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Ye Olde Library link removal

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Well-Known Member
Dec 14, 2012
As long term Dims members and guests will have noticed, the link to Ye Olde Library no longer shows here at the top of the Dimensions Boards.

The link has been disconnected and the story archive of Ye Olde Library has gone the way of all sites that haven't been updated for years to the webarchives.
Bookmarked stories and specific story titles can still be found.

Ye Olde Library was an important part of the history of Dimensions and in its beginning gave writers of the until then widely unknown genre of weight gain or fat fiction a place to introduce wider audiences to their work.
The Library Boards here at Dimensions Forums continue this work - and over time, some of the stories of Ye Olde Library have already been included in the Library Archives below.

Ye Olde Library in some aspects also shows its age. It's from the days of the Wild, Wild Web, when the internet was still largely unregulated and legislation with regards to some issues had not been so far developed.
Here in question is mainly the issue of underage protagonists in stories with partially abusive or sexual context.

Protection of minors in the internet and in real life is an issue where not only more extensive and stricter legislation has been passed in the interim, but also public awareness has increased. Leading to widespread - and in the opinion of the mod team here - rightful condemnation of any form of potentially abusive or sexually connotated depiction of underage protagonists.
The Library Boards here on the Dims Forums have been pursuing this policy for almost 10 years by now.

We know some of the writers of stories in Ye Olde Library are still active here on Dims - others might occasionally return to "the scene of the crime".

For all those writers who wish to have their stories posted in Ye Olde Library transferred onto the Library Archive Boards here, please contact me or any of the others mods via PM. We'll be happy to transfer them into the ongoing story history of Dims.

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