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Oct 22, 2005
SSBBW/SSBHM, Immobility, , Heavy Sex, ~XXWG - A betrayed diva enters a unique hotel where she will remain forever…

Hotel New Orleans
by Casso
(based on the incomplete Anonymous Archive tale "Fat Person's Tavern"
earlier posted here in the Discard Forum)

Author's Note: This was originally begun as a series entitled ‘The Fat Person Tavern.’ I kept the characters and the situations, but I have renamed a couple of them and I have re-titled it. I do intend this to be the first installment of the series as the original author promised.

ALYSSA- Part One

Alyssa Jordan was barely 18 years old when she and her boyfriend, David Riggs decided their love was too strong to deny it any longer. They had been together since sophomore year in high school and they were both certain they were destined to be married. Neither of their parents shared this belief and thus both kids were pounced upon hard when they decided to bring up their plan to skip college and get married in the fall instead. David’s parents threatened to take away his car and Alyssa’s father actually threatened her with a convent.

Two days later their parents awoke to find the couple had packed their necessities and taken whatever cash they had and left in Alyssa’s Dodge Stratus for parts unknown.

They were smart for a couple of teenagers. Television and movies had given David enough information to know not to use cash machines (they had emptied and closed their savings and checking accounts), credit cards, and to always pay cash at tolls and bridges. Two days later the pair were in New Orleans, settling in a small apartment and paying the first six months rent in cash. They had each left a note that explained that they had run off to elope. Considering they were both legally adults, they had no worry of the police looking for them. Their parents and private investigators were a concern though, hence the cash only policy and lying low for a while.

They had a small television Alyssa had taken from her bedroom, and they each had ipods and laptops. David would have to live a few months without Netflix and Alyssa would have to get by without Weeds on Showtime.

Hurricane Katrina had provided plenty of work they could each do, most of it off the books. David wanted to get them new identities, but Alyssa figured if they laid low for six months or a year, they could resurface as themselves and their parents would be less likely to hound them because they would have made it on their own and proven that they were capable of being together forever.

Alyssa was a beautiful blonde girl. She was very petite at 110 pounds; David loved her tight butt and large, firm breasts. Her waist was so small that many thought she had an eating disorder, but this wasn't so; Alyssa was just naturally slender and she kept her figure by exercising and watching what she ate. Her mother was a fitness freak and she kept a close eye on Alyssa’s eating and exercise habits. It worked for her, Alyssa’s mother was 41 years old and she looked 25. At least her mother’s 28-year old boyfriend thought she did.

David had always been one of the pretty people in the high school as well. He played football and baseball and was in fantastic shape. He and Alyssa had been named the prom king and queen during their senior year.

Their plans were working out perfectly. David was working off the books for a company that was cleaning up the effects of Hurricane Katrina. He expected to be doing that as long as he wanted to because there was more work than they had people for. Alyssa found a job at a small café in their parish and she also was able to work off of the books.

The couple quickly made a lot of friends and due to the disorganization caused from the disaster, they were able to get away with things they would not have been able to do in Maryland.

They spent more than a few weekends on Bourbon Street, partying and drinking until the early morning hours. Alyssa would get drunk and bare her breasts and try to get as many beads as she could. Having his hot girlfriend showing strangers her amazing body turned David on and they made love constantly.

Unfortunately, over the course of the several months, since Alyssa had now gotten off her mother’s regulated routine, she began to lose control of things. It was her first time away from home, she had no adult authority helping her make decisions and she began to get caught up in her new freedoms. Due to the fact that she worked the second shift at the café, she could go bed every night at nearly 5 am and she would wake up in the early afternoon. She had developed a smoking habit to look more mature and she realized cigarettes went really well with beer, which she had decided she liked much more than hard liquor. She was drinking a lot of beer and rarely if ever exercised. Finally, she got into the habit of eating not only much more then she was used to; almost all of it was incredibly fattening and sweet foods. She would cram junk food into her mouth by the bagful when she was drunk.

David had to be at work early, so quite often he would leave her to party with their friends after he would crash. He was rarely up past 1:00 or 2:00 am at the latest. His job was very labor intensive and the affects of all of the drinking and fast food were almost impossible to see on his body. Alyssa was eventually promoted to bartender so even though she was on her feet most of the night, she certainly didn’t have to move much or exert as much effort to pour beers and shots as she did when she was waiting between four or five tables at a time.

At first, neither she nor David noticed her weight gain. Too lazy to go outside for exercise, she would spend her days off lying on the couch, eating and watching TV. The pounds began to accumulate on her tiny frame. At first, only her boobs got bigger. David noticed this but he of course had no problem with her breasts expanding into a d-cup. On her little body, they looked immense. He wasn’t the only one who noticed them, her tips got bigger as her tits got bigger. Soon, however, Alyssa’s behind started to expand as well. Her belly was no longer flat and it quickly became soft and it began hang over the tops of her cutoff jeans.

A year after they left Maryland Alyssa sprained her wrist. She caught herself on a tree root and had fallen, bending her hand awkwardly while out partying in the woods. The next day it hurt so badly she decided to go to the local clinic to have it looked at.

She received all sorts of bad news from the doctor. The doctor asked about her social habits, and she lied about most of them. Alyssa was only 19, so she lied about her underage drinking and she lied about her pack a day smoking habit as well.

“Well, Miss Jordan, I have to admit I don’t think you’re being very honest with me.” The doctor began looking at her chart and the x-ray of her wrist.

“Your wrist is going to be fine, but I’d like you to try and keep it immobile for awhile.”

Alyssa looked at him with wide eyes. She couldn’t believe he had the audacity to doubt her statement about her drinking and smoking. Before she could argue, he continued.

“You stink of cigarettes and beer.” He said setting the x-ray down on the counter. “You are 5’3” tall and your weight is 153 pounds.”

“That’s not true, I can’t be more than 1…25.” Alyssa countered. Dr. Breslin looked at her over the frames of his glasses.

“Alyssa, you have stretch marks on your belly and on your sides. You are soft and doughy with little muscle tone. This tells me that you’ve had a very fast, very recent weight gain. Have you recently left home? First time on your own?”

“Well, yes.” Alyssa replied, tears welling in her eyes. She was mortified. 153 pounds?

How is that even remotely possible? She thought to herself.

“I recommend Tylenol for the pain. I really recommend you quit smoking, slow down on the drinking and for goodness sake, you’re only 19 years old. Get some exercise.”

Flustered and angry, Alyssa found herself wondering what life would have been like if she had stayed home in Maryland or gone to college as she drove to the cafe. She was upset, but she made it in to work. Alyssa was supposed to work until 1:00am, but she used her wrist as an excuse and left shortly after 10:00pm.

"David, I'm home," she said angrily entering their apartment.

Clothes lay littered around the floor, and Alyssa quickly realized as she picked up a black lace bra, they were not her clothes. Her eyes widened, fury built up inside her. David assumed she would be working for another three hours. He was in their bedroom fast asleep. Unfortunately, he wasn’t asleep alone.

It was warm in the apartment and he slept on top of the covers, naked beside a young redhead Alyssa recognized from the bar. The girl’s name was Kate, she was a bit older than Alyssa, but she was in much better shape. Her breasts were large and firm, her stomach toned and flat. Alyssa looked at Kate sleeping and caught her own bloated reflection in the large mirror over the headboard.

In a new kindled rage, she ran to David’s side of the bed and awoke him by punching him in the chest.

"David!" She yelled, slapping him in the face.

"Ughhh, Katie what is it..." he said sleepily, moving his head across the pillow and desperately trying to clear the cobwebs out of his brain.

"It’s Alyssa! Pack your stuff and get out of my home!” Alyssa screamed at them.

"Alyssa!" David bolted up from bed, looking dead in the eyes of his enraged lover.

Katie had also woken up and had begun to put on her panties, trying to make a silent escape.

"Get out!” Alyssa screamed, throwing her clothes at her and spitting. She turned to David. "How long has this been going on?"

David sighed, "Two months, almost three." He replied calmly. He honestly felt a weight lifting from his shoulders and he was glad to have this over.

“Two or three months?! You lying bastard!” Alyssa screamed. “And you are a cheap whore!” She yelled at Kate. "I've heard enough, both of you get out."

Unfortunately for Alyssa, David and Kate had discussed this situation happening someday. They looked at each other and then suddenly grabbed Alyssa by her arms and carried her out of the bedroom.

“Wha-what are you doing? Let me down!” Alyssa hollered. David got her purse off the table and Katie opened the door of their apartment. The two of them tossed Alyssa into the hallway, and slammed the door, locking it.

“I’ll have the rest of your stuff packed and left in the parking lot in an hour!” David yelled through the door.

Alyssa was hysterical. Tears streamed down her face as she pounded on the door. "It’s over David! It’s over! You just lost the prom queen you selfish bastard! You’ll never see me again!”

David screamed back, "It was over months ago you fat pig! Good riddance! Go get yourself a cheeseburger fat ass!”

Alyssa was stung by those words. She had never been called a fat ass in her entire life, not ever, not once. Frankly, because she had never had a fat ass. She knew she had gained a little weight, but she didn't think David minded. She had just assumed that's what people who love each other do.

They didn't care about the other's physical appearance.

She punched the door again. “Bastard!” She hollered.

“Hey, shut up, I’m trying to sleep.” The neighbor next door said poking his
head out of his door and glaring at Alyssa. She shot him the finger and pounded on the door again. “I’m calling the cops.” He said ducking his head back in and closing his door.

Not wanting to add a night in jail to her list of embarrassments, Alyssa turned and walked down the hallway, down the two flights of stairs and out the door of the apartment building. Outside, she shakily fished a cigarette from her purse and lit it. She paced back and forth on the sidewalk looking up at the window she used to call home. Alyssa could see David’s and Kate’s shadows passing by it as they gathered her belongings.

She didn’t want anyone to steal her stuff when David put it outside, so she fought the urge to leave. She did, however want a drink so she walked around the corner to a bar she and ordered a large beer and a shot of tequila.

A little over an hour later Alyssa had downed five beers and five shots and she shakily walked back to the building. Several boxes and milk crates sat where she had been pacing an hour earlier. Her car was parked a few spaces away and she placed her belongings in her trunk and on the backseat.

Closing the trunk, she looked up at the window. “You've got what you want David! Kate Rossi is a whore!” She screamed and got in her car. As she started to pull away from the curb, the car felt very strange and she stopped, putting it in park. Alyssa got out and saw that she had a flat tire on the passenger side. “Yeeeeek!” She screamed at the skies.

She jumped back in it and pulled into the first parking spot available. Turning off the ignition, Alyssa broke down and cried. She cried for several minutes before she saw a police car pulling into the lot. He was cruising down the other end so she quickly got out of her car and started walking the other way.

A few minutes later she was in a convenience store and she took her cell phone out. The light for the battery was blinking.

“Oh no, I forgot to charge this today.” She muttered. Crossing her fingers she hoped it would last for a few minutes and called for a taxi to come pick her up. The phone went dark just as she was finishing the call.

Alyssa stepped outside to wait for the taxi and she caught her reflection in the store’s window. Finally, she could see what she had been ignoring all these months. Her butt was a lot larger and much more jiggly then it had been a year ago. Her breasts had grown wider and larger, they stretched out her white t-shirt invitingly, but the shirt was also stretched tightly over her pudgy belly that was hanging over the band of her shorts. Her legs had also gotten fatter; she noticed her thighs rubbed together with every step she took. On top of all that, she noticed she was developing a little double chin.

It’s only ten pounds. She had been lying to herself all this time. According to the doctor’s scale, it was more like 43 pounds.

“43 pounds.” She muttered to herself quietly as she slapped her butt, feeling it jiggle. The cab pulled up to the curb, and stepped into it.

"Take me to a bar, any bar, I don't care, just take me somewhere," Alyssa moaned softly. Her eyes tear-stained, she saw that the cab driver was an incredibly fat Cajun woman behind that wheel.

"Awright, honey, Camella Mae take you to a place where you be ‘ppreciated for who you are," the driver said in a soothing tone, stepping on the accelerator.

Where I’ll be appreciated for who I am? Alyssa thought to herself. What does that mean?

Seconds after Alyssa pulled away in the taxi, a second taxi pulled up to the curb at that corner.

“Dispatch?” The man behind the wheel said into his radio.

“Dispatch, what’s up Ray?” A woman’s bored voice replied.

“I’m at the corner of 3rd and Ventnor, is this the correct pickup?”

“3rd and Ventnor is correct. A young girl named Alyssa Jordan requested pick up outside the convenience store.”

“There’s nobody here.” Ray replied hitting his car horn twice. A moment later the convenience store clerk poked her head out of the store.

“Anybody inside call for a pick up?” Ray asked her.

“There’s no one in the store right now but me.” She replied.

Ray waved at the girl to thank her and keyed his microphone “Nobody inside either.”

“She must have changed her mind.” The dispatcher replied.

Ray put his cab in drive and pulled away.

Around the corner David Riggs peaked out of his window and saw Alyssa’s things were gone and he sneaked downstairs to get himself a six-pack at the very convenience store Alyssa had called for the cab. He saw her car parked a few spaces from where she usually parked and he quickened his pace.

“Uh-oh.” He muttered. He figured she was gone; he didn’t want another confrontation.

He ducked into the store quickly and grabbed a six-pack of Miller Light from the refrigerator and paid for it. He peeked around the corner carefully and saw that Alyssa’s car was gone. “Thank Goodness.” He whispered but he still walked as quickly as possible back to the building.

The taxi was dirty, and the large woman with the long gray hair and leathery, sunburned skin didn’t look much cleaner. Her eyes were light blue, almost like ice, but warm at the same time in the rearview mirror

Alyssa was more concerned with being angry and dabbing at her tears than actually paying any attention to where the taxi driver was taking her. Eventually, the houses along the road became less frequent and shortly after that even streetlights abandoned the route she was being driven along. Darkness surrounded the cab, the twin headlights cutting through the inky blackness illuminated old, gnarled trees with Spanish moss hanging thickly from them on either side of the road.

Only the dashboard and the radio, which was softly playing an old Gospel
song Alyssa didn’t recognize, lighted the car’s interior. The late August heat and humidity even at this late hour was stifling. She removed her phone from her bag and opened it to check the time but the screen remained dark.

“Brother.” She muttered. “I knew I should have charged it this morning.”
The driver’s hypnotic eyes caught hers in the rearview mirror.

“Watcha’ll need theyuh baby gal?” She asked. It took Alyssa a second to decipher the words due the woman’s thick Cajun accent.

“What time is it?” She asked the woman as calmly as she could.

“It be midnight time we get theyuh.” The woman said and then she was silent again. Alyssa dabbed her yes and tried to ignore the fact that the driver didn’t really answer her question.

What time is it now? How do I know we won’t be driving for another three hours before midnight comes? She thought to herself.

They drove through the endless dark for what seemed like an eternity. Alyssa peered hard through the cab’s dirty windows for any landmark or any sign of where she was being taken. Not being from New Orleans, or Louisiana for that matter, she probably wouldn’t have known where she was if it was broad daylight out anyway.

The minutes passed and with each moment Alyssa felt her heart beat faster.

This is wrong. She thought to herself. Her mind began to race as quickly as her heart and slowly panic began to set in. She certainly didn’t want this crazy old woman to drop her off in the middle of nowhere, but what if the destination was a shallow grave in a field?

Every horror film she’d ever watched began to drift into her fevered mind. Texas Chainsaw Massacre, what if the old woman had a family of cannibals? The Anne Rice books were set in the very city she called home. Vampires? Alyssa shook her head. There are no such things as vampires she told herself. A moment later her thoughts turned to True Blood on HBO, which was also set in Louisiana.

Again with the vampires? She asked herself.

“Um, are we almost there?” Alyssa asked meekly. “I uh…have to pee. I have to go really bad.” She added deciding that if they stopped here, she could run and hide out until morning. There was no way this fat old lady could catch her. She would take her chances with bugs and creepy crawlies until morning.

“Ya can’t get out heyuh, dahlin’” The woman replied. “They’s gatuhs evawheyuh. We be there inna minute anyways.”

Alligators, of course. Alyssa thought.

What have I gotten myself into? She thought as she again removed her phone from her bag and got the same result she gotten earlier, dead.
She took a deep breath and slowly exhaled. Don’t panic, don’t panic, don’t panic. Alyssa thought to herself. Sweat dripped down her face from her hairline. Her t-shirt was soaked and stuck to her lower back. She fanned her self with a folded brochure from Voodoo Merman, Marie Laveau House of Voodoo she had gotten from her purse. It had been in there since her and Alex’ visit to Bourbon Street two weeks earlier. Suddenly that seemed like a lifetime ago.

She thought she was happy. She thought Alex was happy. They had a beautiful life together just as they had planned when they ran away from Maryland to start fresh without her parents, or anyone else telling them they were too young. Now she was wishing she had listened to her mother and gone to college. Her dumb job at the Walmart in Maryland seemed so much more welcome than the sight of her boyfriend in bed with that redheaded bimbo.

I’m so stupid. She thought. I should have listened. Now this old hag is going to hit me over the head and leave me to die in the bayou.

Alyssa suddenly froze as looked out the window. Finally she saw light off in the distance. She realized it was a porch light from an old farmhouse or something. The car didn’t even slow down and it passed. Alyssa was slightly relieved to know at least someone lived out here. A few minutes later they passed another, and then, finally, a street light appeared up ahead.

That light also passed and Alyssa again became anxious as she saw no other lights. Suddenly, the car began to slow and Alyssa prepared to run as soon as it stopped. Lights appeared dimly off to her right. They slowly grew brighter and eventually through the trees the lights began to multiply until Alyssa could make out a building set way back from the road.

The old woman steered the cab through and enormous set of old, wrought-iron gates that butted against an eight foot concrete fence that stretched off into the dark in both directions. Inside the perimeter was a long driveway that led to the huge building. Alyssa could see the shapes of vehicles off the driveway in the yard. In the dim illumination she could see weeds growing around the cars and trucks. They hadn’t been moved in years.

The sour smell of compost and rot drifted to her nostrils, a sure sign that this area had been hit by Katrina and hadn’t yet been cleaned up entirely. “Oh, hell no.” Alyssa heard herself saying to the driver. “What is this place?”

“Where ya’ll need to be, child.” The woman softly replied. “Where you can be yuhself.”

At the end of the driveway was a circle that went under a covered entryway. There a wide set of marble steps led up to very ornate double doors. Light shone through the yellow glass inside. Over the doors hung a sign that looked to be as old as the building. “The Hotel New Orleans” was spelled out in ornate type with rusted lights hanging above it. Only two of the five lights still worked.

“You’re crazy!” Alyssa cried out and tried to open the door, but it wouldn’t budge.

“Calm down!” The old cabbie said quietly. “Yo safe! Relax, appeaynces ain’t everythin they seem.” She said.

(Continued in next post)

Blame Picasso

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Oct 22, 2005
“This seems like a place I’m going to get raped and murdered.” Alyssa hissed. Suddenly there was a figure beside her door and she screamed. It was a man dressed in an impeccable gray suit with a red tie. His hair was long and pulled up in a pony tail. He had a scruff of a beard under his mouth, but was clean shaven otherwise. Black plastic rimmed glasses framed his eyes. They were pale blue just like the cab driver’s were.

He opened the door and held out his hand. With a slight, kind smile he spoke softly. “Welcome to the Hotel New Orleans, Alyssa.”

Her jaw dropped, but she managed to gently take his hand and allowed him to help her from the car.

“H-how do you know my name?” She stammered.

“We’ve been expecting you.” He replied. “I’m Andre, please come inside.”

Alyssa looked at him dazed and then she remembered the cab. She turned and reached inside her purse.

"Well, heyah you are, babygal." The driver said. "No charge, on me." She added with a smile and winked at Alyssa before putting the old taxi in gear and driving back out the way she came in.

Andre stood at the top of the stairs waiting patiently for her. Alyssa looked around at the darkness and shivered. She then walked up the steps and again took Andre’s hand as he opened the door for her.

"Welcome to the Hotel New Orleans!" Said a cheerful, but monstrously overweight man from behind the check-in counter in the main lobby. He rested his enormous posterior against an equally enormous stool, his elbows leaning on the counter, his giant belly hanging down to his knees. His face was buried under rolls of fat, but he smiled brightly and his eyes twinkled with delight. "It would appear we've got a newcomer! What's your name, miss?"

"A-Alyssa," she said shakily, her hand tightening on Andre’s arm.

“Well of course you are, we’ve been expecting you Miss Alyssa Jordan.”
He said slipping on a pair of reading glasses and looking at the ledger before him. “I’m so sorry about your day.” The man added looking up into her eyes.

“H-how do you know about?” Alyssa began.

“I’m Henry, everyone calls me Hank.” The huge man continued, ignoring her confusion. “Andre here will be showing you around while your room is prepared. Feel free to have a drink and please.”

He added. “Help yourself to our buffet.”

Andre looked at Alyssa and she nodded that she was ready to look around. He led her across the lobby. Two women who looked to be in their late twenties sat on a large over-stuffed couch chatting. They each had enormous platters of all sorts of delicious looking burgers and French fries and chicken wings on the coffee table before them. They smiled and nodded at Alyssa as she passed. Alyssa smiled in return. Both of the ladies appeared to weigh well over 300 pounds.

Andre opened a door on the wall opposite the check-in desk that led into the bar. It was enormous and appeared to be as old as the building. Fine mahogany wood tables and chairs were arranged around the room, and the bar itself gleamed in the rich dark wood. Huge swivel chair barstools were in front of it. They were low stools, and Alyssa immediately knew why. There were ten or twelve men and women at the bar and no one weighed less than 250 pounds. Couples and groups of as many as six people occupied ten of the twenty tables, and they too were all obese.

Alyssa said nothing to Andre about the size of all of the hotel’s guests; she just smiled and watched. To one side of the bar was a door that led to a hallway, the opposite wall was all glass and had a set of French doors that led out onto the veranda. Alyssa indicated to Andre that she’d like to see that and he gently followed her lead.

Outside the night air was still heavy and humid. Inside had been air-conditioned and at least twenty degrees cooler. Tables with umbrellas dotted the cobblestone patio. A huge pool glistened in the dim lights surrounding it. Several young men were swimming, they were strangely enough, slim and muscular. Friends of theirs were sitting at one of the tables. Two people at the table were also slim and young men. They were, however chatting and laughing with five girls about Alyssa’s age. The girls were all eating as the boys either fed or served them. Two boys were massaging one of the girls’ stomach. She was moaning softly as she had apparently eaten an enormous amount of food. She was dark haired, her ruby lips open as she seemed to have trouble breathing. The girl weighed about 400 pounds and was the largest girl outside. The others ranged from a little larger than Alyssa, to 200 pounds, and maybe 250 for a couple of the others.

“Charlotte, are you alright, my dear?” Andre asked as they approached the table.

“H-hello Andre.” Charlotte said between breaths. “Yes, I-I’m fine. I just ate a whole lot of that delicious fried chicken before along with three helpings of those amazing garlic potatoes.”

“Don’t forget all of those biscuits.” One of the boys rubbing her immense belly chuckled.

“Yeah, them too.” Charlotte added and blushed brightly. “I’ve been a piggy tonight.”

“Excellent my dear.” Andre smiled and gently took Charlotte’s hand.

“Charlotte, this Alyssa, she just joined us.”

“Hello.” Alyssa said quietly. Her eyes were drawn to Charlotte’s enormous, exposed belly. Her hand timidly went to her own belly and Alyssa felt her heart skip at the thought of all the boys paying this much attention to her for eating like a whale.

Everyone at the table scanned Alyssa’s corpulent body and each knew why Alyssa was there even though they could tell Alyssa did not yet realize it.

"Well Alyssa, it appears you've come to the right place!” Charlotte said with a grin. “The Hotel New Orleans is where us fat people can enjoy life for what it really is meant for, indulgement!"

She gave a wink, and then continued. "I came here at a measly 170 pounds. My boyfriend had dumped me; I got fired for standing up for myself from the verbal abuse over my weight at work, I had nowhere to turn. Since that taxi cab brought me here I have met fat people of all different ages, races, and weights."

She chuckled. “Oh, and I have gained a little bit, I'm now at 392 pounds!”

“So, what would you like to drink, Alyssa?" Andre politely interrupted. He gently bowed to the party at the table and led Alyssa back to the bar.

"Umm, I'll take a cold beer, please...and," She looked back at Charlotte and her friends. "I'll take three orders of onion rings and two giant cheeseburgers."

"That's the spirit!" Charlotte called after her. The rest of her group began to applaud as Andre opened the door for her and she went inside.

"My name's Dayan." Said a beautiful black woman who slid up to the bar next to Alyssa as she sat back rubbing her full belly. Alyssa had just finished both burgers and all 3 orders of onion rings. The bartender smiled as he placed her third huge mug of Guinness on the bar.

“I’m Alyssa, nice to meet you Dayan.”

“You just arrived?” Dayan asked.

“Yes, I haven’t even been up to my room yet.”

“Welcome to Heaven, baby.” Dayan said holding her martini up to Alyssa. She tapped the rim with her beer and took a deep swallow.

"You can ask anyone their weight here, and they don’t mind.” Dayan offered. “It's not a burden, it's more a source of pride, a trophy of overcoming the anxiety modern society places upon us. I'm 310 pounds, and proud of it!"

“That’s so great.” Alyssa said with a grin. She was a little buzzed, very tired, but by now was strangely sure she was going to enjoy spending a day or two here. “I’ve put on 43 pounds this year myself.”

“Good for you, baby.” Dayan held her glass up again and again Alyssa tapped it. Both ladies finished their drinks and set the glasses down.
Alyssa belched loudly and gave a meek smile. Dayan just laughed and touched her shoulder. The ladies turned and saw a large cluster of men and women heading out into the lobby. They got up and followed. The group went through the lobby to a set of doors between the front door of the hotel and the wide, curved staircase that led upstairs.

"What's so interesting in there?" Alyssa asked.

Dylan chuckled, "That's the sitting room. Tonight that’s where Rochelle and Benny are; they're the two fattest people who've ever come in here, and heh, they never left!” I'm not sure how much Benny weighs; I know that Allison weighed 1,196 pounds last week, and I'm sure Benny is well over the 900 mark." She walked into the large sitting room, and Alyssa followed.

They moved through the crowd, giving polite "excuse me”s and "pardon’s” until they finally reached the front. Alyssa’s eyes widened at what she saw. She stood frozen in shock at what lay before her.

Benny was humongous; he wore a tight button down shirt the size of a bed sheet. His hair was buzzed short and he had a cute pair of round glasses on. Then her eyes settled on Rochelle.

Rochelle was fatter then anyone Alyssa she could even imagine. Rochelle's stomach expanded over an area of 7 feet. Her arms and legs were also immensely fat; her butt alone was more then 5 feet wide and her face was buried in lard. Rochelle’s features were so distorted that it looked as if she had a miniaturized face. Her breasts were so huge that they sagged down almost 2-and-a-half feet and were each at least a foot wide!

The people were congratulating her on hitting 1,200 pounds on her birthday. She wore white stretch pants that looked like they were painted on her huge, dimpled legs. Alyssa could only see her calves because Rochelle’s belly completely covered her legs past her knees. A light blue short-sleeved shirt that said ‘Birthday Girl’ on it barely contained her breasts. Her belly was exposed and Alyssa had to fight the urge to touch her. Dimples and rolls covered her stomach. Rochelle’s navel was large enough for Alyssa’s fist to fit inside.

Alyssa saw a huge cake between Rochelle and Benny that said happy birthday. She quickly counted 25 candles. The girl was that enormous and she was only 25 years old?

Alyssa somehow knew then that she too had to be that fat. She didn't know how she was going to get there, but she knew that she had to be that immense, that immobile...that attractive, and she was going to do anything to get there...


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Oct 22, 2005
ALYSSA- Part Two

Andre found Alyssa in the sitting room finishing her third piece of cake with Dayan and everyone else celebrating with Rochelle.

“Oh, hi Andre.” Alyssa smiled when she saw him.

“Hello beautiful girl, come with me.” He said gently as he held out his hand. “Your room is ready.”

Alyssa stood and walked across the room with him. She’d been chatting with many of the people over the course of an hour or so. Now as they passed by many people smiled and welcomed her. Several girls and a few of the guys told her they hoped to see her at breakfast and that she’d love the pool.

In the lobby Hank was still using the counter to hold up his enormous bulk. He was whistling a familiar tune that Alyssa couldn’t quite place.

“Hello darlin’!” He said brightly to her.

“Hello again, Hank.” Alyssa said sweetly. “She placed her purse on the counter and began to get out her wallet.

“No need for anything in there.” Hank said turning an old fashioned sign in ledger to face her. “I just need your John Hancock right here.”
He said and handed her an equally old-fashioned quill pen with a bright red feather.

“Oh, this is beautiful.” Alyssa remarked, taking the pen. “Do I need ink?”

“No.” Hank said. “It’s not that kind of pen. You can just sign.”

Alyssa was puzzled for a second, but she bent and neatly signed her name. She blinked at the signature; the ‘ink’ was blood red. Startled, she looked up at Hank, then at Andre. Both of them were smiling politely. When she looked back at her name, it appeared to be written in black ink just as the dozens of others on the page and the page opposite it were.
Alyssa giggled. “Too many beers and too much excitement tonight.”

“Let’s get you to bed.” Andre suggested.

“That sounds good.” She agreed and once again slipped her hand into the crook of his arm and let him escort her up the sweeping staircase to the second floor. At the end of the lush, red-carpeted hallway there was another staircase. They took them up to the third floor and there; Andre produced a key for room 324.

Alyssa dreamily looked at the number as he unlocked the door. “324?” She whispered. “I can’t wait until I weigh as much as my room number.”

“You will be lovely that large.” Andre said opening the door. “But that will be just the beginning.”

Before that statement could register in Alyssa’s brain, the beauty of her room overwhelmed her. A huge cherry wood dresser was against the wall. It had a large mirror over it. There was a second smaller dresser adjacent to it and beside that was a matching writing desk. The center of the room held a king-sized cherry wood four-poster bed with a white satin canopy. A pair of French doors, covered by sheer white curtains led out to a balcony with a small table and two big comfortable chairs. Alyssa stood and looked down at the pool below her.

“Your key is here.” Andre said setting the key on the writing desk. There are bed clothes in the dresser, and a bathrobe is hanging on the back of the bathroom door for you.”

“Th-thank you Andre.” Alyssa whispered. “Andre?”

He turned just as he turned the knob to open the door. “Yes my dear?”

“How am I going to pay for all of this?”

“Money means nothing at the Hotel New Orleans.” He said with a slight smile.

“Welcome home.” He added as he quietly closed the door behind himself.

It took Alyssa several days before she accepted the fact that she wasn’t going to be given a huge bill for her stay. Her room was cleaned everyday by maids, her every meal was a banquet. There was a party every evening in the bar. She spent her days lounging by the pool or walking the enormous grounds of the hotel.

Alyssa made many friends and was being chased by more than a few of the young men around. It didn’t occur to her that no one talked about their past lives before they came to the hotel beyond their stories of how they arrived. It also never occurred to her to leave, even if it was only to go to a movie or even for a pack of cigarettes.

Alyssa woke up to the sun shining through her curtains, as it almost always seemed to. She was amazed how little it had rained over the last few weeks. She sat up in her cozy bed and stretched. As her brain began to clear she briefly thought about how long she’d been there.

“A month?” She figured. There were no clocks that she could recall, no televisions and no calendars. She made a point to stop and see Hank about getting a clock and a calendar for her writing desk.

Alyssa slid over to the edge of the bed and swung her legs over the side. She slipped her nightgown over her head and laid it on the bed and walked quickly into the bathroom. She left the bathroom door open while she peed. When she had cleaned herself she flushed and stood, stretching in the large mirror over the sink. Her hands went to her belly and she scratched it as she watched her reflection.

“My goodness I’ve gotten big since I’ve been here.” She said with a pleased grin.

A month of gorging on the endless supply of food the hotel put out for it’s guests and partying every night, drinking dozens of high calorie beers and then lying around in the sun all day had left Alyssa with an amazing suntan and at least another forty pounds she figured.

“I have to get a scale from Hank too.” She whispered turning and hugging her expanding belly and then sliding her hands under her enormous breasts.

“Forty pounds.” She whispered running her hands down around her ass. She lifted her butt cheeks and giggled when she let go because she could feel them drop and wobble. “That would put me at…about 190 pounds? Wow!”

Her nipples stood out at that realization and Alyssa realized she hadn’t been with a man since the last time she was with David.

“I may have to do something about that.” She said slipping her hands over breasts. Alyssa had no shortage of interested men at the hotel and had eaten and drank with many of them since her arrival. Right now she decided to take a long shower and satisfy her immediate needs.

The water was hot and it immediately soaked her long blonde hair and began to run down her back. It was a little hotter than she liked and she quickly turned it down. She squeezed some shampoo into her hand and lathered her hair and then rinsed. Running her hand over her legs she decided they could use a shave when she was done, but not until after she’d satisfied something else. She shampooed her hair once more and then conditioned it twice as well.

Alyssa then removed the showerhead from the hook and ran it over her body with her hand. She changed the setting to pulse and concentrated it under her breasts for a moment before holding it behind herself and aiming it at her lower back. The hot water massaged her back muscles and she let it drift down to her butt. It stung her ass cheeks slightly and she moaned at the sensation. She then bent and let the jet stream against her anus. Overspray was hitting her vagina as well and she moaned softly again.
The water felt good, but Alyssa decided she needed to handle herself the old fashioned way and hung the shower back up and spread body wash all over a washcloth and soaped up her expanding body. She rubbed the soft cloth over and under her breasts, tweaking her hard nipples with her other hand.

She slid the warm, wet cloth between her legs and massaged herself with it. Very quickly her breathing got heavy and she closed her eyes. She caressed her breasts with her free hand and began moving the hand with the washcloth faster over her clitoris.

She grunted and gritted her teeth as she came under her touch. Leaning against the wall she dropped the washcloth and slid three fingers into her wet pussy. Alyssa cried out in pleasure and a moment later another shattering orgasm rushed through her body.

After she could compose herself, Alyssa soaped up her legs and pubic area with soap and she shaved. She kept her pubic hair trimmed in a neat Mohawk that David used to call his ‘landing strip’.

“I wonder if Hank could get me a trimmer too?” She wondered aloud.

Downstairs Alyssa stopped at the check-in counter where Hank was in his usual position; leaning against it. He was eating a large meatball sandwich and several more were on a platter next to him.

“Good morning Hank.” Alyssa said cheerfully.

Hank nodded and finished chewing what was in his mouth before he smiled and replied. “Good morning, Miss Alyssa. Don’t you look lovely this morning?”

“Why thank you.” She replied sweetly twirling around in a yellow sundress that hugged her widening hips and swelling belly. It was cut low enough to show off her impressive cleavage as well.

“What can I do for you today?” He asked.

“I was wondering if I could get a clock and a calendar for my writing desk?” Alyssa asked.

Hank frowned for a half a second, but quickly recovered. “I hate to say no to a beautiful young lady, but I’m afraid that’s against the rules here at the New Orleans.”

“Against the rules? That’s silly.” Alyssa countered.

“No, I’m afraid it isn’t.” Hank said carefully. “In fact, I think this is something you may want to talk to Andre about. I am sorry, Alyssa.”

“Think nothing of it, Hank.” She said with a smile. She intended to see Andre about as soon as she could because Hank’s response was strange more than anything else.

“Oh, well. How about a scale? Is that against the rules too?”

Hank brightened up at this request. “No ma’am, I will have a scale in your room before you go back up.”

“Thank you sweets.” She said and turned to leave.

“Ooh wait.” She whispered turning and leaning on the counter so that her mouth was near his ear.

“Do you think I could get me an electric hair trimmer for…” She didn’t finish the sentence; she just bit her lower lip and looked down at her nether region.

Hank looked puzzled for a second then he blushed red and nodded his huge head, his chubby cheeks shaking.

“Yes. Yes, I can uh…it will be with the scale.” He stammered.
Alyssa smiled as she tweaked his fat cheek and she sauntered off to get some breakfast.

At the same moment Alyssa tweaked Hank’s cheek, a New Orleans Police car was driving through the front gates. Two officer’s sat inside and both were scanning the multiple vehicles abandoned in the front of the hotel.

“Nothing new here.” Sgt. Peter St. Laurent muttered to his partner. “It doesn’t look like anybody has been here since Katrina hit.

“It sure doesn’t.” Patrolman Roland Cardinale replied. “Hey isn’t there a 1997 Dodge Stratus on our list?” He asked as he stopped the patrol car near where a black car of that make and model sat with weeds growing all around it. Mud was caked on the license plate.

“Yup.” The sergeant replied. “One black 1997 Dodge Stratus belonging to a Miss Alyssa Jordan. She was reported missing after not coming in to work for several days by her boss.”

“Should we go take a better look?” Cardinale asked while observing thick, brown Louisiana mud that ran from the pavement to where the car was parked.

“Start marching.” The sergeant stated flatly.

As soon as Cardinale put the car in park and sadly opened his door he started chuckling. “I’m just kidding. That car’s been there since the hurricane. Our Miss Jordan has only been missing for…hmm. It will be a year next Tuesday.”

“Okay.” Cardinale replied with a relieved grin as he closed his door. He would have been cleaning that smelly mud off his boots for hours.

“We probably should have a look around inside though, roust any squatters.”

“That’s always interesting in these old buildings.” Cardinale agreed. He pulled the car up to the steps and the two officers got out. Each of them slid a baton into the loop on his belt and they unsnapped the strap on their holsters. Cardinale retrieved two huge flashlights from the dashboard and handed one to his superior officer.

At the top of the steps, the sergeant rapped twice on the door and identified himself as a police officer. There was no response. He turned the knob and slowly opened the door to find…

Nothing. The room was empty; the building clearly had been deserted for years. The two officers split up with the senior officer taking the downstairs, the junior started up the staircase to the second floor.

Sergeant St. Laurent shook his head at the destruction the hurricane had caused to the beautiful mahogany woodwork. He looked at the bar and the warped planks that had once been a beautiful hand crafted work of art. The windows and mirrors shattered. Mosquitoes flew in a cloud about his face as he neared the doorway out to the pool. It stuck of stagnant water. He could see it was a disgusting green color, the patio overgrown with weeds and grass. A large rat scurried along the wall into the weeds.

“Even a bum wouldn’t stay here.” He muttered to himself before keying is radio. “Cardinale? Anything upstairs?”

“No sir.” Came Cardinale’s response.

“Let’s get out of here, this place is clearly abandoned.”

A minute later the two officer’s met in the lobby. Cardinale reached down and picked up the swollen, waterlogged guest registry from the floor where the water had pushed it into a corner. A large beetle scurried across his hand and he tossed the book onto the rotted front desk. St. Laurent chuckled at the younger man as he opened the door for him.

Neither of them noticed that when the registry landed it had opened to the page of the last entry. A beetle crawled over the line where Alyssa Jordan had neatly written her name.

Hank slammed his fist down and killed the bug before closing the quite pristine ledger and placing it on a shelf behind the front desk. He then bit into his third meatball sandwich, his mind still on the beautiful Miss Jordan.

“Man she’s getting hot.” He whispered to himself.

Alyssa walked into the bar and found several people she had become friendly with at a table by the windows. “

Hey y’all.” She said with a bright smile as she sat down in an empty chair.

“Good morning Lys.” Abby said as she bit into a huge forkful of pancakes. Her plate was covered in the large treats smothered in butter and syrup. Bacon and sausage links covered a plate beside it.

“Oh wow, that looks good.” Alyssa commented.

“Good morning, sexy.” A young man named Bryan sitting beside her said and gave her a peck on the cheek.

“Hello Lys.” Darren said from across the table. Alyssa could tell from the fact that his hands were under the table and he sat at a strange angle, he was rubbing Abby’s 300-pound belly under the tablecloth. That was quite common and though her belly was much smaller than a lot of her new girlfriends, she’d let more than one boy rub her tummy after she had filled it up since she arrived.

“Hey beautiful lady.” Said Thomas from across the table on the other side of Abby. Hello Thomas, hello Darren.” She said before turning to Bryan and returning his kiss on his cheek. “And good morning Bryan.”

A waitress arrived and smiled at Alyssa. “Good morning, Miss. What can I get you today?”

“Oh my.” Alyssa said thinking. “I need a large coffee with eight sugars and lots of cream. An orange juice with ice please and…bring me as many pancakes as you brought Abby here and don’t forget the bacon and sausage.”

“Very good ma’am. I’ll be right back with your coffee.”

“I love your dress, Lys!” Abby commented.

Alyssa thanked her and the group made small talk as Abby plowed through her food and a few minutes later Alyssa began to do the same.

An hour passed and Alyssa was finishing up her second serving of pancakes and bacon. Her dress felt like it would burst it had gotten so tight around her stuffed belly. More than once Alyssa had caught Thomas staring at her across the table and their eyes met. She felt herself getting aroused even as she ate knowing that he wanted to be with her. He smiled crookedly when she met his gaze. He was gorgeous and he made her heart melt…along with another part of her anatomy.

Abby noticed it and as she finished her third serving of the late morning, she indicated for Bryan and Darren to help her up and come out on the patio with her so they could rub her swollen belly and make room for lunch.

“Well, it’s just us.” Alyssa said softly. He stared into Thomas’ green eyes. He wore a pair of wire rim glasses; his hair was brown and was buzzed almost to his scalp. He wore a black t-shirt that was tight enough that she knew he had a strong chest and rock hard abs. His arms were tan and lean, muscular but not bulky. The shirt was tucked into a pair of jeans with a black leather belt. They had known each other since shortly after Alyssa had arrived. She had seen enough of him to know he was popular with the ladies in the hotel, but he did not flaunt the fact. Alyssa had also noticed he had a very enticing bulge in his jeans.

“I thought they’d never leave.” Thomas whispered back. Alyssa shifted slightly in her seat and soaked up the last of her syrup with her last forkful of pancakes.

“Are you going to be ordering thirds as well?” Thomas asked raising his hand to summon the waitress.

“No, no thank you.” Alyssa said setting her napkin on her plate. “Abby has over 100 pounds on me, I can’t eat that much.”

“Yet.” Thomas added and smiled.

“Yet.” Alyssa agreed. “Perhaps you could… help me work myself up to that?” She suggested coyly.

“I would be honored.” Thomas replied and he got up and slid to the chair beside hers. “Are you going out to the pool this morning?”

“I was thinking perhaps later.” Alyssa said. “I would like to take a little walk around the grounds if you would join me?”

“Well, not too much of a walk.” Thomas lamented. “I don’t want you losing any of that beautiful plump body.”

“Oh, don’t worry about that.” She replied with a giggle and she held out her hand. Thomas stood and took her hand, helping her to her feet. He noticed her dress was a lot tighter around her swollen middle than it was when she sat down.

Continued in next post

Blame Picasso

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Oct 22, 2005
They walked across the patio to the right side of the pool and stepped onto the cool grass. It was still damp from the morning dew.

Alyssa stepped out of her sandals and Thomas slipped off his checkered Vans; they left them at the edge of the patio. They followed a tall hedge that separated the front of the hotel grounds from the rear. After about 100 yards they reached the stone fence that circled the grounds, it reached over Thomas’ head. It had to be 8 feet high.

The back of the hotel past the pool area was landscaped with trees and large bushes. Flowers grew along a stone path that wound its way around and through the winding gardens. They followed the path and very soon they were out of sight of the hotel and the pool area.

Alyssa slipped her hand into Thomas’ as they walked slowly. Birds sang in the air and bees buzzed by them. Alyssa noticed a mist seemed to rise from the top of the fence at its borders. She could make out some tall old trees with Spanish moss hanging down fro their branches, but nothing beyond.
It’s like the world ends there. She thought to herself. She did not yet know how accurate that thought was.

Her thoughts turned to David for a moment. She thought He hasn’t seen or heard from me in a month. He probably thinks I’m back in Maryland. Who care's about him anyway. Little did she know that for David, it has been almost a year. He’d been questioned by the police about her disappearance and released due to lack of evidence. A few months after that he’d gotten Kate pregnant and she was due to give birth to his child any day.

Thomas stopped beside a huge rhododendron bush and turned to Alyssa. She looked up at him and without saying a word they kissed. His tongue slipped in between her lips and she sucked on it. Her tongue then slid into his mouth and he did the same before they just let their tongues dance and enjoy the intimate contact.

His hands settled on her hips and he gently squeezed and massaged the roll of fat that had accumulated there. No one had ever had any fat to play with there before and the feeling was strangely pleasant for her. A small sound escaped her lips; Thomas took that as an invitation and he became a little braver, slipping his hands around her waist and pulling her gently to him so that her large breasts pressed against his strong chest.

Alyssa moaned softly with desire. Thomas’ hands slipped over her large behind and he caressed her wide, soft ass. He stopped just for a second and Alyssa broke their kiss and giggled.

“Pardon me, sir.” She said as her face turned bright red. “I seem to have forgotten to put on a pair of panties this morning.”

He laughed and they kissed again. He lifted her dress and she began trembling as his strong hands touched the naked flesh of her behind. Again, Alyssa broke off their kiss.

“Oh my goodness, I’ve never wanted to be with a man so much before in my life.” She whispered.

There was a wooden bench with a cushion on it a little further up the path between two huge bushes. An enormous statue of an angel arose behind it. They staggered to it and Alyssa sat down, opening her thick thighs. Thomas knelt before her and flipped her dress back revealing her neatly trimmed pussy and soft, silky thighs. She could not help crying out as his tongue pressed against her sex. A powerful orgasm exploded with such force between her thighs that she saw stars. Thomas wasn’t satisfied with giving her just one orgasm, especially since he had barely started and he worked his long, thick tongue over her pussy until Alyssa came twice more.
The third time she came her soft thighs closed hard on Thomas’ ears. She released him and leaned forward, sweat running down her cheeks.

“You’re killing me.” She whispered. “It’s my turn.”

“Yes ma’am.” Thomas said in his southern drawl and smiled wide as he helped her up and then guided her gently down to her knees. She was careful to lift her hem so as not to get her dress dirty.

He began to undo his belt when Alyssa forced her hands past his and undid it herself. She then unbuttoned his jeans, slid down his zipper and pulled his jeans and his boxers down in one swift motion. The force of the fabric sliding down his thighs caused his very erect penis to bounce out and hit her in the nose.

Alyssa caught his erection as it bobbed in front of her face with her lips and immediately slid it inside her mouth as far as she could. It had been awhile since she had sucked a cock other than David’s and the size of it surprised her. She gagged for a second and slid it back out. Wrapping her hands around it she wiped her lips and looked at his impressive cock.

“Oh my.” She whispered. His pubic area and balls were completely hairless. She had never experienced that either and it amazed her. It made his huge cock seem even larger.

“Is something wrong?” Thomas asked as he opened his eyes and leaned forward.

“Absoluely not!” She replied stroking it and watched with amazement at how far her hand needed to travel from the thick base to the large head of his penis. It had to be nine inches long. Again, she wrapped her lips around it and marveled at the silky texture and how much it filled her mouth. David’s penis was a hair over six inches long and he used to comment that he was ‘above average’.

With his cock still in her mouth, Alyssa held out her hands to help him up. Confused, Thomas stood and was rewarded with her hands on his hard buttocks, massaging and caressing his muscular body. Her head bobbed back and forth as she ran her fingertips down his strong thighs.

After just a few minutes, she heard him moan and she let his penis slip from her lips. Alyssa gently pushed him back on the bench. She then reached behind her neck and unzipped her dress. Pulling it over her head, she straddled his still erect penis as he sat facing her.
Thomas reached behind her and undid the clasps on her pink bra. Alyssa’s breasts had expanded to dd-cups in the time she had been at the hotel and they fell heavily into his hands. They were huge and firm, standing out proudly. He caressed them and took her large pink nipples in his mouth as her hot, wet pussy gripped his cock.

Alyssa held the back of the bench for support and gyrated her big hips on Thomas as hard as she could. She looked up into the stone angel’s eyes as she took all nine inches of her new lover inside her and she grinded her pelvis against his. Her breasts were bouncing so hard Thomas had a hard time keeping his hands and mouth on them. Suddenly she froze and gasped as an orgasm rushed through her.

A few seconds later she was back to raising herself up and down his huge shaft using her heavy legs and pulling herself up with her arms on the bench; but now she went much slower. Another orgasm shook her body a few moments later.

Out of breath and exhausted, Alyssa put her toes down on the ground and slowly slipped herself off his cock. “I need a break. Switch with me?”

He sat her down and knelt between her thighs, resting her calves on his strong shoulders. Alyssa’s eyes flew open as he began fucking with a pace she had never experienced. He was fast as a jackhammer, but gentler. His pelvis never met hers, he only slid about eight inches of himself into her and the result gave her a series of orgasms that took her breath away. She came like a machine gun, one after the other.

After five full minutes of that Alyssa had more orgasms than she had ever had at one time, maybe more than she’d ever had in her life she thought. She literally could not count how many times she came. Thomas suddenly froze and was perfectly still. Then he came and Alyssa’s mouth flew open in a silent scream. She could feel his hot ejaculate spurting deeply inside her. It went on for an eternity before Thomas collapsed and his cock slid out of her. That caused her to cum once more and she shook uncontrollably as his semen ran freely from her pussy.

Silence. Neither of them spoke a word for almost an hour. Alyssa had slipped down to lie on the grass beside the path and Thomas cradled her in his arms. They were still naked, her breasts pressed against his toned chest, her flabby belly against his flat one. Her thick thigh draped over his muscular thighs.

They didn’t care of they were found, they couldn’t have moved if they wanted to. Her dress was draped over the bench; her bra lay on the seat beside it. His t-shirt was spread out under her hair. His jeans were where they landed when Alyssa slipped then down his thighs.

Alyssa gently played with his flaccid penis as it lay on his lower abdomen pointed at his naval. They stared at the blue sky and the occasional wisp of cloud that passed over them. Alyssa was fascinated by the beautiful angel sculpture that loomed above them. She stopped and looked down at Thomas’ cock when she felt it twitch. It then began to expand before her eyes. In a moment it was pointed at the sky and Alyssa slid down his chest so she could once again slide her mouth over it.

Thomas played with her soft, blonde hair as she slowly bobbed her head up and down his shaft. His hand slipped from her silky hair and cupped her breast, massaging it gently as she ran her tongue over him. Her hand dipped between his thighs and cradled his testicles, gently caressing them, feeling them get tighter. Five minutes after she started blowing him, his muscles tightened and he ejaculated between her lips as hard as he had ejaculated inside her vagina. Alyssa struggled, but she swallowed all of his come.

They lay quietly a few more moments, Thomas played with her hair as she massaged his balls. Finally she looked into his eyes and smiled at him.

“I’m hungry.” She said with a wide grin, her blue eyes twinkling in the sunlight.

“Then let me feed you.” He replied.

(Continued in post 20 of this thread)


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Oct 6, 2005
Great plot! I am looking forward to following this story. Thanks.


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Jun 30, 2007
Terrific story, and very well-written! Can't wait to see the next installment. thanks

Raider X

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Oct 22, 2005
This is a very entertaining story and I hope to read more of it soon.


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Apr 22, 2008
Not bad. I'll be honest, I skimmed over the sexual part because, and I realize this is odd, I'm just looking for weight gain when I read stories here.

I like it so far. There's more exposition than is really necessary, but it never really drags. One minor criticism is that you don't need to mention what station a show is on (HBO or Showtime, for example). That just seems amateurish for some reason I can't quite define.

Blame Picasso

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Oct 22, 2005
Thanks for the input. I'm working up to the weight gain, sometimes you gotta have patience. I'm an illustrator, I am very glad you don't feel the story drags, but I'm going to be as descriptive as I can be. It's in my blood. I write what I would enjoy reading. I like the nuances and details, I try to create a mood or an atmosphere with words where I would usually use a pencil. As for the HBO and the Showtime plugs, whatever, maybe someone doesn't watch Weeds or True Blood. What do I know? I am an amatuer.

Not bad. I'll be honest, I skimmed over the sexual part because, and I realize this is odd, I'm just looking for weight gain when I read stories here.

I like it so far. There's more exposition than is really necessary, but it never really drags. One minor criticism is that you don't need to mention what station a show is on (HBO or Showtime, for example). That just seems amateurish for some reason I can't quite define.


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Feb 8, 2007
I skimmed over the sexual part because, and I realize this is odd, I'm just looking for weight gain when I read stories here.

I like it so far. There's more exposition than is really necessary, but it never really drags. One minor criticism is that you don't need to mention what station a show is on (HBO or Showtime, for example). That just seems amateurish for some reason I can't quite define.
This is indeed a very "odd" comment to post; you've got to be in denial. Aren't we all here looking for WG? If you are really claiming that for you WG doesn’t have sexual connotations, what on earth is WG about if it is androgynous?

And another thing I love all the detail,
A moment later her thoughts turned to True Blood on HBO, which was also set in Louisiana.
I’m a Brit and have no idea what HBO is but it helps convey what is going on in Alyssah’s head, BP has succeeded completely for me in focusing in on a totally haunting context.

Only trouble is, Gee Whizz, another instalment is taking much too long to arrive!


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Apr 22, 2008
This is indeed a very "odd" comment to post; you've got to be in denial. Aren't we all here looking for WG? If you are really claiming that for you WG doesn’t have sexual connotations, what on earth is WG about if it is androgynous?
What a spectacularly stupid thing to say. And I realize this may be rude, but f**k it, it is stupid. I say that I skimmed over the sexual parts because it's the WG that interests me, and you leap to the extreme conclusion that I am not interested in any sexual references and want only WG references.

Even if that were true, that doesn't explain what I am supposedly "in denial" of. If I was asexual (which I assume you meant, rather than "androgynous") then nothing would turn me on and the question arises, why do I come to this site?

I readily acknowledge that I did not go into any deeper explanation in my previous post that I come to this site specifically for the weight gain, and that any purely sexual references are of secondary importance. But the reason I did so is because I thought it would be well understood without explanation. In other words, if I was looking for straight erotica, focused on the actual physical interaction, then I would be going somewhere else where I could find such subject matter without the WG.


As for mentioning HBO and Showtime, I still assert that whatever station the shows are broadcast on is irrelevent.


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Feb 8, 2007
What a spectacularly stupid thing to say. And I realize this may be rude, but f**k it, it is stupid.
Yeah it is rude.

If you post criticism of BP's story including the phrase “I realize this is odd” but are less than explicit about why, then you ought not to be indignant when your oddity gets extrapolated.
BTW I wrote “androgynous” because having a bit of everything implies sexual self sufficiency.

A thought about the wider perspective:

Is it not absurd that this spat in a thread concerning wraiths, clearly headed “Immobility, Heavy Sex, ~XXWG”?

Most people would award ghosts: zero for WG, zilch for sexual allure. So it is a measure of the writer’s talent that he has gripped our imagination with the story.

I like to reflect on stories I’ve enjoyed. For example I imagine Hotel as a film noire which, opposite to the Wizard of Oz, starts in colour and switches to black and white during the taxi ride.

I’ll concede that in skipping any sexual passages and much of the detail you must waste far less of your time dallying in Dims than I!

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Oct 22, 2005
I am thisclose to finishing up the next installment. I've had company since Wednesday, I haven't had any time to write.

Thanks for the interest and the great posts-



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Jun 30, 2007
Really good and well-written! The sex is a welcome addition, and the descriptiveness is great. Love it that Alyssa wants to surpass Rochelle, and we'll see her at an immense thirteen hundred pounds! Can't wait to see detailed descriptions of all that flesh. I hope there will also be several scenes of Alyssa at the stage where she's not yet completely immobile but borders on it - she can sort-of stay standing on her own, but only after it took four men to get her on her feet.

Please don't feel that misplaced fidelity to the original orphan requires "people" as residents of the Hotel New Orleans - its residents should exclusively be beautiful fat women.

Thanks for a great story, very well-written, and lovingly true to human nature like your other work. We really appreciate your working so hard at the writing for us, and hope you and your guests had a great week.

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Oct 22, 2005
ALYSSA- Part Three

Alyssa and Thomas walked back to the pool area holding hands and grinning like school children.

“Well it’s about time. Look who finally got herself some dick.” Dayan commented to Charlotte as she sipped a monstrous chocolate milkshake through a straw near the pool.

“Must have forgotten her bra though.” She said with a chuckle. “Look at that girls tittays swinging in that lil’ dress.”

Charlotte lowered her sunglasses to the tip of her nose and looked over them to see Alyssa and Thomas on the edge of the patio slipping their shoes back on. She chuckled and smiled.

“Good for Ali.” Charlotte said taking a sip of her equally large strawberry milkshake and slipping her glasses back up to cover her eyes. “Goodness knows that girl needed some.” She ran her hand through Darren’s hair as he sat on a towel beside her lounge chair gently massaging her 450-pound belly.

“I’m going to need some in a little while too.” She whispered in his ear.

Dayan overheard that exchange easily and she burst out laughing. She had a young man named Javier rubbing and massaging her belly and large thighs. Javier looked up at her expectantly.

“We’ll see about you.” Dayan said and sipped her drink.

Alyssa and Thomas continued to hold hands as they walked across the patio. They waved and smiled at Dayan and Charlotte and a few of the other people lounging outside before they went in to get Ali some lunch. As soon as the door closed behind them the gossips started whispering among themselves. Everyone was wondering how long it would take their newest guest to choose a lover and who the lucky guy would be.

Once they were inside Ali and Thomas chuckled at the way everyone turned to look at them as they passed.

“It was like watching a crowd doing the wave at Saints game.” Thomas said laughing.

“I didn’t realize I was so popular.” Ali said sheepishly.

“You’re the belle of the ball.” Thomas commented.

“Then you must be Prince Charming.” She replied rubbing his shaved head playfully.

They stood at the bar waiting for the server to come down.

“What can I get you today Alyssa? Hello Thomas.” Katrina, the daytime bartender asked.

“Hey Katrina, how are you?” Alyssa asked as she perused the menu. She had learned fairly quickly that Katrina didn’t think hurricane jokes were funny.

“Fine, thank you.” Katrina replied drying her hands on her apron. The first time Alyssa saw her, Katrina was sitting in a chair behind the bar and she thought Katrina must be the thinnest woman at the hotel. Once Katrina stood up and walked to get her order Alyssa realized she was quite mistaken.

Katrina was the epitome of a pear-shape. Her face was thin, as was her neck and shoulders. Her breasts however were at least a dd-cup, and they stood out firm and high. She didn’t have a wide upper torso, but she gradually got wider towards her middle. He belly was quite large and it was beyond hanging over her pants, Katrina wore the tight, black stretch pants for work up over her belly.

Her belly spread into hips that were almost too wide for her to walk straight behind the bar, a few more inches and she’d have to walk sideways. Her ass jutted out into shelf behind her that she could balance a six-pack on easily. In fact she did it fairly often because she knew it turned on most if not all of her clientele. Her large thighs were dimpled and rubbed together when she walked.

“I’d like the triple cheeseburger with fries and two, no three orders of those delicious onion rings with the horse radish dipping sauce. And a pitcher of Coca-Cola.”

“Is that for here?”

“Um…no.” Ali said and felt herself beginning to blush. “I’d like that delivered upstairs to my room.”

Katrina smiled. “That’s fine. Thomas? What would you like sweetheart?”
“I’ll just have a burger and fries with a Coke. Everything on the burger, please.”

He said then he leaned in and whispered. “Make Ali’s order two triple cheeseburgers, please.”

Alyssa smacked his shoulder and Katrina laughed as she walked away.
“Make it three double cheeseburgers! I’ll show you, Thomas!” Ali called after Katrina.
“You’ve got it Alyssa! Go on up.” Katrina said over her shoulder. “Don’t forget to behave at least until the food gets up there.”

The couple entered Ali’s room and Thomas walked over the French doors. He slid back the curtains and opened the door so that the two of them could sit outside on her spacious veranda and enjoy the sun in private. At least somewhat in private, the pool area stretched out only two stories below. Ali figured if they moved her lounge chair against the glass doors, they could have sex on it without anyone being able to see them from the pool.

Thomas sat at her picnic table and she sat across from him. They each lit a cigarette and watched the people below them. There were twenty or twenty-five men and women of all shaped and sizes cavorting in the water or talking together on the patio.

“Whoa, look at the size of the Michelle in that pink bikini.” Ali commented.

Thomas turned slightly to see her. “She’s getting pretty big, huh? She’s really funny, I like her.”

“She is nice. What do you think she weighs?” Ali asked.

“I’d say she weighs somewhere close to 600 pounds.” Thomas mused.

“I can’t wait until I’m that fat.” Ali whispered dreamily.

“Oh, you’ll get there, give it a little time.” Thomas said with a grin. “What do you weigh now?”

“I don’t know, in fact I just asked Hank to get me a scale this morning. It’s on the desk, brand new and it goes up to 500 pounds.”

“Well let’s go find out.” Thomas suggested sliding his chair back.

“No, not yet.” Ali said calmly smoking her cigarette.

“What are you waiting for?” Thomas asked.

“I’m waiting for you to be ready for another round, because the results on that scale are going to make me want to jump on that big, beautiful dick of yours again,” she replied with a slight smile.

Thomas just smiled and nodded.

There was a knock at he door a few minutes later and Charlie the bellman wheeled in a cart with two covered plates. One was substantially larger than the other and without asking, Charlie set that one down before Ali’s seat. Thomas was given the smaller platter. He also set the pitcher down by Ali, and gave the glass to Thomas.

“Enjoy, kids.” Charlie said with a smile as he wheeled his cart back out the door, closing it behind him.

“I feel so bad, I never tip anyone here.” Alyssa said with a frown.

“What?” Thomas said and almost spit his drink out as he laughed.

“Well, they do work here right?”

“Yeah, I guess, but they stay for free and they enjoy all of the benefits of being a guest here.” Thomas explained.

“How is that any different than me or you? We get to lie around doing nothing but get fat, well, at least I’m getting fat, they have to work.”

Thomas took a bite of his burger and thought while he chewed. After he swallowed he tried to explain the Hotel New Orleans to her without freaking her out.

“Ali, what do you know about this place?” Thomas asked slowly.

“I haven’t had to pay a nickel and I’ve been getting fatter by the day. That’s really about it.” Ali took a big bite of her burger.

“You were brought here in the taxi, right?”

Ali took another enormous bite and just nodded. Ketchup ran down her chin.

“So, in a sense, the hotel brought you here. You didn’t seek out the hotel: it found you,” he said.

She again nodded, taking a big sip of her soda and biting into the burger yet again. Her first burger was almost gone. Thomas had only taken two bites of his.

“You certainly can eat a lot,” he commented. “That’s so sexy. Anyway, the taxi brought me too. I was pretty depressed after a girl broke my heart. She was a fat girl, of course, I really loved her and she left me for my best friend.”

Alyssa was silent, she just looked him in his eyes and continued stuffing her face.

“I walked out onto Bourbon Street, drunk and angry and hailed a cab. I asked the driver to take me someplace where I could basically kill myself in peace. I didn’t say it exactly like that, but that’s what I wanted that night.”

“Wow, she must have really hurt you, poor baby.” Alyssa finally said before biting into the second burger.

“That’s ancient history. I’ve been here over two years.” He paused. “Do you know what year that was to you?”

“2008?” Ali said with her mouth full.

“1984.” Thomas said slowly.

Ali looked at him like he was insane, but then her mind flashed to Hank’s reaction that morning to her wanting a clock and a calendar.

“That’s why…” She said before drifting to silence. “But that means…a year has gone by outside that gate?”

“Just about, it’s not exact but yes, a month in here is equal to a year outside give or take a day or so.”

Alyssa set her burger down. “So if I was to walk out the gate right now?”

“You’d be the same, obviously quite a bit fatter, and everyone would be hounding you about where you’ve been plus you’d have lost eleven months of your life.”Thomas replied.

“What about you? That’s twenty-five years, how would you explain…?” She wondered.

“I cannot leave. After two or three months here, you kind of become…I don’t know, permanent.” He said slowly. “Andre will ask you very shortly if you intend to stay. You will have to decide whether you want to remain here, or leave.”

Thomas took a bite of his burger and chewed.

“I can stay here forever, or walk out and go back to my life having had a wonderful, free vacation?”

“Pretty much.” Thomas said nodding.

“And if I ever want to return?”

“There’s no coming back, you walk out of that gate and you will suddenly have no idea how you got there, how you got so fat, or where you’ve been for a year. The Hotel New Orleans doesn’t like being told no thank you.” He added with a sardonic grin.

“How do you know so much?”

“It’s not really a secret, you just haven’t been filled in yet. After Andre knows whether or not you’re staying, he’ll let you know whatever you want about anything.”

“What do you mean anything?” She asked.

“Well, about the hotel, the outside world, whatever.”

“How does he know so much?”

“Andre has always been the Manager of the Hotel New Orleans.” Thomas said finishing his first burger as Ali chomped into her third. “Now the difference between him, Hank and everyone else who has to work here, is that they sought out the hotel, they were welcomed, but not invited.”

“You said Andre was always the manager?”

“Okay, yeah he was chosen I guess. He was chosen to run things, he was chosen to hire the others.”

“But, everyone is so young, how long could this place really have been here?”

Alyssa asked setting her third burger down and sipping her soda. I mean, Dayan can’t be more than her mid- thirties, and she seems to be one of the oldest.”

Thomas sipped his soda and looked over at the pool. He thought carefully before continuing.

“You haven’t seen everyone at the hotel yet, not even close.” he admitted.

Ali looked at him with a raised eyebrow and she shoved a hand full of onion rings into her mouth.

“Where we made love this afternoon seemed pretty far off on the grounds, and it was, but that is only a fraction of the land this hotel occupies. It covers over 300 acres.”

Thomas paused. “There’s another building over on the other side of the gardens that is reserved for the ‘old-timers’ as they’re known. They’ve been here for however many years, I don’t honestly know. All I do know is that most of them are completely immobile.”

“Immobile?” Ali asked quietly. “From being…fat?”

“They make Michelle look like a runway model.” He said with a chuckle glancing down at the 600-pound woman sitting by the pool in her bikini. “They are extremely well cared for, they just eat and eat and enjoy being here.”

“So Benny and Rochelle will be going there soon?”

Thomas nodded. “Probably, that depends on how much they can do on their own. When they get kind of helpless, people usually go over because they can be cared for more easily.”

“What happens if they get sick?” Alyssa asked.

“Nobody here gets sick.” Thomas said seriously. “Nobody gets hurt, sick, venereal diseases, AIDS, hell, nobody even gets pregnant or has their period here.”

“Bull!” Alyssa laughed. “You’re teasing me.”

“Nope, this is truly fat people nirvana. You could eat twenty pounds of lard and you wouldn’t have even a stomach ache.”

“I’d be more afraid of a heart-attack after twenty pounds of lard.”

“No heart attacks, no high blood-pressure. Forget diabetes.” Thomas sat back and finished his soda.

Alyssa was silent. She finished her lunch with her mind racing. Finally when she was done she pushed the empty plate back a bit and lit a cigarette.

“No lung cancer?” She whispered.

“I didn’t start smoking until I got here.” Thomas said with a laugh.

“Why would anybody want to leave?” Ali mused. She pushed her chair back and walked over to Thomas.

He slid his chair back and she sat on his lap. Her large ass covered him.

“I’m going to get so fat.” She said sliding her arm around his neck.

Thomas just grinned.

“224 pounds?” Alyssa said much louder than she intended. “I figured this morning that maybe I put on 40 pounds this month.”

“How much did you weigh when you got here?”

“Well, I had gone to the doctor that afternoon.” Alyssa said sitting down on her bed beside Thomas. “I figured I’d gained ten or fifteen pounds. He weighed me and I was 153! I had put on 40 pounds in a year and I thought that was crazy!”

“girl, now you’re doing 61 pounds in a month!” Thomas said slipping his arms around her and pulling his chubby girl down beside him. “You weren’t trying to get fat before you came here?”

“Maybe somewhere deep in my brain was a fat girl trying to come out, but no.” Ali said bending to kiss Thomas.

“Guess what?” She asked pulling her lips away.

“What?” Thomas asked.

“That fat girl is out.” Ali whispered.

“Not yet, but she’s coming.” Thomas replied with a grin as he kissed her again.

“She’ll really be cumming in about five minutes.” Ali added unbuckling his belt.

Ali pulled his jeans down and his cock sprang out. She knelt between his legs and engulfed his erection with her soft lips. Thomas had his head propped up on two of her pillows and he could see the reflection of her big ass in her mirror hanging on the wall. She gently swayed it back and forth while she sucked his cock.

He slipped her dress up and her naked behind was exposed, her plump pussy poking out between her thick thighs.

He watched her pussy swaying back and forth while Ali continued giving him head. Finally, he couldn’t stand looking at her reflection any more and he guided her head up off his erection and took her hand. Alyssa licked her lips and wiped her chin before gently sliding her knees outside of his. He closed his legs and she maneuvered herself up so that she was straddling his flat belly. Her boobs swayed and rocked with the movement. Ali hadn’t bothered putting her bra on after they made love in the garden and her nipples poked clearly through the thin yellow material of her sundress.

“Don’t let me forget my bra is in your back pocket.” She whispered.

She grabbed the hem of the dress and pulled it up and over her head. Her blonde hair cascaded down about her face, several strands covering her eyes and tickling her nose. Her huge breasts swayed heavily and Thomas caught them in his hands and pulled her gently down so that he could kiss and suck on her hard nipples.

Ali moaned as Thomas kneaded on her breasts, her flabby belly pressing against his flat abs. Her hands caressed his shoulders and slid down his trim sides. “I love how hard your body is.”

“Your soft body is what makes me hard.” Thomas replied. Ali pinched him for being corny. “Hey I let you get away with the cumming in five minutes line!”

Ali slowly lowered herself on his huge cock. They were both quiet as they slowly began moving as one on Ali’s comfortable bed.

(Continued in post 22 of this thread)