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  1. Y

    BOTH Growing Together

    (Working on some new stuff and wanted to re-upload some old stuff since its been a while. Also did not realize this was still pretty active with stories until the other day, but I'm glad I checked back in. Hope you still enjoy even if it’s a second time around.) Growing Together by yo18...
  2. B

    Feedee Meditation - Give in to your fantasies and make them your reality

    This is a 22:41 minute audio meditation for Feedees. Listening to this will allow you to accept your desires and start working towards your dream body. You should listen to this each day until your lifestyle begins to adapt to excess and your body begins to show signs of fattening. Before...
  3. bochz

    Worshipping & Spoiling

    It just seems to be the best place for me. I have sought a long term place as an addition to a greater life, my whole life it seems. $, meals, gifts, art, writing. It makes me my best self.
  4. F

    New to gaining, need advice

    I'm new to intentionally gaining weight. I was a kinda smaller girl through high school, then over the years I've steadily been putting on a couple of pounds a year. I'm unsure about how much I want to gain, but I want to know: -what do you like about getting bigger? -what do you like about...
  5. platinumpuzzy

    Female Feeder Male Feedees

    I am not sure how common or uncommon this may be, but I was once a feedee myself. Somehow, the tables turned and I started finding myself becoming the feeder or actually what I like to call the "Chub Coach". I don't discriminate with females but more often than not they are seeking the...
  6. braindeadhead

    BBW The Story of Geoff Franks, Senior Accountant and Sin of Gluttony

    The Story of Geoff Franks - Senior Accountant and Sin of Gluttony by braindeadhead In a rundown part of town, in an unassuming church, in a nearly unused basement, six people gather. They unstack chairs from the rows along the back wall and arrange them in disorganized circle. They perform...
  7. skinnychick

    Thin privilege!!

    Hey I'm a thin petite girl who hates the fact that I have Thin privilege as it's so unfair as Bigger woman/men can be so beautiful and talented. Please can you post examples of Thin privilege below and how Thin girls like myself can help. Thank you
  8. B

    Feedees/Gainers of Dims: how do reconcile feedist feelings with internalized Diet Culture?

    Diet culture is everywhere. Not one of us escapes it to some extent, at least in Europe and North America and certainly well beyond. One conclusion I take from this is that even the most passionate, committed feedees and gainers grew up under diet culture and still walk around with at least some...
  9. coyote wild

    BOTH I Tried... (~poetry, ~xwg, ~bbw, ~bhm, ~ffa, ~feeder, ~gas)

    I Tried... (artwork by thatspookyfeeder) (written by coyote wild) I tried to stop it. Really I did. I never wanted to end up this big. I once was fit. I used to jog. But that was before I became a hog. So many pastries… ...so many pies. So many burgers with mountains of fries. I...
  10. F

    Reaching a more positive body awareness through FAs?

    Hi all, I have a question for all you ladies out there...is there women here who DID NOT have a sexual desire for gaining weight. Then found a boyfriend who loves your fat body for the first time ever, and started to feel more self confidence due to your new spouse being extremely attracted to...
  11. B

    Where's the best place to mingle with feedee's and feeders?

    Just trying to find an outlet with people of similar interests. I already know about feabie but is there any other places?
  12. coyote wild

    BBW "The Munchies Return!" by Coyote Wild (~XWG, ~SSBBW, ~IMMOBILITY, ~GAS, ~STUCKAGE)

    The Munchies Return! By Coyote Wild Olivia can still hear the laughter. At night, when it's quiet, as she's drifting off to sleep. It used to precede an impromptu snack or an entire surprise banquet, but that was over a decade ago. And yet, she can still hear the laughter. In fact, it rose...