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The Ponderous Woman online comics

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Just doodlin'
Sep 29, 2005
Hi everyone,

Some of you may remember my old online comic series The Ponderous Woman (and its sequels and spin-offs), I started way, way back in 1999. The site got pretty quiet a few years ago, and I have since abandoned paid web-hosting. But I am starting to get back into the comics, in part due to life allowing me some time for it, but also as I re-discovered some of the files on old hard drives!

I've started to migrate some of my artwork over to my Deviant Arts site, which I am learning to use after having signed up 13 years ago. 🤣 The first comic strip I have posted is "Michelle Meets the Munchies" (see the attached pic).

I am looking at how best to migrate the rest of my old comics to a new home, DA or another (some of the early stuff is embarrassingly crude in terms of the quality of the artwork, and I would like to spruce it up too - but I also don't want to re-draw all 31 issues of the original comic run, lol!). Any thoughts or suggestions are very welcome!

And I'd also like to thank those that have continued to ask about the PW, message their support and their wishes for more - it is so wonderful to know when something I cobbled together actually is enjoyed by others. Thank you!


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