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The NEW Ponderous Woman online comics

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Just doodlin'
Sep 29, 2005
Now that the original Ponderous Woman series is back online in its remastered form, it's time to move along through my old catalogue: Next up is the NEW Ponderous Woman!

The first series ended in January of 2003. I decided to take some time off, but I still made a few comics (The True Story of the Fat Fomenter, a prequel to the PW, and then the 3 Lost Tales of the Truth Teller comics). Trying to improve my drawing, colouring and storytelling thru those comics re-energized me, and so late in 2004 this series premiered! It takes place 7 years after the end of the first series.

You can see the issues as I post them in my Deviant Art gallery for The NEW Ponderous Woman. The first two (plus a two-page prelude) are up now!

Thanks for reading, and revisiting these old characters with me again!


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