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What is making you SAD right now...

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Nacho Ninja
Dec 16, 2008
I'm not sure if there is a Sad thread, but I just looked through 5 pages, with no result.

Me: I just saw (On the news) that they found that 8-year old girl Sandra Cantu, stuffed in a suitcase and thrown in a pond. I didn't know her, and Tracey (Her home) is just one of those places along the Highway here you stop for gas, and never consider those who live there. I've been hoping and praying (And I'm not Religious, but what the heck) that, for once, they would find the child, not dead, not raped...just once a kid just got lost, you know?

I'm sitting here, crying my eyes out for this beautiful little girl who will never have the chance to know the thrill of a first kiss, or the pride of her first paycheck, or graduating from College, or having a baby of her own.


Fuck, as I am sitting here, with the Today Show on, that poor girl in New York who was raped a few years ago, where the conductor in a train, and the attendant saw, but didn't rush to her aid...just came on the show, telling
her story.

Anyways, yeah, I'm sad, it'll pass for me, and I can rest a little easier, knowing that when they find the sick fuck who snuffed out this child's just-lit flame of life, that this is California, and we have the Death Penalty for shit like this. Although, with what happens when a Prison Population finds out about child molesters/murderers...maybe he/she/they will just get Life, though I think it will be a short one.

Fuck, I'm crying again.

Rest In Peace Sandra