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  1. G

    BBW Sam's stay with Granny

    Sam's stay with Granny by gaedkeg1122 Sam was a recent high school graduate. She decided that she would spend the summer with her grandmother before she started college. She was 19 years old, had long brown hair and was relatively thin with the only exception being her breasts. Her...
  2. F

    BBW Occupational Hazards

    Occupational Hazards by Fat-u-up Prologue When a Kate Johnson, a special care nurse, is called into the manager's office unexpectedly, she is unaware of the life-changing assignment she is about to be offered. The Palm Institute is not a hospital or medical centre, but more a refuge for...
  3. T

    BBW A Matter of Time (WG)

    A Matter of Time by The FlamingHades14 Part 1: ------------ I remember the first time that I met my sister’s college roommate Alex. My parents, in their usual absent mindedness had failed to mention that we were going to have a guest staying with us for a few days and my sister, was... well...
  4. T

    BBW Accepting of Fate (WG)

    Accepting of Fate by TheFlamingHades14 Kate knew that she was doomed from the moment that she started dating Mark. It was not the kind of demise that most women worry about when they are meeting a new young man who seems too good to be true. He wasn’t that kind of tall and handsome fellow who...
  5. B

    Feedees/Gainers of Dims: how do reconcile feedist feelings with internalized Diet Culture?

    Diet culture is everywhere. Not one of us escapes it to some extent, at least in Europe and North America and certainly well beyond. One conclusion I take from this is that even the most passionate, committed feedees and gainers grew up under diet culture and still walk around with at least some...
  6. John Smith

    Slowing walking pace, more restraining movements, body space changes, etc

    Good evening from Canada, y'all! As we may notice, I've published a newly rework from my original "body balance changes" from earlier this year (or late this previous year?? Whatever) As many know here, gaining some sizeable extra poundage may progressively affect the way one can have to...
  7. ALS Again

    BHM Preference

    ~BHM, Magic, WG “I’m gonna grab some Coke Zero,” Alexi mumbled, stalking away from his girlfriend. He wandered down the grocery store aisles, his tall form slightly slouched and his hands in his pockets. A few moments later, his eyes fell upon several cases of Coke Zero that were awaiting to be...
  8. John Smith

    How about timelapse WG videos?

    As much as I still remember asking to myself why no gainer or feedee in the community never made a timelapse video of their progress, I'm starting to wonder either why nobody - I mean, "Fat Fetishist" and freelance Plus Size models - never, ever made used a 360º panoramic camera. Why I have all...
  9. John Smith

    Fast Extreme Weight Gain In Real Life - A Meditative Self-Realization

    This moment you realize that when one of the fewer interviewed people in this Brit mini-documentary you're posting yourself earlier keep to account she past from an UK size 12 to a size 28 in about one-and-half month, out of excessive comfort eating... she'd basically tell to anyone that she...
  10. John Smith

    "Why I'm Fat" - A ln another British mini-documentary

    "In The Naked Truth, five obese young people talk in raw and revealing detail about what it's like to be obese, how and why they think they became obese and how they feel about their bodies."
  11. John Smith

    First time waddling??

    Recount the first time you ever experienced a shift from your formely walking habit to a waddle: or if you have ever hovering into obesity or at least did for a long, how did you feel when your waddling pace upgraded.
  12. S

    BHM Big Shot (BHM, WG, Stuffing)

    A film director gains weight and possibly a sense of humility and the importance of loving other people. Or maybe it’s just weight. Cinephilia! Erotic same sex friendship! Greasy food! Ambiguous 1960 70s 80s Hollywood setting! This one has it all, folks. Quick notes-no wg in this chapter, it’s...
  13. coyote wild

    BBW "The Munchies Return!" by Coyote Wild (~XWG, ~SSBBW, ~IMMOBILITY, ~GAS, ~STUCKAGE)

    The Munchies Return! By Coyote Wild Olivia can still hear the laughter. At night, when it's quiet, as she's drifting off to sleep. It used to precede an impromptu snack or an entire surprise banquet, but that was over a decade ago. And yet, she can still hear the laughter. In fact, it rose...