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BBW Vox Vampirica, by Donna Bee

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Well, bless your heart!
Sep 29, 2005
This is a short story I wrote many years ago that I recently reworked. 3268 words, explicit descriptions of sex and blood, no weight gain but it does feature a BBW lead character
Vox DB copy.jpg


A story about pleasure…and the power of a voice.

Somewhere in a large city, Autumn 1999

His room’s walls danced with the reflected light from a scented candle and the computer, the only light sources, as he sat stoically in his chair, staring at the screen. The flickering light danced in time to the bouncing thoughts in his brain as he half-heartedly watched the scroll of computer chat in front of him.

Where is she? She is always on-line by now, he thought ruefully to himself as an audible sigh escaped his lips.

The sound of the sigh echoed around the nearly empty room, startling him. "Okay Awais, get a grip old man" he said aloud.

Suddenly, his heart leapt as the little tinkling sound indicating an IM burst forth from his computer’s speakers. The box with the message popped up, but alas, it was from a stranger, inviting him to view her webcam at her pay site.

Blasted Internet slut, he cursed in his brain. His mind went back to thoughts of her as the chat speak scrolled lazily along in front of him.

The IM sound tinkled again, but this time he waited patiently, half expecting another cyber porn marketer. Then the window popped open, and he saw the familiar curling font and the cute little smiley-faced emoticon she always used.

Hello, darling, how is your night so far? read the message from Siddhartha69.

He smiled in spite of himself.

Good, just waiting for you Miss Siddha. How was your day, beautiful? he typed back.

The conversation went back and forth with the usual pleasantries for a while, becoming increasingly romantic then more intimate in detail and imagery. He could feel the arousal within himself and knew she was feeling it as well. This arousal emboldened him, and he typed the message he had wanted to type since their first on-line chat a fortnight ago.

Siddha, this is frustrating, I want to hear your voice. May I call you on the phone?

He looked at the message for several moments before hitting the SEND key. He sucked in a draught of clean night air, willing himself not to exhale until he got a response.

Seconds passed by like years, as he imagined her sitting there in her room, staring at her PC. Was she laughing at him? Was she calling a friend over to look at the message? Could she possibly be considering his offer?

Again the tinkling sound and the short response, Sure. My number is 555-555-1234. Give me a moment to log-off and go to the other room where the phone is.

Moments later he was dialing the number, feeling a little flutter in his stomach as he heard the number connect and then begin to ring.

“Hello? Awais?” She picked up the phone on the first ring.

“Hi Siddha,” he said, trying to control the passion in his voice at the sound of her voice, soft and charismatic. “Are you alone?”

“Yes,” she nearly purred and he felt his arousal start again, “Just you and me, Awais I really loved what you said earlier about pain and pleasure and the passing of time. That’s where I am coming from right now as well, but I don’t want to talk about that just now. Just hearing your voice is making me shivery, you know?”

“I can hear the quiver in your voice. Are you shaking?”

“Yes,” she spoke, and he could hear the blush in her voice, endearing her more. He wanted her bad, he had never felt such an attraction for any woman before. He was going to enjoy this.

“You sound so wise,” she sighed into the phone, “I wish you would tell me how old you are.”

He chuckled quietly to himself and spoke again, “A gentleman doesn’t tell, and a lady shouldn’t ask. Let’s just say old enough to know about the world, but still young enough to enjoy that knowledge.”

Good dodge, old man.

“You have such a sexy voice, Siddha, tell me, what are you wearing right now?”

A nervous giggle escaped her lips. “I still cannot believe you wanted to chat with me. I am not a classic beauty.”

“Tut, tut,” he chided throatily, “I told you I wanted a real woman, and you are very real with your red hair and freckles and ample curves. Your picture captivated me from the moment I saw it, those eyes dancing and that come hither smile. You ARE a classic beauty in every sense of the word.”

“Ooooh, I just got goose bumps. You say the most seductive things. I’ll bet you’re a real charmer.”

He could hear the smile in her voice.

“Ahhhh, you would make a great prize for a caliph. I’m sure you would look stunning in jewels and silks, Habibiti.”

“A caliph? Is that like a sultan?”

“Close enough.”

“Is that what you want, Awais? To be my sultan? Would you like that?”

“Mmmmm, yes. I will give an order and you will have to obey it. I will order you to dance for me, hips and belly swaying, those green eyes of yours locked on mine. Yes, I like this very much. Can you picture it, Siddha? My harem is there as well, kneeling in two lines on either side of the room, watching you as you dance so well. Only lamps and candles light the hall, the smell of incense and burning wax permeating the air. You’re dressed in nothing but a filmy, nearly transparent skirt and a jeweled top, which enhances the white curves of your breasts. As you dance, a light coating of perspiration makes your white skin glow. I adore white skin, Siddha. Then you kneel in front of me, eyes locked on mine, every one of my wives watching.”

“Hold your horses or camels there, prince. You haven’t told me about you yet. You never posted a picture on your profile and have yet to send one, even though you promised three separate times to do so!”

This statement would have been accusatory, off-putting, however with her sweet voice; it only endeared her more to him. “What do you look like, Awais? What are you wearing?”

“Ahhh yes,” he chuckled, knowing this question would come. “Well, I am close to six feet tall, with dark, thick hair and dark eyes. My skin is tan like a caliph’s should be. It could be darker, but I stay out of the sun. Almost entirely.”

“I love your deep accented voice, Awais. It’s so deep and powerful, almost muscular in a way. Does that sound strange? You have the voice of a big, tall, powerful man. One who would have strong hands!”

“Well, my height was considered a giant four hundred years ago. It’s all relative, dear one.”

“I didn’t mean that I minded or that you’re short. Six feet is tall. Plus, you’re not shorter than me, which is all that really matters in my eyes. What are you wearing, my caliph?”

“I’m wearing a crimson-colored silk shirt and black pleated dress pants.”

“No robes? I thought all princes wore robes and crowns?” she giggled. “Wow, do I feel like a slut now. You have all your clothes on and everything. And me, well…” she said, her voice trailing off with another small giggle.

“Really?” he tried to keep the excitement out of his voice, “What are you wearing? Or not wearing?” He couldn’t help but smile, imagining her sitting there next to the phone wearing nothing at all.

“Well, I…NO, I’m not even going to say, ‘til you take off some of that stuff.”

“Okay,” he said, as he unbuttoned the shirt and allowed it to fall to the floor. “Hard to do this with one hand you know,” he chuckled.

Her senses were alive with kinetic energy as she pictured him, his chest coming into view slowly. Toned and tight, his abs defined under all his deep, tanned skin.

“Describe to me what you are doing, Awais.” Her voice was a soft demand.

“Well, my shirt is off, and I am unbuttoning the pants, sliding them down my thighs and letting them drop to the floor. Nothing on now but black boxers. I’m old fashioned and can’t stand briefs. I can see the outline of . . . what’s underneath.”

“Awais, are you aroused?” She giggled again, lyrically, in his ear.

“Yes, but I am not big yet, if that’s what you mean.”

“Turned on. But not?” she tentatively clarified.

“That’s right, Siddha, I need to tell you it has been a long time since I made love to a woman. An exceptionally long time indeed.”

“Um, that’s okay. Look, you don’t have to tell me anything you don’t want to, you know.”

“Ah, you think . . . no, no, that’s not it. No, I’ve always greatly preferred women like you, Siddha; ample, curvy, voluptuous woman with pale, soft skin, and I can feel myself wanting you. Wanting to touch and stroke the softness of your belly, your breasts, to feel your body with all its curves and valleys beneath my hands. It’s just that I made a decision a long time ago not to have that kind of a relationship with a woman anymore.”

“My God, you aren’t a priest, are you?”

“Goodness NO! Far from it.”

“Anyway,” she cleared her throat softly, “now you want to have that kind of relationship again?”

“YES.” His voice louder than he intended. His excitement overtook him.

“And you’re worried that, perhaps, you won’t be able to, well, um…”

“Exactly. I’ve tried, Siddha, but when I’m with someone, even someone like you, something happens that detracts from the experience.”

“Shhh, now I understand.” Her voice turned into a purr again.

“I doubt it.”

“Well, anyway, let’s just see what happens, shall we? I’ll tell you what I am wearing, but you have to promise not to laugh. I’m wearing a black lace bra, silk stockings, silk pajama shorts and a green silk robe. I like the feel of the silk on my thighs, and I like being able to reach in and, well, you know?” Another sigh. “And do things to myself, without having to take them off. It’s a little cold in here because I have the window open. And…”


“I have some toys here, too, Awais. I might tell you more about them later, maybe. But I’m already using one, a little butterfly toy, ridiculously small and delicate, and it’s flitting its wings against my…well…you know. It’s nice. Mmmmm, I like just telling you that’s there. Are you shocked?”

“No, no,” his voice was choked with arousal, “I can picture you there in your emerald finery, squirming while you talk, and…. are you in bed now?”

“Yes, on top of the black satin sheets. I like the contrast of my white skin against the dark sheets.”

“I can see you on those sheets, it’s like I’m there with you. Keep talking.”

“Well, I’m lying here with the phone cradled in my ear and touching myself, stroking my breasts, belly, and thighs the way I would like your hands to stroke them. Little thrills inside me, I’m so hot. Hey. Lift the waistband of your shorts and tell me what you see. Hurry!”

“I’m reaching in now. My cock is still somewhat soft, lying there curled up against my left thigh. I’m touching it now. it’s smooth, about eight inches long, thick in the middle and tapers on the end.”

“Touch it along its length. Cup your balls. I’m still writhing. My left-hand middle finger is pushing up into me now. The silk is getting damp. Ooooh, are we in the great hall again? Are your wives watching us?”

“My wives, yes. More women file in and kneel to watch; these are the serving girls and the maids in waiting. There are forty women now, all dark and Moorish looking, in purple, gold and red. They’re all watching you Siddha. They’re beautiful and thin, with their taught, dark bodies and white teeth, but they cannot take their eyes off your soft, white flesh. They’ve never seen anything like you, and you’re dancing for me, and me alone, but you feel their eyes feasting on your body. Do you like that, Siddha?”

“Mmmm, yes. They all want me. All of your wives wish they could strip me and lick me and have me themselves, but they can’t!”

“Your soft, white body is making them crazy, but they have to sit there quietly and watch. You’re free, you can touch yourself, but they, no, they just have to be aroused and throbbing and sit quietly.”

“There’s going to be an orgy in the harem tonight, you can bet, and when I kneel after the dance I’m touching myself, fingering myself under the gauzy skirt, and your wives can see me moving, but only you can see what I am doing and how wet I am for you and only you, and my lips are apart and full, and my eyes are wide. I’m breathing hard. My chest heaving, my arms and waist still jiggling from the momentum. My cheeks are red. You can see that I am hot. The robe is off here, by the way, bare white shoulders, and creamy skin.”

“You’re kneeling on the tiled floor, Siddha, rubbing yourself and the good feeling is growing. You’re melting inside. I’m standing before you in my robes. I take a step nearer, and you feel my fingers in your hair as I tilt your head back to better see the curve, the waterfall of your neck, tiny veins throbbing, your rose petal lips parted and hungry. For me.”

“I’m panting now, Awais, you can hear me wanting you. There and here.”

“I’m getting big, Siddha. I can’t believe it, it’s a turgid tower. So big. I haven’t seen this for centuries, and it’s so sensitive...the tip is already leaking.”

“Can I touch you, Awais?”


“All your wives are watching me as I reach for you.”

“My hand...my fingernails are sharp, I reach and sink my nails into your skin, that white flawless skin, and pull four deep furrows. Four long scratches from your chin down to where your breasts start to swell, and the blood beads up and in four divine lines and flows down your chest as your strong heart pumps it out.”

“Oh my…” her breathing was heavy, and she was panting.

“You’re tingling now, Siddha, crackling from your neck to your toes. The heat surges along your limbs, and the three things you need the most are for me to drink deeply from the dark cuts in your flesh, and for me to make you come, and for my wives to watch as it happens.”

“Oh yessss!”

“But you have to ask me, Siddha. You have to beg me for it.”

“Oh Awais, please, please drink from my neck! Oh god!!” he heard her voice shaking, her arousal made itself evident.

“You’re still touching me, I’m still big and you’re still moving your other hand inside yourself, and my wives, chanting Drink, Drink. They’re so loud as I bend over you. Can you feel me Siddha? My lips near your skin, greedy and ready to devour you?”

“Oh yessss!”

“And I sip your blood, wanting to savor it, but it’s so good, it hits me like a jolt, your energy and life spark against my teeth and lips. Blood rich and sweet, like your voice, and creamy like your skin, and coppery, so that my throat just burns as I drink deeply from you. My mouth is on your neck and your heart is pounding, your whole body a pulse, burning from head to toe. The heat surges along your limbs. And I reach down between your legs and push your hand aside. My fingers are into you, and the pulsing becomes…”

“Oooooh, ahhhhh...uh, uh…yessss, suck it, bite me, bite my neck, take me, everything you need...oh...ooooh…yesss...oh my yes!” She started spasming then, her voice shaking as her body writhed with orgasm.

“Tell me Siddha, tell me NOW!”

“I’m done for now. It’s over, love, and I am creaming, foaming everywhere. Oh, that was so intense, I am shaking and sore.”

“Siddha, it’s my turn, now.”

“Yes it is. I pull your robe aside and your cock is standing up like a tower. Your wives all gasp and sit back because there is it is, big and strong and they could never make that happen.”


“You have a fever, now. Blood fever, you want me so hard. It’s like my blood is swirling around your body, and I dislocate my jaw and take you for one wet, delicious second all the way down into my throat.”

“And your teeth close around me?”

“No, they don’t.”

“Hurt me, Siddha,” his voice growled intensely, “Use your teeth or your nails, but you need to hurt me NOW.”

“No, I won’t do it.”

“But it’s what I want. It’s what I need!”

“I draw away and smile. You stand there, shaking, with blood on your lips and a hard, glistening cock.”

“Siddha, it’s been such a long time, you have to.”

“In the Hall again, and in your room now, I tell you to take that tower in your hands and stroke it yourself gently. Do it while I smile up at you, sitting back on my heels, hands resting on my ample hips, my red hair in a cloud around my flushed face and white shoulders. Blood is smeared on my neck. It’s pooling between the mounds of my heaving breasts. I’m beautiful and I’ve got all you need, but I don’t give you release.”

“I can’t come like this, Siddha.”

“No, Awais, you can’t, can you? You have to ask me, don’t you? Do you have to be invited? You have to beg for permission to come, and I have to give permission before it is pleasurable.”


“No, Awais, I mean you have to fly over here, right now, and bite me a little. Then you have to let me tie you up so you can beg me some more.”


“Fly over, Awais. In real life, I KNOW you can.”


“The address is 5711 Bergman. Got that? How fast can a bat fly with a hard on?”

“Siddha, no, I can’t, it’s too dangerous for you.”

“No, it isn’t. I have something you need, don’t I?” she paused waiting for his response, but all he could do was desperately try to breath and control the bloodlust that was ripping through his body. “Awais, say something” she said, but he still wasn’t able to respond.

His body was screaming to say yes, but his brain told him it would be wrong.

“What have you decided, my prince?”

“Why are you doing this?” his voice was choked with his need for her.

“Because I can, you silly creature. Because I want a powerful, spooky being to kneel at my feet and beg, of course. What could be sweeter? Oh, and there was something else, what was it now? Ahhh, yes, immortality.”

“Siddha! How did you know?”

“I knew what you were before you even suggested this phone call. You can’t disguise it.”

“Siddha, I am so big…….and aching……. I’m on fire.”

“Then you’d better come ‘round quickly. The window is open.”

“I’m hanging up now.”

“Be quick! I want you here in my bed and on your knees!”

“Ten minutes, Siddha……give me ten minutes.”

“I’ll be waiting, Awais. Hurry, Awais Hurry.”
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