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coyote wild

You'll love me, I swear.
Sep 30, 2005
The Munchies Return!
By Coyote Wild

Olivia can still hear the laughter.

At night, when it's quiet, as she's drifting off to sleep. It used to precede an impromptu snack or an entire surprise banquet, but that was over a decade ago. And yet, she can still hear the laughter.

In fact, it rose her one morning before her phone's alarm. She sat up with a gasp and called out, "Hello?"

No response.

She let out a heavy sigh and closed her eyes in relief as she let her lithe form fall back onto the bed. Olivia chuckled at herself, at her outlandish paranoia. But her worries weren't entirely without merit.

Fifteen years prior, shortly after Olivia had turned eighteen, they found her: The Munchies.

Olivia had been enjoying the house to herself. Her parents were away on business and trusted her to look after herself for a few days.

And on a particularly quiet evening, the Munchies appeared. Little gray goblins of some sort. Friendly, fluffy, giddy, and cute. Scary at first, but Olivia had a sweet soul and soon came to befriend them.

This proved detrimental to her waistline.

It seemed all the Munchies ever wanted to do was eat. And food was always around when they were. But it soon dawned on Olivia that they were never eating with her. They simply provided the food, sometimes even feeding it to her after she began to tire. She had never eaten such delicious, exquisite feasts in her entire life; nor in such quantities.

As a result, her body began to grow. It softened at first, but Olivia didn't notice this stage. Her definition melted, then she slowly started to swell. When she couldn't button her favorite pants, she finally realized the change.

She told the Munchies she wouldn't be eating so much anymore. But that's what they all say.

Olivia soon caught herself with a pastry in her hand or a burger in her mouth. Her hunger surpassed her rational thoughts and calories were slipping past her defenses.

She continued to expand. She became chubby, then fat, and was growing fatter still.

Starting the week slender, Olivia had crested 250 pounds and was barrelling towards 300 over the course of just a few days, splitting seams and popping buttons along the way.

She shook her head to dispel the image. That wasn't her anymore. She escaped the Munchies and over the course of the next five years, slimmed back down to 137, just twelve pounds shy of her original weight; a weight she (more or less) maintained for the next decade. Sure, there were the obligatory fluctuations, but the pendulum never swayed more than ten pounds in either direction.

Olivia's alarm went off and she groaned at the day-to-come like Frankenstein at a villager's torch. She swept the sheets back and hopped out of bed, plucking the seat of her cotton undies from between her small, firm cheeks. Olivia yawned as she pulled the strap of her tank top back over her left shoulder, shuffling to her restroom.

As she brushed her teeth and prepared for another Monday, she locked her gaze with her reflection.

'Remember,' she thought to herself, still shaken up from the scare from before. 'Remember how you beat them: discipline, motivation, will power.'

Olivia's resolve turned out to be too much for the Munchies, and they were unable to conjure the meals or influence her mind. They had retreated in sadness and anger, disappearing from her life for good.

And now, fifteen years later, that victory was still a great source of confidence, which she used to drive herself every single day.

Dressed in her biking gear with her work clothes in her backpack, Olivia jogged down the stairwell of her complex's parking garage, carrying her bicycle on her shoulders. She had a car, she just preferred the exercise and the low-impact on the environment that came with commuting by bike.

Her tone, muscled thighs pumped as she peddled. A harrowing ride of several zigs and zags and a couple of curse words later, Olivia was locking down her bicycle, swiping her badge, and entering the elevator to her offices.

"Wait!" echoed a voice from around the corner.

Olivia quickly slapped the 'open' button and the doors lurched before retracting. The owner of the voice slowed to a jog and swung into the elevator. It was Jake.

"Hey, Olivia! Thanks!" Jake smiled once he realized it was her that saved the day.

"Don't thank me. I meant to press the 'close' button," Olivia joked.

"Well I forgot deodorant today so I should've let you," Jake quipped.

Olivia and Jake had been work friends for the past year, but over the last few months, they had become even closer through occasional hangouts with mutual friends. Though she still wasn't sure what it was she was feeling, she simply found herself excited when he was around.

They talked about the shows they were watching, the weather, their commute, until eventually they came to a fork in the hall and had to part ways. Olivia dipped into the women's room to change out of her biking gear and into her work clothes.

She walked towards her office with a confident stride and settled in at her desk. She leaned to her right and pulled out a lower drawer, revealing it to be filled with healthy snacks like crackers and granola bars.

Plucking a bar from the drawer, tearing the package right through the print claiming the contents to be "Under 100 Calories!", Olivia logged into her computer and started the day.

She was startled by a knock on her office's door frame. It was Claudia, her boss, with a smile and a wave. "How was your weekend?" she asked.

"Good, thanks! Productive but relaxing. Yours?" Olivia asked.

"Meh," Claudia replied. "Listen, do you think you could lead a meeting this Thursday to walk some of us through that new archiving system?"

Olivia stammered her response before eventually eeking out: "Sure, absolutely!"

"Great! Also, I hope to have an answer for you soon know," Claudia said with a wink.

Olivia did know. She had applied for a position as a department head a few weeks prior at Claudia's encouragement. As the process could be excruciatingly long, she suggested Olivia put it out of her mind until she heard more. And here Claudia was, hinting at news with a smile.

Things were looking up for Olivia.

Claudia left and almost immediately, Olivia's email notification chimed. It was from her friend Lori: "Lunch?"


A couple of hours later, the prongs of Olivia's fork were piercing layers of lettuce, cucumber slices, and cherry tomatoes. She took her bite with a satisfying crunch-squish combo only achievable with a delicious, fresh salad.

Olivia and Lori were eating at their favorite lunch spot, standing at the window bar, side-by-side, like storefront mannequins looking out at the busy city street. Lori and Olivia used to be college roommates, Lori being the one that got Olivia her current gig. Olivia had just told Lori of the potential promotion and the meeting she'd be heading up on Thursday.

"Hey, alright!" Lori replied smiling, eyebrows raised. "Go, Liv! You're absolutely killing it right now!" They bumped fists and imitated explosions.

"And!" Olivia continued, unable to contain her excitement. "I got to walk in with Jake this morning," she said through a glowing smile as she poked at her salad.

Lori's smile suddenly seemed less genuine and more polite. She cleared her throat and took a drink of water.

Olivia's smile faded when she noticed the shift in Lori's tone. "What?" Olivia asked, afraid of what Lori knew. Was Jake gay? Was he married? Was he already seeing someone in the office? Strange that Olivia wouldn't pick up on any of these things, but they never seemed to talk about their romantic lives so she couldn't be sure.

"It's just...don't take this the wrong way or anything, but I found out recently that you may not be Jake's...type," Lori explained.

"How do you mean?" Olivia asked, annoyed that she even had to. Lori's withholding of information was beginning to feel personal.

"Well, you know Becky in marketing?" Lori asked.

"You mean, Big Fat Becky?" Olivia clarified. Big Fat Becky was an acquaintance/coworker that looked kind of like Anna Nicole Smith, if Anna Nicole Smith had ballooned to 400 pounds. She was also nearly as sweetly vapid, only more sweet and less vapid.

"Right. Well, before you started working here, she was actually pretty skinny. She and Jake were dating back then."

"Oh wow," Olivia said, processing this new information. "So after the breakup, she found solace in cake and ice cream?"

Lori shook her head, hoping Olivia would be able to put it together correctly. "She wasn't 'Big Fat' Becky when they started going out but she became 'Big Fat' Becky well before they broke up."

Olivia's brow furrowed in confusion, then raised in realization. "So you're saying..." Olivia began.

"She was just Becky, until Jake made her Big Fat Becky," Lori finished.

Olivia's eyes darted off to the side as she processed the intel. "He likes fat chicks?" she asked, when it all clicked. Lori nodded empathetically, hating to break this news to her best friend.

"I know you like him, kiddo, but he isn't worth losing your body over," Lori consoled, placing her hand on Olivia's back. "I know you have a history of weight issues and I know how hard you work to stay in shape. Could you really throw out all those years of effort for one guy?"

Olivia was crestfallen. She honestly wasn't sure how to answer that question. Her connection with Jake was the first solid bond she had felt with a romantic interest in quite a long time. And though she wasn't lonely by any stretch, she saw a lovely companionship in Jake. But now she wasn't sure what to do with this new information.
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coyote wild

You'll love me, I swear.
Sep 30, 2005
The weight of the revelation about Jake followed Olivia the rest of the day. Instead of focusing on work, her mind was cycling through numerous scenarios, some of which featured her returning to her old body. But she wouldn't let her thoughts wander too deeply down those paths. She knew how easy it would be to return to her former larger figure.

The Munchies had irrevocably altered her body forever. Fat cells can only shrink and never really go away once accumulated, short of surgery. To even allow herself the slightest indulgence would be to feed those long-dormant and denied fat cells, allowing them to swell and regain dominance over her shape. Could she really allow herself to fatten up again after working so hard to remain active and slender?

Olivia was jolted back into the real world by Claudia rapping on her open door to announce her presence.

"Got a sec to meet in my office?" Claudia asked.

Moments later, Olivia was taking a seat in Claudia's office, while Claudia shut the door and took her place behind her desk.

"I thought it best to update you in person as soon as possible so you don't hear it from someone else," Claudia began.

Olivia's heart sank even lower than it already had earlier in the day. Now what?

"They gave the department head position to Kendall," Claudia explained.

It lingered in the air after slamming into Olivia like a freight train. That was her only hope to move up in the foreseeable future. New positions rarely became available. A lot of the higher ups had been around for years and were in cushy roles with solid pay and minimal incentive to leave. This meant she would be in her position for at least another three years, unless someone were to unexpectedly quit or get fired.

"I'm so sorry. I fought for you, but Kendall just spends more time being visible among the executives. I wish there was something I could do," Claudia continued.

Olivia gathered herself and smiled at her kind boss. "Oh, it's fine," Olivia said, suppressing the tears stinging the backs of her eyes. "I'm quite happy where I am, I just figured it was worth a shot," Olivia said in an attempt to downplay her sorrow.

Claudia knew Olivia wasn't being completely honest, but didn't push the issue. She merely smiled sweetly as Olivia stood to leave.

"Thank you for updating me," Olivia said before making her exit.

Back at her desk, Olivia just stared at her monitor. Her eyes were unfocused, blurring the various spreadsheets and folders she currently had open. In one miserable day, she had gone from cloud nine to rock bottom.

She was even in a haze on her bike ride home, barely exercising caution as she weaved around obstacles with eyes half-open.

Olivia dropped her bike against a fence in the parking deck and didn't bother to turn around when it slowly toppled over and clattered against the concrete. She drug her feet to the elevators and pressed the 'up' button a little too hard and a little too long.

She twisted her keys in the lock and nudged open her front door, entering a dark void and not feeling the instinct to brighten her surroundings. She stood in the foyer for a minute, temporarily wondering what to do next before then contemplating: "Why do anything?"

She flicked on the light switch, brightening the living room. She moped to her favorite recliner and let her thin body collapse into it, replaying the day and all its failures in her head. What was she doing wrong? What could she be doing better? All this time, she worked her butt off and thought she was on the right path. She thought she was doing her best. Then why wasn't any of it good enough? How much more could she possibly give?

But then her thoughts took an interesting turn. Why did she have to give anything? Hadn't she already given enough? Her time, her happiness, her confidence; they had all been sucked up and chewed on by the machinery of her corporate job which only spat everything back in her face.

So why give anything? At this point, she had nothing left to lose and lots to gain.


Olivia was jerked out of her thoughts by a high-pitched giggle. She whipped her head around towards the direction of the sound, but nothing was there.

"Hello?" she called, almost positive she actually heard it this time. "Who's there!" she demanded.

No response. She waited in silence.

Suddenly, the patter of little feet running through the foyer. Olivia jerked from the sound, but couldn't see the origin. Another giggle, quieter this time; hushed.

"Look, take whatever you want and go!" Olivia called out to no one. In the back of her head, she knew exactly what it was. She could feel the swell of adrenaline and fear within the pit of her belly, her physiological reaction almost confirming her fears. She didn't want to accept what she knew to be true. So she negotiated with the sounds as if they were coming from a mischievous intruder.

"Olivia..." whispered a voice, stretching her name out to multiple syllables.

Olivia gulped, not wanting to engage with the stranger in her home. She was dreaming again. She had to be. She came home from work, bummed and blue, collapsed into her favorite chair, and passed out. That was it. And her anxieties were running wild, reigning over her subconscious. If she just ignored it, it would leave her alone, and she would wake up

"Olivia..." the voice cooed again, coming from her kitchen. "Aren't you hungry?"

'No,' Olivia thought. She was beginning to get nervous that they wouldn't be going away. Almost involuntarily, she licked her lips, the anticipation drying them out. Or was it something else...?

"Olivia," came the voice again, drawn out and coaxing. Followed by a sweet and serenading: "It's dinner time."

Before she knew it, Olivia was slowly walking towards the kitchen which was hidden in shadow. The dark portal that was the entranceway to her kitchen slowly expanded as she approached. Every step was slow and deliberate, as if a small part of herself was doing its best to hold her back. But something else unseen was propelling her forward, ever so steadily.

At the edge of the kitchen, she again heard hushed giggles; a few of them. Her intruder wasn't alone.

"Here she comes!" a cute yet screechy voice whispered excitedly.

She reached the archway and stood there for a moment, her thin, narrow frame silhouetted by the living room light. Her left finger reached up and flipped on the switch and in a flash, the kitchen was illuminated.

Surrounding the table, which was loaded with a vibrant smorgasbord of delectable treats (cakes, pies, cupcakes, pastries, brownies, doughnuts) were the Munchies, little, gray, humanoid creatures, each one smiling eagerly, their eyes filled with joy and anticipation. They erupted in a cacophony of laughter and happy cheers.

"Oh no," Olivia uttered to herself.

"Oh yes, Olivia!" The Munchies replied in unison.

"We thought we lost you, but you've been found!" one Munchie shouted.
"Now we're back to pack on those pounds!" another Munchie finished. They giggled again.

"But I beat you!" Olivia shouted, defiant. "You can't do anything to me! Discipline, motivation, willpower!" she repeated her mantra directly at the little, grinning beasts.

"We were outsmarted, you're not wrong! But those tactics only work so long!" they sang in reply. Two Munchies bounced to either side of Olivia, taking her hands and guiding her to the table. More Munchies pulled a chair back while the others ushered her to take her seat. Her toned butt, sculpted by daily bike commutes, hit the chair hard.

"The truth is: we wouldn't be able to, conjure this meal if it weren't for you! Our power to summon snacks out of thin air, comes from somewhere deep in there!" They poked her taut tummy as if to suggest their powers were fueled by her hunger or something.

"We know about your crush on Jake, and how he thinks you should have more cake!" a Munchie explained, peeling the skirt from a cupcake and holding the naked confection out to Olivia.

With an uneasy hand, she took the cupcake and stared at it as though it was a relic from another world. She gulped, nervously.

"How do you know about that?" Olivia asked, referring to the rhyme about Jake and trying to keep her mind off the treat. She placed it on the table, eager to distance herself.

"Now, now Olive, does it really matter? Don't you want to be much fatter?"

Without warning, a spoonful of ice cream slid past her lips and Olivia grunted in protest, but didn't spit it out. In fact, she held the ice cream in her mouth (butter pecan covered in caramel syrup) until it melted and slid down her throat, coating her tongue, lubricating her mouth and esophagus. She lost herself for a moment in the flavor, closing her eyes and enjoying the sensation.

"We couldn't make you if you didn't want it. We'll help you grow so you can flaunt it!"

"Wait, though," Olivia began, but her head was being slowly tilted back by soft, chubby hands. Other Munchies brought the spout of a funnel to her lips and kissed her with it, slowly pushing it deeper into her mouth. Another Munchie popped the lid off of a carton of the ice cream and poured the melted contents into the funnel, the viscous cream slapping the interior of the funnel in thick splats. It all drained directly into Olivia's grunting mouth, flowed down her throat, and filled her belly.

As she gulped down the melted ice cream, the Munchies petted her and whispered rhyming words of encouragement.

"Your crush wants you to grow much thicker, so we're here to make you bigger! So settle in, just relax, and we'll provide all your favorite snacks!"

Their giggles receded into the ether and became merely echoes as serenity and lethargy descended upon Olivia, easing her into a heavy sleep.

coyote wild

You'll love me, I swear.
Sep 30, 2005
Morning. Loud beeps. The garbage truck outside. Light piercing her eyelids. Olivia frowned and moaned at the invasive elements rousing her from rest. The rational section of her mind had yet to boot up when she wondered why anyone would ever wake up for anything.

Her eyes shot open. Oh shit. What time is it?

She snatched her phone off the nightstand.

8:17 AM.

With a shriek, Olivia threw back the covers and whimpered at the extra smidgen of effort it took to rise into a sitting position. She felt weak and heavy; like she was hungover, just without the headache. She rubbed the sleep from her eyes and lowered her head. Olivia began to redirect her energy to the parts of her body required in standing. But before that happened, she opened her eyes and saw it.


Sure, Olivia's belly collapsed into rolls when she sat (like any healthy woman's) but this wasn't that. Her belly had thickened into two thick rolls of flesh.

"Oh no," was all Olivia could say. "Oh no, oh no, oh no," she continued as she rose and hurried to the restroom. Her momentum carried her right into the sink and cabinet, but she gathered herself and checked her body out in the mirror.

She looked...bloated. Full. Her hard edges smoothed.

In some ways, this was comforting. Olivia was familiar with the damage the Munchies could do in a single night. Thankfully, they were quite reserved in last night's stuffing. But Olivia knew she wasn't entirely out of the woods yet. She can always tell when they have something up their sleeves, even if she isn't always able to resist it. And if last night wasn't a dream, then she knew they had plans for her.

Olivia kicked the bathroom scale from the corner and stepped onto it, awaiting the digital read-out's consensus.

177. Forty pounds. Overnight.

She stumbled off the scale and leaned against the edge of the sink. Here she was, thinking forty pounds in a single night was indicative of the Munchies "going easy" on her. She ran her fingers over her new chub and gave it a squeeze.

Yep. Real.

"Oh no," she repeated one more time to her reflection before refocusing on getting ready for work.

She grabbed a pair of pants out of habit, single-mindedly trying to prepare for work, not considering how much a difference forty pounds could make. Pulling the pants up her thicker legs, they began to give her resistance around her fuller ass. Determined to pretend nothing had changed, she pulled harder. Reaching behind her, she hooked her thumbs under the waistband caught on the underside of her butt and gave it a firm tug. The pants slid upwards gradually and she was able to get them around her waist.

After allowing herself a couple of moments to catch her breath and feel relieved her pants still fit, she realized something felt off. Looking down, she noticed the gulf between the teeth of her zipper. Her fly was wide open with the corner flaps dogeared beneath the curve of her budding muffintop. Olivia moaned at the new hurdle, taking the flaps of her fly in her hands and desperately trying to make them kiss, her chub getting squeezed in the attempt.

With a gasp, she let go, panting from the exertion. Trying not to think about how this sort of activity shouldn't tire her out, she decided to try again, lying on her back; an obvious excuse to lay down and collect herself, but it was worth a shot. This proved to be no less futile, as her new pudge intervened with her attempts, squishing between her fly and fingers. Taking quick, shallow breaths, she glanced at her closet and reconsidered her approach. Today was going to require garments with a bit more...stretch.

After a gentle dusting of makeup and an expedited wardrobe pick (opting for flats over heels), Olivia was on her way out the door, passing through the kitchen.

It was a disaster.

Empty pots and pans, stacked dishes, a smattering of cupcake skirts, crumbs, and a myriad of remnants from an epic feast of the most decadent dishes.

"Why can't they at least *urp* clean up after themselves?" Olivia wondered while surveying the damage. She placed a hand on her rounded tummy, feeling the churn of treats being processed within. Her memories of the night before were hazy but the one thing Olivia knew with absolute certainty was that every calorie that had passed through that kitchen was now in her belly. And the chub she woke up to this morning was only the beginning.

The rain moved in during Olivia's drive into work. This particular morning, she reasoned with herself that the rain was why she drove in instead of biking, but since it didn't show up till after she was nearly at her job, the reasoning didn't really hold up under scrutiny.

Her belly gurgled, last night's feast percolating within. And with that, Olivia remembered one of the inevitable side effects of a visit from the Munchies: excess gas. She could feel the pressure swell until it cracked, breaking into pockets of fullness, all moving toward the pit of her stomach, gathering deep within her hips.

Outward force pushed against her rear from inside, the bloating sensation expanding into her ass. Olivia focused and was able to push back the mounting excess away from its exit and back into her lower belly, where it swam in circles, seeking an escape. She sighed heavily, keeping the beast at bay and trying not to think about a long-term strategy.

She swung into a parking spot in the garage and sat there for a moment to prepare herself for the day to come. Taking one final deep breath, she exited her car, tensing her stomach muscles to retain her grip on the growling beast stirring inside.

She swiped her badge at the panel of the parking garage elevator. The new extra weight made finding an outfit quite the challenge, but here she stood, decked out in black leggings and a large, loose, business-casual shirt with an elegant scarf; the type of outfit usually worn by rich Instagram stars sporting large sunglasses and stepping off private jets, recreated with a few trips to Marshall's and Target. Olivia always knew how to dress to her body's strengths and that included doing so on the kinds of days that no one ever thinks to account for. She was versatile and she was going to work with her nascent curvature.

But her fashion skills weren't enough to compensate for her waning confidence as she hoped to get to her desk without bumping into any social coworkers. Fortunately, very little of her added poundage had found its way to her face, but she was only prepared for passing glances. If anyone was able to corner her for even a few minutes of morning conversation, they were certain to notice her extra padding.

Not used to starting her daily elevator ride from the parking garage, Olivia accidentally started to step off on the wrong floor, at the lobby of her office building. Doing so, she bumped into Jake as he was getting on, jostling the contents of her stomach.

"Oh, I'm sor-Olive!" he interrupted himself when he realized who he had crashed into.

Thankfully, the impact jarred Olivia out of her haze and she used the backwards momentum to remain on the elevator till her proper destination. "Jake! Sorry, I was trying to get out of the way," she lied, hoping it wasn't obvious she was out of sorts this morning.

"Good job," Jake quipped sarcastically with a mischievous grin.

Olivia smiled inwardly, a fan of his harmless, playful jabs.

"You look amazing today, but I can't quite put my finger on what it is," Jake blurted, perhaps after an internal struggle over whether it was a statement that should be said aloud at all, evidently landing on the side of "what the hell."

"Thanks!" Olivia replied, perhaps a bit too loud. She suddenly realized there were a couple of other people on the elevator as well and cleared her throat in an attempt to stifle her dorky enthusiasm.

But even if Jake didn't know what "it" was, Olivia knew. He may not have been consciously aware, but his brain was picking up on the altered dimensions of Olivia's form. Never before had Olivia felt the energy of external attraction coming from Jake; at least not to this degree.

The elevator ride lasted a thousand years. Olivia focused on the hum of the machinery, desperate for a sound to fill the space. Unfortunately, she got her wish.

With her guard down, Olivia felt the swelling force in the pit of her belly expand, then tumble through her tummy, deeper into her pelvis before the pressure got to be too much and slid out into the air. A soft, yet audible fart hummed from her cheeks. Her heart sank and her face went pale.

She noticed Jake's head jerk in surprise but restrain itself when he pieced together what happened and pretended not to hear. Olivia glanced at the other elevator riders, a man and a woman, as they avoided eye contact but subtly covered their noses. Olivia wanted to die.

Finally, the elevator came to a full stop and the doors to their floor opened. Jake exited first, followed by Olivia.

"See you later," Jake half-mumbled.

"Yeah," Olivia replied before skittering away towards the solitude of her office. She fumbled with the keys, but got the door opened and slammed it shut behind her.

coyote wild

You'll love me, I swear.
Sep 30, 2005
Feeling exposed by her bare office windows, she suddenly wished she hadn't ordered those new office curtains. There had been a delay with the delivery after she already had her prior ones taken out and now she was on display for the entire floor to see.

Olivia sat at her desk and pretended everything was normal. She booted up her computer, trying not to think about what just transpired; trying not to break down into a total anxiety attack.

But her brain wouldn't let it go. She couldn't shake the train of thought, even though she was fearful of where it might lead. All of this morning's unfortunate events were indicative of a terrifying truth: the Munchies were back.

Her breathing began to deepen as she felt the anxiety pounding against her chest. She needed to calm her nerves with a healthy snack. Olivia leaned over and pulled open her bottom drawer to grab a granola bar, but there weren't any.

Instead of the usual collection of boring health snacks with bland packaging, someone had replaced them all with a colorful array of candies and treats. M&M pouches, full-sized candy bars (Snickers, Twix, KitKats), Little Debbie snack cakes!

Olivia slammed the drawer shut, as if it had contained small, vicious monster. And in a way, it did. She knew where those snacks had come from. They were encroaching on her normal life! But as she placed a hand on her stomach and felt how much squish it had, she realized they had already encroached on her normal life. With her extra weight, she was carrying the Munchies with her wherever she went. Their presence was evident in her swelling body.

She sighed, feeling the rumble of hunger. Her eyes glanced back down at the drawer, internally pleading with herself not to open it. Her hand trembled, torn between the conflicting orders simultaneously coming from her mind, her heart, and her stomach.


Olivia yelped and jumped, rolling back in her office chair. She put her hand to her chest to calm herself. It was only Big Fat Becky, filling the doorway with her spherical abundance, standing out in a big red dress pulled tight over her rolls, an excited smile on her fat face.

"H-hey, Becky. What's up?" Olivia asked after clearing her throat.

"Did you hear? Someone brought doughnuts!" Becky said with hushed enthusiasm. "Come on, they're in the break room!" She motioned for Olivia to follow, her fat arm wobbling a bit from the movement. Olivia watched out her office window as Becky bounded towards the break room at a waddle that was noticeably quicker than her usual pace, waves of fat flowing back and forth across her form with every footfall.

Olivia licked her lips and began to rise but stopped herself and sat back down. What was she doing? She couldn't have any doughnuts! She reprimanded herself internally, focusing on the mantra that had kept her slim for the past fifteen years: "Discipline. Motivation. Willpower. Discipline. Motivation. Willpower. Discipline. Motivation. Wi-"

Her train of thought was interrupted by a gurgle in the pit of her stomach. Olivia felt so empty and starved. But she could wait until lunch. Besides, it was only...9:24 AM?! Olivia moaned in agony.

Fine. One doughnut. But that's it. Besides, she had missed her usual oatmeal-and-banana breakfast due to the mess her in kitchen left behind by those...things. One doughnut wasn't going to balloon her into obesity.

Olivia leapt from her chair at a hurried pace and speedwalked to the breakroom.

Luckily, she was early, the only other employee present being Becky, who stood above the table that held the donuts, like a rising sun cresting the horizon. She had a donut in each hand, eyes closed, moaning as she chewed.

Looking down at the vast, colorful spread of doughy, circular confections, Olivia licked her lips to prepare for whichever kind she picked. She eventually plucked a chocolate iced and bit into it, her lips wrapping around the sweet frosting and sinking into the fried dough like when her tired head eased into her pillow at the end of a long day.

Her eyelids fluttered with pleasure and she didn't even notice that she had picked up another, bringing it to her mouth. Boston creme. Custard burst out the sides, a dollop dropping on the floor by her feet, some covering her fingers, and some smattering across her cheeks. But Olivia didn't care. She was moaning from the sweetness kneading her tongue. A third? Maple cinnamon. Oh my gah-


Her heart seized and she realized she had a half-eaten doughnut in each hand and could feel the sticky residue of previous bites around the edges of her lips. Olivia slowly turned to see Kendall flanked by two other employees: Richard and Monica.

Olivia swallowed the gob of sugary dough in her mouth and smiled awkwardly. She turned to see Big Fat Becky also holding a doughnut in each chubby hand while chewing the last bite of a third. Becky's cheeks and chins wobbled as she made involuntary grunting noises of satisfaction. Her fat arms rested on her rounded shelf of a belly, her breasts swelling in the cradle within her pillowy elbows as she brought each bite to her slick, puckered lips.

It was hypnotic to Olivia. She watched with an uncertain familiarity; as if she could see her future in the flowing flesh of Big Fat Becky.

"You got a little something..." Kendall's voice yanked her back into the present. She was tapping the corners of her own mouth to telegraph the smudge's location to Olivia.

With her hands occupied, Olivia licked at where Kendall indicated and got a nice burst of creamy sweetness. She forgot herself and closed her eyes, humming sensual noises.

The three employees looked at each other, equal parts amused and concerned. Olivia opened her eyes and acted quickly. She stuck one of the doughnuts between her teeth and used her now-free hand to grab some napkins from a nearby dispenser. With a nervous smile at her coworkers, Olivia shouldered past them, back to her office.

She closed the door so she could get a modicum of privacy and stuffed the last of the doughnuts past her lips, chewing bites that would have been much too big for her only a day before. Licking the various frostings and glazes from her fingertips, she collapsed into her chair, hearing it squeak in a way it hadn't before.

That should do her until lunch.

Four minutes later, while typing up an email, she absent-mindedly opened her snack drawer and grabbed a candy bar without looking. She proofread her email as she tore open the wrapper, forgetting that her granola bars had been replaced. Peeling the wrapper back like a banana peel, she brought the Milky Way bar to her lips and bit into it.

Her eyes went wide at the shock of the sweetness, caramel strands coating her lips, as she had been expecting something flavorless and grainy. But her shock was swiftly replaced by pleasure and she took another bite to chase the feeling. Her mind was now completely off the email and focused solely on finishing her chocolate bar.

The wrapper crinkled in her fist and she closed her eyes to focus on the flavors splashing over her tongue and against her cheeks.

Her email notification sound jolted her back to her surroundings. It was Lori.


coyote wild

You'll love me, I swear.
Sep 30, 2005
A couple of hours later, Olivia was wrapping her lips around a fried chicken taco. The lettuce and tomatoes convinced her it was the healthy option, especially since she had also gotten two more fish tacos. That was fried too, but it's fish so it doesn't really count.

Lori was fixated on Olivia's ravenous behavior, but snapped out of it and looked downward, focusing on her own meal, an avocado salad. Lori figured that losing the job to Kendall had hit Olivia harder than she thought it would. Otherwise...

"I'm sorry, Olivia," Lori said solemnly.

Olivia raised her head from her basket of tacos and chewed quicker to get where she could speak. Daintily holding her hand up to cover her mouth while she ate, she replied: "It's fine," she said before swallowing the massive bite and continuing: "Something else will come up soon." She picked up her napkin and wiped her mouth. "Kendall was a great pick, honestly. She'll do great in the role, it's just..." she trailed off. Her brow shifted as if her muscles were working to restrain tears. "When is it going to be my turn, you know?"

Lori nodded sadly, wishing there was something she could do, but also realizing that Olivia didn't quite know exactly what Lori was apologizing for. Lori took a deep breath, preparing to come clean to Olivia about her recent predicaments, but she was interrupted by Olivia's phone.

A shrill ring signified an incoming work email and Olivia rolled her eyes, already halfway through her next taco. She opened her mouth and shoved the latter half of the taco into it, treating it as one, huge bite. As she chewed the abnormally large "bite" she wiped her hands on her napkin and swiped the screen of her phone while it lay on the table.

It was from Claudia: [Hey Liv - Was hoping to get some of your materials for tomorrow's meeting so I can prep and better follow along. Thanks!]

With a heavy sigh, Olivia kissed the taco remnants and sauces from her fingertips and tilted her phone to the side to begin typing. [At lunch, will send them when I'm back in the office!]

"Everything cool?" Lori asked, taking a sip of water, grateful for the distraction.

"Yeah, I'm heading up that software meeting tomorrow and Claudia's asking for stuff," Olivia explained, placing her phone down and picking up the next fish taco. She took another large bite on the front half and chewed furiously. Again, she held her hand over her mouth before speaking while she chewed: "Sorry to cut lunch short, but we should wrap up and head back."

"Cool with me," Lori said, taking another few bites of her salad before giving up on it.

Olivia moaned as she chewed the last half of her last taco, slower than she had been, savoring it. Her eyes closed, blocking out other senses to maximize the taste, she breathed deeply through her nose and moaned again.

Lori's eyes were wide. She had never seen her friend like this before. It was so out of character. Olivia was a borderline health nut. But now...she was becoming something else entirely.

Olivia rubbed her belly and snorted a bit as she awoke from her reverie. "Let's go!" she inadvertently shouted scooting her chair back and grunting as she stood, still acclimating to the slight but recent increase in heft.


The rest of the day went by without incident, but as the clocked ticked past 5:00 PM, Olivia began to dread going home. What if the Munchies were there waiting for her? Would she be able to resist them again? Should she use them to help her become more like Jake’s type? What exactly IS Jake’s type? Just how big does he like his women? Did he break up with Becky because she got too big? And how big was Olivia willing to become just to get his attention?

Olivia shook the thoughts from her mind and tried focusing on the spreadsheet in front of her. But she realized she couldn’t stay there forever. Eventually, she would have to go home and face those creatures. She took a deep breath and closed out of her programs. She set her computer to shut down and began gathering her things. It was time to go home.

Over the course of her tense drive home, she became hungry again. Despite a larger than average lunch still melting into calories within her, thoughts of the next opportunity to eat gave her a jolt of joy.

She slid her key into the lock and took a deep breath before turning. With a click and a couple of clacks, Olivia’s front door swung open. The apartment itself seemed to breathe in relief, exhaling an inviting warmth and aromas of baking and roasting.

“Hello?” Olivia called into her apartment.

Echoing giggles. They were in the kitchen.

One of them waddled out and approached Olivia with a small plate. As it got closer, Olivia saw that there was an array of apple slices, pointed away from the tiny bowl of nutella in the middle, like petals on a flower.

“Just relax, don't you worry. I assure you, we’re in no hurry. We've waited fifteen years before. We can wait a little more. You escaped us in the past, so we want to make this last. But we're here to help, make no mistake! We'll make you appealing to Jake! If you want him to find you fetching, you should change into something stretchy!”

The Munchie extended the apple slices with a friendly grin. Olivia plucked one and dipped it into the nutella. Her eyelids fluttered once her lips wrapped around it and her teeth cut into it. Electric sweetness embraced her tongue as it twisted around the bite and pulled it deeper into her mouth.

Chew. Chew. Chew. “Mmm…”

Olivia woke from her reverie and gathered herself before being stern, but relenting. She deserved to be happy. And if she wasn't going to get the job, she sure as hell was going to get her man.

coyote wild

You'll love me, I swear.
Sep 30, 2005
“Just a few more pounds,” Olivia negotiated. “I only know he likes them thick; I'm just not sure how thick.”

She was already on her third apple slice.

The Munchie began to walk backwards, Olivia following, plucking and dipping more apple slices. “Don't you stress, just move your feet! We have so much for you to eat!”

It led her into the kitchen where every surface was playing host to an ever-diminishing landscape being occupied by trays and dishes. A layout of hamburgers, a tower of pizza boxes, plates and mixing bowls of pastas (red sauce, white sauce, thin noodles, broad noodles, ravioli, lasagna), large baskets of chicken strips and french fries with bowls of sauces for each...basically every single treat Olivia had idly craved over the course of her lifetime.

“Umm,” Olivia paused before taking her seat in the chair the Munchies had pulled out for her and were motioning towards eagerly. Her slightly padded rear spread a little as she sat. “This is too much,” she said, still scanning the abundant offerings with worry. “If I eat all of this, I'll get huge!”

“Aww Olivia, what's the matter? If you want Jake, then you must get fatter!” one Munchie declared.

“You can capture his alluring eyes, but first you must grow vastly in size!” another explained.

“‘Vastly…?’” Olivia shook her head to clear the fog cloaking her brain. “But that's ridiculous! Why would I change my body for anyone?”

She pushed her fork into a thick pile of rotini pasta and pulled out a hunk. Bite, chew, swallow. Another bite, chew, chew, then, with her mouth full: “If getting fat is the only way to be with Jake, then I'll just have to get over him.” Swallow. “That kind of compromise is an absolute deal breaker,” Olivia reasoned while the Munchies danced and carried food around her.

They sat full trays down as she waxed philosophical about her current romantic situation and the lengths to which people will go to manipulate others into attraction. As she thought aloud, she snacked on fries and chips.

“Mmmsogood,” Olivia praised, cheeks engorged, jaw gyrating.

“Dessert will be awash in sugar! But first, try this greasy burger!”

One of the smaller Munchies waddled underneath the kitchen table, clutching a loaded cheeseburger, buns shiny with oil. It stopped at the legs of Olivia’s chair and held the burger upwards.

Olivia looked down and couldn't help but let the cuteness of the chubby creature’s gesture compel her to take the burger in both hands, squeezing it firmly to hold the pile of ingredients in place.

She took a deep breath, already regretting sinking her fingers into the plush, grease-slicked buns. Oil dripped from one end, sauces from another. She looked down to see the sweet, tiny Munchie that offered her the burger now giving her puppy dog eyes. Olivia smiled comfortingly and decided not to spend the evening feeling terrible about herself because she broke some adorable little thing’s heart.

She bit into the burger.

The buttery buns greeted her lips and tongue, while her teeth crashed into tomatoes, mushrooms, lettuce, bacon, and juicy beef like a squall upon a fleet.

Olivia ripped the burger apart, nearly half of it being crushed and squished inside of her mouth. She moaned as the savory flavor transitioned into pleasure and flowed down her chest, settling in her belly, and trickling into her nethers.

Eyes closed, she barely breathed after swallowing and before taking another bite.

Dishes were moved and replaced, a steady rotation of delectable flavors, an onslaught of calories.

Olivia swelled; nearly imperceptible to a casual observer, yet slowly she expanded, filling with fat. The goalpost of fullness kept getting moved, as her growing body yearned for more. Already rationalizing her decision to allow the Munchies to work their magic on her, she fully surrendered to her appetites.

So she chewed and chewed and grew and grew.

Regular grunts and moans of intense culinary pleasure emanated from Olivia, the overwhelming ecstasy of taste whisking her away.

When her eyes weren't shut in bliss, they were bouncing between the hot dogs and potato chips and between the mountain of chocolate chunk cookies and red velvet cupcakes.

Olivia began to feel as if she was inflating; the diminishing capacity of her belly being quickly outpaced by the amount of food passing her lips. Not only did she feel bigger, she noticed her breasts rising to occupy a bit more of the lower part of her field of vision. Her oversized and stretchy clothes, originally chosen for their ability to hide her thicker form, were being pulled taut against her, being filled and pushed outward by Olivia’s nascent chub.

But still, she ate. And ate. And ate.

Awareness soon caught up with her, and as a forkful of cake was coming to her, Olivia moaned and whimpered. She opened her mouth to let it in and her troubled sounds of protest became sounds of pleasure as she chewed into it, cake and icing mingling together in a gooey, sweet ambrosia. Olivia saw herself getting fatter than she had been that morning. Hell, she was already fatter than she had been before walking through the front door.

“That was really good, but-” Olivia was interrupted by another bite of cake, which she ate out of habit and had to take a moment to savor before finishing her sentence. “That was all very good, but I think I'm getting too big.” Olivia grabbed her new, thick belly and shook it a little. “Oh no,” she groaned, feeling the heft of her midsection. “You made me so fat!”

The Munchies giggled like a live studio audience.

“Please, stop!” Olivia shouted as more cake was pushed past her lips. Then more cake and more. She had to open, chew, and swallow just to keep her lips clear of the fork’s pointed prongs. “No more,” Olivia tried to say through her stuffed cheeks.

The Munchies only laughed as they fed her. And soon, the cake was gone. Olivia was slumped in her chair, smears of chocolate running from the corners of her mouth and chocolate finger streaks wiped across her belly like tiger stripes. She moaned deeply, the pressure of the feast filling her and pushing against her, an internal force yearning to escape. She was bloating with fat, her body desperately trying to keep up with and sort every calorie ingested.

Olivia panted heavily, like a runner collapsing at the finish line of a marathon. She rubbed her gurgling and groaning belly, whimpering from the discomfort of an overloaded digestive system. She squirmed as best she could in her state, barely having the strength to move at all, but trying to find any position that would reduce the pain of her full stomach. She froze for a moment, feeling the pressure bite down on her insides, and sensing a chance to direct the fullness to another area. She pushed the tension deeper, shoving it into her lower half, which felt as though it had suddenly inflated beneath her.

The pressure pushed against Olivia’s bottom and blew out into her seat, making it tremble from the force, everything else trembling from the shockwave. It was a drawn out bellow, drowning out all noise in the vicinity. After it tapered off, she whimpered again, nearly sobbing from the pleasure of relief.

The Munchies erupted in laughter once more, bouncing onto each others’ shoulders, dancing around Olivia, carrying pies and treats.

Slumped back in the chair, Olivia rubbed her bloated stomach and watched the parade of food around her, propelled along by little chubby blobs on little chubby legs, being carried with little chubby arms. Her brow twisted with concern and fear. “I never should have given in,” she realized aloud.

“Tell us something we don't know! Now it's time to make you grow!”

She picked up a slice of cheesecake off a passing plate and wrapped her lips around it. “Mmm,” she moaned. “No,” Olivia grunted before taking another bite. With a mouthful of cheesecake, she whimpered again: “No.” She took another bite. “No more.” She was fed a doughnut. “No...” pudding was pushed past her lips, “...more.”

coyote wild

You'll love me, I swear.
Sep 30, 2005
Olivia was awakened the next morning not by her alarm, but by a deep, roaring blast of wind exploding from her ass cheeks. Still slightly asleep, she moaned from the comfort the release brought, her tormented and overworked belly finally mellowing. Another fart rumbled outward, spreading into her bedroom. Stretching beneath the sheets, she placed a chubby hand on her pillowy belly.

Pillowy belly?!

Olivia ripped away the sheets and revealed her massively bulbous form. Her stretchy, "oversized" clothes were now small and tight, her bountiful and rounded doughy flesh bulging from their confines. Olivia whimpered in fear. She slowly rubbed her hands over her large, soft mountain of a belly. She felt it buzz beneath her fingertips as the bubbling pressure swelled within her before escaping her.

Compelled to get away from her scent, she tried to sit up, but couldn't immediately. She tried again and got much further forward, but fell back panting all the same. It wasn't entirely due to her weight; she was also still bloated and lethargic from the feast the night before.

Before she regained the energy to try again, her bedroom door burst open and a parade of Munchies carrying breakfast foods marched forth. Plates of waffles drenched in butter and syrup, sausage patties the size of saucers, golden biscuits, fried and scrambled eggs, cheese grits, pancakes, and croissant sandwiches all flowed over the Munchies like rafts down a river, drifting ever closer to a wiggling and jiggling Olivia.

"Please, I'm not hungry. I have to go to work," Olivia pleaded.

"Before we help you arise, we have to feed your swelling size!" the Munchies proclaimed as they bounced onto the bed and surrounded the temporarily stranded woman, each wielding armfuls of plates, some needing to be carried by more than one little creature.

"But you-" a forkful of waffle was slid into her mouth and she continued with her mouth full: "-already made me too fat."

"Hush, hush now, don't be upset. We don't think you're that fat yet! Enjoy the bed, just get a feel. This is how you'll soon receive every meal!"

Still chewing a delicious bite from a sausage, egg, and cheese bagel, Olivia shook her head in defiance. "No!" she shouted, her muffled words launching bits of her bite as she pushed them all back. The Munchies stumbled away and staggered, some fell off the bed, but all the plates were caught and nothing spilled. Using the momentum and adrenaline of rebellion, Olivia heaved herself upwards into a sitting position and rose from the bed to her feet, Munchies all around her, gathering themselves to continue their bombardment of breakfast.

Olivia used her window of opportunity to waddle into her bathroom, feeling her entire body shake and ripple, wobble and jiggle, rotating around and slamming the door behind her and locking it, just as Munchies began to pound and knock.

"Don't be mean! Let us in! There's no way you'll escape again! You lost us once, a while ago. But we'll always find you and make you grow!"

"Go away!" Olivia shouted through the door, leaning all of her new weight against it.

New weight. How much "new weight" was there? She felt her supple and pliant flesh, rounded and wide, but knew the only way to be certain was to check the scale. Her doughy lower belly wobbled with every step and every motion, still exposed from beneath her tiny skin-tight shirt, resting over the straining waistband of her stretchy pants.
She kicked the scale out from the corner again and tapped it with her toe to turn it on. She took a deep breath and enjoyed one last moment of blissful ignorance before stepping onto the crying and cracking scale.

She leaned forward, unable to see over her swollen breasts and belly. Craning her neck, she was able to read the red digital readout: ERR.

It blinked those three letters over and over. Olivia stumbled back from the platform and slammed into the wall, letting it catch her immensity. The scale continued to repeatedly flash ERR as if to mock the newly fat woman. Olivia's breathing grew shallow and she slowly began the process of bending over to pick up the scale. The shifting of her nascent size and squeezing of her belly forced out a rather powerful gust of wind from her enormous ass. Wincing at the reverberating, yet calming sensation of feeling like a true hog, she grabbed the scale and rose again, flipping it over to read the label underneath: "Limit: 350lbs."

Olivia's jaw hung open, feeling the fat around her face and neck cushion her mouth, and she dropped the scale. She looked back down at her new body, running her hands over her fields of smooth, pale fat cupping her underbelly and giving it a shake. She took another deep breath and tried to give herself time to process everything.

Today was the day of her presentation. It was a huge opportunity for her. There was no way she could call out if she ever hoped to move forward at her company. She would have to find a way to make it work. But to do so, she was going to have to go through...them.

They banged and beat on the door, still trying to get in. "Okay!" Olivia shouted, causing the banging to cease. "I'll come out. If you agree to let me go to work..." she hesitated before saying the next part, unsure of what it could mean, but desperate to go about her day: "...I'll let you feed me as much as you want tonight."

After a moment of silence, the Munchies burst into laughter. Olivia frowned and looked down at her immense form. She slowly rubbed her large belly as it growled to be fed immediately. She was still having difficulty fathoming how fat she had become in just a couple of days.

"Do we have a deal?" She shouted impatiently, cutting through the mocking giggles.


Olivia put her ear to the door and heard nothing. With a shaky hand, she turned the knob and opened the bathroom door. They were gone. With a sigh of relief, Olivia waddled back into her bedroom and began digging through her clothes for the only thing she knew might fit: her gray sweats.

Pulling the pants up her flabby body, she stretched the fabric as wide as it would go to clear her enormous rear. Still snug, the waistband snapped against her round, fat flanks, sinking into her plush, cushioned flesh as she brought them up and over the underside of her wide, hanging belly. She raised the sweat shirt over her head and spread it downward to cover her upper half, the bottom barely overlapping the waistband of her pants, the downward force pushing her swollen breasts against the top of her stomach.

She took a deep breath and released it, exhausted from getting dressed. It wasn't the most flattering look, but it would have to do.

She finished an expedited version of her morning routine, slipped on some shoes, grabbed her purse and keys, and wobbled out the door.

Olivia squeezed into her car, struggling to get below her billowing softness to reach the lever that would allow her to slide the driver seat back and give her more room. The tip of one of her chubby digits was able to pluck it with just enough pull that the chair went flying back. With the extra space, she panted from relief, the car door still wide open. Collecting herself, Olivia lazily grabbed the door handle and pulled it shut, feeling her hips and ass getting squished into place. She took a few more breaths and picked up her phone before starting the car. She tapped her boss Claudia's office number and nestled the phone between her ear and shoulder so she could pull out her keys.

As the phone rang, she shoved the key in the ignition, gave it a twist, and the engine awoke. Just then, her boss picked up.

"Hey Olivia," Claudia answered, having recognized Olivia's number on the caller ID.

"Hey, I'm going to be a little late this morning. I umm...had a wardrobe malfunction," Olivia explained as best she could.

"Oh no worries! Thanks for letting me know. As long as you're here in time for the presentation, take all the time you need," Claudia said. Olivia had never been more thankful for her boss's kindness and understanding.

"Okay, thank you so much! See you soon," Olivia said and ended the call. She then got an idea and scrolled to find Becky's cell number. She tapped the contact and waited as the line trilled.

And trilled. And trilled. No answer.

Olivia didn't want to stop by unannounced, but she needed something to wear and although she wasn't sure if Becky was presently fatter than herself, Becky was still the only person Olivia knew that was even remotely her current size.

As she came up to an intersection where she would normally continue straight, Olivia glanced over shoulder to make sure the turning lane was clear before abruptly whipping a hard left, feeling her fat arms wobble against her jiggling breasts and belly. She was taking a detour and swinging by Becky's house, desperately hoping she hadn't left for work yet.

coyote wild

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Sep 30, 2005
Seeing Becky's car still in the driveway, Olivia sighed and pulled her car up behind it. She put it in park and pushed in the emergency brake before turning off the engine. She reached across her bulbous, pillowy body with her fat right arm and hooked the door latch with her chubby fingers. The door swung open from the force of Olivia's bulging hips like dough through a popped can of biscuits.

Olivia shimmied and twisted, her soft body wobbling, as she began to extricate herself from the vehicle. Her fat legs swung out and she flowed out of the car like creamy frosting from a tube as she rose to her feet, using the door frame as support, still acclimating to her size.

She shut the driver side door and began the wobble to the front porch. But on her way, she passed the living room window and couldn't help but glance in. She stopped in her tracks and her jaw hung open. She stepped as lightly as is possible for a woman over 350 pounds and approached the window to get a better look.

A mountain of rounded rolling flesh was squeezed between the armrests of a couch, treating it like a throne. A lovely, healthy head of blonde hair sat atop an immovable mountain of fat; dollop-shaped blubber contained only by an extremely small t-shirt serving as more of a bra and a pair of stretchy pants which were ripping at the seams, the gaps filled by bulges of smooth thigh fat. Her massive belly was draped over her thighs and flanked by her rounded knees, which made it difficult to see where her failing pants began and whether the waistband was even still intact.

Big Fat Becky had lived up to her nickname.

A veritable feast of junk food was scattered across the coffee table in front of her, most of the packages opened, some of them already empty. A round chocolate cake with an obtuse triangle cut into it was sitting on the end table by the couch.

Olivia couldn't believe what she was witnessing. She had just seen Becky yesterday. How could she have possibly gotten this fa-

That's when she saw them. Emerging from the kitchen and into the living room were bowls of potato chips, bowls of dips, a tower of cupcakes, all carried by the Munchies.

They had gotten to her.

"Oh no!" Olivia whispered. She saw Becky's arms move slowly in grabbing a handful of chips and bringing them to her mouth. She chewed with a look on her face that was somewhere between pain and pleasure. She very obviously loved every bite she was taking, but she had clearly already had too much.

"I have to do something," Olivia muttered to herself, trying to build enough courage to face these guys down while keeping in mind she still had to get to work.

The front door to Becky's house bust open and Olivia stepped through, blocking the sunlight with her fat body, her shadow blanketing Becky and her many feeders and their fattening offerings. "Get away from her!" Olivia shouted.

The Munchies grinned sharply at her, some of them giggling. "Oh Olivia, why the zeal? Do you not recall our deal? We let you go to your job before we make you a massive blob!" They motioned to Becky as an example, who looked at Olivia with pleading eyes.

"Then leave her out of this! It's me you want!" Olivia tried to negotiate.

"It's not our fault she's part of this story. That blame lies with your good friend Lori!" the Munchies declared.

Olivia was confused and taken aback. "What does that mean?"

"Before we found you again, we came upon your dearest friend! A breakup left her feeling bored and blue, so we decided to make her huge! But when we learned she was your friend, she struck a deal to remain thin. At first, she told us Becky was you! We soon found out this wasn't true. But Becky was good at gaining pounds, so we just kept coming around!"

A rumbling, muffled fart permeated the air, spreading from beneath Becky's mass. She whimpered in shame and relief. The Munchies cheered their latest project for her gluttonous display and continued giving her food.

"You're lying!" Olivia shouted, but the Munchies were ignoring her in favor of fattening up her colleague.

"Listen!" Olivia called out to get their attention back. They stopped for a moment and all turned to look at her, Becky's mouth hanging open, waiting for a distracted Munchie to push a bite of cake past her lips. She tried to lean her fat face forward, biting down on air, unable to reach the clump of confection hanging on the fork.

"If you leave her alone forever..." Olivia began, hesitating again, wondering how many horrible deals she was going to have to cut with these little gremlins. She ran her hands over her rounded bulges of blubber, sliding her chubby fingers across her broad and vast belly as she considered what she was about to say. "If you leave her alone, I will let you make me twice her size."

Becky stopped trying to eat the cake and instead turned her head to look at Olivia in shock. All the Munchies looked at each other with mischievous smiles and huddled. They mumbled and whispered, occasionally one of them would peek up and glance at Becky or Olivia or both.

While they waited, another fart groaned out of Big Fat Becky's enormous ass. She glanced downward and apologized. "They're just feeding me so much, I can't help it," Becky explained.

"Believe me, girl..." Olivia said pushing out a roaring fart of her own, "...I know."

Becky was panting from being so full as she reasoned with Olivia. "Don't do this. There's still a chance they'll leave you with the ability to walk! But if you weigh double what I do, you'll never be able to leave your apartment again!"

"But there's a chance you could still walk out of here and I'm not going to pass that up," Olivia returned.

"Unlike my ass, that chance is getting slimmer and slimmer," Becky lamented as her hands explored her massive form, another muffled yawn of gas sliding out of her.

Suddenly, the huddle of Munchies broke up and they turned to face Olivia. "So if we choose to let Becky go, double her size you agree to grow?"

Olivia paused for a moment before nodding.

"She already weighs over 600 pounds, do you still wish to be twice as round?" the Munchies asked.

Olivia solemnly nodded again.

The Munchies cheered victoriously. "We will see you after work! Till then, in your home we shall lurk!" one of them giggled before they began to evaporate into a gray smoke that dissipated into the air.

Olivia and Becky were left alone in Becky's living room with an eclectic spread of snacks and treats. Neither knowing what to say, Becky farted again and Olivia wasn't sure if this one was louder because the room was now empty, or whether it was due to the torrent of calories working their way through Becky's body. Either way, the earthy, sweet smell spread from Becky and engulfed the entire living room. Olivia then realized that soon her own gas would dwarf Becky's in terms of both power and quantity.

"I don't know what to say," Becky breathed, still trying to catch her breath from the steady and endless feasting. "Thank you, Olivia. Is there any way I could ever repay you?"

"I got to get to work. Do you have anything in my size?"

coyote wild

You'll love me, I swear.
Sep 30, 2005
Thankfully, Becky still had a blouse and pants from when she was about Olivia's current size. They were a bit snug on Olivia, but made her decently presentable for the meeting she was tasked to lead. The elevator dinged at Olivia's floor and she disembarked causing the lift to groan, waddling as quickly as possible to her office without drawing any attention. Her bouncing, bulbous, globular ass cheeks felt as though every jiggle from every step was screaming out for someone to notice them.

She ducked into her office and slammed and locked the door. Leaning her head back from exhaustion, she noticed that her new curtains had been installed sometime between the end of her shift yesterday and this morning. Wanting to jump for joy, but too lazy to move her heavy body that way, she instead squealed quietly to herself and shook her chubby fists in excitement, her flowing fat rolls wobbling. She reached up and pulled the curtains shut, blocking all view into her office, affording her some privacy, at least until she had to emerge for the meeting.

Olivia waddled to her desk and slowly lowered her mass into her chair. The armrests pinched her hips and the hydraulics groaned as the chair struggled to accept all of her weight. Olivia sighed, happy to get off her feet. She rested her hands on her belly and slowly petted it, trying to get used to her new size, having difficulty coming to grips with how much of her there was and how much of her there was going to be.

Olivia's email notification chimed. It was from Lori.

"Hey, girl. When are you coming in? Some fat chick just went into your office. I'm gonna go talk to her for you and see what she wants. In the meantime, hit me back!" Lori's email read.

Olivia's brow furrowed as she remembered the accusations leveled at Lori by the Munchies. If they were true, then it was Lori's fault Olivia was over 350 pounds and destined to gain more. She slammed her chubby fist against her desk, frustrated about the uncertainty over what to do next. But then there was a knock at her office door and she knew time was up. Lori had come to talk to the "fat chick" in Olivia's office, so they were going to talk.

Taking a deep breath, Olivia shuffled her fat ass forward, pushing against the armrests holding her in place and squeezed out of the confines of her chair. She plodded towards the door and took a step back as she opened it.

Lori was standing there, looking ready to condescend to a stranger. "Excuse me miss..." Lori then recognized her friend's face framed by a cushion of fat. "Olivia?!"

Olivia rolled her eyes and lunged towards Lori, grabbing her by the collar and pulling her into the office. She reached around Lori and slammed the door shut.

"What happened to you?" Lori asked, at once worried and fascinated.

"Don't you dare!" Olivia shouted. "You gave me up to them, didn't you!"

"Who, Liv?! I have no idea what you're talking about!" Lori pleaded.

"The Munchies!" Olivia snapped. She was tired of games. "They came for you, but you offered me up instead. Didn't you! Just to spare that precious trim waist of yours!"

"Fine! It was me! I betrayed you so I could keep my figure!" Lori confessed, having had enough of getting yelled at, but also eager to unburden herself of her guilt. "I tried, though! I tried to protect us both!"

"By selling out Becky?!" Olivia argued.

"You should thank me! I'm the reason Jake broke up with her!" Lori defended herself.

Olivia wasn't impressed. "Because you're the reason she got fat? So what! You said Jake likes fat girls!"

"Oh please!" Lori angrily spat. "I was just trying to make you feel better about how fat you were going to become. Jake will never be with you, especially not now," Lori said, gesturing at Olivia's round, massive form

Then, it hit Olivia; why Lori had done all of this. It wasn't just about maintaining her figure. Lori was in love with Jake. "You wanted him for yourself this whole time," Olivia said aloud, putting it all together.

"Olivia, I promise you, I never meant for you to get this..." Lori motioned towards Olivia's bulging blubbery body, "...big."

"You don't know the half of it," Olivia lamented.

"Look, I'm sorry and I want to make it up to you. What can I do to make it better?" Lori inquired with genuine concern.

Olivia rolled her eyes and sighed heavily. She was frustrated that she couldn't stay mad at her best friend, even after such a betrayal. "I'm going to need a lot of help very soon."

"Sure, I can do that! Help with what?" Lori said eagerly.

Olivia sighed and closed her eyes, pressing into her beanbag belly with her pudgy hands, tensing the few muscles she had left buried under hundreds of pounds of lard as she pushed a yawning fart out of her ass.

Panting from the exertion of releasing her excess fullness, she answered Lori's question: "Everything."

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Sep 30, 2005
It came time for the meeting and people were starting to gather in the conference room. There were small conversations and light hearted banter simmering in the room until a light tremor reverberated the floor, rippling the water in people's cups. The source drew closer until Olivia entered the room, her smooth, spherical rolls emerging before her face.

She had to subtly step a bit sideways to fit through the door frame, but she maintained her composure and smiled politely to everyone staring. She felt her cheeks grow warm when she noticed that among the astounded gazes were Jake's and Kendall's. Jake's eyes were wide as he ran them up and down Olivia's new bulbous body, perhaps even recognizing his ex-girlfriend's clothes being strained by another fat, feminine form. Kendall had a sort of wrinkle to her nose, at once shocked and disgusted.

Olivia averted her gaze and decided to go for an empty chair in the back-corner of the room but to get there, she had to squeeze against the backs of chairs and the whiteboard wall. She slowly pushed down the row of seats, forcing some colleagues to lean forward over the table to give Olivia enough room to make it through. The lower part of Olivia's big round belly brushed against the backs of a couple of her coworkers' heads and shoulders.

She emerged at the other end of the table and turned in front of a chair. She gradually lowered herself into it, her wide and heavy ass pressing deeper on the seat, her soft, fat bulges squeezing between the gaps, flowing over the armrests. The metal chair groaned beneath her heft.

Olivia looked around to see everyone had been staring the whole time and were still fixated on her. She smiled modestly and looked around, pretending not to notice.

"Olivia?!" Claudia shouted.

Olivia looked over to see her boss, having just entered the room, amazed at her formerly-fit employee's new size.

"Are you okay?" Claudia asked, walking over, gliding effortlessly through the path between the chairs and walls, then taking a seat by Olivia.

"Umm, yeah, it's just umm...a reaction to...something I ate," Olivia tried to explain, taking long pauses to think of ways to explain how she had gotten so fat so quickly without mentioning strange little monsters.

Claudia lowered her voice as she spoke with Olivia and the other employees slowly went back to their own conversations. "We can reschedule this meeting. Do you need to go home?"

"No!" Olivia accidentally shouted, fearful of what would happen if she did go home; worried that once there, she would never leave again. "Sorry," she laughed nervously trying to fake aloofness. "No, I appreciate your concern, but I got this."

Claudia didn't seem convinced but trusted her employee. She leaned back and addressed the rest of the room. "Well, it looks like everyone's here. I guess we can get started. Olivia?" She turned to her right and handed the proceedings over to her underling.

With a smile, Olivia began to rise. She leaned back then leaned forward to build momentum, but was restricted by the armrests of her seat. She leaned back to try again, but to no avail. Olivia chuckled to try and play it off but tried to stand once more, meeting resistance from the confines of the chair and slowly pushing through till she popped loose and stood swaying above her four-legged foe.

Feigning to dust off herself and straightening her (Becky's) outfit, Olivia composed herself and wobbled over to the laptop in the corner of the room. It was on a podium by the screen upon which the projector shone an image of whatever was on the laptop monitor.

Olivia was bummed that she had to face away from the other meeting attendees to operate the laptop, presenting them with a perfect, unbroken view of her enormous, globular ass as it strained the threads of the seat of her pants, but there was no way around it. She was just going to have to press forward.

"As you all know, entering metadata can be a huge pain when logging materials. So with this new software called Olympus, all you have to do is-" her stomach groaned loudly, interrupting her, giving way to an audible gurgle. Olivia chuckled again in a vain attempt to diminish her embarrassment, patting her gut. "Sorry, I skipped lunch today. So, as I was saying-" a louder growl emanated from her large belly, a deeper rumble moving within her. She moaned from the discomfort and tried not to whimper, "Oh no..."

A tremendous bellow of gas exploded from Olivia's butt. The wind swept over her boss and her colleagues, flowing from the fat woman for what seemed like minutes. The long, unbroken fart tapered off as the pressure left Olivia and she breathed deeply in relief. She slowly rotated her massive body to see everyone around the table wincing and fanning their noses.

Olivia's fat cheeks went crimson. She could only stand there in stunned silence before she realized she needed to get out of there. "Excuse me," she said, her voice barely above a whisper. She wobbled towards the door, but had to once again squeeze past the chairs and the people sitting in them. She wasn't so delicate this time, barreling through, pushing several people into the table with her rotund form.

But still, she became stuck; her belly cushioning her against the wall, her ass pushing against and flowing over the back of Kendalls chair. "Ungh!" Olivia grunted, struggling to get through the tight squeeze, sweat beginning to sting her hairline from the exertion.

"Get your fat ass off of me!" Kendall shouted as Olivia's wide, blubbery bottom pinned Kendall to the table. There was a bubbling sensation rising in the pit of Olivia's midsection before it tumbled deeper into her and flowed out of her. A loud, staccato blast of wind escaped Olivia's tremendous rear and washed over her subdued colleague.

"I'm sorry!" Olivia whined, desperately wanting to escape this humiliating scenario, especially as her aromatic expulsions began to dominate the room. It was hers now, whether she liked it or not. At this point, it would probably make more sense for everyone else to vacate and leave Olivia to marinate in her own gluttonous scent. But she poured out of the tight spot and stumbled into the wider space closer to the door, stealing one last glance at Jake and seeing him covering his nose, looking at Olivia with pity.

Olivia turned away and squeezed out the door, waddling down the hall.

Claudia left the meeting and caught up with Olivia, placing her arm over Olivia's broad, round, and plush shoulders. "Hey, Liv, it's okay," Claudia said, attempting to comfort her. "Why don't you take the rest of the day off?"

Olivia's sad eyes were suddenly filled with fear. "No, please, don't let me go home!"

"Olivia, you're obviously overworked and stress eating. Maybe a couple of days off will do you some good!" Claudia tried to reason.

Olivia realized she had no other options. It was time to go home. It was time to face the Munchies and hold up her part of the deal. "Claudia? I need to talk to you about..." Olivia couldn't bring herself to say it aloud and make it real, as she hung her head and rubbed her belly, "...maybe working from home for the foreseeable future."

"How about you take the rest of the week and give me a call tomorrow? Maybe we can work something out," Claudia said smiling. "Now get out of here and take it easy!" She patted Olivia on the back.

Olivia sighed, ready to accept her fate. "Okay," she said solemnly and went to gather her things.

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Sep 30, 2005
Olivia stood at her apartment door for a moment before going in. She closed her eyes and tried to savor these last moments of standing. She had no way of knowing how many opportunities she had left to do so. Regardless, she decided that whatever happened next, she was going to try her best to enjoy it. Might as well. There was no escaping her fate, the Munchies could find her anywhere, especially now that her appetite was much stronger.

With a deep breath, she slid her key into the lock and turned it before opening the door. The sight that greeted her tickled her belly with excitement: whole roasted turkeys, entire hams, large bowls of mashed potatoes and pastas, sheets of lasagna, pans of green beans, mountains of mac & cheese, and a wide range of other dishes were spread all over Olivia's living room. It looked as though her home was playing host to Thanksgiving dinner for a number of families.

She placed her chubby hands on her wide and soft belly, slowly rubbing it in circles to calm its enthusiasm. Olivia felt the butterflies dancing about inside her and she licked her lips eagerly.

That's when the Munchies emerged from the kitchen, carrying even more food into the already overloaded living room: casseroles, fried chicken, roast beef, and baked potatoes the size of footballs.

The butterflies fluttered wildly anew and Olivia's eyes went wide.

"Welcome home, we're glad you've come! Now it's time to have some fun! We've prepared such an amazing feast, so come on in and have a seat!" the Munchies rhymed joyfully as Olivia's stomach growled to be filled.

Some Munchies danced over to Olivia's side, taking her chubby hands and pulling her corpulent body towards the couch. She bounded forward with heavy thuds, feeling her entire form jiggle and shake, tugs of weighted tension happening all over her new size. She sidled between the coffee table and couch, lining up her large butt with the center cushion. The Munchies pulled her hands downward, urging her to sit, as she slowly lowered her weight into the couch and leaned back, surveying all the food surrounding her.

"You did your best and tried to hide, but now it's time to open wide!" the Munchies cheered as Olivia leaned forward, bunching up her rolls and mass in front of her, and plucked some buttery rolls off of a pile of buttery rolls. She bit into the fluffy, savory bread and moaned as she chewed, the roll shiny with a sheen of butter that ended up coating her plump lips. She shoved the rest into her mouth and picked up another, biting into it while still chewing the last, gradually working herself into a rhythm of eating and chewing that would carry her through the rest of the evening.

The Munchies approached, carrying a large pot of penne soaked in red sauce and peppered with chunks of Italian sausage. They seemed to be struggling under its heft, until they were able to load it onto the coffee table where it slammed against the surface loudly and shoved aside a couple of smaller plates of bruschetta and cheese. After getting it on the table, the Munchies shoved the heavy pasta pot towards Olivia, who looked at it seductively and licked her lips before wrapping her pudgy palm around the large fork sticking out of the penne and leaning against the rim. A mound of noodles, sauce, sausage, and basil were collected on the prongs and shortly after Olivia took a deep breath through her nose, she opened her mouth wide and shoved it all in, biting down, sliding the fork back out, and finally exhaling from her nostrils as she chewed slowly, moaning in ecstasy. She scooped up another large chunk and took massive bite, her new chin wobbling from her furious feasting.

"Mm," Olivia grunted. She was scooping in bites with every chew, pushing the pasta deeper into herself with more pasta. "So good."

"You're getting fatter, it's time to face it. We're so glad to see you embrace it!" chanted the Munchies. Some of them would hang out near her shoulders while she ate, offering expressions of encouragement.

Olivia wrapped her fleshy, padded arm around the pasta bowl and leaned back with it, using her expansive belly for a table before holding it against her fat, pillowy chest, shortening the shoveling distance into her open maw. "I mean..." Olivia paused to chew and swallow. "...there's nothing I can do at this point, right? Eventually..." she gathered another heaping bite and shoved it through her plump lips, continuing to chew as she spoke, " guys are going to make me over 1,200 pounds. So..." she swallowed again, gathered up some more, but held it to her lips for a moment, "...I'm going to enjoy every bite." She wrapped her lips around the ball of meat and penne and moaned as she chewed.

"Atta girl! That's the way! Don't worry about how much you weigh! Just relax! Enjoy the ride. You only grow more beautiful as you grow wide." The empty pasta bowl was taken away by a group of Munchies while the ones at Olivia's shoulders handed her little burger sliders. "Eat some more! No need to stop! We'll make sure you never pop!"

Savory juices from the greasy bun and succulent patty squished between Olivia's teeth, her eyes squinting as she bit into her little burgers.

"There you go! Don't you quit! Unfortunately your clothes still fit!" Between Olivia's bites, she would sip from a straw that a Munchie would hold to her lips, like a boxer between rounds, only instead of water, she was sipping down a viscous milkshake. Vanilla.

Olivia's swelling body was pushing against the confines of Becky's clothes. Gaps were growing between her buttons, the blouse straining to stay intact. The threads were pulling tighter, the fibers groaning at the tension. But still, Olivia ate.

Her breathing was growing shallow, as she was prioritizing food over air, but also her growing stomach was beginning to encroach on her lungs. She grunted as she gorged in an effort to pull in more oxygen. Reaching around her blubbery body and over her straining top, her fingertips brushed the button of her pants squeezing into the equator of her planetary belly. Desperately, her fingers wiggled, struggling to undo her fly, but she just couldn't reach like she could before. She grunted and squinted and groaned but quickly grew exhausted and sighed heavily while relaxing her body. And like that, her monumental gut forced her button to pop off and fly across the living room, the tension pulling apart the zipper as her large, beanbag belly surged forward.

Olivia sighed again, panting deeply like a diver resurfacing after too much time submerged.

While two Munchies held a plate loaded with hotdogs, another Munchie prepared each one, squirting on condiments and heaping on onions and relish. They brought the plate within Olivia's grasp and she grabbed the highest one on the hotdog pyramid, again opening her mouth, pushing half the hotdog in before she bit into it and chewed three times and then shoved in the other half, now chewing on an entire hotdog.

She plucked a chip off of a stack of nachos loaded with chili, sour cream, onions and peppers, pulling strands of melted cheese along with it on its journey to her face.

Her teeth tore through chicken tenders coated in honey mustard, her lips kissed ravioli stuffed with meat. She swallowed sandwiches, slurped up soups, and ingested an impossible amount of calories, with sips of shakes in between.

Olivia fattened. Olivia expanded.

The Munchies laughed and Olivia grew.

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Sep 30, 2005
But so much fat is not obtained easily. Eventually, everyone hits a wall. Everyone fills up. She paused her breathing and tensed up as an earth-trembling fart erupted from beneath her bulk. She continued breathing heavily and farted again.

"You're gassier now than when you started! We've lost track of how much you've farted! That's how you know when you're really big: when you fart more than an engorged pig! But worry not about those sounds, they just mean more delicious pounds! And don't be ashamed of the smell, that's just what happens when you swell! With such a large inflated ass, you're bound to produce a lot of gas!"

Once the calories were absorbed by Olivia's body, it had no need for whatever was leftover, which meant every fart that rolled from her blubbery bottom was an audible confirmation of more inches and pounds added to her planetary form. The first button on Olivia's blouse to give was the one over her cleavage, unable to contain the breadth of her breasts. It popped off and hit the wall, clattering to the floor, probably settling somewhere near her pants button.

Soon after that, the other ones went and the seams along the side of her pants began to pop as well, then rip apart entirely.

"From now on, clothes will be in vain! You've become too large to contain!" Munchies tore the remains of Becky's clothes from Olivia's obese body, leaving her only in her strained bra and panties that were now basically a thong. She tried to reach behind her to pluck out the wedgie, but the fat padding out her arms pushed against the fat cushioning her back. She tried wiggling her hips against the couch in order to use the surface to push out the wedgie, but it only succeeded in tiring her out.

"Poor Olivia is getting tired! But before she sleeps, more food's required!" the Munchie closest to Olivia announced to the others.

"We should get her to the bed!" another Munchie suggested to his peers.

"Once she's there, we'll keep her fed!" still another offered.

"No, wait," Olivia mumbled, lethargy overtaking her, physically manifest in the fat steadily expanding her body, rolling over itself, barely perceptible to the naked eye. Another groan of gas escaped her rear, her overloaded belly and butt working in tandem to ease the intensifying pressure in both. "Please," she whimpered, rubbing the sides of her dome of a stomach. But she had grown too fat to adequately defend herself. If she was at the mercy of the Munchies before, she was now practically their pet.

"It's okay, just come with us! No need for you to make a fuss. We just want what's best for you, and we think that's a lot of food! So before you grow too fat to stand, let us take your chubby hands! We'll nurture you and keep you well; even as you spread and swell. So let us take you off to bed, where we'll make sure you're always fed!"

The Munchies all extended their hands in a friendly gesture, though most of them were doing it symbolically. Olivia swept her eyes over the grinning creatures and began to feel her nerves loosen up a bit, granted most of her field of vision was taken up by her massively round body. With a wrinkled and worried brow, she reached forward without leaning forward. Her newly acquired fat was pinning her to the couch and she was testing the limits of how much the Munchies were willing to assist.

Many tiny chubby hands wrapped themselves around Olivia's two. With a heave and a chorus of groans through gritted teeth, the Munchies all pulled against Olivia's weight, trying to get her to her feet. They eased up for a moment and then all tugged again in unison.

Olivia wasn't much help, letting the little gremlins do all the work, just to see if they could.

Relaxing again and catching their breath, the Munchies let go of Olivia's hands to wipe their brows of sweat.

Another gaseous blast roared from Olivia's massive backside and she sighed in relief. "I'm getting so hungry again," she moaned, licking her lips. "Mmm, I'm ready for dessert." She farted again, rubbing her belly to soothe it and comfort it as it dispensed of the storm within, once again feeling the butterflies. She fanned her face to clear the air of her aroma, not realizing how futile the gesture was.

Reinvigorated, the Munchies grinned at each other and screamed as they put all their might into pulling Olivia up. Slowly, her mass began to roll forward, rounded parts of her swallowing each other and spreading. She could feel her ass rising from the couch, gravity starting to pull more on her immense belly. She slowly straightened up and wavered for a moment before she had her bearings.

The Munchies cheered victoriously, admiring their gorgeous work of art. Olivia truly was a masterpiece, and they were incredibly proud. "We have done a lovely job! We made you into a beautiful blob! Now it's time to lay you down and really start to pack on those pounds!"

Olivia looked down at the Munchies singing to her, fearful for what was next. The weight of her blubber, surrounding and coating her, redistributed differently than it had while she was seated and she wanted to get a feel for it before bounding forward. But it wouldn't make much of a difference; once they walked her to the bed and laid her down, she would never walk again.

They took her hands and pulled her forward, forcing her to waddle to keep up. From the kitchen, a group of Munchies, stacked atop one another, wheeled in a four-tiered red velvet cake. Guided by the Munchies, Olivia fell in line behind the cake cart, following it and them to the room she would soon grow too fat to leave.

They wheeled the cake into the bedroom while Olivia and her ushers shuffled behind. Reaching the door to the room, the Munchies pulling Olivia marched in behind the cake but were suddenly jerked back and collapsed on the floor. They scrambled to see what the problem was only to find an immense Olivia wedged in the door frame, her blubber bulging into the room. She shifted and shook, but couldn't budge.

"Umm, guys?" Olivia asked nervously. "I'm stuck." She yelped as she felt a bunch of tiny, pudgy hands sink into her ass fat, trying to push her in. The ones that had guided her this far, took her hands again and pulled as hard as they could. Olivia slid forward before she stumbled through, causing the walls to shake and furnishings to rattle

The Munchies cheered again as Olivia blushed shyly and bounded over to the bed. She stood over it for a minute and took a deep breath. The Munchies wheeled in the cake behind her and she could somehow feel its presence at her back, like the calories themselves were radiating their energy. In preparation for the dessert phase of tonight's feast, Olivia pushed out another tremendous gale of wind from her bottom, suddenly realizing she may have just farted on the cake she was about to eat. With a sigh of acceptance, she slowly rotated her rounded, massive form and positioned her globular ass cheeks over her mattress. The Munchies held her hands again as she lowered herself into a seated position. She leaned back into the mound of pillows they had prepared for her, blending right in as essentially a mound of pillows, herself. Some Munchies put their hands under the heels of her feet and gently raised them upward, supporting Olivia as other Munchies helped pull her into place at the center of her bed.

"Just get comfy, settle in! It's time for you to eat again!"

She moaned in comfort, happy to take the weight off, wiggling her toes excitedly. Her belly weighed heavily on her lap, spread wide across her flanks. A series of rolling hills of smooth, feminine flesh, Olivia explored her new blubbery body, like easing under the covers after a long day.

"We'll keep it coming for your stomach's sake, but for now just enjoy this cake!"

The Munchies cut a thick slice of the lowest tier of the red velvet cake and presented it to Olivia on a small plate without a fork. She pinched the slice between her fingers and brought the snow white and crimson red cake to her plump, puckered lips. She let out a slight whimper before taking the first bite. The fluffy, sweet, creaminess hugged her tongue and tickled her cheeks. She swallowed the first bite, allowing the mouth to share its pleasure with the belly.

"Mmm," she grunted, taking another bite. She shoved the rest between her cheeks shortly after and was reaching for the cake itself before they brought her another slice. Giggling Munchies rolled the cake stand closer, Olivia grabbing chunks out of the cake and shoving them into her fat face.

"Yay, Olivia! Eat it all! We know you can't resist the call!" The Munchies cheered her on.

With fearful eyes, she watched them while she ate. Another fart groaned out of Olivia, muffled beneath her mass.

"Eat it up, just have fun!" More Munchies poured into the bedroom, carrying pastries and doughnuts and cupcakes and muffins; puddings and custards and pies and ice cream. "And we'll try to keep you under a ton!"

Olivia's eyes went wide.

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Sep 30, 2005
The Next Day...
A thin fist of sharp, bony knuckles knocked at Olivia's door. They waited a beat before knocking again.

Lori stood outside Olivia's apartment, waiting for her friend to answer. She checked her phone and considered texting her but decided to knock one more time. Suddenly, the apartment door creaked open just a little. "Olivia?" Lori called into the dark apartment as she pushed the door further open.

She stepped gingerly into the apartment, seeing the devastation of the feast from the night prior: plates smeared with grease and sauce, stained napkins and cloths scattered about, cleared out bowls streaked with remnants, baskets empty save for crumbs. Lori covered her nose as the scent of conquered meals surrounded her and flowed into her nostrils. A bellowing growl that sounded like a groaning bear echoed from the hallway.

Lori slowly began walking down the hall, nervous about what she may find. The scent was becoming stronger, like parmesan and caramelized sugar. "Olivia?" Lori called out as she approached the closed bedroom door. With a deep breath, she wrapped her thin fingers around the knob and turned it, the door swinging open to reveal a massive pile of fat lying on the bed.

Olivia was huge and round all over, too busy eating a hoagie to notice Lori arrive. Another fart rumbled from beneath her and Olivia sighed from the pleasure. Her belly was a waterbed but also a blanket, covering her lap, resting on the bed between her knees.

Lori stepped forward, her mouth agape in shock. "Olivia?" Lori asked.

Olivia noticed her friend and smiled lazily. "Hi Lori," she said through a mouthful of hoagie.

"What happened to you? The Munchies did this?" Lori asked, stunned.

Olivia nodded and turned back to her sandwich to take another large bite.

"You rang?!" the Munchies called out behind Lori. She spun around to see them crowding the doorway, grinning from ear to ear.

"What did you do to my friend?! Turn her back!" Lori shouted angrily at them.

"You wanted this! Why so mad? Is it because your friend is thick with flab? We came to you, but you made a deal! Now Olivia gets all your meals," the Munchies explained.

"And Becky's," Olivia lamented, releasing another fart.

"But I didn't know it would go this far!" Lori pleaded as she fanned her nose, looking back at her enormously fat friend, who was still eating contentedly.

"Worry not about her size! She's not the one who fed us lies." The Munchies' voices suddenly took a more sinister tone, nearly growling.

"Wha-what do you mean?" Lori stuttered.

"You made us think Becky was the one! So we made her more than a quarter-ton! But once Olivia learned what we were up to, she made a sacrifice made by so very few! So she took on the rest of Becky's impending weight. Just so she could protect her mate! She thought she'd be 1,200 pounds, but we decided not to make her quite that round."

Lori turned again to look back at Olivia, who was pushing the last chunk of sandwich past her plump and shimmering lips. She moaned as she swallowed, farting again with minimal reservations.

"She's humongous now, but she'll walk again! Which is more than we can say for her skinny friend," the Munchies continued.

Lori whipped her head back to the crowd of creatures beginning to surround her.

"We were impressed with Olivia's nobility, so we decided to let her keep some of her mobility!" a Munchie sang.

"But since you mislead us and told us lies, it's time for you to have some pie," another Munchie continued, gesturing to the door where Lori's terrified eyes went as she saw an army of Munchies marching into the room, carrying numerous chocolate pies.

"No, wait, please! Don't make me fat!" Lori stammered.

"We're afraid it's too late for that!" the Munchies answered.



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Dec 25, 2011
This is great! Is there any chance for an epilogue? Though it is fun to leave just how fat Lori will get to the imagination, I'd love to see your take the severity of the Munchies' punishment. ;)

Is there any chance you would do another story that crosses Madame Bigger and the Munchies? She does seem to have abilities that border on supernatural, it makes me think she was perhaps influenced by the Munchies in that way, or that she has similar hypnotic or suggestive powers. I shudder to think what the combined forces of Madame Bigger and the Munchies could accomplish. Fatten entire cities? Make people weigh several tons?

coyote wild

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Sep 30, 2005
Thank you for reading and I'm so glad you enjoyed it!

It was actually established in the epilogue to The Fall of Madame Bigger that both she and the Munchies do exist in a shared universe.

I have been considering an "Avengers: Infinity War"-esque story that would combine characters from all my stories into one thing, but I haven't yet figured out a hook or thread that would keep it all coherent. But I am indeed thinking about it.

However, my characters actually have a weight limit. I enjoy immobility, but I don't like to go much further past the heaviest person that ever lived in terms of weight. No one's ever been a full ton (on record) so I try to keep the upper limit at around 1,500 pounds. Anything beyond that is just too weird and cartoony for me. I think the heaviest person on record was about 1,400 pounds or so. That is still an entire obese person BEYOND a thousand pounds.
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Jun 27, 2011
CW your original munchies was and has been one of my all time favorites. I'll never suggest a direction for you to go with your creativity, because I know whatever comes next will be another master piece. Thanks for never selling out and believing in quality works over quantity.

coyote wild

You'll love me, I swear.
Sep 30, 2005
Oh my god, R4D! Thank you so much for your kind words! I am blushing over here! It means so much to read that, you have no idea. Thank you so much!

I'm always happy to hear ideas for what people would like to see, but yeah, I'm always going to do what I want to do and what I feel is best for the story. It means a lot that you have that kinda faith in me.

And I'm glad you're not concerned with quantity because it'll be quite some time before my next story so enjoy this one as much as you can. Hahah

Thanks again for the encouragement! You made my day.


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May 2, 2007
Wow, this was fantastic. I really enjoyed the pacing and twists to this one, and I loved the ending. Thank you for sharing the story.