World's former fattest man who weighed incredible 88 stone dies at 48

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Random Heroine
Oct 20, 2010
St. Louis

Manuel Uribe was admitted to hospital with an abnormal heartbeat but despite the work of doctors died in hospital today
Manuel Uribe - the world's former fattest man - has died at 48
A Mexican once considered the world's fattest man has died at the age of 48.

Manuel Uribe, 48, was admitted to hospital a few days ago following an abnormal heartbeat.

Despite the work of doctors, he died today at Hospital Universitario in Monterrey.

Meme - as he was known to family and friends - was once the heaviest man in the world, weighing an incredible 88 stone.

Large: Manuel Uribe sits on his reinforced bed

His enormous weight led to him receiving a Guinness World Record . However, he suffered a number of health complications and was left bedridden for the past nine years.

Meme managed to shed some weight and slimmed down to about 62 stone . In 2008, he married Claudia Solis.

His death was confirmed by local health officials and doctors have not yet certified the cause.


Hard to say, really...
Mar 22, 2011
New York
It really seemed like he was making some progress for a while. Then, it's like, we didn't hear anything for a while.

To me, he just seemed like such a sweet, likeable guy. He made you want to root for him.

I'm glad for him that, at least, he took a shot. In more ways than one. And hopefully inspired some people along the way.

So, to look at it another way, I'm happy to've had the opportunity to know of him.

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