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when reality overthrows imagination

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New Member
Jul 28, 2014
I am the proud writer of "You Look Hungry Pig". A Story I first wrote and uploaded to FantasyFeeder.

The story was inspired in my first ex boyfriend. He dumped me for someone else once he started the fitness life. He married her and all. At the beginning it was a way for me to feel revenge for leaving me. But, if you had read the story, eventually all the hate went away and it became the love story I wanted in real life. AND IT BECAME A REALITY!!! Well, almost.

Last year it all became true. I was sitting in a Starbucks just chilling after work and he saw me and came in, and just like in the story he was this fitness stud while I was still a cutie fatty. Apparently his ex-wife cheated on him and the split a year earlier. I didn't hate him anymore and he seemed to have change, so, eventually, we started to date again. He became suspicious of me trying to fatten him because every time we hanged out, there was food. All his favorite foods. He gained weigh and I told him about that and about my kind of men. HE TOLD ME THAT IT WAS OKAY! He gained a little cute belly for me and all. I was so happy. My life was perfect.

And then he cheated on mi with another woman... twice. I forgive him the first time and 6 months later he did it again.

Two weeks ago we broke up. I am okay but I hoped everything became a reallity.

Also, this inspired me again and guess what. I'm writing another story. I hope you guys like it
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