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Oct 18, 2005
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eg- a bit over the top.


Once in a while you get the opportunity to wish for something, now we all get the chance to wish for fun, not a real magical wish. But what if, just what if the opportunity came to get a real wish, well this is a story of one lucky man that happened upon that wish. The funny thing was that he did know that he had been given it.

The morning was normal for Chris, got up had a running breakfast and of to work, the bus was late, all seat taken and he hated standing. At 300 lbs it was not easy on his feet. But he put up with it and kept his discomfort to himself. He was very glad to leave the bus.

He decide to walk a different way to his office job, when he got down a darkish alley way he noticed something shining in between a couple of bins, on inspection it was a little glowing light floating in a wire globe on a chain, He look at it in wonder the light swirled and he could not see what it was that made it or held it in the wire globe. Then he saw that the wire globe was in fact tow half’s and the bottom could unwind from the top section held by the chain. He released the bottom section and as he did the light suddenly expanded to surround him, he froze in fear. The light seemed to throb with a sound that was like language but so odd that it was not comprehendible. When the sound stopped the glow vanished and speed off into the blue sky.

Chris was left standing, with his hands shaking, what the hell was that he shrieked out load. Then realised that no one was around to reply, he collected his mind and quickly made his way to work.

That after noon he rushed home and was a buzz with what had happened that morning, he felt okay all day no effects at all. So he guessed that he was okay, he got changed and look at the 300 lbs body in the mirror a nice gut, but not huge he said. He went to the computer and login onto his favourite gaining site, there was a lot of really fat people on this site, 400, 500 and 700 lbs+. The bigger the better was what he liked. But he would not go to the immobility stage that some had, but the size of those that had he reckoned was so hot, and then he wished that he could without all the issues of mobility health and issues with family and work, but that was a dream he considered and although that was his wish he was not ding to get it. But the light that he had released that morning although so far away, heard all, and developed the ideal solution in it’s wisdom and power, then made it so.

The follow morning Chris woke, he felt different but looked in the mirror the same 300 lbs looked, and back, and he sighed, man if only I was 450 lbs. He looked away from the mirror and started to pull on his pants, they started to go on normal but half way up to his surprise they seemed to shrink, and this was odd he flicked them off. Then he notice the feeling that his belly was getting lower and was rubbing on his thighs, then he notice the man boobs, and the increased tightness around his lower back as roles of fat formed. My god he yelled, and turned to go to the scales in this bathroom, as he walked all sort of new weight was wobbling and rubbing, and it felt fantastic.

The got on the scales and they went of the scale, man I am more than 400 lbs, then it clicked he had just asked to be 450, and that was what just happened. He griped the huge belly that hang in front of him with delight, oh yes thank you thank you. Then he panicked none of his clothes fitted, oh no, shit, shit he said as he found not every his track suit could contain the expansive belly and ass that he now had. This was a real problem he had to leave for the bus in 15 minutes. Then he had the wild idea, if I ask to be lighter then might that will happen as well. It was a long short, but we ask to be 280 lbs. Within a few minutes his body got smaller and smaller at about a pound every few seconds. These was such a release and man what power, he could be whatever size he wished to be as his scales confirmed 280 lbs a drop of 20. This was going to be tested on the weekend. The people at work could not belief his weight loss, the boss even said well done. But the laugh was on them he was in fact the fattest person every, or he could be. He notice that one of the accountants was did not seem so please, he had always been nice to him and know although saying that great was not so happy for some reason. When all the people had stops talking about if new image, he slipped of to talk to her, “so Kathryn you do not look so please with me change”, “oh I am” she replied, I that’s what you want, well you do not have to be thin to fit in with me that’s all”. Well Chris look sort of knowing, “ I don’t wish to be to upfront, as you know that’s not my style, but recent events, have well made we more thus, so do you know what the term FFA means?” She looked around to see if no one else was close, and she was blushed, “yes” she replied. Chris look at her an smiled, “man I should have known it, you giving we candy at xmas, always coming with coffee for we”, she grinned “yes I always put cream in yours”, “so that’s why it was so good, you naughty thing you”, she look sad again, “but if you are losing that’s okay”. He reply quickly, “oh no, you have got it all wrong, I can not explain at work, but come to my place after work and I will explain”. She knew he took the bus, so she said no come to my home as I have the car today, okay he agreed. They both work the day away but with the afternoon well in mind.

Later of they both arrived at her house; it was modern open a light filled, “very nice!” Chris exclaimed. “Gee thanks I like it”, Kathryn replied. After a quick tour and quick drink and snack, Chris look at Kathryn and said, “I was altered yesterday by something I did not know I was given by what I do not know. It sounds way out, but all I can say that it is true. So in plain terms I can grow fat at will, with no eating at all, and then loose it the same way” He stopped and look at her bemused expression, “I knew you might be a little left of centre Chris, she answered, “but that is just plain crazy talk, I think you should go now”. “No no please wait it is true, give me a few minutes and I will prove it”, with that he close his eye and imagined a weight in his mind, a large number to him, 700 lbs. No sooner that we had done this thing began to grow and grow; Chris quickly took of every stitch but his underwear and socks to avoid ripping them. Kathryn, stop yelling at him as even if she was mad, see still wish to get a look at his soft belly, but when she look she almost fell backwards, for in that time Chris had done up to 380 lbs and was climbing fast. She look on is amazement as his legs swelled and his belly moved forward then started to flow down over the front of his y-fronts. His arm develop folds of fat around the elbows and his breast developed and filled out under his arms, the roll of fat curling other is front continued it rolling back to his hips. The hip themselves widened and rose as his ass grew in size, also huge rolls of fat hung down from his lower back. Now he was punching 520 lbs and was getting rounder, his belly hung down wider and lower and lower his man boobs found a place to sit on the upper section of his now enormous belly. The cheeks of his ass swelled to pendulous proportions, round and full. The fat was perfectly full, soft and rounded in all directions. His skin also clear and no stretch marks it was like he was made of marble so smooth. Now Kathryn having gone weak in the knees as this beautiful man growing before her eyes was sitting on the floor with her head in her hands total transfixed. But he was up to 640 lbs and still filling out more and more, his belly was almost hanging down to his knees, his arm sat out at 30 degrees on top of rolls of side fat and his hips had rolled over at 600 widened even more and started to hang over and down like his belly had started long ago. When the grow slowed and stop at 700 lbs he has huge, the belly was just on his knees and as he walked around her to give a good look at his every angle he wobbled and shook like nothing she had imaged possible. Huge rolls of fat wedged between his legs rolled other each other as he waddled around and if he turned quickly his belly would swing out and made a loud slap on his legs as it come back around, with this sound Kathryn shrieked with excitement and clapper her hands like a little school girl at a play. He felt really weighty but not weak or out of breath or anything, it was just so awesome to fill this fat and look around and down and just see rolls, mounds and folds of fat and more fat. Kathryn finally got back her voice, “WOW that was amazing, fucking amazing”. She pulled herself forward on her knees, up to this massive wall of belly that hung in front of her and placed one full hand on its surface. Then she gave it a push and waves of energy rippled out, she did it again and again in harmonic with the fat and the waves in it grew and grew and travelled all over his body, boy he loved her touch and the feeling of the ripples. Then she rubbed his belly as she stood and proceeded to explore all the fonds, some as deep as 6 inches. When she came around to look him in the eye, she said, “Bigger”, he said “What”, Kathryn replied louder, “grow bigger”, “okay then”, he called for 1000 lbs.

The growing started straight away and his under wear ripped and fell away to the floor, they both laughed not that you could see anything under all that flab. This time Kathryn was happy to watch his belly get lower and lower, at 900 lbs it was now 1/3 down his calves and was almost 4 feet wide and 2 feet thick, by 1000 lbs it stoped just about ½ way down his calves and about 5 inches short of the floor, “Oh no” said Kathryn with a pout, “come on touch down babe” he said giving this gigantic belly a pat. “Okay we needed more that that to get it on the floor” Chris said, stating the obvious, “ How about you choose the next weight Kathryn” she look at this now mountain of a man and was getting really excited, “okay that belly is going down this time, 1500, grow to 1500 lbs”, Chris imagined the number and it was on. Kathryn took a seat on the floor an angle so she could see his belly front and side and bit of his back area as they grow yet again, the change at first seemed to be more horizontal filling out, his arm climbed higher and higher as they and the mass of fat under them expanded to twice the size. The fat in his neck fortified its position and the now one chin that was flowing over his chest and back. The upper section of his belly then pushed forward another 7 inches and push those gorgeous man boobs out more and more in the process. His but cheeks also received more poundage and was now hanging halfway to the knees from behind, his ass was at least 5 feet wide then 6 as a extra bit of expansion took place in a matter of seconds, so sexy to watch. But as this was going on all Chris could say was “oh this is incredible, oh I wish you could feel the fat expanding and pushing for room, and my god that roll of fat on my back is getting heavy as. But Kathryn was spell bound by the belly that was her fetish and till this point it had moved wider and deeper but not lower as yet. He was know 1250 lbs, the magic number it seemed was hit as the rest of his wobbling mass stopped and the belly much to Kathryn’s delight started to lower again. It seems to flow down is led like a slow laver flow; with the forward edge rolling as it travels down. One more inch then another, then Chris called out it’s touching the top of my feet, Kathryn had to lie flat on the floor and look under to see his feet and yes small rolls of fat could be seen encasing his feet. Then the moment arrived and he could the cold of the floor on the underside of his belly, he was now 1400 lbs. As the next 100 lbs added the belly firmed all its width onto the floor, all 6 feet of it. Now Chris could not move an inch just rock his mass back and forth, sending massive fat waves in motion that took minuets to stop. Kathryn was know exploring rolls of fat so deep that she could almost dive her whole arm length straight in, she even got her whole head under a roll of fat on his side, but could not breath so decide that was not a good idea. She just spent and hour pushing, patting, slapping and poking his wondrous fat, she was in ecstasy. The when a little worn out she sat down on his huge belly that was more like a bean bag. “So what now” Chris asked? She sat in her new fat arm chair and considered, then look up at Chris’s layer of fat above, as his face was out of sight, and replied, well I do have a very big spa pool in the court yard we could have a swim. “Okay , but I will have to shrink back to 1200 to be able to walk” he did this and then with her holding one massively fat arm he wobbled his way to the pool, the belly even at 1200 lbs was bounding at slapping the floor as he swayed from side to side, this drove her wild, and she had to rub it and grab handfuls as they walked.

Once in the pool the ability to move was fine, and his fat supported by the water floated in new and beautiful ways. The bit of belly that was above water was like a small table up front, when she got more drinks they used it was such. Kathryn dived under the water and he look like a round ice berg as he floated by, she got up under his belly, and rubbed its under surface this made Chris laugh. Then she got to the surface and said, “Time to grow, let’s say 2000 lbs”. “Yep, 2000 it is” replied Chris. The he started to grow again the upper belly the ass and back as before for the first 50 lbs, then he could feel under the water the belly growing fast. As it did the fat above the water got higher and larger in area, it move from a two seater table quickly to a 4 seater in an half hour. Kathryn was now able to climb up on top of his floating boat of a belly. The area for Kathryn grew and grew as he past 1800 lbs, under the water he could feel his belly just starting to touch the bottom of the pool as he bobbed up and down, this he told Kathryn, she rolled over to look at his face framed with fat, “This pool is eight feet deep, you have a eight foot long belly that’s so sexy”. By the time the 2000 lbs was reached his belly was spreading across the pool floor and his ass had made a touch down as well, this left his huge legs push out to the side and him seated on a bed of fat that from ass to belly tip was 10 feet long and 12 feet wide. The area that Kathryn was on was now round on the surface and could have sat 10 people around the edge; she was lying on it like a bed. A lot of water had been pushed out of the in ground pool and the yard was soaked.

This was the first of many fun nights the couple had, on a later encounter he filled his bed room from wall to wall and was 6200 lbs, it almost broke the house, and she had her own private fat jumping castle for the afternoon.

A year later they got married, on the honey moon after great sexy, he made himself into a king-sized bed for her to sleep on, that only took 4000 lbs. Late on that year then hired a boat and sailed to a remote island and while in a protected sanding bay of the island, he tested this growing ability she selected 60,000 lbs and he grew for a week supported in the warm water, in the end he was more like a very small island and it took her 4 minutes to cross over him to bring food and water, and she had to use a huge paint roller to apply his sun lotion and that took an hour. But it was worth it as know they new of no limits, at night she would be lying on me husband island and they would look up at the stars and planets, she look at him and said, “ Now a planet how much do they weigh”, “Oh no he replied that is not going to happen”. “ I know silly, but how about a 20,000 lbs island extension”, “ Well okay but in the morning”.

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