimes
Subtract 4 points if you are a couch potato.
Subtract 6 points if you are immobile.

Response to Visual Stimuli:
Study these images:
View attachment donut_bacon_burger_0.jpgView attachment 3ChocoTaco.jpg
Add 10 points if neither of these images appeal to you.
Add 5 points if one of these images appeals to you.
Subtract 5 points if you drooled a little.
Subtract 20 points if you licked your screen.
Subtract 21 points if you moaned a little WHILE licking your screen.

Choices (choose one):
Add 20 points if you got fat completely accidentally
Add 2 points if you've made a few bad choices that have made you fat.
Subtract 2 points if you've made a lot of bad choices that have made you fat.
Subtract 20 points if you got fat completely on purpose.

Add 1 point for every diet you've been on in your life.

Subtract 1 point for every cookie or bag of chips you've eaten this week.

Now tally them up. I'll give you a few minutes extra in case you need to find a calculator.

35 points and up: You are a Gold Star Fatty! You did everything right! You win the prize. How did you even get fat, anyway?

10 to 34 points : You tried your hardest, didn't you? It's okay. You're a PRETTY good fatty. Work on it.

9 points to -9 points: Eek. You're straddling the line, amigo. Shape up or ship out.

-10 points to -34 points: You are irresponsible and bad. Repent before it's too late!

-35 points and below: HORRIBLE FATTY! You are probably going to hell for this. There won't be bacon there because God loves bacon and he doesn't love you.

Post your scores if you dare!

**Disclaimer: This quiz is meant for comedic purposes only. Any resemblance to real posters, living or dead, or threads, active or locked, is purely coincidental. Void where prohibited. Mmmm Choco Taco.

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