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woman with infant denied access to Florida college exam by proctor

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Well-Known Member
Aug 5, 2006
What's your take on this. Mine is this 1) she said her husband was busy and couldn't watch the baby - get a babysitter 2) she said she expected the baby to go to sleep and that she wanted to breast feed her when she woke up -fill a bottle and leave it with the sitter 3) she says that the university makes accomodations for disabled people and should have accomodated her so she could later breast feed the baby- an infant is not a disability and a little forethought on the parents part would have allowed her to take her exam. 4) college exams are stressful enough without having a baby in the same room and distracting the other students. She wants the college to change their policy. I say she should grow up and act responsibly, the proctor was correct.

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