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Weight gain dream I had last night

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Well-Known Member
Dec 6, 2005
Just thought I'd write it up...

I was standing in front of a full-body mirror, vaguely aware of someone warning me that if you stand in front of this mirror for long enough it'll fatten you up to 300 pounds.

Now I'm about 240 pounds now but I'm quite tall so I only really look flabby rather than fat. Suddenly the mirror works its magic and I've crossed that line. There's no way around it - I'm definitely fat now. That slightly flabby chin is now two chins, I'm aware that my clothes are much tighter than before, and most of the extra weight seems to have gone to my belly which is now pushing its way out from underneath my shirt.

And I think I like this.

"If you liked that," someone tells me, "then you're in luck - the 700 pound mirror's just been fixed today."

So off I go to stand in front of the mirror that'll fatten me up to 700 pounds. I remember seeing it in the distance, seeing some very fat and very happy people walking away from it and feeling excited that in just a few moments I'll be as big as they are, but I guess I either woke up or my subconscious drifted off in a different direction because I never actually reached it...

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