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Nov 29, 2022
A Little Encouragement Can Go a Long Way
by @chubboiz

(A/N: gender neutral feeder x gender neutral feedee. Feeder!Reader-Insert POV. Feeder is exclusively referred to with 'you/your/yours' and feedee roommate with 'they/them/their'. Contents - feeder/POV character has brief mildly sadistic thoughts when they first discover their roommate's weight gain.)

Your roommate got a little chubby over the winter and you can't stop thinking about how hot that is. How many extra pounds will they pack on their frame before they notice? You're about to find out.


It all started with a slice of chocolate cake.

Your obnoxious coworker had gone out and bought a cake when she found out you didn't like it when people made a big fuss about your birthday. Not wanting to be rude, you took it home and stuck it in your fridge, but not before offering your roommate a piece.

You'll never forget how prettily they blushed, eyes widening in excitement and wonder, as they licked their lips and graciously accepted your offer. Suddenly, you felt a warm buzz inside your chest like a switch had been flipped and now your ribcage was home to a dozen butterflies. It tickled pleasantly as you watched your roommate devour bite after bite until the only thing left on their plate was a smear of frosting. To your surprise (and delight), they licked the plate clean.

But the real kicker was when they settled onto the couch for an afternoon nap.

See, they were wearing a t-shirt they'd gotten for Christmas--one that had been oversized when they first received it. Over the past two months, though, they'd put on a couple pounds, filling it out almost perfectly. They hadn't seemed to notice, and you didn't realize you'd been paying so much attention to their weight until now.

With each inhale and exhale of breath, the shirt began to ride up a little more, exposing a significantly plumper belly than you expected. And when they snuggled deeper into one of the pillows, it jiggled . The breath was knocked clean out of your lungs as you tried to process what happened. Mouth dry, you tried to avert your gaze but your eyes were glued to that soft, irresistible little mound that poked out of their sweatpants.

You unconsciously reached out a hand as if to touch it, then snatched it back once you regained control of your body.

The shrinking impulse gave way to a twinge of something darker. Touch them like this? No... no, that wasn't right, you wanted them to beg for your touch.

After taking a couple minutes to compose yourself, you got up and left a post-it note on the fridge telling your roommate to eat as much of the cake as they'd like.

The next day, there wasn't even a crumb left.


Over the next few weeks, you fell into a comfortable rhythm. Every couple of days you'd stop by the supermarket on your way home and pick up something sweet for your roommate to snack on.

At first it started out casual; a pack of cream-filled cookies here, a family sized bag of peanut butter cups there, all of which they finished in a day or less. Eventually, they'd finish everything in one sitting and pout when they realized there was nothing left to satisfy their sweet tooth. At this point, you decided it was time for them to graduate to something more substantial.

It didn't take much longer before you were buying them the richest, most fattening pastries available--and at their own request no less. Within a month, all the bakers who worked the afternoon shift greeted you by name.

And boy oh boy, had your roommate gotten fat.

Ever since they started working from home, they spent more time than ever lounging around the apartment, and that was when they weren't lying in bed with their computer. Sure, they ate all their fruits and veggies. And they made a valiant effort to work out on the previous tenants' hand-me-down treadmill, but with the new layer of pudge around their midsection messing with their center of gravity, it just wasn't worth it.

They switched to doing yoga instead, and that adorable blush reddened their cheeks once again as they shyly confessed they wouldn't be using the treadmill anymore. You reassured them that it was for the best, not everyone is cut out for using exercise equipment. Besides, the downward dog pose gave you an excellent view of their ass, which was swelling up more and more by the day.

Although doting on your roommate and buying them snacks was more fun than you imagined, your favorite part of this routine was definitely watching them fatten up.

When you began catering to your roommate's sugar cravings, you didn't know which part of their body would plump up before the rest, or if it would happen all at once. But you quickly learned that they carried most of their fat in their belly and upper arms when the seams on their shirts grew tight and the waistband of their pants began to fold over. As if taking a break, their belly seemed to stop growing for a couple weeks, the fat in their body instead concentrating itself in less conspicuous areas, like their cheeks, chin, and thighs. But you weren't satisfied quite yet--you wanted to see that belly hang low and grow wide enough to fill (then spill out of) their lap, not just poke out of their shirts.

One time you got back after an emergency ice cream run only to nearly drop the bag you were holding when they met you at the door. They were wearing short shorts, thick thighs pressing up against each other, and instead of walking, they waddled.

The more you looked, the harder it got to keep your hands to yourself. They looked so much like a fat little penguin waddling from the door to the kitchen that your heart almost stopped whenever they turned, the momentum making their ass jiggle.

But somehow you resisted the temptation.

On the day your roommate confessed to having a crush on you, you had the immense pleasure of letting them know their feelings were reciprocated. This time, when those delightfully chubby cheeks turned red, you leaned in to plant a kiss on each one.

And with those big doe eyes and pretty blush, they guided your hands to their belly in a silent plea.


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