Voluptuous Ladies (1-34) - By Expander Jack (~BBWs, Stuffing, Lesbian Sex, ~XWG)

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Jul 20, 2006
Awesome story, can't wait to read the next installment ! This is like the ultimate weight gain story for me.


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Apr 15, 2009
Maybe he will add an asian/indian female to the mix? The story already has a southern bell, brunette, latinas, and what brigitte is (I forget).


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Feb 8, 2007
i think brigitte is blonde...?
You're right:

Chapter 9
Brigitte ....was now 390 pounds. ......Her hair had grown out slightly allowing her to put her blonde hair into a small ponytail, .... Now Brigitte had grown fatter than every girl in the bakery except for big bottom queen Tina.

Perry White

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Oct 29, 2009
Please don't bump threads, if you have something to add, a comment, or question fine, but not just bumping for no reason. If the Author wishes to submit more, he will.


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Sep 30, 2005
Will there be more?
Why Yes! Yes there will!

Chapter 30

It was her first day back, back to work at the bakery. It was a little more than six months since Halloween, since she had lost the bet to Kelly.

Jenny agreed to take her to work, she normally carpooled with Sara as they both worked at the bakery, but Sara was away on vacation, which was strange considering she knew Tina would be coming back after six months of being at the fat farm. Tina missed the busty full bellied beauty after being apart from her for six months, but after seeing the all food on the table and how wildly fat Jenny had become, she forgot all about Sara and helped coax Jenny into eating a massive two hour breakfast.

Unfortunately the longer she was around the food the more she herself ate. She knew she shouldn’t keep doing this, her belly was heavy round ball of flab that was only getting bigger. She was already over 400 pounds and it would take forever to lose all the weight, but Jenny was well over 700 pounds and there was something so erotic about a 700 pound girl gorging herself even fatter. Tina had decided that when she got home from work she was going to try to really rekindle their relationship… but see Sara on the side of course.

Tina heaved herself out of Jenny’s black lowered SUV. She knew she was heavier than yesterday after 17 hours of stuffing with Jenny and Valerie, a night full of snacking, and her huge breakfast, her belly could hold so much now, so she had to weigh more than 403 pounds, but even so the SUV barely moved. Catching her breath, she turned around slowly to look back at Jenny in the driver’s seat.

“Wow, I thought for sure this truck would have flipped over after I got out,” Tina chuckled.

“I made sure it could handle a little extra sugah. My girlfriend is getting on the chubby side,” Jenny giggled through her southern drawl.

“Thanks for the ride Jenny, you sure I can’t offer you some pastries for your trouble?”

“No, I really need to get going and open up the store. I’ll send someone over later though. Have a good day back,” Jenny cheered.

“O.K. Thanks again Jen.” Tina closed the SUV’s door and waddled towards the front of the store.

It was only a little more than six months ago, but it felt so different walking up to the store. She was a thin girl back then and had swayed her plump bottom up the walkway with no problem. Now she could barely move. She was wearing one of the new dresses from VL that Julia had picked out. It was a light pink strapless cotton dress that hung to about mid-calf. It had a thin elastic band at the top, which revealed some of her puffy cleavage, but was form fitted around her massive bosom. She wore a white strapless bra underneath that perfectly held her 38 DD cup bosom and a matching pair of white panties.

It had been forever since she had done her make-up or fixed her hair. Knowing that she was going to bakery she kept her hair pulled back in two pig tails, put on some smoky mascara and light lip gloss on her lips. As she did her make-up this morning with her bosom fully supported by her bra for the first time in six months she noticed that her chin was a little softer and her cheeks fuller. Her breasts were thrust up on top of her protruding 78 inch Buddha belly. Her upper arms were now heavy with fat that swelled over her elbows.

Her perfectly round belly swelled far past the fullest part of her bosom and hung over her cookie. Her bubble butt now swelled so large that the bottom of her cheeks swelled a quarter of the way down her thighs, and it bulged out behind her back rolls just as far as her belly bulged out in front. Her hips were so swollen with fat that they formed a thick shelf she could rest her lower arms on.

She was 90 inches around at the hips and when she sat down her hips would spread to be over 3 1/2 feet wide. Her thighs were thick with fat and bulged over her knees and her calves were 18 inches around. The light pink cotton dress hugged every curve, fold, and ripple of flesh all the way to the bottom of her swaying belly. She was wearing pink flip flops on her feet to match her dress, giving little support to her 403 pound plus body.

She opened the double doors to the bakery and her mouth instantly started watering. The rich aromas and sugary goodness hitting her instantly. Her belly rumbled as she heard the welcoming cries of her boss.

“There you are, and there is my belly! Oh it’s even bigger than I imagined!” Kelly cried as she waddled over to Tina and wrapped her arms around Tina’s belly. She pressed the side of her face against it and wobbled the massive paunch back and forth.

“It’s so soft and wiggly and big, ooooh, you’ve been such a good belly,” she cooed.

“Um Kelly that’s not a toy for you to play with,” scolded Tina.

“Well it kinda is my dear, dear Christina, at least for a year, but I know what you mean. You look great too,” Kelly replied as she leaned forward to give Tina a hug and a kiss on the cheek. Kelly was 5’4” and was shorter than Tina, but Kelly was wearing thick rubber soled shoes which made her just as tall as Tina. They both leaned forward in order to squeeze their bulk together enough to embrace in a hug.

“So what are you going to have me do? Am I baking today, working in the office or watching the front of the bakery?”

“Oh none of those, it’s your first day back and I wanted to ease the two of you back into it,” replied Kelly as she waddled through the store toward the back room where Kelly’s delights were created.

Tina watched her boss’s rump jiggle, she hadn’t lost weight but she hadn’t gained much either. She was around Tina’s age but looked younger due to her petite features. She had a small round face with large bright green eyes and short light blond hair that was pinned up in a loose bun. She had small dainty nose and a small mouth with full lips. Her neck was thin and her arms were relatively thin compared to the rest of her. She had small hands and feet, but that was the limit of her smallness. The rest of her was swollen with hundreds of pounds of fat, Tina estimated her to be just over 400 pounds, making her about the same weight as Tina.

Kelly had never been busty, but she had managed to grow into a 42 EEE-cup, much bigger than Tina. Today she was wearing a light pink bra that Tina could just make out underneath the thin tight baker top she was wearing. She was wearing a white button up, collared long sleeve blouse with the sleeves rolled up to her elbow and the collar open to reveal a few inches of cleavage. The blouse was tight all over, but around the apex of her belly the buttons began to separate to reveal her creamy pale flesh.

Kelly’s belly had grown large and soft over the years, but instead of becoming a big round pot belly like many of the other girls, it had swelled wider and bigger at the bottom and was much narrower at the top just beneath her breasts. It looked more like a tear drop than a ball and formed an impressive muffin top. Today she was wearing white baker pants that due to her belly’s girth were buttoned underneath her paunch. The cotton pants were designed to be cool and comfortable so they were quite thin and thanks to her substantial girth, skin tight all the way to her ankles. She was wearing a wide pink leather belt that had silver studs poking out every inch.

Tina didn’t notice the belt from the front as Kelly’s 69 inch belly bulged over it and her thick muffin top hung over the sides, a belly that to Tina’s surprise was now smaller than her own. Tina could see that Kelly had tucked her blouse into her pants, but walking around the store had caused the blouse to ride up in the back and sides revealing more of her soft creamy flesh. Her large jiggly love handles were bare as she strutted to the back of the store and the top portion of her butt crack and cheeks bulged free wobbling wildly with each step. Kelly had always had a large round rump, but was never very hippy.

As she gained weight her bum grew rounder and bigger becoming the size of basketballs, then beach balls, and then even bigger. They swelled up her back, nearly to her elbows and gave her a huge shelf of fat that stuck out much further behind her than her belly did in front. Pants rarely covered her rump and now at over 400 pounds her ass wobbled its way out of almost anything. Kelly never exercised and her spherical bottom was simply a result of gluttonous over eating and genetics, and at this weight wobbled wildly with each step bouncing and shaking.

Through the tight thin white pants, Tina could see that she was wearing matching pink panties, but the string panties covered maybe half of her crack and a tiny portion of her rump’s width. Her massive rump swelled out to rest on the top third of her huge thighs. Her hips, thanks to her impossibly round rump measured 92 inches while her thighs were 45 inches and her calves were 23. Her legs were thick with fat and wobbled nearly as much as her bloated behind.

Tina knew that Kelly’s ass might still be slightly fatter, but as fat as she had become the two of them could pass as light haired and dark haired versions of each other.

Kelly walked with her hands perched on the top of her bulging love handles and thrust the double door to the back of the store open with her rump. Kelly led Tina into the break room, she pointed toward a wide and deep thickly upholstered chair, which was the size of a small couch, next to the break room table.

“This is where I will have you work for a while. You are going to be taste testing our baked goods. Since Brigitte quit I have had trouble keeping anyone with an appetite big enough to help me. Now you are here and I plan on using this beauty to its full extent,” Kelly grinned as she patted Tina’s swollen belly.

“Haven’t I gotten fat enough to be your partner. We are nearly twins now I’ve gotten so big,” Tina whined as she plopped down onto the chair.

Kelly walked up to the seated Tina and put her hands on Tina’s round paunch. Tina had spread her thighs wide and her belly had oozed between them, hanging between her knees.

“Well your flat muscly belly is bigger than mine now, but your bum is still a bit smaller. No you still need a few more pounds,” Kelly cooed “I can’t believe I get to play with this belly for another six months. Do you mind if I take a look at my prize...uncovered?”

“Sigh, if it will keep you from feeding me for a while you can look at it all you want,” replied Tina.

Kelly waddled over to the stack of trays that had all the fresh doughnuts on them. She rolled the trays over to Tina’s side and like a kid on Christmas began bounce from one foot to the other in anticipation of opening her present. “I’ll just leave these here… you can have some when you are ready. Now can I look?”

Tina looked nervously at the donuts, bit her lip and then stretched her hand out to grab one.

“Sure,” mumbled Tina with her mouth already full of doughnut.

Kelly pulled the stretchy dress up and began to kneed and caress Tina’s bare flesh.

“Oh you’re going to be so perfect, Gwen’s wasn’t this big at only 400 pounds,” she cooed as she bent over and kissed it.

“Hey! Look but not touch,” cried Tina as she tried to swat Kelly away.

Kelly dodged away from Tina’s slap and kissed her again, “I’m sorry I just can’t stop myself...and for that matter I don’t think you can either,” Kelly chuckled.

“I wasn’t trying really, I could reach you if I wanted,” Tina replied around a mouth full of doughnuts.

“Well I’ll fix that soon enough,” Kelly said quietly.

“I’m going to send food over and I would like you to (1) eat what you can and (2) tell me if it’s any good. You were a fine baker before, but now we are going to work at making you a fine eater. I’ll leave you with the doughnuts for now, but you’ll soon be getting other treats. It’s great to have the two of you back,” Kelly said to Tina’s belly.

“Oh and I know Sara is out of town for a while, so you’ll be without a minder until she comes back. I don’t trust that Jenny around food, she’ll probably just eat it all. No, Sara is the right girl to be my representative, for the purpose of the bet of course, when you aren’t at the store. Have a fulfilling day!”

“Thanks,” replied Tina listlessly already falling under the sugary confection’s spell.

“Mmmmm this is so good, just what I needed. Wait I don’t have to eat everything in sight, I can slow down I can take my time and enjoy this, maybe just a couple of them isn’t so bad. Kelly may own my belly for the next six months but she didn’t say how fast I had to eat. I could stall a bit... I think.” She thought as she ate faster and faster.

“Oh it feels so good, but I have to slow down... Come on belly don’t make me eat like this!” she pushed more and more in, barely tasting the sugary treat.

“Belly please slow down, please,” she thought, but she couldn’t. Her six month vacation had conditioned her to eat as much as possible and as quickly as possible. It just felt too good; she couldn’t stop herself no matter what she tried.

Tina spent her first day eating for ten hours. She eventually took off her dress and just gobbled up baked goods in her bra and panties. At the end of her shift, after writing hardly anything about the quality of the baked goods, Kelly agreed to give her a ride home in her large sedan.

“So how was your first day back?” Kelly asked while speeding along the highway back to Tina’s apartment. The two of them were in the front seat, a bench seat of a very large late 70’s model sedan. Their two bums so wide that their hips rubbing against the door and each other’s.

The bench seat was split so that the driver’s seat was separate so that the passenger could recline the seat or move the seat back. Tina had reclined the seat so that her belly rested on top of her lap. As it was, Tina’s belly nearly swelled against the dashboard she was so stuffed. Kelly had stacked three double boxes of assorted donuts on top of their touching hips and thighs. They were on the seat before she got in, but once she got in there was just nowhere for them to go but resting on the two girls.

“It was good. Nice to see the girls and everything, but I don’t think I did much work. All I did was eat and eat. Sigh, which I guess you’ll be happy about, but I hardly wrote anything down. Sorry ‘bout that. Everything tasted so good and it felt so wonderful to eat at my own pace finally after being stuffed for months that... I like think I really enjoyed… eating. And just couldn’t wait for the next goodie. But now I’m completely stuffed, uhn,” she moaned as she munched on her fifth donut of the car ride.

“I’m so glad you had a good day, but if your little tummy is starting to hurt you shouldn’t eat anymore. You’ve already eaten more than I expected. If you keep eating like that, you are going to be way more expensive than you’re worth,” Kelly giggled. “Besides I really brought these donuts along for me...and some friends.”

“Oh, I’m so sorry, they’re just so good,” replied an embarrassed Tina as she stuffed the last of her fifth donut in her mouth and closed the bakery box.

“Oh no problem, there is still plenty left,” smiled Kelly.

A couple minutes went by.

“Yeah...plenty left,” Tina replied listlessly as she lifted the lid. “Like 67 sweet, delicious, delicate, delectable goodies that fill you with unimaginable levels of pleasure with each succulent bite,” she cooed as she gazed lustfully at the pastries.

“Yeah a full six dozen donuts before a few jumped in your belly. They really smell so good too don’t they? I love the way they smell.”

“Like paradise, a perfect sugary sweet scent that could almost make a girl... cum,” she cooed as she rubbed the side of her belly with her free hand while the other held the lid open.

“I bet they are still warm too,” replied Kelly as she looked over at Tina’s impossibly swollen belly.

Tina slid her finger along the top of one of the glazed donuts. “Oh they are...like a lover’s embrace...so warm and passionate...they are crying out to be held...to be loved...to be kissed.”

“I think you’re right, too bad you’re getting so fat. I bet they would love it if you gave them a kiss,” Kelly replied as she softly rubbed the front of Tina’s belly.

“You really think so?” Tina asked licking her lips.

Kelly just giggled as she gently squeezed and kneaded Tina’s bulging gut. She had exited the highway and was driving slowly down the surface streets to get to Tina’s apartment.


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Sep 30, 2005
Chapter 30 (Part 2)

“I think you’re right. If I just kiss one more that won’t really be to bad.” Tina reached in and grabbed the crueller she had been stroking and ravenously gobbled it up.

“How did that feel?”

“Oh so good,” moaned Tina.

“Are the six little treats happy?” asked Kelly as she rubbed lower on Tina’s belly.

“Yes, very content.” Replied Tina as she shut the box and her eyes and rubbed the sides of her belly.

Kelly slipped her hand under the dress and was now caressing bare skin. It was like silk, soft warm squishy silk. Almost too squishy she thought, like Tina’s bloated gut wasn’t quite full enough, there was still more room in there wasn’t there?

“Uh oh, I think some of the other treats are getting jealous of the last treat. I can hear them crying. They need to be kissed.”

“Someone will kiss them, I’m sure of it. They just have to wait a bit...everyone loves sweet, delicious, crème filled, perfectly glazed, warm goodies,” cooed Tina as she licked her lips.

“But they won’t be warm forever. I think they need loving soon...” Kelly whispered as she rubbed the bare underside of Tina’s paunch

“Oh but I’m so full… and getting so fat,” Tina moaned as she lifted a donut to her lips.

“You’ve already eaten so much,” Kelly giggled as Tina took another.

“I can’t keep doing this,” she whispered as another went to her lips.

“You really shouldn’t, you’re getting so huge.” Another gone.

“I’m getting even fatter.” Yet another.

“and fatter.” Giggled Kelly as another donut vanished into Tina’s mouth.

“And fatter.” Another.

“And FAtter.” Another gone.

“Umm, and FATter,” she moaned as another was consumed.

“And FATTer,” she moaned louder as another disappeared.

“And FATTEr,” she moaned even louder as another disappeared.

“Oh so much FATTER!” she cried as she forced two in at once.

“I’m getting too, too FAT,” another two gone “I have to stop this,” two more disappeared.

“I wont be able to walk,” she moaned as she stuffed two in, then tried to stuff in a third.

“Please stop me.” She dug into the next box with a feverish hurry.

“I won’t be able to crawl.” She said around a mouth stuffed with donut.

“You have to stop me.” Donuts were being smashed into her mouth as fast as she could eat.

“Won’t be able to...move,” she moaned as she continued to feed.

“Oh please stop me.” She whispered as she continued, ploughing through half of the second box. Her belly ached, but yet she ate.

“Please.” She whispered quieter as even more entered her mouth.

Finally Kelly couldn’t hear anymore cries or moans, just feverish eating and laboured breathing. Just what she wanted to hear. Kelly had hired Tina years ago to work as one of her bakers. She hired her originally not because of her cooking abilities but because she was a pretty girl with a 200 pound bottom heavy figure. A body she expected to swell rounder and wider until the round bottomed beauty became even larger than herself.

Then Tina went on a diet and got down to 128 pounds. Years of baking and self indulgence had made Kelly far too fat to ever lose her weight, so she believed the next best thing would be to make everyone else fatter. She figured she would be able to put a good amount of weight on the skinny flat bellied young baker before the year was up, but Tina had completely lost control of her belly. She wasn’t just going to get fat, she was going to become the perfect feedee. Kelly imagined her unbelievable girth waddling naked through her deepest fantasies and began to get wet.

“Oh I can’t do that, my little butter ball. You have so much growing to do,” Kelly replied. “Gwen was my first piece of art, then I expanded my goals to include all those girls at VL, all the bakers and counter girls at my store, their friends, their friends-friends, my faithful hordes of customers until my weight has started to look rather normal, but you...you are going to be my masterpiece. You’ll make even my heaviest customers feel small, and I have some rather large customers.”

The rest of the way back to the apartment Tina tried to stop eating, tried to put the donuts down, tried to just chit chat with Kelly or watch the passing homes and parks. But she could only do one thing... eat.

After consuming every last bite, Kelly finally pulled in front of her apartment. With Kelly’s help, she struggled out of the car and waddled into her apartment. Her belly hurt and she was exhausted. Her gluttonous first day had taken a toll and she vowed to never do that again. Oh her belly hurt and the calories she had consumed would definitely put on another thick layer of fat. But she did just walk all the way from the car to the apartment. That was hard work, she had to of burned some calories right? Maybe just a little snack... And just like that, Tina continued eating for another four hours until she fell asleep on the couch she was rapidly filling.

The next day Kelly showed up at 6:00 AM, got Tina out of the house by 7:00 and had her eating by 7:30 AM. It wasn’t on Tina’s schedule but Kelly was just too excited to wait for Tina to show up at 9:00 AM. Tina let her dark wavy hair hang loose today and was wearing a white tank top and pink sweat pants. She tried to start slow, but ended up ravenously consuming all in her path, if felt so good to eat and eat, blissful perfection.

At about 10:00 AM she rolled the tightening waistband of her sweatpants underneath her belly and let her belly hang free between her knees. She continued eating unabated until 7:00 PM, her belly painfully bloated she vowed again to eat much, much slower tomorrow. She would adhere to the rules of the bet of course, but she couldn’t let herself eat that much again, no matter how good it felt she just couldn’t give into Kelly’s fantasies. She wasn’t a piece of art, she was baker, a woman, a lover. She would get control of herself, Kelly wasn’t even forcing her to eat. She had to get control of herself.

Kelly gave her a ride home, more donuts again. This time it was seven dozen, and she ate every last one and every last one she tried to resist. Kelly even told her to stop, that this time they really were for someone else, but she just couldn’t, enraptured by the pleasure filling culinary delights, she continued to eat.

Once she waddled into the apartment she initially tried to find something to do, watch TV, surf the internet, flip through the VL catalogue, but try as she might she resumed her gluttonous rampage. She just couldn’t slow herself down. Eating was everything, stuffing was bliss, she didn’t want to stop no matter how big she was getting. She just wanted more. Without her team of feeders, she wasn’t quite eating what she had during her “vacation”, but soon over the next few months, her feedings grew longer and longer at work until finally she was eating from the time the doors opened to the time the doors closed. And that didn’t include the time she spent at home feasting.

Some days it was pies and Italian pastries. Other days it was 8 tier wedding cakes, cookies by the score and batches of various éclairs. Whatever they had prepared, whatever was left over, really whatever Kelly wanted to try, Tina ate with a passion.

After two months of being back at the bakery, eight months after losing the bet to Kelly, she hadn’t spent a more than an hour or two doing anything other than eating...stuffing...feeding. Food was her constant companion, her jealous lover, her demanding boss and Tina could never say no.

Sara, Tina’s ex-stripper ex-girlfriend, part time lover, had returned from vacation about a week after Tina had come back to work and consistent with what she had told Kelly back on Halloween...

“Let me know if you need any help feeding her, I am going to just love watching her ass get HUGE.”

Sara was a big help feeding Tina at home. Jenny was always eating, which was a constant temptation for Tina, but she never shared. Sara on the other hand was constantly bringing food over or hand delivering pastries to Tina and Jenny’s door. Even on Tina’s days off, someone was at her house tempting her to eat and she always gave in.

For the first week after Tina had returned to the Bakery, Tina would eat herself to sleep in a few hours after getting home from work, but now that Sara was back, she would keep her awake longer and keep her gorging well into the night. But that only lasted a few weeks. Eventually coordinating getting Tina to and from work became too much of a hassle.

If Jenny or Sara weren’t working the early shift at the Bakery or VL, Tina would need to drive herself. She could drive herself, but she often ate late into the night and would then sleep though half the morning before Kelly sent someone to bring her in. To solve the problem of her lazy employee, Kelly offered to put Tina up in the apartment above the bakery. The stairs were far too much exercise for Tina, so with some of Brigitte’s generosity, Kelly had a freight elevator put in on the back of the store that opened into the apartment. Now Tina could work from home...

With the ability to “work” from home, Tina had begun to get less and less sleep as the bakers brought food to her as soon as the store opened and Sara or Kelly or Tasha or on rare occasions the increasingly rotund Jenny, would come by and see that temptation was piled around her until late into the night.

Sara was working the closing shifts now and could sleep most of the day, so between the Bakery’s endless supply of food during the day and the propensity for Sara and the other girlfriends to take delight in ballooning the once thin beauty, Tina was now only getting only a few hours of sleep a night.

Sara had always had a bit of belly and was impressively busty, but as she had gained more and more weight, her belly became more prominent she had become obsessed with its expanding girth. She had even begun to talk to her belly and even gave it a name. She liked having a full bosom but loved having a big round belly, the heft, the round soft curve, the attention it brought her, but she didn’t want to be the only big bellied beauty, her belly needed friends, big friends.

The bigger the bellies got around her, the more “friends” her belly could have. Flat bellies made horrible friends, she thought, but round ones...huge round fat soft bellies were perfect friends for Betty. And she wanted her Betty to have prefect friends. The feedee was becoming a more and more of a feeder.

Brigitte had been stick thin when she started working at Kelly’s bakery. When Brigitte met Jenny the two of them began a secret affair (Jenny was dating Tina at the time) and the stick thin girl began to put on weight for Jenny. At first it was only her bosom and hips that swelled and Sara (who was secretly sleeping with Tina had started working at the bakery when she had gotten too fat to strip) paid little attention to the younger girl. Then Sara noticed that Brigitte had begun to develop a bit of a belly, a large fleshy roll. Once she saw the belly begin to come in, she felt an attraction to the young rich blond beauty and it was then that Sara began to help Tina fatten up Brigitte.

Brigitte’s weight gain became the focus of the bet between Kelly and Tina, so Sara had even more motivation to help her girlfriend fatten up her co-worker. If Tina had won the bet, she became a partner in the Bakery and stayed thin, but as things turned out, Kelly had won but not without Brigitte gaining well over 200 pounds in the process. Brigitte had developed an expansive paunch and was less than pleased that she had been the object of a bet.

Be that as it may, when Sara was helping grow Brigitte’s waistline she had named Brigitte’s belly, Rachel the roll, her own belly was named Betty. She helped Rachel the roll turn into Rachel the rolly polly belly and was very happy with Brigitte’s expansion.

Unfortunately Brigitte quit working at the bakery shortly after the weigh-in at the Halloween party. Brigitte had gotten her inheritance and while she visited every once and while, it just wasn’t the same. Her belly had shrunk dramatically and Sara wanted a friend with a belly that she could play with all the time, not just whenever the rich girl decided to come by and purchase some treats and taunt Tina.

The convenient choice for a replacement would have been her lover Tina. She nearly lived with her and worked with her, but Tina had shrunk down to 128 pounds before she lost the bet and her belly was flat and muscly. But when Sara got back from vacation, newly tanned from her Mediterranean Cruise, she found a vastly improved Tina sprawled on the couch covered in food wrappers, empty dishes and beer bottles and knew she had found a belly that could eventually replace Brigitte’s. Since that night she had tempted Tina to eat more and more each day, making sure Polly was growing bigger and bigger, Polly the ponderous belly that is.

Two months after returning from the “vacation” Tina was sitting in the middle of the couch surrounded by buckets of fried chicken. She was in a matching pair of black bra and panties, watching TV, gobbling up the delicious, succulent fried chicken. Her thick dark hair had grown long but she had it swept up off her neck in a funky twist with her long bangs loose and hanging down to her chin, but she had one side looped behind her ear. She was wearing light pink lipstick and a hint of mascara with dark eye lash liner.

Over the last few months her couch had progressively gotten lower and lower as her girth compacted the cushions and crushed the frame, so that now the edge of the couch was only a foot from the floor. Her swollen rump nearly filled the five foot wide love seat and rose up 2/3rd to the top of the back of the couch. Her bloated bottom consumed nearly all the space on the couch’s cushions, forcing her legs and belly forward, completely off the couch.

Her soft bloated legs stuck straight out at wide angles to accommodate her heavy swollen belly that swelled unrestricted in front of her spilling onto the carpet. Her ponderous paunch oozed between her legs in one massive ball of fat. Her breasts, always the last to grow, were constricted by a now ridiculously tight black bra, and were swelling out of the substantially too small cups. Her puffy upper arms were resting against her soft roll creased sides, her elbows poking into her soft hip. Seated as she was, sunk down into her flesh, she looked as if her body was swallowing her still thin face.

It was around 2:00 AM and she could hear the clip clop of a woman’s heels on the hard tile floor. The elevator door had dinged and it sounded like she was coming through the kitchen, “Uh oh, someone is going to try to feed Kelly’s belly,” Tina sighed.

Sara swayed through kitchen, her thick thighs switching around each other causing her great belly to bounce and wobble. Sara was a little drunk and widely swinging her hips and round belly back and forth, her fat breasts jiggling.

“Oh so there you are, I hope you still have your appetite,” giggled Sara. She was holding a big pink box the size of a sheet cake partially resting on the top of her belly and pressed against the front of her spectacular breasts. She put it on the cart near the door and rolled it across the carpet and around to the back of the couch.

“You always make me eat so much,” Tina huffed. Her voice was a little deeper and huskier than it was six months ago. Sara loved how sexy Tina’s voice sounded, and despite her complaints, Sara knew she could force her to eat.

A much thinner Tina had fattened up Sara twice, preying on her weaknesses for sweets and desire for beautiful girls. The first time was during high school which resulted in Sara being the only one who gained. Both girls failed their classes, were kicked out of soccer and Sara ended up hating Tina. Years later the two were reunited and the spark of lust was rekindled as Tina had packed on nearly 100 pounds of soft bulging flesh, while Sara had returned to her thin but busty shape.

Tina was dating an inflating Jenny at the time and Sara was dating fat bottomed Kim, but Tina could not resist the opportunity to reunite with Sara. Once under Tina’s spell for the second time, Sara became so huge, so fast that she barely realized what had happened until it was too late to stop. Luckily she had found a few girls who preferred her significantly rounder shape but she lost her job at the club and Tina went back to being skinny.

Sara still somewhat resented Tina for not liking her for who she was, but only who she could become. Sure she liked to eat, she loved her huge breasts and she loved her fat belly, but she thought that being well over 300 pounds was way too fat, and that if it wasn’t for Tina she wouldn’t be anywhere near the size she was now.

“Oh please honey, I’m just giving Kelly’s belly what it wants. You’re like way to fat to start complaining now,” she giggled.

“Luckily for Kelly’s belly I brought Polly’s favourite, a sheet cake of red velvet. Betty just loves her bestest friend Polly and wants to keep Polly very, very happy,” Sara replied as she walked back to the front of the couch rubbing her own distended paunch.


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Sep 30, 2005
Chapter 30 (Part 3)

Sara was tall, 5’9”, and had long powerful legs and a firm high rump. She wasn’t always like this but within the last year or so she had decided that she needed to strengthen her legs to carry the increasing weight of her substantial belly. She used to have stick thin legs and ultra narrow hips. Her weight was naturally all in her belly and boobs.

She still had skinny arms, but as she had begun to workout, her thighs had grown thick and her ass had become two powerful perfect round globes. She was showing off her ass tonight by wearing a pair of light blue jeggings that squeezed tightly around her plump bottom but barely covered her cookie in front. The jeggings were skin tight to her ankles and she was wearing black five inch stiletto heels.

Sara was a gorgeous 25 year-old with an oval shaped face and a small mouth with a thin up-turned nose. The olive skinned, dark haired beauty was wearing her long, thick wavy hair loose, spilling across her narrow shoulders and dipping into her dramatically swollen cleavage. She had on dark red lip stick and dark eye shadow and was wearing a multitude of gold jewellery.

An eyebrow piercing, nose ring, lower lip ring on her plump lip, various earrings, an assortment of thin gold necklaces dipping into her cleavage, a multitude of gold bracelets around her thin wrists, rings on her dainty fingers and a thick gage belly button piercing in her wildly swollen globular paunch. On top she was wearing a black tank top with a deeply scooping neck. Her huge bosom was trapped in a well fitted black bra, but the stupendous size of her breasts, now a 48 N-cup, 75 inches around, forced the soft, thin, tank top to ride up revealing the bottom quarter of her olive skinned belly and her bulging love-handles.

Sara had thick powerful legs which were 36 inches around at her thighs, but they tapered gracefully to her knees and then rapidly swelled out at her calves, then narrowed rapidly again to thin ankles. Her hips though were very narrow compared to the size of her thighs and all her girth was in her rump, her perfect over stuffed rump that forced her hip measurement to 63 inches. Her booty was now two gravity defying balls, which bounced and wiggled when she walked in her tall heels, jiggling her swollen love handles and wobbling her unbelievably round belly.

Sara’s narrow hips made her belly look even bigger than it was, and it was already one of the fattest in town. Her Belly was a full 21 inches bigger than her hips and at last measurement she was 84 inches around. Her spherical paunch started high, forcing her bosom up close to her small chin. It swelled out far in front and to the sides giving her a muffin top that bulged several inches past the sides of her hips and oozed far over the waistband of her low-rise jeggings.

In front her belly swelled more than a foot past the front of her thighs and now rested on top of them covering her cookie completely. Its spherical girth no longer let her thin arms hang freely to the sides, her arms now rested against her belly, her elbows squeezing in at the top of her love handle roll. Sara was a massive round ball with legs, much fatter than she had ever imagined she would get, but even at rotund 428 pounds Tina was still fatter.

Sara stood in front of Tina, the toes of her high heel shoes just poking under the front of Tina’s bare belly, her knees lightly pressing against its wonderfully soft flesh. Sara arched her back and bent slightly forward. Even with her high heels, she didn’t have to bend far to squish the bottom her bloated paunch against the top of Tina’s. “Kisses, belly kisses,” Sara cheered as she wiggled her soft bare lower belly against Tina’s.

Sara ran her hands underneath her shirt rubbing her belly and rolling her tight tank top up to just beneath her bosom. “Betty’s gotten so big and soft. I’m so proud of her. Look at how far she sticks out when I squeeze her,” cooed Sara as she pressed the sides of her paunch, causing it to squish out towards Tina.

“You’ve always had a belly, but you’re still a lot smaller than Jenny,” sneered Tina.

“Please everyone is smaller than Jenny, but if you had your way I wouldn’t be,” Sara whined as she pouted her lower lip out.

“Well did you come here to complain or are you going to eat that cake, fatty?” teased Tina as she tossed the last chicken bone into one of the buckets.

“Yeah I’m the fat one,” Sara replied under her breath

“No, I thought Kelly’s belly might like a little dessert,” replied Sara as she leaned further forward and began to rub the sides of Tina’s distended gut. “I bet Kelly’s belly will be happy soon now that dessert’s here.”

“Kelly’s belly doesn’t need any dessert and certainly not any of that cake,” Tina pleaded.

“Ah Kelly’s belly needs a little break after a long day of eating? Maybe I could give you a little show before I feed her dessert,” replied Sara as she crossed her arms and pulled her tank top off and began to swing it around tossing it onto Tina’s breasts. She was rocking her hips side to side, seductively caressing her breasts.

“I could enjoy a show,” sighed Tina, glad her belly would get a break. Well it wasn’t her belly anymore, it was Kelly’s and all the girls loved pointing that out.

Tina had somehow managed to feed Kelly’s belly 10 buckets of fried chicken, packed in 12 extra large thick crust double meat pizza’s for dinners 1 through 3, a full eight layer tiered cake for Kelly’s belly’s after lunch snack, 14 Italian meatball subs for lunches 1 and 2, plus all the bakery’s day old pastries for and breakfast, brunch, and early lunch. And that didn’t include all the ice cream shakes, bottles of beer, and 2 litre bottles of soda she forced into Kelly’s belly to wash it all down.

She had fed it almost nonstop since 6:30 AM and yet she wasn’t sure she couldn’t stop stuffing in even more. When she looked in the mirror, it was her, her dark eyes, thick dark hair, plump lips, just a hint of softening around her cheeks and chin, but it was her. When she looked down and saw the globular, bulging paunch spreading between her thick wide thighs, that couldn’t be her. She had a flat belly 8 months ago, she couldn’t have gotten fat, it was Kelly’s belly that had gotten fat, not her.

“I can’t believe how much Kelly’s belly has eaten today. God it’s gotten so fat. Hopefully Sara won’t try to force me to eat again,” Tina hoped to herself.

“It’s been so long since I danced for you. I’ve gotten such firm sexy thighs and a nice bubble butt,” replied Sara as she wiggled her hips, kicked off her shoes and began to peel off her ultra tight jeans.

It had been a long time thought Sara, and Tina used to worship her swelling belly. Tina had loved how big Sara was getting and now she was huge, fatter than Sara ever thought she would get, but that was what turned Tina on, fat, lots and lots of fat.

Tina used to think that she was unbelievably sexy. Tina used to comment on her perfect hair, skin, face. Sexy round fat belly, huge boobs, sexy long legs. She had been Tina’s idea of perfection, a big ball of a belly with small hips. Tina should want to do more than just watch her dance, she should be ready to ravish her, but it seemed that she was more interested in the pink box containing the cake than Sara’s own pink box.

Now it seemed that Tina rarely thought of anything but what the next delicious morsel would be to put into Kelly’s belly. She hadn’t left the apartment above the bakery since they moved her in, and she hadn’t even put on clothes, outside of a dramatically shrinking bras and panties in nearly two months. In fact Sara couldn’t remember the last time Tina said something about anything other than eating or being fed, and the truth was

Sara loved that her seducer had become so simple minded, so focused on gorging. She had always been a little jealous of Tina’s ability to manipulate girls and resentful that Tina had been able to so thoroughly trick her, but now the tables were turned and her once crafty cheating seducer had been reduced to huge swelling Buddha focused only on eating.

Tina had been a passionate lover with Sara and a relentless feeder before her “vacation”; now those passions seemed to be gone. She had loved to wiggle her fingers into Sara’s tightening pants and then watch her grow fatter and softer with each passing shift she worked at the bakery. Her belly rounder, her breasts larger, her curves softer. A relentless feeder then, was now a relentless eater.

Sara knew that Tina had enjoyed the pleasure filled embraces of sexy, voluptuous girls like herself, Jenny, Valerie, Julia and even Kelly on some late nights, but it was the new skinny young bakers that she enjoyed the most. Their first experiences with another woman, their first taste of soft squishy fat, and then their rapid expansions as she enticed them to eat and eat with increasingly fattening culinary pleasures until they had gained far too much weight to ever consider trying to be thin again. Boyfriends and girlfriends had left them, gym memberships forgotten, outdoor activities forsaken, their worlds slowly shrinking until it was only the bakery and Tina, the Seductress.

She had loved the adoration of the young beauties, the temptation, the art of the seduction, the risk of having countless affairs and still never being found out by Jenny, the conversion of the skinny into her fat play things. She had loved watching the skinny pretty girls grow heavy and soft until they were round wobbling gluttons addicted to eating and her loving caress.

But that was mostly gone now. She was still attracted to Jenny, the girl had become enormous and dwarfed the round bellied Sara. She was still attracted to the rest too, but now her desire to eat and eat was becoming overpowering. She had wanted to maybe slow down once she got back from her vacation, eat at a more “reasonable pace” she had told Sara. But Kelly put temptation after temptation in front of her and made it easier and easier for Tina to just sit and grow. Sara had been overjoyed to find her skinny feeder had become an over 400 pound beauty with a bottomless pit to feed, especially after she had found out about all the affairs.

Sara knew she wasn’t innocent, she had some fun with Brigitte and Tasha, but that didn’t matter. It wasn’t like Tina caught her. Kelly and Sara and the other friends, along with the all the other bakers, counter girls, and even sometimes her grossly fat girlfriend Jenny, had kept every waking minute of Tina’s life devoted to eating.

“You know I really can’t eat anymore, I am really stuffed,” sighed Tina as she smelled the delicious cake, her full plump lips pouting.

Sara was down to just her black bra and was running her hands through her hair seductively. “Oh poor Tina, Kelly’s belly eat too much? That naughty belly gets so much attention. But it’s not like you can do anything about it, now why don’t you reach back behind you and grab a hunk of that red velvet cake for Kelly’s belly, while I dance.”

“You can't make me. Kelly went home and I should be sleeping,” pouted Tina.

“Oh can’t I?” giggled Sara as she straddled Tina’s belly and began to squeeze it between her legs.

“OK, OK, I’ll eat, I’ll eat for you,” moaned Tina unable to stop Sara from squeezing her belly.

Sara released her paunch and stared at her with a smirk. Tina tried reaching behind her, but she couldn’t twist her body far enough to reach the large pink box sweet delicious goodness. She swung her flabby left arm behind her sinking her elbow into her bloated, bulging butt cheeks. She pressed her elbow down in an effort to reach her right arm across her bosom and over the expanse of her huge rump to grab the pink box.

Tina was straining, her huge thigh now pressing against the side of her distended paunch, in an effort to twist further around and reach the box. Huffing and puffing, unable to reach the box, her upper body spun back around, her breasts jiggling in their cups, her belly wobbling as her arm slapped back against it.

“I, I can’t reach behind me anymore. Didn’t think my as was that big,” she pouted stunned out how big she had become. She rubbed the sides of her paunch, “Maybe you could get it for me?”

“Where would be the fun in that?” replied the now naked Sara with a devilish grin. The barefoot Sara squatted down in front of Tina’s belly, allowing her own belly to drop between her thighs and rest on the floor. She pressed her face and bare bosom against Tina’s spectacular paunch and gave it a huge hug and kiss.

“Oh you’ve gotten so fat, so big and round, soft and fat. I guess I can help you out,” Sara cooed.

“Hey Kelly’s belly isn’t that much bigger than yours,” cried Tina as she tried to swat Sara away from the front of her belly. Her belly was so large and her arms so weak, that she was only able to lightly push the kissing Sara away from her belly.

“I can barely reach you, god don’t make me keep feeding this belly,” she whined.

Sara slowly raised from her squatting position, switching her hips slowly back and forth, her arms twisted up towards the ceiling as she arched her back and trust her breasts and soft belly against Tina’s paunch. “Long belly kiss,” she cooed as it slid against Tina’s until she was standing straight up arching her back away from Tina.

The front of Sara’s belly was hovering an above Tina’s and she slid her hands underneath her round Buddha and tried to squeeze it up towards her chin. Her thin arms were too weak to lift her belly much, but she succeeded in wobbling her perfect massive breasts. “I guess you’re right, my belly’s like pretty fat and not much smaller than… yours, but I am going to change that.”

“You mean Kelly’s belly, not mine,” Tina pouted. Sara’s belly was filling her view, it was massive, so colossally fat, so perfectly round. A bloated oozing round ball that Sara could barely hold but Tina knew the belly she kept feeding was now even bigger. The results of her marathon stuffings had swelled Kelly’s Belly’s capacity larger and larger. Unable to reach the blissful full feeling, Tina would eat even more, and Kelly’s belly continued to expand.

“That’s your belly not Kelly’s. That’s your huge ass and flabby arms. Tell this bitch to no!” She silently cried.

Sara slid her feet around to the sides of Tina’s belly. She began to straddle the bloated blob of flesh with her long legs. Her feet began to wiggle under Tina’s inner thighs until Tina’s flesh covered and oozed around her ankles. She was gently pressing against the sides of Tina’s belly with her knees and thighs and her own belly was pressing against the top of Tina’s bosom and oozing against Tina’s face.

She leaned over, reaching over the top of Tina to get the pink box, her soft belly completely engulfing the seated Tina’s head. She pulled the box off the cart and over the back of the couch onto Tina’s right hip; it was now nearly wide enough to balance a sheet cake on, with ¼ of the cake partially resting on the couch arm rest. She flipped open the lid and pulled out a hunk of red velvet cake and took a huge bite. She was still straddling Tina’s belly, her own belly resting on top of Tina’s chest, the front of it only an inch from Tina’s lips.

“Mmmmm, this is like so good. Kelly really knows how to bake, but this is going to be like so fattening. And I am going to force you to eat all of it.” Cooed Sara with a sinister grin as she patted her belly causing waves of belly fat to wiggle and shake against Tina’s boobs.

“No please, just make me eat a little bit,” gasped Tina. She was struggling to breathe with Sara’s girth on her chest, but her desire for more was stronger than the discomfort she felt from having Sara’s heavy belly on her chest.

“I’m too big, I’m too fat, please don’t force me,” She begged.

“Why do you bother begging, of course you’ll keep eating!” cheered Sara. She dropped the remaining hunk of cake onto Tina’s chest, wedging it between the front of Sara’s belly and Tina’s lips. “But a huge fatty doesn’t want to waste time with a proper plate and fork, or even use chubby little fingers. Kelly’s Belly wants me to push it right on in doesn’t she?”

Sara used her belly to push the cake into Tina’s mouth and Tina began to ravenously pack her cheeks full with the rich chocolate delicacy. “That’s it you big cheater, eat it up. Eat it all up. Make yourself even fatter.”

Tina was getting aroused from being told what to do and eagerly ate through the hunk, Sara reached over and dropped an even larger piece onto Tina’s chest. Sara’s belly and Tina’s face were covered in frosting and cake, but neither girl cared as Tina continued to gobble up Kelly’s confection. The process continued, Tina eating as Sara forced more into her. The gluttonous act was making Sara wet as well and she began slip her fingers into her cookie.

“You’ll be too fat for Jenny soon, you might be there already. I’ll have you all to myself then,” Cooed Sara. She manipulated herself while she fed more and more of the red velvet sheet cake into Tina. She was wet and cumming, “That’s it more, eat it all, get even fatter. No more counter girls, no more bakers, no fat Jenny, no young girls from VL. Just me and you with a huge fat ass.”

Sara continued stuffing Tina and pleasuring herself until the entire cake was consumed. Then she had Tina lick all the crumbs and frosting off her belly until its surface was clean, wet and shiny.

“Oh, you’re such a piggy now. I can’t believe you ate the whole cake. You’ve been eating for like 23 hours now,” Sara said as she stepped back to stand in front of Tina’s belly, admiring her work. It was simply divine, massive and swollen, wider on the bottom, squishing out onto the floor, than at the top swelling up below Tina’s breasts.

“Mmmmmm,” moaned Tina, her eyes barely able to open, her hands slowly rubbing the sides of her gluttonous expanse.

“Only an hour until the bakers get here. You know what happens then don’t you?” whispered Sara as she leaned over Tina’s belly, her own pot dragging against the top of Tina’s. She put her hands on Tina’s shoulders and dangled her spectacular bosom in front of Tina’s face.


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Sep 30, 2005
Chapter 30 (Part 4)

Tina leaned her head back and pouted up at Sara, “They’ll, they’ll feed Kelly’s belly again?”

“Uh huh. Another full day of feeding and you haven’t been asleep yet have you?”

“No... I’ve been… eating,” Tina sighed.

“And it like totally shows,” replied Sara as she lowered herself onto Tina’s shoulders. Her massive breasts pressing down against Tina’s and her elbows now sinking into Tina’s soft shoulders. Her arms were wrapped around Tina’s head and her breasts posed directly in front of Tina’s face. A move she had done a thousand times to paying customers at the strip club. They all loved her huge bosom and buried themselves between them when she let them. They should have been driving Tina wild, but Tina could barely open her eyes she was so tired and stuffed.

Sara placed a deep passionate kiss on Tina’s lips; she could taste the chocolate and allowed herself to linger in the fleshy soft expanse of her ex-girlfriend. Tina began to kiss her back, cooing slightly as her arms began to slide against the sides of Sara’s pot.

Tina’s hands slid up until they were gripping the sides of Sara’s bosom and she began to insert her tongue into Sara’s mouth. Her hands moved up to the sides of Sara’s head and Tina began to kiss and lick the chocolate crumbs off her cheeks and chin.

“Mmmm, chocolate,” Tina cooed.

“Oh, you’re ridiculous. You were trying to get the crumbs not kiss me,” giggled Sara as Tina licked her clean. “All you do now is eat and eat and eat. Well at least I know how to keep you from cheating.”

Sara had stood back up, releasing Tina from her embrace and putting her fists on top of her bulging love handles.

“You’re right, I can’t believe it. I think I might pop and still I keep eating,” sighed Tina. “But I never cheated on you, I’ve only cheated on Jenny… with you.”

“We’ll you know what they like say, once a cheater always a cheater,” replied Sara as she padded away from the seated Tina. “Well I’m gonna make sure you’re too fat to cheat on me.”

“Please, Jenny’s over 700 pounds and I know she’s cheated on me... with huge Julia. You’ll have to make me even fatter than that to keep me from cheating,” Tina sighed as she bent her knees and put her feet flat on the cool floor. She stretched forward and put her slim hands on her chubby knees and started to heave herself up. The only thing that moved was her neck and her chin.

“Oh no, it happened,” she moaned as she strained. She reached to the side of the couch and rocked her girth towards the side, rolling her giant sack of a belly over her fat leg and flopping over onto her knees. Standing up on her knees, her giant belly was pressing against her thighs sagging within a couple inches of her knees, her colossal rump sagging against the backs of her thighs nearly brushing against her calves as she tried to catch her breath.

“Com’on fatty you can do it,” giggled Sara.

“Help...me up,” huffed Tina looking back and stretching her right arm out to Sara.

“No way, this is like too much fun to watch,” told the naked Sara with her fists on her hips, her belly thrust out.

Straining Tina put her chubby left hand on the dilapidated arm of the couch, leaned against it and swung her right leg around so that her foot was flat on the floor. Leaning forward she hefted herself up onto her other foot. She was standing, bent over with her belly still resting partially on the couch arm. With the counter balance of her giant rump she arched back until she was standing upright, her bloated paunch sagging against her legs.

Sara walked back to behind Tina, her belly bouncing wildly as she quickly switched her thick thighs around each other. Sara reached past her own belly to grip the massive butt cheeks of Tina and jiggled the bloated balls of fat against each other as Tina gasped for air.

“Oh look, you did it! But it won’t be long until you can’t,” Sara cooed. Sara bent over, her breasts pressing against Tina’s back, her belly sagging against Tina’s cheeks, squeezing Tina’s massive rump. It was nearly as wide as her arms could reach, and she tried to encompass as much of it as she could. She grabbed handfuls of loose soft flesh and kissed it’s amazing expanse. Tina could do little other than catch her breath as the wild Sara wobbled her ass causing her entire blubber covered body to quiver and shake.

Tina’s huge belly stuck out nearly two feet past the front of her cantaloupe sized breasts. Her huge bottom and hips helped balance her weight out, but even so the great ball of blubber that was now her belly forced her to lean partially over causing her paunch to hover just above her knees. Her rump bulged out behind her nearly a foot and a half past the edge of her giant love handles.

Her rump was now so large that the top of her butt cheeks swelled nearly to her elbows when standing and spilled down the back of her legs to the middle of her thighs. Her legs were so thick with fat that they rubbed all the way to her knees and fat oozed over her ankles. Her thighs and hips had grown so large that sitting her rump nearly filled a 5 foot long couch, and standing she was nearly 4 feet wide. Her upper arms were now so big that the flab swelled over her elbows.

She was standing there exhausted as Sara continued to prod and pinch her girth, panting from the effort of standing. Tina shifted her weight from foot to foot as she turned to face the giggling Sara, her bottom wobbling and her belly swaying. She had her fists on her hips and her round belly was now touching Sara’s paunch.

“Well now I’m up, and your small ass can’t force me to keep eating anymore,” she said with a trust of her belly against Sara’s spherical paunch. Sara’s soft squishy paunch bulged and swelled around Tina’s and wobbled her fat heavy breasts causing Sara to take a step back.

Sara giggled and the taller girl slammed her round belly into Tina causing Tina to wobble and stumble back a few steps. “You may be fatter, but you have no muscle to move your fat ass.”

Tina had her hands planted on top of her fluffy love handles pouting.

“Well I never needed muscle.” Tina was, for the first time in her relationship with Sara, clearly powerless to affect the situation. She kept backing up her huge rump wobbling as her belly jiggled. Sara was pursuing her and caught her right as her ass pressed up against the wall. The taller girl pressed her body against Tina, her belly bulging against Tina’s and her heavy breasts swelling on top of Tina’s, squishing against her chin. Tina felt Sara’s hands rub the sides of her belly as her lips were inches from Tina’s.

“And you’re never going to have a chance to grow any, cause I’m gonna keep stuffing you fatter and fatter,” she said as she grabbed Tina’s wrists and forced her chubby arms against the wall as she kissed her plump lips. Tina kissed her back,

“Please no, this is getting out of control. I’m so massive,” cooed Tina as Sara kissed down her neck.

“Well maybe you’re right, your ass is nearly as big as Julia’s already. Come on let’s play in your big bed for a while,” she cooed as she released Tina from being pressed against the wall.

Tina smiled and started to waddle over towards her bed. Sara followed behind her and grabbed something out of her purse. The next thing Tina knew, Sara’s hands were around her neck and she heard a click. The shocked Tina found a tight leather choker around her neck with a leather leash attached to it, with the other end in Sara’s hand.

Sara tugged on the leash and the fatter girl wobbled towards her smashing their two bodies together. Sara kissed Tina again. Sara reached one arm around Tina’s back as they caressed, their huge bellies forcing them to bend over in order to keep their lips together. Sara stopped kissed Tina and stood back up, “Com’on piggy.”

Sara led slow wobbling Tina across the room pulling on the leash. Tina huffed and puffed with each waddling step across the carpet. “My you’re slow. It’s going to take us forever to get to the other treats.”

Tina plodded along until she made it through the apartment’s kitchen and into the freight elevator. Sara led her in first and then she squished in behind her. Sara’s belly pushing against Tina’s colossal rump. Tina’s belly was pressing against the back of the elevator, and Sara’s was pressing into the top of her bare butt cheeks. Sara was just able to squeeze into the elevator and get the door to close behind her.

“Just look, you’re huge and so soft. Won’t be long and you’ll get to ride in here by yourself,” cooed Sara as she kneaded Tina’s rump. All Tina could do is gasp for air as she tried to catch her breath from the 40 foot waddle to the elevator.

The elevator opened and the Sara began to lead the massive beauty across the bakery back room.

“Com’on porky, I’m going get you something extra tasty for belly,” giggled the naked Buddha-bellied x-stripper. She led the wobbling princess across the cold tile floor until she stopped on a large metal plate, the bakery’s industrial scale.

“Guess I’m getting fatter again too, look at that those numbers fly. 428!” She exclaimed as she ran her hands over the front of her huge belly.

“Oh, Tasha is gonna get it now, I’ve gained almost as much in the first six months of this year than I did all last year. She is almost as bad as you used to be. Let’s see how fat you are,” said the busty beauty as she pulled on the leash of the out of breath raven haired beauty.

Tina huffed and puffed and shuffled onto the scale. The digital numbers flickered zooming quickly past 200...300...400...500 coming to a rest on 550 pounds. “That’s more like it, nice and unbelievably fat!” Sara cried. She pressed herself against Tina’s gasping form, her belly against Tina’s hip as she ran her hands over the apex of Tina’s paunch and the curve of her expansive rump.

“You’ve put on 422 pounds in eight short months, you’ve gained almost a full me, and it looks so delicious,” cooed Sara as she pinched and poked. “Let’s see your measurements.”

Sara wobbled over to a shelf and pulled out an impressively long measuring tape. She had Tina hold it to the front of her breasts, then the side of her love-handles as she walked around Tina pulling the tape tight. Then she had Tina hold it against her hip as she worked the thin tape between her thighs and belly to get a proper hip measurement. Then she measured her arms and thighs.

“You are so massively fat now! Your measurements are 55 inches-95 inches-120 inches. Your upper arms are 20 inches around and your thighs are 65 inches! Kelly has really out done herself with you. But you’re still hungry, so com’on lets make you even bigger.”

Sara led the weak willed, shuffling Tina into the break room. She sat her down on a wide cushioned bench that doubled as a single bed for those times when a baker had to work on orders throughout the night. Her unbelievably fat rump and hips oozed over the bed filling up most of the space.

Her knees were bent and spread wide to the sides to accommodate her massive paunch that brushed against the tile floor. She rested her arms on her belly along the side of her plump breasts and slumped her chin into her cleavage gasping for air.

“Don’t you run off, I’ll be right back with your real dessert,” giggled Sara.

Sara returned with a pastry cart filled with large cloth sacks shaped into funnels. Tina the baker instantly recognized the sacks as cake frosting tubes that could each easily decorate many, many sheet cakes. Sara lifted one of the heavy sacks and placed it between her breasts, the metal tip on the bottom of the sack cloth hanging down between them.

Sara straddled Tina’s right knee and pressed her belly against the side of Tina’s. She pulled Tina’s face towards the bottom of her bosom and the metal tip. She pushed the metal tip into Tina’s mouth and began to squeeze her breasts together forcing the sugary frosting into Tina’s mouth.

“That’s it porky suck it down.”

The frosting swelled Tina’s cheeks as Sara squeezed the frosting filled sack with her breasts. Tina was smiling and moaning as she gulped sugary confection draining one sack and then the next. Sara kept forcing more into her mouth even as Tina began to slow.

Finally after six full sacks of frosting, Sara’s pleasure at stuffing the massive beauty was beginning to wane so she squeezed out the last of the sixth sack and laid the seventh on Tina’s chest. “You’ll have to feed yourself honey for a bit. It’s almost time for the bakers to get here and I need to get dressed.”

Tina tried not to eat it, but it smelled and tasted to good. Her belly was painfully bloated and ached, but the ache was making her more aroused so she slowly began to suck the sack of frosting as Sara waddled to the elevator. She returned minutes later fully clothed and ready to head back to her own apartment.

Sara strutted up to the massive Tina in her high heels and tight jeggings, her big belly bouncing, breasts wobbling with a big smile on her face at the mountain of fat that was now Tina. The seventh sack was drained and a hint of pink frosting was on Tina’s plump lower lip. Her mouth was open and her eyes were closed as Sara leaned in for the good-bye kiss. “Sara please touch me.”

“I bet you would like that, but you have so much more to eat before I pleasure you,” cooed Sara.

“But I’m ready, I’m so ready and my belly hurts so perfectly,” moaned Tina as she saw how far her belly swelled out past her plump bosom. How wide it had become, spreading her gigantic thighs apart. How it oozed onto the cool tile floor.

“I’m huge, please,” She cried.

“Sigh, of course you are, and you’re going to keep getting bigger and fatter. Rounder and softer, squishier and hungrier as I keep you filling this,” cooed Sara as she walked to the front of Tina’s belly and poked it with the toe of her four inch heels.

“You’re making me so fat, you owe me this much,” pouted Tina.

“Um no I don’t,” told Sara.

Tina put her hands on the wide expanse soft gelatinous flesh that was her thighs and tried to heft herself up. Tina only succeeded in stretching her neck, sinking her hands deep into her thighs and wobbling her breasts in their overly restrictive bra.

“I...can’t...even...get up anymore,” she wheezed as she sank back down into her girth.

Then it really hit her...it wasn’t Kelly’s belly that had been growing it was her’s. And while she loved being ordered to eat, there were real consequences for eating like this. Eating and eating and eating, swelling larger and larger, heavier and fatter, stuffing herself through ever greater heights of gluttony.

She imagined it wasn’t really her but it had been. Her life was a blur, food funnelling into her mouth, countless pounds of pastries filling her fuller and fuller, but now that her belly was especially tight and painful, unable to eat another bite, she was able to think about more than just eating, growing, expanding, swelling. She wanted sex and Sara wouldn’t give it to her.

“This isn’t just Kelly,” she whined with a pat of her belly.

“I did this to myself, eating even when Kelly isn’t trying to feed me, I’ll start eating and eating if anyone decides to be a little bit dominating. Then I won’t realize it until I’m about to burst. I’m so massive, I can barely move. What has Kelly done to me?” Tina sighed.

“Kelly can’t have all the credit, I stuff you too, so does Tasha and all of the bakers join in really. Besides you were the one who made the silly bet with Kelly. I think you’re at least partially to blame for getting so huge. Besides baby you know you wanted it,” replied Sara.

“But I… I never wanted to be this... big. Look at me, my ass is as fat as this mattress!”

“I know, it’s amazing! And in 15 minutes the bakers will get here and start feeding you all over again,” cooed Sara devilishly. “So amazing, but unfortunately I won’t be here to watch jumbo. I’m getting sleepy love, and Tasha is probably back at the apartment waiting for me.”

“I knew it! You are cheating on me with her,” cried the furious Tina.

“It’s not my fault, you never pay attention to me anymore, you just eat and eat and eat. Well I guess that’s partially my fault,” Sara laughed. “But I just can’t help it, you’re like sooooo good at eating, that I just can’t stop myself from seeing how much you can fit in your belly.”

Sara bent forward and kissed Tina’s bare paunch, her newly touched up lips putting a huge lip print on it. “Ta ta, my favourite little eater.”

Tina watched her balloon bellied lover waddle out of the store. She was furious and wanted to stop her, yell at her, tell her all the girls she had been with, get back at her somehow. With all her fury she began to rise, but her belly was now so painfully stuffed that she plopped back down and settled into her girth. She was exhausted and hadn’t slept in forever so try as she might her eyelids began to get quite heavy, her fury powerless against 23 hours of sustained gorging.

Minutes later the bakers arrived and began loading up carts with all the day old goodies. They moved them around the collapsed mountain of flesh that was Tina, knowing that she would soon be consuming all of them. They didn’t start feeding her, that was normally the manager’s responsibility and today Kelly was working so they were not going to deny their boss the pleasure.

“Ah such a delight to see. My masterpiece, my beauty. Not sure how you managed to leave your room or why, but you are conveniently placed for another feeding,” said Kelly to the passed out Tina.

Kelly, as bakers and chefs are known to do, continued to expand her own figure over the last few months she had been stuffing Tina. She constantly sampled her wares and the long feeding sessions had provided her ample time to do so. She weighed exactly the same as Sara now, 428 pounds, and has always been quite bottom heavy, but her recently added girth had caused her belly to begin to catch up with her rump.

Her big round 74 inch pot belly stuck out far past her 54 inch bosom, but still didn’t stick out nearly as far as her giant 94 inch booty bulged out behind her. She was far from a busty woman, but she had grown into the next cup size over the last few months, and her tight white cotton tank top was stretched taunt across her breasts. She was a fairly short at 5’4” and the tight tank top squeezed her body around her belly and love-handles and even flowed partially over the top of her spherical rump and hips. Kelly had her light blond hair cut short in a pixy cut, and she was wearing light make-up.

With a rub of the front of her belly, she turned from admiring Tina and waddled over to the cooling trays where the fresh donuts had just been placed. Each step she took in her comfortable white sneakers caused her giant spherical butt cheeks to bounce and wobble violently.


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Sep 30, 2005
Chapter 30 (Part 5)

Kelly put the bottom in bottom heavy. Her hips were not narrow by any means, but her bum was dramatically swollen and bubbly.

Of the extra heavy bottom heavy beauties, Julia was the most hippy, Tina’s girth was equally distributed between her hips and rump, while Kelly’s globes enjoyed the most growth. The bouncing of her bum caused her tight pink sweat pants to begin to reveal the top of her fleshy globes. She knew it was a losing battle to try and keep her twins covered so she let her bubbles do as they wanted.

“Mmmmm, my delicacies smell so divine first thing in the morning. I’ll just have a few before I begin to stuff my favourite fatty,” she thought to herself.

She bent over to waft the warm sweet aroma from the donuts, revealing even more of her bare rump and began to grab warm soft pink glazed donuts with both hands, shovelling them into her lips as fast as she could eat. She hadn’t had breakfast yet so it gave her a reason to indulge.

Kelly knew she shouldn’t be eating like this if she ever wanted to be thinner than her ex-girlfriend Gwen, but she just couldn’t stop herself anymore. She had managed to fatten up Gwen early in Gwen’s college career and even managed to get her to leave her boyfriend, committing her belly to Kelly’s artful hands.

Gwen ended up putting on nearly 400 pounds during their relationship, but now had lost nearly 130 pounds. Gwen had realized that she put the weight on mostly to charm and please Kelly, not for herself, so after breaking up with Kelly she had begun to diet. She still loved the curves of bulging beauties, just not as much on herself, much to Kelly’s displeasure.

Kelly believed that she was now probably 50 pounds fatter than her ex-girlfriend and even though she had swelled the figures of countless others, that one bothered her, but not enough for her to reduce her consumption of the lovely pink delicacies before her.


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Sep 30, 2005
Chapter 31

An hour later she had managed to consume two dozen of the pink beauties and was looking towards the next delicious victim when she heard a delightfully high pitched voice coming from the front of the store.

“Yes all those plus, three dozen of those goodies, the two chocolate pies, an apple one, a box of cinnamon rolls...”

Kelly dusted off her hands on one of the chubby bakers’ apron with a playful wink and went out front to greet her favourite customer.

There she was, Julia in all of her 5’5” glory. She had originally been 5’7” and 133 pounds when she started at VL and for years was the girl they sent to Kelly’s bakery to pick up the daily goodies. She hadn’t had that responsibility in while and to hear her voice was quite a surprise. Gwen, Kelly’s ex, had tried and tried over the years to put some weight on Julia, but she had resisted for several years.

It wasn’t until Mia started working there that Julia finally began to grow. With Mia’s unbelievable beauty, sexual dominance and devilish tricks, Julia had swelled into a 525 pound, hyper busty, Buddha bellied, wide bottomed beauty.

Mia broke Julia’s heart by breaking up with her right after she had completed her 9 month stuffing bet, kicked her out of her apartment, and then transferred to the corporate headquarters. Julia could have lost the weight then, free of Mia’s influence, but instead she grew and grew. She was heartbroken by Mia, so she turned to the one thing that continued to provide her pleasure and she ate and ate, growing rounder, fatter, heavier and less mobile.

The last time Tina had seen her she had been 700 pounds. That was nearly five months ago and thanks to the yo-yo dieting, Julia had trimmed down to 685 pounds of soft, succulent, quivering fat and based on the way she was ordering, and the lust filled look, she was about to start the upside of that yo-yo diet.

Julia had her dark brown, light-brown highlighted hair twisted up in a professional style that left her surprisingly thin neck bare. She had tanned her skin light brown and was wearing smokey eye shadow and had just the slightest hint of a double chin underneath her voluptuous pink painted lips. She was wearing a light yellow low cut sleeveless silk dress with matching flip-flops. The dress perfectly fit around her enormous bosom, hugged her dramatically bulging belly and squeezed her spectacularly wide hips and bum. The ultra low cut dress revealed that she was wearing a constraining white lace bra that was forcing her cleavage out above the edges of her dress.

The yo-yo dieting had caused her weight to shift slightly away from her substantial bosom, but even so, her massive breasts swelled much wider than her shoulders and even past the sides of her bloated blubbery arms. Lifted by her belly they bulged up just above the top of her shoulders and her pierced thick nipples stuck out to the middle of her lower arms when she stretched her arms out in front of her. Her belly was slightly wider than her breasts and stuck out just as far in a spherical heaving dome that swelled down nearly to her knees.

Her hips and thighs bulged out just inches from her finger tips when she stretched them to the side and her rump now formed a nearly two foot deep shelf past her bloated love-handles. With her spectacular girth, the thin silk dress barely managed to reach to the bottom of her belly and barely reached to the middle of her gigantic thighs. The poor dress looked like it could burst a seem at any second.

Julia’s unbelievable breasts were resting on the counter top with her arms framing them, her elbows locked and her hands flat on the counter. Her swollen belly was pressed against the side of the counter, wedging its spherical bulge between it and her thighs, putting a huge bow in her back as its unbelievable weight oozed its mass towards the floor.

Her swollen backside swelled up in a massive bubble of fat that rose slightly above her elbows and swelled out more than a foot past the back edge of her massive thighs. Her bulging body had nearly swollen past the range of her reach, and she was forced to squish it against everything in order to touch what she wanted.

The much thinner counter girl was staring at the colossal two and half feet of cleavage before her and struggling to remember Julia’s bakery order. Julia wasn’t helping by absently fingering the dangling necklace in her cleavage and squeezing her arms together causing her breasts to wiggle and bulge.

“Yeah a couple of those, no not those, those there. Oh well you already touched them, I guess we’ll have to eat them. I think you might be trying to make us fat,” smiled Julia to the counter girl.

“Oh that will never happen with your fast metabolism,” giggled Kelly as she walked towards one of her largest customers.

Julia spread her arm wide, inviting the much smaller baker to embrace her in a hug. Kelly was acquainted with Julia, friends might be too strong a term, but hadn’t seen her in a few months and was a little shocked by how massive Julia’s bosom was, bigger than everyone’s but Jenny’s and how unbelievably fluffy her upper arms were. They were probably close to 35 inches around and bulged far past her elbows. They were now sacks of hanging bulging fat that looked closer to pillows than arms.

Bent over as Julia was on the counter, Kelly’s head was higher and as she melted into the soft billowy form of Julia as she pressed Julia’s head to her own bosom.

“Oh I’m so glad you came in instead of sending one of those skinny VL sales girls,” said Kelly as she rubbed her hand down Julia’s soft bulging, rolly polly back and onto her massive rump.

“It’s been so long since I’ve seen the girls too,” said Kelly as she eyed Julia’s breasts.

“It’s good to see you too. The sales girls normally think they are just going to have Jenny to deal with, but today they have both of us, so I decided to come by on my way in and make sure I got some of these treats. Jenny is such a piggy now. Besides, with all the working from home I never get to come in and check out your goodies,” Julia squeaked as she squeezed her arms together jiggling her breasts.

“Ah that’s sweet, my goodies are happy to see you, but it’s not like you don’t see my goodies regularly. Looks like your hour glass figure finally went to pot,” cooed Kelly as she patted the side of Julia’s sagging belly.

“Yeah I always thought the girls would stay bigger, but it looks like she...is taking over,” huffed Julia as she braced her hands in her lower back and lifted her breasts off the counter top. She turned to face her belly towards Kelly and the two small steps she took caused her entire massively wide body to ripple and shake. She moved her arms to rest against her sides, oozing into the sides of her belly and she patted its wobbling girth.

“And she’s so...heavy too,” she huffed now struggling to bare her unsupported mass.

Kelly approached Julia’s belly with her hands stretched out in front of her like a zombie unable to keep herself from sinking her fingers into Julia’s soft quivering belly.

“Oh and it’s so soft and squishy too, but I think you’ve lost a little weight since I saw you last,” Kelly cooed and her fingers sank all the way in.

“Hey that tickles!” Julia squealed as she tried to swat Kelly away from the front of her belly, but only succeeded in squishing the side of her paunch, causing her body to once again wiggle and shake.

“Yeah, I keep growing and shrinking, growing and shrinking. Two months ago I was like 720 pounds, but four months ago I was 670 pounds, then six months ago I was 690 pounds. My belly has been doing a lot of inflating and deflating. Sigh, I’ll never get control of my belly.”

Without taking her fingers out of Julia’s bulge or looking away from its hypnotic gyrations, Kelly continued kneading and pinching the amazingly massive and soft paunch, further tickling the jiggling beauty. Kelly knew Julia could barely move, and just standing here holding up her massive breasts and this beautiful bulging belly was tiring poor Julia out.

That got Kelly thinking, she had one growing beauty to feed today, but what if she could have two? Julia would probably relish a chance to sit down and rest her feet and back, and once she was seated she might like to try some new pastries....

“Trina just double whatever Ms. Julia has ordered and send it over to Voluptuous Lady for me. Oh and please give her my special discount,” she said with a wink to Julia.

“Oh that’s O.K. our corporate discount is already generous... and I really need to get back,” she huffed straining to stay standing without the counter top for support.

“Oh its nothing really, I feel bad you even have to bother coming over. Besides it’s been so long since the two of us girls had a chance to catch up and I have something special to show you in the back. Com’on let’s go in the back for bit and chat,” said Kelly gently pulling on the front of Julia’s squishy belly.

“I guess it has been a while,” she squealed.

“I guess I can spare...a bit of time,” she huffed as she began to waddle into the back with Kelly still kneading her belly.

Julia’s slow waddle gave Kelly plenty of time to play with her belly as they walked the 100 feet into the bakery’s break room. Her body was a sea of wobbling flesh careening wildly to each side as she switched her thighs around each other. Her hip bulging out one way as her massive bottom swayed to the side, her belly and bosom wobbling to the other side, jiggling and bouncing as 685 pounds of sexy flesh waddled into her lair.

Kelly led her through the double door, Julia’s hips nearly scraping the sides as she waddled through.

“Why don’t we talk in the break room? Let me get your chair for you,” said Kelly as she pulled lightly padded super wide chair out for Julia to sit down.

Julia collapsed onto the industrial strength chair, her hips flowing over the edges and bum bulging over behind her, engulfing the narrow bars supporting the seat back. She spread her thighs wide allowing her globular paunch to ooze out in front of her, drooping until it hung a foot from the tile floor, popping free of the bottom of her dress. Collapsed into her girth as she was, her giant breasts bulged up to just beneath her chin.

“Whew that was a long walk...I hope this something special is worth it,” whined Julia trying to catch her breath.

“Oh Julia it absolutely is. I don’t think anyone else has this,” cooed Kelly as she squeezed Julia’s shoulder’s and lusted after Julia’s expansive cleavage as she peered at her heaving breasts from behind.

“Good I’m so hungry, the smells back here are truly intoxicating,” squeaked Julia as she patted the sides of her paunch.

“Hey! I just noticed… is that Tina? She’s gotten so...huge!” She cried as she turned her head to the side, peering around her massive breasts and finally noticing the lightly snoozing dark haired beauty.

“Yes she has, much fatter than she probably wanted too, but I guess my treats are simply irresistible to her,” replied Kelly as she clicked in two wide and long trays that were attached to the back of the chair and rotated them forward, sliding over the top of Julia’s hips and framing the sides of Julia’s belly.

“Wow! She, she’s nearly my size! Her belly and bum are so big. You must be giving her some of your extra special delicious treats. Hey these trays must be really handy,” squeaked Julia.

“They have totally been a life saver the last two months as Tina’s belly grew from a plump 78 inches to a nicely padded 95 inches. She just can’t get enough of my cooking it would seem, and I feel obligated to try to keep up my end of the bet by keeping her belly as full as I can,” told Kelly as she waddled in front of Julia and over to a rolling table. Her bubble butt bouncing and her pot-belly wobbling. Julia could tell the last eight months since Tina lost the bet to her had been kind to Kelly’s soft jiggly figure.

Julia gazed over the top of her breasts at the sexy soft curve of Kelly’s swollen lower belly, the dimple in her tight tank top where the shirt dipped into her belly button, the deep creases where it squeezed her rolls, the playful and proud bulge of the top of her bare, perfect, round bottom poking through the top of her pink sweats.

Julia found the blond girl’s soft bulging body increasingly sexy as she watched the hypnotic wobbling of her bulging curves as she moved a rolling table over to be in front of Julia and then attached it to the front of the trays framing her belly. Kelly’s curves were bigger, rounder and much wobblier than Kate’s were, the last girl who Julia had been with, and coupled with her plump lips, button nose and cute light blond pixy haircut, Julia was beginning to grow attracted to the baker in a way she previously hadn’t.

“You’ve really been good to Tina, I think she was the lucky one loosing, having such a pretty girl feed her,” smiled Julia. “I’m stuck with Kate who keeps shrinking on me.”

“Oh you’re so sweet! And you are right, she is the lucky one, she doesn’t work anymore, all she does is eat and eat and eat. Once she gets into my special seat we can nearly bury Tina in piles of my delicious delicacies and she can eat for hours and hours,” cooed Kelly as she squeezed between the seated beauties and slid her arm around Julia’s shoulders and her other hand squeezing Julia’s belly.

“Oh it sounds so amazingly delightful, but what is this special thing you wanted to show me?” cooed Julia up at Kelly as she put her chubby hand on top of Kelly’s and pressed her hand deeper into her belly’s soft bulges.

Baked goods started appearing on the trays ringing Julia’s belly as plump young bakers hurried back and forth.

“Why Julia, you’re sitting in it, my special chair that I ordered, prefect for the curvaceous and... diligent eater. Perhaps you would like to try it out? See if you might want one at VL? Perhaps I can offer you a treat or two?” asked Kelly as the pastries pilled up higher and higher around Julia.

“Oh I don’t know, I really shouldn’t, I should be getting to work,” said Julia trying to get out of the chair, her belly bulging against the locked ring of trays framing her belly.

“Oh but the girls just brought all these over, and VL doesn’t open for hours, certainly you have a little time?” asked Kelly as she brought a warm pink frosted scone to Julia’s salivating lips.

“Mmmm, well maybe a little time, these are unbelievable,” cooed Julia with her mouth full relaxing back into the seat.

The pastries stacked up around her higher and higher, cakes, pies, cookies, turnovers, doughnuts, a multitude of delectable goodies that the plump bakery girls hurriedly waddled over. Kelly slid behind Julia and began to feed her bites with both hands. A doughnut in one, a cookie in the other, a piece of cake in one, a bite of pie in another, a scone, a cream puff. Bite after bite, Julia’s cheeks grew fuller, her belly tighter as Kelly relentlessly fed her.

“You’re such a good eater. It’s nice to have someone who really appreciates my hard work,” cooed Kelly.

“Oh it’s so good,” Julia replied with her mouth full “You have no idea how good it feels to be fed like this. I’ve been starving for weeks to lose like five pounds. If I just smell a cookie I gain weight now, sigh, but I wanted to be down to 600 by Halloween.”

Kelly popped in another pastry into Julia’s mouth.

“Oh is that true? That’s so horrible, trying to shrink up these big perfect breasts,” Kelly said as she slipped her hands underneath Julia’s bra and dress straps and caressed the tops her massive globes. Her soft fluffy overstuffed bosom wiggling like jelly.

“Yeah, really. They are like my favourite part of being extra fluffy,” Julia replied with her mouth full.

“But I’m just too fat,” Julia sighed her mouth now empty. She looked over at the still slumbering Tina and noticed that the bakers were squeezing a large sack of cookie dough into Tina’s mouth, followed by pumping what looked to be a five gallon strawberry shake.

“Now look at Tina, her belly is so huge and round, spreading out in front of her, her bum and hips oozing over the bed. To be honest I am a little frightened by how fat she’s gotten, but I’m so jealous of all the stuffings she has gotten to get so fat.”

“I didn’t realize that such a pretty young girl wasn’t getting the proper feedings she so deserves. I thought Kate liked you fat, I would never let you go on a diet,” replied Kelly knowing that Julia’s rebellious attitude against Mia is why she had fattened up to 520 pounds and if she drove a wedge against Julia and the shrinking Kate...


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Sep 30, 2005
End of Chapter 31

"Were not really together, we see each other from time to time and I may crash at her place when I am not at my mom’s. I think she is the real reason I can’t lose any weight,” Julia said rubbing her belly as Kelly returned to pushing more delicacies into Julia’s lips.

“Oh Kelly this is so good, tastes so good, feels so good, but this is how I got so fat. This is why I went on a diet,” Julia cooed.

“But I just can’t stop. I can barely see over my girls now, and my hips rub on nearly every door frame. I really should stop Kelly. But this reminds me of Mia and all those times she would feed me and then...make love to me.” She said between mouthfuls of sugary confections.

“And then how I would feed and fatten her. She was going to be my fat mistress and I would be her curvaceous dancing girl, but I’ll guess I’ll never be her dancing girl now...”

“Well if you stay on a nasty ol diet, maybe you could dance for her,” teased Kelly as put a thick tube to Julia’s lips and began pumping chocolate shake into her mouth. “You know that’s what she wants. Mia may want you to be her little dancing girl just to deny you the pleasure of a full belly, because she can’t have it any more. Is that what you want?”

“No. Sigh, I don’t know. Maybe, I’m just so fat,” Mumbled Julia around the tube as she rapidly swallowed large mouthfuls of cool rich chocolate ice cream shake.

“But you’re not sure? You might be ready to live a boring skinny life? No more pies, no more treats... no more belly rubs?” asked Kelly as she pulled Julia’s tight dress up to wedge it between Julia’s swelling belly flesh and the bottom of her bra. Kelly then began to caress Julia’s bare belly flesh. “

“Mmmmm...you’re good at that...it’s been so long,” cooed Julia between gulps of the chocolate delight.

“I know I am. Just look at how happy I’ve made Tina. But you have to have a belly to get a belly rub. Skinny girls don’t get rubs.”

Julia looked over at the massive beauty that only eight months ago was more than 400 pounds lighter. Her eyes were closed and slight moans or cries, Julia couldn’t tell which, were coming from her lips as she slept. Julia was sucking down the delectable chocolate ice cream shake flowing into her lips and swelling her cheeks as she saw the stacks upon stacks of sugary confections surrounding her on the trays that ringed her body and knew that if she spent more time with Kelly, she could gain 400 pounds even faster than Tina.

Julia pulled the tube from her lips, “She does seem to have enjoyed herself, but with all the starvation diets I’ve done. I’m afraid my metabolism is really slow and getting slower. If I don’t stay sorta on a diet, I’ll balloon up ridiculously fast. Each time I go off the diet, I put on more weight faster.”

Kelly walked her hands around Julia’s bare belly and pushed a crème puff to her lips. “So let me get this straight, your diets are actually making you fatter?”

Julia answered with her mouth full of crème puff, “Sigh, I think so, No not really, well maybe, I don’t like know I guess. Every time I go off my diet I put on all the weight I lost and then some.

"I never should have listened to Kate,” she replied as she sucked down more of the chocolate shake. “Oh this is so good, I’m gonna gain ten pounds just from this shake. I’m gonna have to starve myself for weeks, but it will be so worth it.”

“But it’s so much better with these strawberry iced old fashioned donuts isn’t it?”

Julia could only moan as Kelly fed her the sugary, warm confection. Kelly continued to feed and massage the trapped beauty for the next two hours. Kelly probed deeper into Julia’s dieting woes and started to develop a new plan for Tina.

The first eight months Tina had been stuffed nearly night and day. Thousands and thousands of calories were flooding into her system, forcing her metabolism to speed up in the process in an attempt to burn off all those calories. Impossible as it was to burn off all those calories, her metabolism was still burning more calories than a normal person and Kelly didn’t want that.

Sure Kelly could stuff Tina for the next four months, maybe pack another couple hundred pounds on the bottom heavy porker, but once the year was up she might try to lose some of it. No Kelly decided that she would destroy Tina’s metabolism before the year was up, ensure that after this was over she would never lose the weight and would most like balloon up once she started eating again.

“Yes, this would be an even better plan for Tina’s belly,” she thought.

After two hours of stuffing Julia, Julia’s bare belly was swelling nicely. Kelly thought her belly looked massive when she waddled in, but clearly her empty belly could expand rather significantly.

Kelly had unleashed the starving Julia and Julia was gobbling up every delicacy surrounding her, every drop of ice cream shake she could slurp into her belly, consuming every morsel of sugary fattening goodness, and she was now moaning in pleasure lost in the bliss of eating and eating and eating. That was until she heard the voice of her on again off again girlfriend Kate.

“Excuse me you can’t go back there!” The counter girl yelled.

“I know you are back here, the girls at the store said you we’re coming by to pick up pastries, so where...are...you,” trailed off Kate as she found Julia gobbling up Kelly’s delights with her dress rolled up exposing her massive belly.

“Uh here I am,” squeaked Julia before she quickly popped in another crème filled powdered doughnut.

“Oh I like this, I guess you’re over your diet Julia?” giggled Kate as she swayed over and poked Julia in her bare belly. “After all your hard work, you are cheating...again?”

“It’s just a little snack,” she squeaked.

The short blond girl was clearly furious, she had caught Julia cheating on her diet several times, but Kate had a bit of an obsession that helped her over look Julia’s cheating. Kate had long lusted after busty women, first Jenny, then Sara, and now Julia whose massive bosom measured 100 inches around.

Kate discovered her attraction to women when she moved in with her roommate Jenny freshman year. The busty blond grew bigger and bigger, but never paid attention to Kate. Luckily Kate found other girls that enjoyed her company, but she didn’t find the wildly buxom Julia until years later. Kate had met Julia may years ago when she was still the thin stock girl working at Voluptuous Lady. Kate had put on weight during her first years of college and ended up shopping there, but Julia was far too skinny back then, plus she was dating Sara at the time.

Kate met Sara at the club she danced at and was instantly attracted to the busty stripper. The short, attractive and slightly plump Kate was the first girl Sara had been attracted to since Tina. Tina had betrayed her trust and broken her heart years ago and Sara unconsciously started to punish Kate for Tina’s sins.

Sara coaxed the plump bottomed Kate into putting on 100’s of pounds of soft squishy fat. The love struck Kate did whatever the wildly busty beauty wanted, until she discovered Sara was cheating on her with Tina, but by then Kate was nearly 360 pounds. Once Kate broke up with Sara, Kate decided to start losing the hundreds of pounds she had gained.

Now after a year and half, Kate had slimmed down to 200 pounds, which for the 5’2” girl still left her with a sizable backside. Kate had always been tiny up top, even at her heaviest she may have filled a C-cup, but now, 158 pounds lighter, she was barely filling a 30 a-cup. Her once massive pot belly had shrunk down to 30 inches of bulge. She had virtually no love handles, just a protruding round belly.

As small as she had become up top and around her waist, it only made her lower half seem bigger. Her bum had become two basketball sized flawless globes that defied gravity. Her thighs were as big around as her waist, and arched out in front of her nearly as far as her potbelly and were just as flawless as her gravity defying bum. They rubbed against each other to the middle of her thighs, and then trimmed down to narrow knees. Her calves swelled out and tapered to dainty ankles. The fat on her thighs and ass swelled her hips to an unbelievable 69 inches around; more than twice as wide as her waist and she flaunted her curves every chance she got.

Today she was wearing pink flip-flop sandals to match her white with pink piping stretch pants that squeezed her soft lower body all the way to the middle of her caves. Her unbelievably bubbly bum over filled her stretch pants and bared the top quarter of her swollen cheeks, revealing her pink triangle thong in back and the straps that stretched over her hips long her sides.

In order to prevent revealing too much, on top she was wearing a slightly too long skin tight, thin, white cotton tank top that squeezed her small braless chest causing her small pert nipples to poke out. The top clung tightly to her belly and waist framing her small pot belly and then squeezed the top of her thighs and hips and the top quarter of her swollen bum, perfectly adhering to the shape of her round globes.

The quick walk into the back of the bakery had caused her shirt to ride slightly up and her pants to wiggle slightly down exposing an inch of her fat bottom between the two garments. Kate had always had a very casual style in her dress and today was no different, her light blond shoulder length hair was loose and framed her small face. She had on light pink lip gloss and light eye shadow, the bare minimum of make-up. She was very pretty naturally, but her plain casual style regulated her to the “cute” level of attractiveness.

“Looks like more than a little snack! Look at how fat this is now!” She giggled as she gripped Julia’s wobbling belly.

”It would take a week of dieting to lose this little snack, so I think I’m really done helping you with your diet. You’ve cheated for the last time. If you wanna eat and get huge, I’m more than happy to help you,” She giggled as she pushed a pink frosted old fashioned donut into Julia’s lips.

“But it was just a snack, I...I...just couldn’t help myself,” Julia sobbed was she gobbled down the sugary treat.

“To late baby. It went against my nature to help you shrink up your big, billowy, perfect breasts,” she said as she caressed Julia’s confined massive breasts.

“So now I am done helping you. Now I’m gonna be like everyone else in your life who wants to see you get fatter and fatter. I’ll be like your mom, your sisters, Gwen, Jenny, and Mia. I’ll be like the bakers who work here offering you treat after treat even when you are already stuffed. I’ll feed you like Kelly here, and like...Tina...used...too?,” tapered off Kate as she finally realized the massive woman filling the bed next to Julia, slumped into her own fat was really Tina.

“She’s, she’s... amazing,” said Kate lustfully as she ogled Tina’s bosom exploding out of her black bra. “She so much bigger.”

Kelly strolled up to Kate and handed her a warm maple bar and put her other hand on Kate’s soft over stuffed bum. “Yes, pretty sexy isn’t she? And she was always so bottom heavy too; who would have ever thought a bottom heavy beauty could have such a plump bosom?”

Kate gobbled up the maple bar hypnotically staring at Tina’s massive breasts. “She was always kinda small up top right?”

“Sure, just like you or me, but look at me now,” said Kelly as she fed Kate another maple bar as she forced Kate to gaze into her own bulging cleavage. “Double F cup and I keep growing.”

“At my heaviest I was barely a C-cup,” whined Kate as she grabbed a donut off of Julia’s tray.

“Oh you weren’t very heavy babe, I remember.”

“Yeah, you were barely in the 300’s,” chirped Julia as she continued gobbling up the pastries displayed on the trays surrounding her.

“I seemed so fat at the time, but compared to the three of you I would be tiny.”

“Yep you sure would be. Tina here is 550 pounds, Julia is nearly 700 and I am well over 400,” said Kelly as she patted Kate’s little potbelly. “Why don’t I send home some pastries with you? You seem to be enjoying these and if you are really taking Julia off her diet, you should have some at your place for her.”

“I’m just snacking, not like really going off my diet!”

“Please, once and cheater always a cheater. Sigh, I should continue to help you, but I’d rather you swelled a lot fatter,” replied Kate.

“Please I don’t need you. I can go off my diet every once in a while. I’m smaller now than I was 8 months ago you know,” whined Julia as she nibbled a bite of cheese cake.

Kate walked over to stand in front of Julia’s bare belly. She pressed her thighs against the massive oozing pot and caressed the sides of Julia’s breasts. “By what 15 pounds? Each of your boobs probably weighs 50!”

“Well I didn’t get any fatter! Sigh, it tastes so good, feels so good, but I can barely move now. Since I’ve gotten over 600 pounds these last 11 months it’s been so hard to do anything, but sit around and eat. I wasn’t supposed to be this fat, Mia was.”

“Mia, Mia, Mia. All I hear about is Mia! Well, Mia’s moved on Julia,” snapped Kate. “Maybe I should too. Find someone who isn’t pinning away for someone else. Maybe someone who has been single for a while. Who doesn’t need me to keep them on a diet.”

Kate slunk up to Kelly and put her arm around the baker’s side and patted the 425 pound beauty’s soft belly.

“You certainly won’t have to worry about me dieting, but you might have to worry about yourself though,” chucked Kelly as she pushed a crème puff into Kate’s mouth.

Julia giggled her high pitched laugh, “Yeah you won’t have to worry about being flat for very long if you hang around Kelly.”

“I’ll bet I gain less weight hanging around Kelly, than you will without me keeping you on your diet.”

“Not likely love,” cooed Kelly as she fed one donut to Julia and one to Kate.

“Hah! Have you seen how big Tina’s ass is?” Laughed Julia.

Kate did notice that the girl’s ass nearly filled the single bed. “I see it, doesn’t mean it will happen to me. If you are so confident about not getting fatter, why don’t we make the bet worth winning?”

“I don’t know if this is good idea for your new smaller waistline Kate. I have a bit of a reputation for feeding people who hang out with me,” giggled Kelly as she patted Kate’s small round belly.

“Yeah you won’t be able to be so high and mighty about losing all your weight if you put it back on,” quipped Julia as she scooped a bite of cherry pie to her plump lips.

“I’m aware of your reputation Kelly and I’m also aware of how much Julia eats, so I know I have nothing to worry about, ” sneered Kate.

“I don’t eat that much,” huffed Julia as she stuffed her cheeks full of pie.

“Oh yeah? If you don’t eat that much how come you got even fatter after Mia stopped stuffing you? You could have lost some of the weight at least, but instead you kept eating and eating, getting fatter and fatter, and Mia, well she lost all the weight she gained with you and is probably out there somewhere hooking up with some flat bellied, busty assistant.”

Julia stuffed her cheeks again with pie and cried, “Fine! Let’s bet!”

“Just so we’re clear, whoever gains the least amount of weight between now and Halloween when we meet up at the annual party, wins the bet.”

“Duh, but you have to hang out with Kelly for like at least for three dates a week,” replied Julia as she continued eating. “And you have to eat whatever she wants you to on that date.”

“My schedule is pretty busy, but I imagine I could go on a few dates,” replied Kelly as she fed another pastry into Kate’s bee stung lips.

“Two dates, I’m not sure I have that much time,” replied Kate as she gobbled up the offered bear claw.

“What? Worried about putting on more weight than a girl who can’t control herself?”

“No,” sneered Kate as she munched on a thick frosted cookie. “Fine, I’ll do three, but if I have to do three then I have to make it really worth winning.”

“OK, what are we betting?” asked Julia as she squeezed her bosom causing her cleavage to bulge and heave. “I know how obsessed you are with my weight so this should be interesting.”

“Please, I’m just trying to help you. If I win this bet you have to go on a diet and lose enough weight to be 20 pounds lighter than I am right now.”

“You’re crazy, we’re nearly 500 pounds apart now!”

“Getting scared porky?”

“No! But what does this diet entail?”

“Well you’ll have to eat only what I let you, and I can make you workout too. You’ll be eating sprouts and wobbling that fat ass on a treadmill every day. Plus, you have to move in with me, just so I can keep an eye on you of course.”

Julia knew if she lived with Kate that would make it easier for Kate to hog up all her time so she couldn’t meet any other girls. Kate figured that they would probably end up dating that way. “You don’t even work out!”

“Well, I never really liked it, but I won’t need to lose 500 pounds!”

“I would have to live with you and your control over me lasts until I lose it?”

“Of course.”

“Uh that would be torture! But OK if you want to play like that, I’ll play. If I win this bet you have to gain weight until you’re 20 pounds heavier than my weight at the end of this bet!”

“I would have weigh like over 700 pounds, probably more cause I know you aint losing weight on this bet.”

“I agreed to yours, are you too scared to agree to mine?”

Kate looked down at her already slightly swollen belly and realized a few dates a week with light blond, pixy hair cut wearing; pretty baker was certainly going to add some pounds. But that was only for six months, she was positive she could lose that, but if she lost this bet and was fattened up bigger than Julia, she wasn’t so sure she could lose it. “I’ll be under your control until I gain it all, right?”

“Of course, and since Valerie went on her European trip or whatever, there is a room ready for you with Me and mamma.”

“Well I’m gonna win so I really don’t have to worry about it. OK, its a bet,” replied Kate as she stuck her hand out for Julia to shake it.

Julia shifted the pastries off the centre tray and onto the sides, and then separated the trays so she could roll her massive belly out of the chair. She stood up with her massive bare belly and thrust it against the much thinner girl, pinning Kate between Kelly’s soft form and her huge belly and breasts. She pulled Kate’s face to hers and gave her a long passionate kiss and sighed, “I agree to our bet Katie, but before I leave for the store I wanted you to feel what it us like to have hundreds of pounds of fat bulging around your body. You’re gonna need to get used to it.”

She wiggled and jiggled her fat until she was able to pull the front of her dress back over her swollen belly. “She is all yours Kelly, have fun on your dates!” With that Julia waddled out of the store and headed over to the mall, confident Kate wouldn’t be giving her diet advice ever again.

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