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May 3, 2006
the whole "woman so thin she'd cut you" is as played as any fat joke I've ever heard--and being a pretty effing fat girl, you can bet I've heard a lot.

If that's how you write your stand-up, yikes, I'm really sorry.

If you can't see how talking smack about someone (or even a group of someones) for their body shape is a put down, then I'm really sorry for your spawn.

Etc etc etc
Tell me about it. MY standup tended to the self-deprecating -- much better than the one newbie at the improv club who tried to make an AIDS joke.

Anyway, I'm not sure if I've been in this thread before (late night postings will do that) and not willing to go all the way back through it, so...

Personally, I find all women to be beautiful. Admittedly, self-confidence helps... though I must admit to watching 10th Kingdom, seeing Camryn Mannheim as Snow White and... (pleasurable shudder)... ooooohh... there's just something about a big, buxom beauty in a bodice... ;)

(Of course, I'm also pretty sure I'd enjoy bondage... but that's open to experimentation.)