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Jan 11, 2021
Manawatu, New Zealand
Chapter 10 continued

“How far is the school from this one” dad asked.

“It is 2.4 kilometres.” Mr Ross answered.

“15 minute run with a school bag.” Dad responds. “He is going to arrive late.” Dad added.

Dad looked down at the floor and looked up pained. “I will have to hire someone to do the 4 o’clock milk so I can come into the city. How many weeks will he need these classes?”

“Getting to classes will not be a problem as Wendy passes the school to go home her parents have offered to drop him off.” Said Mr Ross. “It is getting him to the farm afterwards.”

“This class ends 4 o’clock does it?”

“Yes but Mr Parker, Wendy’s dad said he can wait at their place. He is three blocks away from the school.” Mr Ross said.

“The 4 o’clock milk starts at 2.45 going out to the current feeding paddock and rounding up the cows. Drive them to the shed, prepare milking task, milk them and move them to the back of the shed. Drive them back to the paddock and clean up the sheds. It is 5.30 before I can head to the city making 6.15 by the time I can pick him up. Is 6.15 an okay time with Mr Parker?”

“Dad you start work at 3.30 in the morning. It will be after 7 at night by the time we get back to the farm. What if you leave the shed for me to wash and come out earlier?”

“The shed must be fully wash within 30 minutes of completion of milking or they refuse to pick up the milk.” Dad replied. “I have to find, hire, train and somehow pay someone else to do the milking or come after 6 o’clock.”

“I sorry I am being such a problem dad. I sorry I got behind.”

“Hey, it is not your fault what happened 5 years ago. It is your chance to catch up and make the damage done nil and void. Finally start winning back what you lost from what that monster did to you.”

I ran out of the room screaming and shouting. “I did not mean to make him kill her.”

Dad followed me out. The school staff members were bewildered, as they had never been told what happened. Dad was crying as it was his eldest daughter that was carved up because Tommy and I tried stopping her boyfriend from hurting her. It was the first time I had a full melt down since we had counselling; but poor learning was a symptom of the trauma. The acknowledging that I could be doing better was a trigger to the horrors of the day.

Dad caught up with me and convinced me to go back and we would work through a find away to attend the catch up classes. I went back to the office still crying and dad was still a bit.

“Sorry about that, we have being working on some problems and still not quite there yet.” Dad said apologetically.

“We are sorry we did not recognise Paul was from the Foster Farm tragedy.” Mr Ross said. We would have done things differently if we had known. Our condolences for your loss.”

“We have guidance counsellor at this school however we can get a psychologist in if required.”

“We have had counsellors in the past. We all sleep at night and so long as we do not get into conversations about it we get through. Thank you for the offer.” Dad said back to the staff members.

We can start this extra classes immediately if it is alright with the Parkers if I pick up him up at 6.15.”

“Because of court suppressions there was very little about the event a part from it were horrific and done in front of the children.” Mr Ross said.

“It is because of the court suppression we did not inform the school. I buried my daughter in a closed coffin. He gets all the protection.” Dad was getting angry.

“We will contact Mr Parker and enquire about a late pick up and get back to you.”

We left the meeting with things up in the air. I was nervous about everything, I was concerned about dad because we manage to keep thing secret. He had never cried in front of me. I felt I was bringing hardship on the family.

After school Mr Ross meet me outside the classroom. I had no idea of arrangements. He lead my to the faculty car park and we climbed into the flashiest car there. It zoomed smoothly through the streets and we quickly arrived at the Intermediate school. He knew where he was going and we went through building, around buildings, to a large open room there were 4 teachers, ten children and Wendy.

Mr Ross Told me he was leaving me there, and Wendy would take me to her place afterwards.

One of the teachers looked at me and said, “group we have something very special today. This is Paul and Wendy from a high school across town. They are going to work on algebra, something that all you have struggling with so if you want you can join their team.”

I went from a singled out for being a ‘behind child’ to one of eleven. Wendy was in her element.

“We are going to talk about groups sub groups and intersecting sub sets. Who knows what an intersecting subset is?” she said looking at the group of children. She spotted what she was looking for and pointed to a child.

“It is an item that could belong to more than one set.” The child replied.

Nodding she pointed at another child and ask, “He was correct but do know what he means?”

The child looks at her blankly to scared to speak, as he clearly had no answer.

“It is alright to not know right now. We will make sets up and see where they intersect. I want names of food.”

She points to a large child. He said, “Donuts”

The group laughs and Wendy said, “Yes they are food.” And wrote it on the board.

She points to someone else and they said “Porridge”.

Wendy watched closely at who laughed and wrote it on the board.

She got twenty items of food in a list. Okay she said. We are going to put these into sub groups. These foods here, kumera, potato, corn, spinach and lettuce can be grouped as What?”

Silly suggestions come up like yucky but somebody said vegetables.

She circled them and was about to vegetables when she asked, “Are they all vegetables?”

She pointed them to me.

I replied, “Corn is a grain like wheat and rye, barley and oats.”

I heard a teacher say “That is correct, they are all grown in the ground.”

“Okay we group these a ground grown. Beef, Lamb, pork, chicken and fish. What group should they be put in?”

I said, “meat”.

Then came a shock when someone called out, “fish is not meat”.

“Okay what group would you put fish in?” Asked Wendy. She looked at some confused faces of children did not actually know it was meat.

“I do not know,” said the child.

“It is meat,” said one of the teachers.

Wendy drew a circle with Land Things including grass, trees and a circle with Water Things. There was an overlap between the circles and she put crocodile in the middle.

“Can anyone explain what the this part of the Venn Diaphragm means?” Asked Wendy.

“It is correct to put crocodiles in both circles.” Said the child that thought fish was not meat.

“We will now look at subsets. Is there a matching subset in both circles that cannot go into the intersection set?” Wendy asked.

“Animals and vegetation,” I called out.

“Vegetation is correct but animals occupy can Land Things and Sea Things and pointing to the crocodiles the intersection set.”

“Miss. What this got to do with Algebra?” a voice comes from the group of children.

“Good question. Great question. Algebra is talking about things and making statement about things. Lets say this set of land creatures is all the creatures and vegetation. This set is all water creatures and vegetation.”

“What of all of the world.” Asked a child not quite grasping the concept Wendy was making.

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Jan 11, 2021
Manawatu, New Zealand
Chapter 10 continued

“I will drop Wendy home and then you home. There is problems on the farm and I will need to take you at home.” Stephanie continued.

I looked around the group and every child was chiming in on the lesson and getting questions correct. Wendy had successfully taught the entire group the lesson on algebra. The teachers were stunned at the success as she had as this subject had failed with many of the fallen behind pupils for them.

I was the only child in the city who did not understand algebra. It was then I heard Wendy’s voice in my head.

“I got Stephanie message, we get picked up at the gate. I will talk to you in the car.”

The class broke up and the pupils started walking off. The teachers were standing around Wendy discussing what they witnessed. They were bewildered in the instant success she had with the most troubled students.

“Come on lets get you back to the farm.” Wendy said to me from out of nowhere.

As we left the building and were alone Wendy restarted talking to me again. “I had to cut you off from the group link, as I cannot have everyone know how much I like squashing you. Problems at home need Stephanie help to resolve so when she arrives to your place just let her act as a psychologist.”

This was confusing to hear but when we got Stephanie car and she looked 15 years older.

Wendy carried on talking. “I like your idea of sitting on your chest when I bring you understanding of the of algebra. We will get together tonight and finish the lesson. Stephanie will put us together.”

We arrived at Wendy place and she wished us both luck and Stephanie drive me to the farm without talking. I did not know what was happening so I just did not know what to say. When we arrived Dad and Tommy were still in the milking shed. Stephanie approached my mother and started talking to her pointing back to me occasionally.

Mum came up to me and gave me with worry in her eyes and gave me hug. “I am not sure how your dad is going to take this visit but it is needed. He has not been right since lunchtime. What happened at school?”

“I am going to take catch up classes in Maths and it means I have to be picked up in the city because I will miss the bus. Dad must complete the milking so I will be making his day longer by the time he picks me up. I do not want to be such a bother and then I brought up how Tommy and I got Mary stabbed to death by stopping her boyfriend hurting her.” I was getting very upset talking about it.

“Oh this is massive” Mum said. “I glad you came along Stephanie. He blames himself for not defending his daughter against that monster. He blames himself that his sons saw the whole thing. What is this about you caused him to do it?” Mum asked turning towards me.

“If we let him hurt Mary the way he wanted he would not of killed her. It is our fault. We got her killed.” I answered with shame.

“That is not true” Stephanie said. “He was going to kill Mary because she was stopping him from doing what he want to do.”

I was shocked and disbelieving this.

“He was hurting but not killing her until we tried stopping him. Tommy grabbed his arm and Geof knocked him out with the other. We caused him to kill her.” I cried.

“We will discuss everything when the family is together.” Stephanie said. “How did the extra class go,” she asked turning to me.

“Wendy was an amazing teacher,” I replied. “The whole group could resolve the algebra equations on the board after she finished.” I said lying through my teeth because I had fallen in fantasy of being squashed by Wendy.

“She is has been one of my favourite patients.” Said Stephanie.

“Is this the Wendy who you did the science project with?” Mum asked me.

“Yeah she help 10 kids and amazed the teachers.” I said back.

“I think you two are going to be good friends.” Stephanie said to me. “I am glad you two got together.”

I saw dad and Tommy walking towards the house. “Oh good you are home, I was about to pop into the city and get you.” Dad said to me looking at Stephanie. “Hi I am John.”

“Stephanie brought Paul home. Sounds like the class went really well. Apparently Stephanie has come to talk about something that happened at school.” Mum said to dad.

“I told them at school I that I did not want this dredged up again. It took so much to get my kids to sleep again.” Dad said.

Stephanie turned to dad and started speaking. “Hi I am about the only person who can help this family. Unlike the school I know what happened and trying to hide from it will not prevent pain but bring it up when I am not around to help. Can we please go inside and talk as a family and settle this horrible event and let real peace fall onto your family.”

“How do you know what happened? We are not allowed to talk about it.” Dad said back uncomfortably.

“I have worked with Geoff in prison as a therapist. The authorities have tried to resolve issues of this crime. I have seen this from the inside and I am so sorry you went through it.” Wendy replied.

Dad lowered his head and said, “I suppose we better go inside.”

We assembled in the main room except my little sister. I was told later because she was not suffering from it that it would be better if she were allowed to grow up without knowing of the horrors.

When we were settled as a group at the table Stephanie took the lead.

“First of all I want to say to you all as I am sorry to meet you under these circumstances, however it is a privilege to meet you all. My plan this evening is to get things that have never been spoken out to everyone here. Then tend to guilt that all you wrongfully have placed upon yourselves.”

“Everyone here is a victim and none of you acted wrongly. There were some criminal acts of which no one here caused or could have prevented. Geoff made some bad decision and has been put in prison for them.” Stephanie state to us all.

Stephanie then turned to my older brother and started speaking to him directly.

Last part of Chapter 10 next
Jan 11, 2021
Manawatu, New Zealand
Chapter 10 continued

“You knew Geoff for a while before this happened?”

Tommy looked up and replied “Yes Mam.”

Stephanie asks another question. “What did you think of him?”

Tommy replied, “He was a football hero. I wanted to be like him. He won games. He was a five eighths, a legend.”

“Did you think he would ever do anything like this to your sister.” Stephanie asked him.

Tommy replied, “Never, they had fun together. They snogged a lot but that was what boys and girls did.”

“So you trusted him to make your sister happy did you?” Stephanie asked.

“Yes. I liked my sister being as happy as he made her.” Tommy said.

“Sorry when after this bad day how did you feel about your trust of Geoff with you sister? Were you angry that you allowed yourself to be fooled? Did hate him for betraying your trust? Angry or disappointed with yourself for not stopping him?”

Mum and dad where tense with these questions being asked of Tommy and Stephanie signalled to them to move over and hold him.

“I should have known, I should have stopped him, why did he have to do that to her?” now crying.

“He fooled everyone.” Stephanie said. “Your parents would have kept him off the farm if they half suspected him. It is not your fault because he was good at this deceit.”

Stephanie turned to my dad and asked, “Do you feel you should have done more to protect your daughter? Or do you feel this child from a respected family, who was a sports hero at school betrayed you?”

“I should have protected her from that monster. I should have done more.” Dad cried.

Stephanie turned to me and asked. “Do you think you had done the wrong thing helping her? DO you think she would be alive if you done nothing?”

“He would not have killed her I stayed and did as I was told.” I said back.

“Geoff did a lot of gymnasium work and his strength came from ‘drugs’ he was taking. He was taking Steroids that boosted his muscles growth but also damaged his liver. His hormone levels were affected and enzymes the liver created from steroids affected his brain. He could have killed a grizzly bear with his bear hands at the time he killed Mary.”

She turned to dad; “He would have killed you in no more than 2 hits. If you were there your children would have lost their father. He threw a bar with 120 kilograms on it at someone 2 days earlier. It was hushed up because who his dad was.”

Dad’s reaction to the statement ‘He would have killed you in no more than 2 hits’ looked like he was insulted but as soon as he heard the statement of throwing 120 kilograms at some he started to see her point. Dad was muscular being a farmer but he was only 85 kilograms. He understood how Tommy was thrown and knocked out by Geof using only one hand.

She turned to Tommy “He knocked you across the room effortlessly and without any care. He would have killed you too if you persisted with your defensive attack.”

She turned to me and said. “If you did nothing he would still have killed her because she was fighting him off. He wanted to make an example out of her for her defiance of his divine entitlements.”

She carried on asking questions and supplying information and as the evening preceded it was clearly unavoidable event for us as everything warning sign was hidden to protect Geoff family name. It was clear the only other outcome to this was Dad, Tommy and I was killed as well. None of the event was fault of any of our family members.

I learnt a lot of things about my family and there are families where children are not cared for at the level we are. Dad made enough money for us to get by but he cared more for us than looking rich.

Stephanie wanted to leave us males to talk on while she was still there and as dinner was put behind due to this meeting she took advantage by offering to help with the meal. Mum felt embarrassed but after words in quiet with mum Stephanie persuaded her to allow her to help.

The dishes that Stephanie knew to make from simple ingredients blew my mother away when she helped mum cook dinner. I could not tell her the Stephanie had seen 2500 years of food experience.

When the night drew to close dad asked Stephanie how much he owed for the night. He was stumped to have so much professional help that purged the hell out of his life making tomorrow seem normal was a gift from caring people. This was so different to the earlier help after the event.

Stephanie told dad she would be involved in the family for a bit more time. She will bring me home from catch up class. Dad felt embarrassed by the amount of help being given and I had no idea why we were being given so much by a Temple Guardian.

Stephanie drove away and the house settled down for the night. The house was so different from the morning we woke up in this morning. I was already to go to bed when Wendy and Stephanie were standing in the room.

“You need a distraction, Wendy has had a hard day and you still to learn you about algebra” Stephanie said to me.

I was stepping in the bedroom and then I was in the temple. Stephanie told me that I need a full nights sleep and Wendy was promised a play earlier so we would do several hours of gut crushing, school lessons and get you off to sleep.

I talked to Stephanie about when she mentioned Geoff was doing things as an emotional self-destruct whether my body-crushing extreme was an emotional self-destruct.

She scooped down; and picked me up, one arm around the waist, pulled in deep, with fat building on my abdomen, Stephanie changing holding to rhythmic squeezing she said. “You have enjoyed this since pre memory. There is nothing hateful about this. Man you are fun to squeeze no wonder why Wendy cannot get enough.”

“I cannot get enough either.” I cheerfully replied. “Keep going”.

“We have class lesson that you have drifted off in earlier on,” Wendy said.

Stephanie lifted me up and laid me on my back, I felt my chest get bigger and Wendy sat down on my chest and I felt Stephanie hand on my belly I knew they were going to play. I felt my stomach volume increased and Stephanie was pressing to various depths.

Stephanie took her hands of my stomach and placed her bottom on there sitting back to back. I felt Stephanie weight increasing I decided to just succumb regardless how heavy she went to. I was enjoying the rolling white hot burning in my guts when I realised Wendy was trying to hold an algebra lesson. I changed my focus to Wendy but Stephanie was so distractive altering my belly size and the amount of weight she was putting on it.

The algebra question was about squashing where what Wendy was doing was in one part and what Stephanie was doing was the other part. The formula was constantly rewritten as the girls changed the crushing of me. Wendy added a lot more weight on my chest but she also altered the amount of chest she was putting it on.

At the end of the lesson I understood the use of letters as numbers. I had a decent body squashing but Wendy still had more in her system. I had so much enjoyment as Stephanie was still working my belly over. Then it was Wendy’s turn to be squashed suggested by Stephanie. The squashing of Wendy at one stage had me sandwiched between the two girls as Stephanie squeezed her into me. There was also Stephanie squashing me into Wendy to use me to flatten her belly.

Bedtime Stephanie said and I was instantly in my bedroom.

I went to sleep until 6.30 in the morning. When I meet mum down stairs she said that Stephanie was a miracle worker. Even mum made peace after the discussion with Stephanie. The loss still hurt but the extra pain associated with it was gone. Tommy was more at ease and I knew she was not killed because I interfered with his attack.

On Friday morning at school the teacher did a spot algebra test. I was calm as I no longer had issues guilt over May’s death, and I understood algebra. After the test the standard practice of passing the paper counter clockwise to the next pupil for marking. The paper I marked got 85%, which was a C+.

When I got my paper back I saw 100% on the top. I smiled at Wendy.

At lunchtime I caught up with her and told I had aced the exam and thanked her.

“More lesson with me sitting on your belly and I will be ready for School Certificate.” Wendy said.

“I can handle your class 5 days a week.” I replied

When I got home I pinned the paper on the fridge when I got home. I wanted everyone to see my A. It was mentioned at dinner and I saw another layer of peace with my parents. My successes were evidence of my recovery from my earlier trauma. I glad they did not see my teaching method.
Jan 11, 2021
Manawatu, New Zealand
Chapter 11

It was time for my one on one crushing of Stephanie. Tonight she will be teaching me about squashing in a corset. I went into my bedroom and awaited her arrival. She arrived in the usual way of stepping between dimensions.

“Hi there” I said to her with a smile.

She asked, “How are things since my family talk?”

As she got close I turned my back and grabbing her hands and placing them on my guts.

“Things are healing but we may need a follow up. Do you want me to ask dad if he wants another visit?” I replied.

I felt soft fat forming on my belly but Stephanie was holding it flat. I was getting close to white-hot pressing.

“No it is correct procedure for me to approach directly.” Stephanie said followed with, “Are ready for part two of three?”

Having people involved in my crushing is always so much better than using equipment and I was keen as for fun.

“Lets play I am looking forward to this.” I joyfully said.

“I have helped many people over the last two and a half thousand years and Wendy and you are the only gut squashers I ever meet. I wanted to explore playing with abdominal crushing and I went too far with you. I took advantage of your loss of conscious which resulted in damage. I fixed the damage but I did take advantage of your desires and you could not say stop.”

“What are you saying? I said go immense.” I responded with.

“Do you remember wanting me to super crush under your own weight. And I agreed to it.” Stephanie enquired.

[I wanted a super crush from my own obesity so I whispered to Stephanie. “I am going for full fatness. Are you Okay with that?”

She had confidences up and agreed. I got to 19 when I thought how nasty it would be if she gave out on me. Eh her muscle rated to handle all and I wanted to feel my guts self-crush with every cubic foot of fat that was mounted to my midriff. This time I messed up and went 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, and 27. They were words to me and I knew the food I ate could achieve forty times. I was immensely squashed by my own weight but it was not Stephanie’s spine my belly was touching but Rectus Abdominis muscle. Rectus Abdominis muscle, it felt like tree branch, as it was that big and irrepressive.]

“Lie down on top me and close your eyes” Stephanie said.

She lay down and motioned for me to go on top. I knelt beside her and manoeuvred myself over top and lowered myself on her. Her body altered shape and size as soon I was on her body. She became wider and deeper; with Rectus Abdominis becoming so large it could support a building.

She done this when I could not adjust my chest size and she increased my mass to 12 units of fat that I used to lift Wendy out of my body. I was feeling myself start to crush under my own weight. She then sent a quiver through her Rectus Abdominis and I felt my guts being pounded by it is own movement. I then was watching it through Stephanie eyes. I saw my belly sides bulging out the sides as I landed back on her abdominal muscles. I felt the shock go through my guts as server pain.

“When I was doing this to you last time your were 4 times the size. I wanted to feel what it was like if I did it as I got to my muscles limit. I deliberately weakened my muscles but after you passed out I added more mass to you.

Keep your eyes close and watch what was happening while you were unconscious.”

With my eyes closed and watched the ripples travelling up my sides. I could feel the blow come through my potbelly into my innards. I felt myself lift of Stephanie belly and crash back down on it. I felt what she felt with what must have been over 1000 kilograms was pressed up and made airborne. I felt the landing and sometimes her Rectus Abdominis almost collapsed under the impact. I heard her calling for 89 times, 90 times.

I was flopping around like a rag doll with limbs and head flinging up and slapping down into the sides of my belly. My sideways bulging along my belly was wider than 4 feet. I felt her Rectus Abdominis during pauses weaken almost collapsing under my weight and then strengthen enough to flick me into the air with a short push up.

My reaction to what I was seeing was ‘go for it girl’ and I saw no betrayal. I actually want to feel her close to the point of Rectus Abdominis collapse over and over again. I wanted to feel the strength to flick my immense mass up in the air and the incredible strength to catch it again. I wanted to play with the collapsing side of my potbelly.

“Thanks for sharing that. It was fantastic site, immense sensations, amazing feeling of the powerful abdominal muscles sustaining against the loads and almost succumbing to the colossal weight.” I said to her.

I moved to the next incident that I liked a lot.

I then made a request. “When I started with the ability to expand my muscles and chest I expanded your stomach to 35 inches and pulled it in flat. Can you show me what that felt like from your side? Also I expanded your chest to 35 inches and pulled your guts under so deep I needed to hold your ribs up. Can feel your side of that too?”

“It lacked a pulsing presses but otherwise it was extremely intense. Close your eyes and place you hands on my waist from behind.” She said exciting me.

I did as I was asked expecting to be told ‘do it again’ but instead I was told to put my body tube on and ‘ask for her body at the time of’.

That was a surprise for me. I will use the function so often as was more variations of the same crush I never through them all. I could have Wendy or Stephanie in big or small sizes sit on me while I had 20-inch ribcage and 18-inch waist. Then vary my size in the same crush.

“Okay the next one to review is the dog pile with me on the bottom” Stephanie started to mention. “I went on the bottom and you were sandwich on top of my belly. I was going to allow the two helpers above squash you onto me. I was using a lot of belly plus a lot of Rectus Abdominis muscles so you would flatten on my guts when driven into me by the massive weight above.”

Once again I was lying on Stephanie and her belly was against mine but I had huge weight pressing me down.

“You panicked that your guts was out numbered and went to defend yourself. The object was to go for an overwhelming crush. I was is the irrepressive object and they were the irrepressive force.”

Suddenly I was on the bottom looking up at myself again.

“I was going slowly allowing you to adjust to the loading and you lost trust. We were building to the level where the load was going to win and I had to swap my role.” Stephanie said.

“Sorry my spine was starting to dip under the helpers so added to compensate.” I said now realising she was unaware of my problem.
Jan 11, 2021
Manawatu, New Zealand
Chapter 11 continued

I was feeling Stephanie belly pushing up and her potbelly being squashed in very hot crush. I feel her belly pressing into mine and I start pushing back with more mass. I feel her balancing the amount of strength from the Rectus Abdominis muscles to cater for all of the force and weight above. What a wonderful feeling to handle such immensity. I could not feel my own compression this time but I remember I was not dealing with it this well.

“I created this scenario so you could do this with a safety team around and you were missing it so I made the decision.” She said.

“I am so sorry, it is a problem I have. I cannot go into an immense squash by design. I always back out as it gets serious. I have to find myself in it instantly.”

I was enjoying the sensation of supporting the weight right at the edge of limit without just over powering and suddenly I felt all the strength disappear. I was above instantly filled Stephanie abdominal cavity. I felt what she felt; her guts be slammed into nothingness and her pass out. Man she did that for me.

Stephanie started her next query laying out the event well, “This next event confused me as who is being squashed. I liked your concept at first. You stood behind with your soft expanding stomach the same level as my solid belly. You tried squeezing me in but could not pull back with any great effect because of the angle of your arms so you asked the helper to aid you to crush me into your generous midriff.”

She stood in front of me and I felt her back against my soft belly. I felt her pressing me flat, her whole body felt muscular with no yield. Then suddenly I was inside Stephanie body felling my back pushing the potbelly back. I could feel the load go in on my back as I was rocked back and forward. I remember this was the first time I had a larger chest and hips to allow crushed fat to relocate in. I could feel Stephanie as my own pressing in the continuing expanding belly. The belly expand into my/her back while I was still, I was released and pulled back in, with more expansions that the back denied.

Suddenly I was in my own body and felt the first 3 inches go on my mid section and Stephanie back pushed it in. Then another expansion that happened totally inside me followed by another where pressure was relieved with the expansion but crushing occurred before it stopped. The Stephanie was completely let out and full pressure pushing me flat again. This was a wonderful cycle and it repeated again. I enjoyed every level of the crush getting hotter and hotter. I kept going through the cycle. This was such a nice experience but I could not remember it this great. On my fifth time through it lost nothing and it was so beautiful, I wish I went to a tighter level of crush. On the seventh time I was anticipating all the pressure and where it went. This was so beautiful but suddenly I was in Stephanie body again rocking in and out with pressure on my back from a soft belly ball. Her and my ribs touching and releasing with our hips pressed against each other.

I went back to my body and went through the squashing event again this time noticing the chest and hips meeting as well as the growing fat being heated up in the crush. This was such a special event with the more cycles I knew this is what I enjoyed and wanted more of when working with someone else.

I went back into Stephanie body and I/she was fully compressed when I heard my command zero Rectus Abdominis strength. Suddenly I felt the helpers arm pull Stephanie belly button to the spine and all of this was over. It was sharp, painful and waste of a beautiful event. What a jerk I was for wasting a beautiful squeezing time.

Then what followed was seemed to be perverse as I then kept her in the collapsed abdominal state and played with it. I was fingering her intestines and exploring the cavity then I inserted my belly into the hollowed cavity. I was not crushed in I was just placed in. and when the crush put on her by the helper was released she pushed me out as if I applied no force to her.

This was another opportunity missed because I had myself lock to Stephanie while I had my gut in her cavity I could have had my belly flattened by hers. But there was one other thing that was worth experiencing was what the helper felt when he was pressing Stephanie into me by her Rectus Abdominis muscles. I would have liked to feel her Rectus Abdominis, which was producing immense strength that could support a 1972 Oldsmobile Cutlass.

Such super conditioned abdominal muscles in the real world do not exist and there is no opportunity to feel them. The situation of feeling these super muscles cope with load on and load off as he released followed by reinserting the pressure on my guts.

And of course I missed the feeling of her midriff collapsing when her super strength was taken away from her Rectus Abdominis muscles. Her entire abdomen emptied out by the arm and hand as they applied the required force to keep my bulging stomach flat. Stephanie felt like a fleshy iron girder.

I asked about when she used her bottom to keep my stomach flat as I inflated my waist with generous amounts of fat. I wanted to feel secondary crush by sitting down, which meant I had my legs wrapped around your thighs while the helper pulled your hip into me.

“My favourite part was you pressed me back to flat but gave me a concave stomach. I like the squash done with a fat filled bottom alternating between being crushed by muscular bottom.” I said to her.

Stephanie looked up and asked, “Do want to go into another belly squashing with my bottom.”

I looked at her with a shy look and said, “Yes but up to now we have worked up to a 60-inch circumference chest with a maximum of 13-inch wide body. That was a 22-inch deep but I want to try 22 inches wide with 13 inches deep expanding to 22-inch square. Can you do a muscular 22-inch wide bottom? It will take large legs to make your rump that wide.”

Stephanie replied “That is possible but you abdomen would have a lot of fat before to fill out that wide without expanding beyond flat.”

“Okay we stick to what we had but I would like let out and re-squash in cycles. I would like to try 75% chest depth in over hang with prolong crush at anytime.” I requested.

“I would like to start you at your normal 28-inch waist, which is 5 inches deep and holding when the overhang gets to 4 inches.” Stephanie offered.

Over 20 minutes my stomach built up the 5 inch overhang with 40 releases and pull back in. With the small chest it was tight and the hold was over in 3 minutes but I asked for a hold in at 3 inches and that went 30 minutes before decide to try bigger sizes.

I went for a 35-inch chest with the 9-inch depth. I started with 2-inch pot. We both knew this was going to be quickly passed but I opted to go to 4 inches on the next. I did 5 presses before I asked another inch pushing across 50% mark of innards/fat. I did 7 presses with the 4 one a fat bottom press. Over 5 minutes I increased to 7 inches but when I tried a 5-minute hold it was too much. I went back to 6-inch potbelly with a 12-minute hold. The holds now including every third minute were a fatty bottom. I went back to 7 inches deep and this was a lot easier to hold and after 15 minutes I went to 8 inches deep. This was not easy so I dropped back to 7.5 inches and the presses and holds were not easy so I abandon them.

I then tried 12 inches wide with 9 inches deep. I worked my way to up to 8 inches deep and it happened. After a 25-minute hold I tried for 8.5 inches of potbelly but that failed.

I stayed at 12 inch wide and went 12 inches deep with a 7 inches forward of the hips. I started increased the size of the potbelly at 12 millimetres per minute. At 9.5 inches I stalled the expansion for 25 minutes and then tried 10 inches. After 35 minutes I knew there was not further expansion.

More Chapter 11 follows
Jan 11, 2021
Manawatu, New Zealand
Chapter 11 continued

I then tried 15 inches by 15 inches with 11 inches of belly past flat. I felt all of it when I was pushed in flat. I tried 10 in/outs before I dared to go to 12 inches. I tried 10 in/outs and decided to go for a hold but the initial hold was 1 inch in front of my chest for 5 minutes. I knew it would work and cautiously moved in half an inch for 5 minutes. It was burning so I went for 5 minutes more with a press flat. It was too uncomfortable to hold so I ended the series.

Stephanie and I sat down for a talk. “Corset does not suit you as you want a wide oval and not a narrow shape. However you do have a fascination for applying pressure to a constricted waist. I will just for allow you to sit on my belly while corseted for secondary crushing. I will start at 27-inch waist corset down to 23 and finish at size 22.”

“You will fell the pressure that you apply so you are aware of how easy you have to go on a woman wearing a corset. You cannot break me however everyone after today will be damageable so I will take one for the team.”

The orange light corset went on and she expanded to 26-inch waist. The concept of putting on the corset and growing inside it instead of crushing down existing mass was odd but I could work with it.

Normally with a corset the outsides push the inside around causing pressure on the corset wall. When the corset is not physically there an invisible reason seems to exist for the strangling of the body surface. I could feel pressure from within the body pushing on the skin as the skin was pushing on the innards.

Last section of Chapter 11 follows
Jan 11, 2021
Manawatu, New Zealand
Chapter 11 continued.

“Can you please go back down to 23 inches again and let me feel the pressure on your skin as you expand? Could you let me feel what you innards feel?” I asked of Stephanie.

I knelt in front of her with my hands on her back and front moving them around the sides and back again. Stephanie actually went up and down the sizes 4 times in 8 minutes. I pretty done that sensation after the forth time but the expanding into the shape and size restrictions I felt a strong held feeling. I was not being squashed white-hot level but the held feeling was dominant.

After feeling the tightening four times I place a hand over her midriff and pressed front to back. This was more immense than normal; I liked it in small doses. I sat Stephanie down and from behind I placed my hand on her applying pressure; the light pressure was great the heavy pressure hurt so I just kept it light.

I got her to lye down and again lightly sat on her belly. It was so easy to cross the line. This is so different to the squashing board I made and different to the tube. It was the fact the corset shapes. I think I rather squash with the band than a corset.

The orange light corset came off Stephanie and she expanded to 148 kilograms. Her back had fat all over it. As she moved clear creases formed and smoothed out. Then her ribs had a layer of fat that could be moved 2 millimetres on the rib surface that it was fixed to. Her belly was not a ball/semi sphere shape but blobs, folds, creases and individual pockets of bulging masses. Her breasts remained small but they sat on movable surfaces.

She stood up and a part of her belly fall down and was covering parts of the hip area. I could not help myself I went up and placed my hand under the lower sections and lifted a large amount of soft fat to the position it where should sit. I walked behind her and reached around and lifted the drooping section of guts; I tried to get it to press in but I was not pressing in a belly but a portion of belly.

Stephanie was wearing a pair of panties that covered her hip and bottom and a bra that the straps dug into folds of fat. The hip was wide but it was also expansive. Placing a hand on the bottom was the same a part of the belly. This was real fat person and it was nothing like what we had played with up to now. This was messy and no direct working with the gut area.

At the same time as I was looking at this deformed body I was also looking at the volume. Wendy was big and soft but her zones were where the zones belonged in an expanded way, this was ooze. The more I looked at Stephanie the more I wanted to lie on the ground and have her stand, sit and lay on me.

Her legs were not huge in comparison despite the ample of bottom she had. Her ankles had not retained fluids from a broken down lymphatic system. Something common in fat people is wide legs; but they are not fat legs, they fluid filled, and very painful.

Looking further at Stephanie she had still the cute attractive face. It was larger but it was not oozing in bulges. I asked her to kneel on all four and she did. I stared at her clearance to the ground so much I do not remember sliding my body underneath her. There was so much softness on top of me and despite being soft her belly was compressing mine like a stomped on grape.

“Can I try you sitting on my chest, stomach and hip.” I asked.

She replied, “all at once?”

Hmm rolled through my head this is a different game. “Yes and then one at a time.”

She moved arms and legs awkwardly then sat sideways across my body. My chest and hips felt pressed by a soft sponge. My stomach was being bypassed. Then she moved all the weight to my chest. I went into laboured breathing that was gathering intensity. I could not believe how good it felt after I got her to move an inch away from the shoulders. She sat there for 5 minutes and the only reason I got her move off was because my stomach was begging to succumb to the weight.

Stephanie, however as a tease put all of her weight on my hips. I never had that much weight on my hip and I was appreciating the softness of the applicator. I flexed my bottom muscles but from squished shape it was uncomfortable to pull them narrow and tight.

Then the money shot all the weight between the hip and chest. I felt the white-hot crush immediately and was trying to suck in my stomach as hard as I can.

Twenty minutes in Stephanie asked, “Do you want me to try and stand on your belly? One or both feet?”

I had never been in this situation before so I agreed out of ignorance. Stephanie place one foot just above the hipbone on the base of the abdomen. She went down a long way and the crush kept getting hotter each second. She placed the second foot down by the ribs. The first foot raised up an inch. This was a real squash but this was new to Stephanie and she was having balancing problems.

Stephanie returned to lying on top of me. I asked her to lift legs onto me thing I would take all of her weight. It actually reduced the pressure on the stomach as it curved her back shape.

I suddenly realised this cannot happen on a flat surface or a bed that sank under weight. I needed a convex surface under me and Stephanie made it so. All of her stomach weight came on top of my stomach. Something else came into play. My stomach was flattened and concave by lying on my back on a convex surface. I was more vulnerable to her weight.

Something I tried with Wendy at her place was she was on top and both of us facing up, her belly sunk into her without pressure placed on it. I was now being crushed by Stephanie and my slight bent back posture. I was in an immense squash as it had secondary properties to it.

I was rocking my ankles back and forth the explosions and rolling white- hot crush sensations when I asked if she could add more weight above her belly area. A temple helper came and sat on her back. My guts bottomed out. I went to sleep just feeling every reaction inside me. It was twenty minutes later I asked for more weight that set off another wave of over crushed innards sensations. I was remembering this was a corset lesson but I did 8 hours in this compression with two more weight increases.

Stephanie knew this is the type of crush I wanted and this set up might never come again for me so Stephanie indulged my staying in it. I was in the 8 hours when the orange light corset was placed around Stephanie.

I felt the weight pressing against the corset as her belly expanded. She got off me and sat down with her legs straight in front of her. She was twelve inches bigger that the corset and I could feel the crush on her innards. For a soft stomach it was packed hard. I pushed her over flat on her back and sat full weight on her midriff. The pressure was totally secondary crushing and I was excessive.

I lifted my weight up to light touching. The crush was manageable and she said this was okay. The front is pulled flat to the rib depth but also pressed in sideways making a narrowing the body pressing the front down does not alter the sideways pull at the narrowest point but other points on the side allows a wider oval.

I asked Stephanie if she could alter the corset so it is not wasp type and had straight sides. With this adjustment I sat on her guts full weight. It was still secondary crush but it was not strangled. I started to do what is called ‘butt drops’ on her abdomen watching the shape change.

Stephanie swapped with me so I was in her on her back with the 12-inch corset crush. It was not white-hot crushing but when my weight went on I felt it max out. When I sat down without bouncing I felt the overall change but also an enjoyable white-hot crush. I went to sleep for apparently 6 hours with a bounce every 15 minutes.

When I woke up I heard Stephanie voice in my head say that I can re-experience it at any time with the body tube. The next thing she said was exciting. Increase your weight on top until the pressure turns to unpleasant. I increased to a 35-inch chest and started adding a potbelly. At an extra 35 kilograms I had crossed the line so I went back to 30 kilograms extra and enjoyed 3 hours of sleep with bouncing at 20 minutes.

I asked her to change the weight distribution to that of an active 160-kilogram girl who had a big belly and ribcage. This changed everything as the fat on the outside of the rib cage change with the hips and thighs. I asked her go on all 4 limbs facing down again and she had less than 5-inch ground clearance.

I asked Stephanie to straddle me and lower herself belly to belly with me. She had a noticeable amount of Rectus Abdominis muscle strength and I felt it pressing my belly as well as her weight. I had my arms wrapped around her. I asked Stephanie for another sleep and she add 15 kilograms per hour. At 23 minutes I asked her to hold that weight.

When an hour was up I felt the force of her Rectus Abdominis change and I looked to see she had another orange light corset on.

“You can resume that squash anytime in the body tube.” Stephanie said.

At that moment I had my weight on her corseted body watching her face to say too much weight. She allowed me to go full weight and I knew it was to much as a secondary crush. She was not going to limit me so I started adding again to my body weight with big chest and bulging belly.

She still would not give any indication of how she was handling the loading so I asked her, “Please show me your side.”

Just as in the past I was seeing my self on top. I felt my/her Rectus Abdominis muscles made useless by the corset. I felt the pressure above change but the intensity of the white-hot crush stay stable regardless of the weight above. I was aware I could continue the crush anytime with the tube but I wanted the real person experience so I held it for one hour. I never did meet another person to the specification Stephanie was at the time.

It was at the end of this hour Stephanie gave me the plate that came with the body tube.
Jan 11, 2021
Manawatu, New Zealand
Chapter 12

Stephanie had returned me to my bedroom and for some reason I was not ready to use the plate. It was still before mid night and I put the body tube on from under the arms to the top of the legs. I asked for 20-inch chest and 18-inch midriff. Then I asked for the pressure of Wendy lying on top of me until wake up time.

I was shocked how heavy Wendy was on the ultra thin body. I squirmed for a while but I actually settled down to the huge weight on top of me. I had Wendy on my normal size body and I was good with her weight but this was a lot more crushing than I am comfortable with. I was breathing okay so I kept her on top for the night.

In the morning the weight came off and so I got up. My body did not change back to normal and I was doing all my morning stuff as an ultra thin Stephanie.

No one spotted that I was super thin so I assumed I looked normal. A property of the body tube I was unaware of. I decided I was going to do a full day as a person with Stephanie build.

Saturday morning I wanted to catch up with Wendy so I cleaned up the milking shed and jumped on my bicycle and rode to the city. I meet Wendy at her place and she had reminded me that I had another algebra test that was a bit more advanced than the last one.

I immediately took the ‘lesson learning position’ under Wendy’s bottom. I had no pressure on me, this property of the tube I was told about but forgot. I commanded open and I retained my diminutive body proportions. Last night I had her weight lying on me and it was maximum load on me; now she was sitting on my 20-inch chest and I was having breathing problems.

I asked for a 24-inch chest and I was enjoying the weight on me again. After the lesson I dropped down to 23-inch chest and she was a bit much but she moved onto my stomach on her own accord. My midriff was still 18 inches and she flattened my intestines. The organs moved out of the way and I felt flattened.

We carried on as we normally do together. I was squashing her stomach with my hands and I knew she was about to change rolls so I asked for my normal body. As I suspected I was on her lap and her with her pulling my expanding guts flat. I loved it. My stomach was white hot and I wanted more. I was ready for her to sink my swollen belly below the ribcage level but instead she I kept adding to my belly and then pulling it flat.

I suddenly realised that Wendy only had this ability with Stephanie presence. I asked her, “How are you able to do this without Stephanie presence.”

“Stephanie and I had a talk this morning and she said I would be wearing a body tube that gave me the properties of her presence.” Wendy replied. “She also said you would love let outs and pull back in more than pulling under the ribs level.”

I said, “Still do the odd pulling under the ribs please.”

I immediately knew I was in for a temple level crushing. I told her I would love her to do the suggested crushing with holds for set times. I expanded my chest forward 9 inches deep and Wendy expanded my stomach 14 inches deep and pulled it flat. Let it out expanding to 15 inches deep and flattened it. At 18 inches I was 50 % fat/innards ratio again.

This was the beginning of her games; pull in one inch and release, pull in two inches and release. This went on to flat. There she held for twenty minutes; with each deeper pull it felt tighter but was released., in the hold things inside start to adjust. The white-hot pressure rolls to various parts of the abdomen. The adjusting feels like something tried to push back but shuffled things instead. This was followed by followed by her sinking my stomach 25% below flat. My eyes rolled as the intensity went up. The burn becomes even hotter. It was time for me to leave so I asked for the crush to carry on while I biked home. By the time I got home I had added 3 more inches and was not biking very well.

I got home mid afternoon and I decided to try the plate so I asked for normal body before I rode up the driveway. I was going to the bedroom to look for it but decided to walk behind the tractor shed and called for it.

I then placed the plate under the tube. And commanded it to fit and felt it cover the entire soft area of the guts. I suddenly realised the ability of plate. I asked for it to recreate the first time Wendy and Stephanie stepped up onto my midriff at the same time. I was standing at the time is commanded it and my stomach was pressed in very deeply causing me to fall over. Lesson one; always make sure you are in a safe position.

The strange thing was it was not pressing the area down like a plate would but it was recreating the points the two sets of feet were pressing in. Lesson two; when I pass out in the original incident I pass out in the reproduction. I felt then jump and land, Lights Out I was just coming to when my sister wondered around. Explaining why I was lying on the ground behind the tractor shed was poorly done.

I did no more plate pressing until the house settled down that night. What Wendy told me about the temple properties apply to the presence of the body band explained why the house and bed could handle extremely weight.

I initially started at my standard body size and targeted the solar plexus for squashing. At this age I did not know this was a nerve system but I knew applying crush to them registered so I had the plate press the area exposed by the caret shape at the rib cage base. I pressed in 1 inch, which was 20%

And it felt delightful. I placed a pressing on the area above the hipbone of 1 inch deep. I pressed the navel area in between 1 and 2 centimetres. It was then I tried sitting up in bed. The low area pressed in registered the secondary crush from the sitting up. I lie down and increase the navel pressing another two centimetres and sat up again. It was difficult to get up and I had to use my arms instead of the abdomen but I found the secondary much the same.

I then pressed the lower area down 1 inch. This is the one that made my eyes roll from the secondary crush. I sat in this position for a few minutes before I decided to try hands and knees. In this position the belly usually dangles but it was being pressed upwards into my spine. I moved my hands forward of my head and rocked forward stretching the body. Again the sensation of the belly being pushed up was weird.

I held this just observing the oddity and then I thrust back so my bottom was above my ankles. This was not as intense as I was expecting so I raised my body upright and pressed the lower section in quarter of an inch and returned to the stretched out horizontal stance. I could feel the change in this position so I flicked myself back. Still not the immense secondary crush I returned to vertical on my knees.

This was to be new tactics. I released the stomach crush and added 2-inch overhang on the belly. Then pulled flat with the plate pressing it in. I kneeled down with bottom over ankles and forehead on the ground. This was true secondary squashing.

I was going up right to horizontal in a rhythmic pattern when I started to increase the over hang one quarter inch each time. At three inches I could not get my body horizontal so I tried reducing one eighth of an inch. This failed so I went back to 3 inches and reduced the depth of the plate. This was successful in intensity as well as going horizontal.

I held this for 30 minutes and returned the plate depth to the original depth. This felt like someone was pressing in and then pressed even deeper. Just the thought that I could sit at my school desk all day with this crush on had me happy with life. I knew that I had to thank Stephanie in a special way in some form but how was eluding me.
Jan 11, 2021
Manawatu, New Zealand
Chapter 13

On Sunday Stephanie came over and was talking to dad and mum about something.

Tommy was arriving back from the milk shed and dad called all of us into the main room for a meeting. The subject was Geoff. Everyone but me had a lot of questions. The main question was how come he was so savage to Mary after being so nice. This was a big discussion about steroids and the effects that they had on the brain and body chemistry. How his liver was so out of balance only system failure could occur.

I had never heard of steroids, as dad was organic farmer. These chemicals that forced bigger muscle mass than what he body could do without them sounded so stupid. I asked if any sports person can be trusted and the answer to that reinforced what my parents had always told me.

It is your accomplishments that matter and can be cherished. Your position in achievements against others does not mater unless it is not the true level. If someone is better at it and you put in your best effort that is something that they are better at than you. If a falsehood like cheating has to be used then the result is NOT true and not worthy of achieving.

It was the last part that made so much difference to my family of what Stephanie said. “That we are gag by court to talk about the brutal killing of our older sister but we were allowed to talk about steroids and the tragic outcomes.”

This started a new combined project where we got to speak in schools about the hidden dangers of these performance-enhancing substances. Apparently Stephanie did a lot of background work with schools organising a tour. It was at the other high school we received abuse from one of the athletes. The school investigation found this person was using steroids and was immediately pulled from teams and put into help. We knew we saved lives with our tour and Mary did not die in vain. Something we heard later was several people were arrested for supply of steroids.

My parents attended these meetings and when they saw a reversal in the problem of children using without knowledge of the dangers they felt proud in the meeting that Tommy held, that Tommy was healing, and her life although lost was not fully wasted.

Chapter 14 coming.
Jan 11, 2021
Manawatu, New Zealand
Chapter 14.

High school carried on with Wendy being my tutor and squasher often at the same time. I used the scrum-training machine for gut crushing. That got immense with instant and absolute crush pressure I got a girl friend in Form 5, she was confused about my relationship with Wendy but I managed to get Susan to accept my closeness to Wendy. Wendy had to work through the same issues when she got a boyfriend.

Susan being the first love was very intense however after I showed Susan some pictures of people sitting on people she had no interest in doing that to me.

The definition of a relationship (under all forms of the relationships) contains several clauses. The first and foremost is that there must be underlying Friendship.

Friendship consists of unconditional:





Caring consists of unreserved level of:

The well being of the person is important to you.

You will always have their back. That does not mean backing the when they are wrong as being intentionally wrong denies them their happiness. You care about their happiness and successes. Sometimes people need protection from themselves.

Honesty is the attitude that dealing with the truth only, which allows applicable answers as well as understanding to be found and applied. Trying to resolve or work with a falsehood is working with a non-resolvable problem or achieving non-applicable answer and understanding. Any understanding or answer found do not fit the real situation just some fabricated nonsense.

Trust and being trustworthy comes from caring. Any sensitive knowledge will not be weaponised. Betrayal of any form just devastates the one who you care for.


This is a part of friendship but is defined as an attitude (which implies intent) of allowing something, (thought, object, sentient being) to be what it is.

It is not about homage. Homage is from ego. Ego is a false protection that denies the truth and becomes a destructive thing. Homage is putting a person on a pedestal, which is a failing to see them as a person.

An example of respect is for society. Society is Just, Safe area full of opportunities so long as it does not take the rights of others.

The opposite of respect is to Pervert. Perversion of Justice is to allow through your actions or inactions unjust things (criminal) actions to occur. Aiding criminal, partaking of criminal activity, hiding criminal activity is Perversion of Justice and by extension Perversion of Society. They are acts of not respecting of Justice or Society.

Another example is to respect a Mosque one does not need you to attend the Mosque but allow it to be a Mosque for those who want to attend it. Often I hear people say something a long the lines of a pervert is someone who peeps in the windows. This is correct because people have a right of Privacy and disallowing this privacy is perversion of privacy.

An important aspect of a relationship is that it must meet the needs of those who involved in the relationship.

An example of a relationship is Employer/Employee. The employer must provide lawful work and the means to do the job. The employee must be willing to do the job to an agreed method and standard.

The boss does not have to be a push over to meet the friendship aspect of the relationship but if he is a bully then he is dysfunctional in the relationship. If the employee is lazy, poor performing then he is dysfunctional in the relationship.

In a romantic relationship there has to be compatibility in carnal aspects, interest, and value system.

In parent/child relationship the parent is responsible for the up bring. Again the cool parent (the push over parent) is a dysfunction in the relationship. The parent must guide and provide for a child. The child must be happy and learning as much as they can. The parent must make sure the child is safe, learning and get them ready for adulthood.

That is enough on those subjects back to my story.

Susan was not accepting of my need of body crushing, she did not have to participate but allow me to do it. She got on well with Wendy because she pushed her school marks up by 20%. Susan never met Stephanie at all. Other than her intolerance to my body squashing she was a fantastic girl but I also believed she was a city girl and the wilderness would have broke us up.

I actually got University Entrance Accredited to age 15 with my tutoring and Wendy found work in Teachers Aid and Special Needs children. She stayed in the city while I went totally into rural setting.

Our contact did not end there though because of the temple link we were linked. When she had a frustrating day she come around of a belly squashing session. Later (on my third year after school finished) I met and married this hardcore mountain girl Tracy and she caught us (Wendy and I) together. I had a 55-inch waist and Wendy was pushing it in. It was the metaphysical side I thought would be hard to impossible to explain.

When Tracy caught us she just said, “I often cross into your dreams and I saw this. I do not understand this but I know to trust you.”

Wendy stayed for dinner and both girls got to like each other. Tracy sat on me often and met Stephanie. This was another chapter change in my life as Tracy was another person Stephanie was to help. Tracy had her own links to the metaphysical. Some were very similar to Wendy but mostly around dreams and messages. Stephanie worked with her and together we showed her my body squashing.

But in the period before Tracy I had left home and worked in the National Park as Pest Control Officer. It was a position that paid well so long as I worked and required me to be based around the Volcanic Plateau. I was contracted by the Department of Conservation and got on well with everyone. Because I have my own metaphysical abilities I knew when the land and volcanoes were going to play up. I passed information on to others but that usually just frightened them so I kept it to myself.

During my first year I got a good reputation of someone who does what is needed. I helped in search and rescues and successfully found many stray tourists. I knew not to have too high success record so I would guide others to make the finds.

One of my favourite times was when somebody told me off for my Possum Skin clothing. The animals were not farmed for the fur but not wasted when pest control was applied to the conservation to the area. One skill I did have I knew if the water was safe or super poisonous. Sulphur in the water is unpleasant but Atrium, Arsenic, Nitrates and other trace elements could kill very quickly. The PH level could change from 3 to 12 in hours.

It was when the second winter came I could not stay full time in the bush.
Jan 11, 2021
Manawatu, New Zealand
Chapter 15

Body crush with the plate and body tube was enjoyable but I did manage to get some large Pacific Islanders to squash me. It was much better with real people although I did master the Temple Equipment. I had some favourite whom I could meet at their place. Travelling was easy because I would step into the temple and then there area. I could travel hundreds of miles in seconds. I could arrange meetings and make them so and only once I had to try and explain my lack of car.

Kim was 174 kilograms (380+ pounds) and man he was open to addition weight on top of him (dog pile stack) while on me. He sat on my belly for 45 minutes before he got uncomfortable and moved. My belly button hit the spine in 35 minutes when I sneaked extra 4 inches on my belly. He never saw the body tube but the tube learned bout the crush so afterwards I could recreate as a two-hour crush. When he laid on me it was not in a sexual act but solely to flatten me. I had access to temple helpers that increased the weight added at intervals. He never worked out that the helpers were same people of different sizes.

I just challenge him to handle the weight while I was handling all three peoples weight. His limit was 16o kilograms with another 146 added 20 minutes later. From just Kim to all three and Kim giving up was 2 hours. In recreations I manage 140 minutes so I was near the limit. My ribs were tingling too much that I had to stop but the down force of soft Kim is still greatly treasured today.

His belly was so large that it sank down his hip when standing up. He kneels over me and I his belly was pressing mine before he took his weight of his limbs. I was adding to mine to make sure mine had extra inches for meeting of belly to occur. When the two helpers were on top his belly button was almost touching my spine. He was crushing himself as our hips were almost touching meaning there was not enough room for both our bellies and he was supporting the helpers by his potbelly. I wanted to see if I expand my chest and abdomen to the point where he did fit but I did not want to arouse suspicion of magic.

At 100 less kilos on top he lasted 3 hours squashed but my stupid desire of forever increasing crush ruined that for me. I was deeply saddened when his diabetes caused his death.

Monica now she was a heavy girl with a heavy sister. She was five and half foot waistline and plenty of weight in the hips. Sit on me girl was my cry every time we meet. Her big boobs (chest circumference 4 feet) caused her discomfort when she laid on my but when she could position herself right her sister weight combined got up to 380 kilograms. Monica did 5 hours on her own and 2 hours with her sister on top so this was a big drop from Kim and temple workers.

There was 155-kilogram person and I tried with temple workers at 250 kilograms each. He looked like a standard build with a big bear pot. He had a 40-inch chest and hips and legs were not flabby. He had body builder arms but I never got him to reverse bear hug me. He had the ability to flex and retract his belly. I assumed he was a beer drinking body builder however he never smelt of booze.

I was impressed how he handled half a ton on him; it was only 25 minutes but I got the tube to extend the crush

Before we meet I asked the Temple helpers questions about the size of belly, his measurement from rib cage vertically around the belly to the hip. I asked about the horizontal distance from hip to belly front. I did not ask about the circumference of his belly because this information was for me to decide the optimum chest size, my potbelly size and body width. I new he would flatten with the weight on top of him but I did not know he could push back like Stephanie could.

It was this pressing of a firm ball belly and he used power with it. As I said he held his own with the Temple helpers on top. I think he liked the crush as much as I did. I suspected that it was Stephanie but she has Temple energy and this person did not.

He came at time before Tracy and was a one off meeting but it was so powerful it stuck out in my life.
Jan 11, 2021
Manawatu, New Zealand
Chapter 16

This part of the story is true but sound like a fantasy. I spent 48 + hours squashing my belly. I spent 11 hours squashed passed out. Here goes.

My first year of being a bush based hunter in 1973 went very well but the harsh winter coming off Mount Ruapehu in 1974 meant being outside 24/7 made 3 degree days and sub zero nights poor sleeping so I got a job in Wanganui. I had been hunting over night while I was in school but full time was very different.

The job was storeman in a privately owned textile recycling plant. It was the mid seventies and there were collections of used clothing and other things made from material. The plant graded the items. Good clothing was washed and sent to second hand shops. The proceeds less costs went to charities. It was about 3% of donations was wearable clothing. A lot of the material was turned into cleaning cloths for industries.

There were different types of material that were suitable various industries. White cloth was used by food industries and some printers liked it. Denim was a part of a mix that mechanics liked. The absorbency made it popular.

Some clothing items were sent to Afghanistan via charity organisation. Russia was giving the country a hard time. There was some material and items unsuitable for cycling/repurposing and they went into waste system. To my surprise there was corsets and girdles in this thrown out materials. Yes compression wears. I had never seen these items before but I wanted to experience the squeeze on my body that they gave.

I was using the body tube given to me by Stephanie but it had a sterile feeling compared to being stood on. The simulated pressure was not the same as the Humber Hawke physically on top.

I smuggled heaps of them home. I was living in a boarding hotel and had a private room. This was the first time I lived in a city.

I had about four corsets. 3 of them were way too small wrap around my ribcage. I had a 38-inch waist but I was over 42 inches around the base of the ribs. I had a powerful build from my hunting in the hills. Breathing capacity was large because carrying 70 kilo Doe or Stag 5 kilometres over big hills built strong legs, strong cardio system, and muscular back.

One of the corsets was tight on my ribs and squashed my belly heaps. I sneaked the petite size corsets back into the waste system at work.

Understanding and sorting out the girdles was not so simple but contained new lessons on compressing the body.

Some panty type girdles only squashed the bottom. Initially I thought they were useless, as they did not compress the abdomen. Some compressed the thighs; I initially thought the level of dragging when pulling them up and just too much effort. It was when it tried 4 of them at once (all sizes to small for me) that I experienced thigh compression. It was different type of compression but it was nice.

I came across girdles that pulled in the lower section of the stomach (Pooch) in. As these girdles were many sizes too small they suffered roll up. I thought these were annoying and useless. Then there were girdles that went up to the ribs in various sizes. I tried the smallest ones first but the suffered roll up and became like an over tight cord around the waist. I tried the larger ones. They sat well around the ribs and placed compression on the belly. I tried the smaller ones over the large ones. This stabilised the smaller ones.

This rule of large on first and then the smaller was a solid rule to stable fitting.

I had a mixture of legs compressors on the bottom layer. These were the hardest and most time consuming to fit. They had to be fitted with where the leg changed to butt area correctly. The second one on would drag the leg section on the first causing roll up of the leg part underneath. Surprisingly fitting the large one on first and gradually smaller until they were all on fixed the issue of roll up.

I had the high waist girdles next followed by the pooch ones. My waist dipped in at the top of the hip. There was compression on the thigh, butt and abdomen at the same time. Two of the squeezing sensations I had never known about and up to then I had not even seek it. This was the changing point for me. It lacked the squashing of someone else or being squashed by someone else but this was fantastic field of self-compressing. Best of all I could do this on my own and I had my secrecy.

Success I thought not knowing I was about to discover secondary crushing. This came two ways but the initial squashing was always the girdles. The first secondary squashing I learned of was laying down wearing multiple women girdles applying compression and then a secondary pressure from weighted objects put on my belly. This was not just A plus B weight on the stomach but a magnification of the weight.

Without girdles on I placed twenty-litre drum of water (20 Kilograms) on my belly while lying down. The flat round base of the drum sat unevenly so I placed scrolled and scrunched up clothing underneath forming a surface of the container covering my abdomen. The drum weight drove the clothing into my belly but not deep enough to get excited about. I could easily push the belly up and sink it down again. After successfully balancing the drum on my belly, which was easy to lift on and off again there I put the girdles on.

I lay down and placed the clothing on my sunken belly (the girdles pulled in tight). I felt the pressure on my bottom as I initially moved the drum onto my hips and upper legs. I moved the drum onto the packing on my stomach expecting A pressure (the girdles) plus B(the tank of water)pressure that I had on the practice run. When I lifted the drum on a secondary pressure from water was immense. It shoved the front of the stomach down so many times more than water on it is own. The sudden massive compression was making balancing the drum difficult.

I was waving my legs around when I decided to extend my stomach and relieve the pressure. I could not push upwards. I had a lot of pressure on my liver. I finally rolled to the side a bit sliding the drum off my guts. The ache from the pressure went away immediately. I was surprised by the amount of extreme pressure wondered why it was so intense. I decided to empty some of the water but then I thought about the problem was all the pressure gone on to the liver. I studied the way the clothing that I later called packing transferred the weight. A balled up pair of pants took the full weight to my liver only.

I then played with the packing to see if an even and desirable transference could be achieved. The moment I got something that looked right I slipped the drum on again. It was a lot better than the first time as the weight was spread around the abdomen. Joyfully there was not less pressure. It was the full, magnified increase that I could match using the Humber without the wheels. I could press up with my belly but I enjoyed succumbing the pressure so I was not doing it. At 1 a.m. I decided it was sleep time and took the drum off and then all the girdles. I thought about concentrating pressure on various points of the belly all night.

I packed all the girdles away before breakfast but I left the drum full of water in the room. It was bed sheet change day, which happened while I was at work. When the owner went in she was shocked to see the drum and thinking it was petrol searched my room for other hazardous things. The bag with the girdles in was searched but nothing was mentioned about it.

I was grilled to why the tank of petrol was in the room. I was lectured about the endangerment of all the guests and how the old wooden 2-story building would burn instantly. I told her that it was full of water. After she checked it I was told that I could not have it in my room and it was to be stored in the shed. This was mainly because I did not give a reason on why I wanted a drum of water in my room. (It is my belly compressor).

I then got a toolbox full of sand (about 20 kilo weight.) and put that in my room. Lower centre of gravity made things easier, she had done me a favour.

I experimented with the placement of packing. I packed heavily in the caret V under the ribs and I did like heavy pressure there but not the majority of it. I tried the packing so majority of the weight was on the belly button. Nice but there was an incomplete feel. I wanted intensity in more of the belly region. Then I tried along the top of the hip. This was my sweep spot.
Jan 11, 2021
Manawatu, New Zealand
Chapter 16 continued

I did not want all the pressure there, I wanted the whole abdomen pressed in but I wanted more along there where the large colon travelled along and at the top in the V where the colon travelled along. I wanted white-hot burn to occur all over, feel the large and small intestines crushed sensation at the same time.

I found handling the crushing pressure spread like that enjoyable. I did leg raises, knees bent with feet on the floor and even tried a crunch. I want more than being pinned on the floor when gut crushing. I loved the intense crush but I wanted experience it while doing other things.

One night after work I came home; put on the girdles, put on my overalls and went walking around the streets. The girdles put good pressure on the belly but I was looking for intense pressure. I went home with a compressed belly disappointed I could not get a crushing. That night I found what I called a body tube. It was a girdle from what I could tell went from the ribcage to the bottom. I realised I wanted that to hold the belly packing. I was still collecting corsets and girdles out of the rubbish. I got five of these body tubes. They were all different sizes and the rule off largest underneath and smallest on top worked again. I went for a walk again with overalls over top and this time packing on my belly held by the tubes.

I was in the Cook Gardens and I spotted to close branches that travelled parallel to each other. The gap was small and I knew if I forced myself in the gap it would supply pressure the abdomen. Determination got me in. The packing shifted slightly making it uncomfortable.

Then my attention turned to the corset. This was not a standard format and I had ignored it because of the rib size. The standard type was constructed with two separate panels that fastened at each end of it. One edge was the Busk that had hook clasps and the other was a set of eyelets that ribbons feed through. They are normally laid down with the busk undone but the ribbons holding the two panels together.

This was a single panel with two closing panels on each end. The longer panel had a busk (clips and hooks set up) which was on a stretchy elastic material. The shorter panel had an eyelet set up for string on it. This I tried with the strings and busk at the back and then the string at the front. With the stings in front was same pressure as behind.

This corset lower panel which was a busk set up was set up with a heavy duty elastic band that enabled me to slide packing underneath it. I increased the circumference by three inches and the elastic was tight. It was so tight that with just the busk done up it was squashing my belly.

The outside panel has giant size chrome hooks instead of eyelets. Instead of ribbons I used wax twine. It was 3.5 inches each side shorter than the stretched busk. That means when done up fully it took 7 inches off the circumference. The first thought was how much strength would be required to close this corset. The answer was a smidgen more than zero. Unlike the ribbon type the twine cable did not need each cross over one at the time tightened.

I threaded the twine across the top and zig zag all the way down. Top to bottom there was twenty two crosses at 7 inches there was 156 inches to 11 inches. I pulled the cord ends just to see how many crosses reduced. All the crosses right up to the top reduced together. Using the same effort to do up a shoe I closed the corset. I felt all the packing instantly drive into my belly. I felt my belly button dash towards the spine. I looked down and where my belly bulged out only moments ago from the packing was now exaggeratedly concave. To my surprise I had missed the bottom two hooks. I wrapped twine around them and closed it. I felt base of my stomach suddenly collapse in white-hot sensation. I had squeezed in massive amount of packing along the top of the hipbone.

This was the first time I had ever experienced something like that. The whole stomach was crushed with intense intestine compression sensation and then in a flick a white-hot squeeze on the lowest point. I undone the bottom hooks and re-squashed three more times. Then I did the big one, released all the hooks and the re tightened the lot. The bottom was going white hot as the rest right up to the ribs intensely compressed.

The first thing with corsets is that they are designed to pull the sides in. This caused a squeeze on the kidneys something I was not interested in. It pulled the front in which I liked but I had to stop the sideway pull in. This I fixed by placing whole folded newspapers along the back. This temporarily prevented this from happening and gave me an hour before side ways squeeze started. This was only true if I did not try and push against the corset with my abdominal muscles. If I flexed the abs it caused the corset to starting coming in sideways immediately.

I realised the corset was a fixed ring around the abdomen and not stretchy like the girdles. I put the packing in the corset and corset drove the packing into my belly. I still got the hour so long as I did not flex.

It was time to put overalls over everything and go for a walk up and down Durie hill. The hill is 90 metres in vertical ascent on a 1.5 Kilometre road. Walking up hill was a mistake as all my muscles were acting causing kidney squeeze. I turned around and walked down which increased the kidney crushing. I was leaning but try to get some relief, which did not work. With no other choice I ducked it the scrub on the side of the road and loosened the twine.

The next night after work on went the corset and in went the packing. My aim was to retry the Cooks Garden walk with the tree branches parallel close to each other. To my great disappointment I had not reproduced the nights before packing. It was an intense squashing without achieving the white-hot crush at the base. I found the tree and it was dark enough to with privacy side between the branches. Comparing the squash to the Humber and to the Scrum Trainer machine this was another white-hot belly crossing where the belly button was touching the spine. I had waves of various compression sensations rolling through my abdomen. I stayed in the crush for about ten minutes but as paranoia increased of being seen by a member of the public.

I returned to the hotel and lay on the floor with the sand filled toolbox on my stomach. I thought I had only 20 minutes left before the annoying sideways squashing started. I lay on the floor for 2 hours and thirty minutes. There was a point when my belly which felt super flattened but that was a property of secondary squashing caused by the set up. My belly went numb for a while and then came back with revenge in white-hot waves, intense crush, rolling aches sensations. I did not attempt to lift or wave the legs due to concerns of sideways crush. Apparently weight on top stopped the sideways squashing.

After I packed everything away I went down to the lounge and somebody asked me what I had been doing. I just said reading comics.

Every day for the rest of the week I worked on combining the girdles and corset together looking for the ultimate way of putting the packing in. Then testing with the toolbox I tried to optimise the white-hot area to the whole stomach area. I tried after two hours to raise the legs and then lowering them which 100% relaxes the stomach. Without the toolbox on I found the crush very intense when the stomach relaxed but with the toolbox on my eyes just watered. It was time to apply my next level. I found 50 lbs (approximate 22 Kilograms) of counter weights used on the old imperial scales. This was the first time I felt like passing out. Being winter and being shirtless to work with girdles and corset I had no clothing on, lying on a carpet floor I threw a blanket over me and went to sleep. I woke up two hours later with a numb belly. I put everything away and went down to the lounge and sat in front of the open log fire. Warmed up, showered and went to bed.

It was now Thursday night this was the night for a prolonged compression. I put overalls on and decided to drive to Whanaunui Beach. When I sat in my van (something I never did in the girdles or corset) I discovered a secondary crushing. When a person sits down their belly pushes out. This was different from flexing the muscles so it did not sideways squeeze. Driving was a nice experience, constant belly squeeze but not intense. I had loosened the cords a bit to prevent the unwanted sideways squeeze.

I walked up and down the hill (the beach has 30 metre cliffs) with the corset. Walking down hill makes a person tense their stomach and this ended of the nights gut crushing. I loosened the cords but when I got back to the hotel I tightened the cords and explored the sitting down secondary crush. It was felt more in the lower belly so I increased the packing there. I reached the point where I could not sit upright. I lay on the floor and tried bring my knees to my chest. My eyes were watering and I only lasted minutes. I put the toolbox on top and found the top of the stomach under secondary crushed.

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Jan 11, 2021
Manawatu, New Zealand
Last part of chapter 16

The next night I decided the girdles including the tube ones on. The packing was place in the girdles but not the corset. I put the overalls over top and drove out to the beach. I placed the corset on in the public toilet once I got there. I was going to have the whole hour at the beach. I had the girdles placing pressure on my belly and the corset driving the packing into my belly. I went to a secluded part of the cliffs; I lay down and placed a rock on my belly. Intense crush but not immense, I needed a bigger rock. I found a bigger rock but as I always, I wanted more. It was after dark so I just lay there. I was going to lie there until the sideways pull occurred. I gave up because I was getting cold lying on the one spot without moving. To my pleasant surprise it was 3 hours and no sideways squeeze. I placed some rolled up plastic bags on the top of my hip to increase the pressure and I wore the corset back to the boarding house. When I got to the beach turn off I decided to go left taking me through Kai Iwi instead of Saint Johns. The extra 30 minutes of a very hot secondary crush burn was well enjoyed.

I decide on sleep when I got back so I put the gear away but before I did I laid on my side and brought my knees to my chest. I then rolled onto my back and the intense crushing sensation change. This was a lot more successful than the previous attempt of lying on the back and then bringing the knees to the chest. I turned facing down on my shins folded up tight. Yes that was the intensity I wanted all night. It seemed like minutes but the sideways squeeze occurred. That was it bed time but I had burn in my abdomen from the crush.

I wish I could have held the position for longer. I normally do not like pain in a squeeze but that intensity was fantastic.

The next Friday I put the all of the gear on; tubes, panties type, thigh squeezers, packing as well as the corset. I did not fasten the corset up tight. I brought a scoop of chips from the St Johns Hill chip shop and went out to Westmere Lake. Did the laces up and ate the chips. I was grunting to get through them all. It was the only time I tried eating while pack and wrapped.

I went for a walk around the lake. I had taken the hydraulic bottle jack and torch. I got about ten minutes in and my bloating gut was causing me to lean back as I walked. I knew if the bloat expanded my waist the crush was over. I spotted a brunch had fallen from a tree on the ground. I slipped the jack in and lifted it up place myself underneath.

I lowered the branch down onto the packing. I immediately started discharging gas out of my rectum, which was heavily compressed by all the pack and wrap and secondary of a large tree branch. Where I had compress the large colon I could feel the gas escaping through the narrowed tubing. My whole belly was vibrating from the gas trying to pass through squashed closed intestines. The vibrations were alternating between explosive expansions followed by a crushed in deep sensation moving around the abdomen. There were strings of this fluctuation all through my belly. Apart from the smell it was interesting the extremes that were occurring. It seemed like forever but the gas finally stop coming out.

I was happy with the immense pressure on my guts. I woke up about ninety minutes before dawn (apparently I passed out). I jacked the branch off me and went back to my car. Passing out was not on the planned list. I had been in the crush for 11 hours.

My circulation was not restricted, something I was not aware of was I would have died if I released the pressure and a toxin build up got released (lucky there was no restriction). It was normal for my belly to adjust to the compression but the branch had endless crush. It was the gas that cushioned the intensity at the beginning. I most likely would have bailed out from underneath the branch when I first introduced it on my guts. This was not secondary crushing; the branch without the pack and wrap was way too much crush. The fact that the tree was secondary crushing exceeded my limit.

Waking up to the intensity was brilliant, the pain was convulsing. Now walking around the lake back to the van I debating whether to take off or loosen the corset. No way I decided as I was experiencing intense (not immense) compressions as I walked. It was fantastic feeling. I used the torch looking for squashing branches that I could do in the vertical position like I had at Cooks Garden.

I found one, got in using the jack for access. It was not immense but intense enough to enjoy. Then I spotted the trunk behind the crossway branch. Using the jack between to branch and opposite trunk I pushed branch deeper into my belly. Intensifying the pressure. When I decided I had gone too far I gave one extra pump on the handle. Then another until the jack stopped extending.

It was light when I woke up. Sun was just above the horizon and I did not want to be seen in a crush so I got my self out of it and returned to the car (it must have been an hour this time).

I sat in the van knowing I had only one hour before sideways motion of the corset. I was enjoying the secondary crush of sitting in the corset with all the previous nights compression still registering (it was tingling but not burning). I drove to Brunswick. I knew behind the church there I could do yet another crush. Hopefully reset the corset time. I could not use anything in the church but the bush area behind it had dense trees area so I went looking for another crushing branches again. I found one and it was in the hollow, out of site of the track, I found the ideal branch with some special about it.

This time I could use the jack on the branch press into my belly while sitting. The corset was tight on my abdomen from the sitting position before the branch pressure was released on my stomach. Once I had released the jack so the branch was squeezing my guts I repositioned the jack on the other side. Pushing against a trunk of another tree; the jack was pushing the branch into my belly, my eyes almost rolled back. The entire branch was beneath the rib height. I sat there for about ten minutes. I was squirming under the compression. It was not painful just very intense. I had pack and wrap pressure, sitting pressure and branch hydraulically pressed into me. The branch seemed to tighten up on me and I passed out for one hour. I woke up and numbness throughout my guts. I had been in the corset for nearly 15 hours. I wanted more so I jack the branch in tighter. The numbness changed into alternating sensations of heavy compression, white-hot burning, and tingling, pulsating and intense ache. I decided to keep pumping the jack until I passed out. Another hour passed when I woke up.

One more part to come on this chapter.
Jan 11, 2021
Manawatu, New Zealand
Final section of the Wanganui chapter

I drove into the Kai Iwi Forest some 12 miles away, seeking another belly super compression opportunity. I knew the corset would reset the sideways crush so I kneeled and folded over, that brought pain. My belly wanted to extend out because of the way it was bent over and the pack and wrap was pushing it in. I jacked up the front of the van lay under the van axel and lowered the van axel on me. It was not immense but I was going for a delay in sideways crush. I gave it five minutes and I got out from underneath the van and spotted another fallen tree metres from the van. I found the ideal branch to use but first I decided to do another multiple crushes with a branch that was 4 - 6 inches wide that was broken off and loose. I kneel down, placed it on my lap under the gut, I then bent over it trying touch the ground with my face. Epic failure, all it was achieving was wood pushed against/into my legs. I looked back at the original branch again and jacked it up. Lying underneath the branch released the jack. That pressed in deeper than all other branches so far. I woke up at noon. I just stayed under the branch. Tried to do a crunch, leg lifts, I tried pushing with stomach muscles, and they were spent. I then started jacking up the branch and letting it slam back into my stomach. I managed to do that three times and woke up at 2 o'clock. I got out from beneath the branch with a burning sensation inside the hip. Bending forward was hard, bending back ached, stretching the abdomen was painful, and I felt successful. As I walked my guts still under corset compression pulsed. My entire inside must have shifted around. I sat in the car until the sideways crush came now 4 o'clock. I knew I should take the compression gear off but I returned to the fallen tree. I picked another branch; placed myself underneath and went for full crush once more and passed out again. The long branch I chose had other branches fallen on it. I woke up and it was dark, it was ten o'clock. I had now spent 28 hours with corset on and most of it in intense to immense gut crushing. I had not brought the torch, as it was a daylight crush. I fumbled around, jacked the branch off me. Went back to the car stashed in the trees. Moonlight was great stuff, I could see, I sat in the van and waited for the corset to pull in sideways debating removal. I decided no and I did not take of the gear. I used the torch to find the crushing tree. I spotted a branch I totally missed the first two times, it was a sitting under branch. Back to a trunk of a tree I was in sitting position and the branch across the abdomen.

The packing had slipped off the top of the hip and was in front of the hip. I got out of the gap and shuffled everything, then slid back in and started another crush. I had too much on the lower abdomen I felt the intestines move as the branch squeezed. Lights out. Woke up and it was daylight. It was 8 am. I got out of the forest and went back to Wanganui. Belly was aching when I stretched or folded. Most of my intestines moved up to the chest. The only thing stopping them going all of the way up was the compressed colon at the top under the ribs.

It was Sunday and only 8 in the morning. This was not going to stop here and now. I had not eaten since Friday night. I had not drunk anything since Friday night. I had no bowel movement or empty the bladder. I had not showered since Friday. I had been gut squashing for 38 hours and wanted more. I decided that I could not be seen where I was parked and returned to fallen tree. I took the corset off; the body tubes, and the packing. I started the process of pack and wrap from scratch setting up the packing under a single body tube. Then I placed a folded towel over the packing I had found in the car. Put the rest of the body tubes on followed by the corset. I felt ready. Went back the nights sitting branch. Jacked open the gap, slipped in and released the jack. Minutes later I spotted the ultimate branch. I needed to lay under it but I could crush by using a jack between two branches forcing the branch into me.

I was wrong because it was too close to the trunk where branches do not bend under the jack. I got out disappointed that I done all the crushing I was going to get. I saw a ground hollow under the trunk but I could not jack a 25-ton tree up. I went back to the sitting branch.

Laying down the corset cause a sunken belly, sitting causes a belly that wants to extend. Additional squashing in either position was different. I wanted to keep increasing the squeeze when the intestines adjusted. I wanted a branch to tight to climb into without the jacks help and then be hydraulically pushed in. Brunswick style. I had the wrong tree. I looked around and found a tree the met the criteria. The unassisted squash was not much but the jack brought the pressure. When the crush became too much I pumped 4 times on the handle. When I woke up I pumped two more times. This went on 4 times. The last time I woke up I looked at the jack, the branch pushed into my belly and then my watch. I had been at the crushing for 48 hours. I pumped the hand 4 more times. The jack was hydraulically bypassing, the branch I was pushing against broke. I felt massive pressure come off. I did not realise how much press was on me. I got up and went to the sitting at branch. Pined my self in and stayed conscious for one hour. I released myself from the tree and drove back to the boarding house.

I removed the corset, packing and girdles. I found it hard to stand, as the muscles were in spasms and not able to support my body. I had a shower but I could not eat. My lower belly was tingling; the middle ached in some positions. I was crushed for 2 days. I went to bed. I woke up in the morning, dressed and went down for breakfast. The insides still felt like they were in the wrong place. I had a light fever and struggled to eat breakfast. I thought I had broken the insides. Not so.

I pushed biked to work and was struggling to move things. It was not abdominal pain but discomfort with no energy. I was throwing up breakfast when the boss arrived. She said to me, "Go to the doctor and then home if you are ill."

I do not know any doctors were my response thinking it was self-inflicted.

She then said I take you to mine.

The doctor said I had the flu. He asked about my work and described it as heavy moving staking 140-kilogram wool packs. He asked me if I was fainting, as a lot of heavy workers were fainting.

The onset of flu was the reason I kept passing out. I was happy with it being flu. If I did not have the flu I would have had done 1 hour of crushing in the weekend. I got 49 hours. The next weekend I went to the Kai Iwi Forest to find better-fallen trees. Went in with an empty stomach and left at dawn. I stayed conscious and tried the pump the jack twice every hour. Sitting with a stomach that wants to extend pressed in almost the spine.

I would love to have the ability to remove all the gear including the tree and see what the abdomen looks like super crushed.

The corset took a betting and started falling apart so I went back to the body tube.

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Jan 11, 2021
Manawatu, New Zealand
Chapter 17

I was working part time during the winter as a pest controller but the department was very understanding of me being off post. Hypothermia killed several people that year. The mountains were unforgiving which actually took care of the animal numbers. I am always impressed with the birds that fly in 30 degrees below zero. Aeroplanes ice up and full out of the sky at those temperature.

As the spring thaw comes life returns to the mountain and breeding started up.

I had been learning how to get the best out of the compression plate; the messy packing and repacking process trying to get pressure to transfer pressure to desired points in various quantities was altered by making a command.

I could be sitting and add more compression to the solar plexus. I could do my adding pressure to the lower abdomen above the hip. Sit and stand up and command more pressure to a spot and sit down again. I was hand above an area just saying flatten the large bowel here and it was flattened. This was so easy. Increase or decrease the solar plexus pressure while sinking the area above the belly button.

I asked for the small intestine to be flattened like it was when Stephanie added feet of fat on top. I actually got to a point where the small and large was flat with no contents.

I could do all my leg lifts, sitting, kneeling and lowering my bottom to the ankles and then forehead to the ground. Adjusting any point to intensify the white-hot crush or lessen a point to make another point more crushable. I was doing the lie on the side with knees against the chest and then roll onto the back. The magnification of the crushing was a fantastic amount.

This was all absolute and precision squashing and lacked the crushing of people and objects. I always looked forward to a crush from Wendy or large people. I did also get Tracy squashing me; she was muscular built but less than 70 kilograms. She was okay to doing a full night squashing but also willing to go on top of the person squashing me. I got her to stand and sit on me while I was pack and wrapped. I thought that 20 kilograms on a pre-crushed belly was a lot but Tracy was over three times that. She watched Titanic while sitting on me.

My natural build is a lot bigger than my school days but I do select the skinny Stephanie body when Tracy was squashing me. When Wendy was squashing me and she saw that she had not covered the top of the hip or the solar plexus she would tend to the neglected spot. Tracy did not like being squashed back. I was allowed to place my hand on her belly in a firm hold from behind but not allowed to reverse bear hug her. I would try sometimes but before I got to 6 millimetres sinking she would say stop. Forward bear hugging around the rib cage in an emotional hug was allowed but not with the intention of crushing.

Wendy got those hugs and she loved them. Wendy also likes it when Tracy assisted her in a crush. Tracy also did not like going to dimensions where time was distorted where Wendy would do a 14 hours of crushing in less than one hour. I found out from Stephanie that her problem was her Psychic ability could only hand real time where my ability could handle time/events outside of its time.

I asked Tracy once to use the temple power and my stomach under the rib cage and she would only use her own strength.

There was a time I had three woman over 100 kilograms each and she baked for them so she supported my using other people in any form she could. She was a lot of fun to be in the bush with. It was coming to the turn of the century and the winter was another very harsh one. It was only three weeks but I had to find alternative income. I went back to the city to work while she stayed in our shack and work at the ski fields. Tracy was very hard-core mountain girl and was not going to live in a city. She did spend time with other people from the ski field as the track to the shack was frightful greasy. This was the first separation in more than two decades.
Jan 11, 2021
Manawatu, New Zealand
Chapter 18

The events of this chapter are true events. The following story happened at the beginning of the century but sadly again it was during a period when I was not getting people to trample me. The weather had made working in the bush unpleasant as days would rain and then freeze. I had been using the body tube a lot but want to try physical squashing again.

I was working in an automotive workshop part time and one night work on after the others had left with the pretence of fixing my own car. When I was certain that the others were at home having their evening meals and would not disturb me I set up to use a car to squash my belly.

Unlike in earlier days I decided to go under a wheel instead of the chassis rail. My intention was to use an axle stand as a safety tool to limit the amount the car could drop by.

I was lying under the tyre of a 1970 Plymouth Valiant with a fireball 318 V 8 trying to set up the axle stand. I had the tyre (tire in some languages) alignment set between hip and ribs but on full lock to angle me diagonally across the car instead of pointing at the tyre on the opposite side.

The 185 X 15 tyre covered the whole belly area. I was lifting the car positioned under wheel when I messed up the valve control on the jack. The car slammed down on my stomach and bounced on its suspension. The tyre at the time of mistake was about a foot above my belly; the impact pressed my belly fully down to the ground, sending extreme pain through my body.

The Plymouth had soft stagecoach suspension, which was a torsion bar and shock absorber and they had gone full travel. Then came another pain maker the heavy car weight was thrown up into the air by pushing the tyre against my flattened abdomen. If my guts needed another smashing the car then lifted to the upper limit of the suspension releasing a large amount of weight. What goes up comes down for another intestine crushing fall. It did not fall from same height but the stomach was already in immense pain so the pain level seemed to be the same as the initial drop.

My leg was shaking and I had no arm control and my most immediate thought was to jack the car off my midsection. I had been in this situation several times before (these were real occasions)when I got immense crushing instead of controlled pressure. The first time was when I over lowered the Humber with the wheel off but it was controlled lowering and I stopped the decent before I got to this level of immensity.

The second time was at high school when I pressed the medicine ball too deep with the scrum-training machine. The scrum machine was an incredibly complex device that was really easy to operate with cables, harness several pulleys systems including a pulley system that operated a pulley system, weight tray and cam levers. All references to the metaphysical world is fantasy but the rest of this is true.

This machine was a custom made machine by the PE teacher that used a harness connected to 800 kilograms of weights and pulleys. The purpose was to simulate pushing against another scrum. It was applied by either getting the scrum to push away pulling on the cables and lifting the weights off the deck and keeping them suspended or the second way was the weights were held on a false deck with a cam lever; the scrum took up the slack on the cable and the false deck was removed by swinging a lever, the scrum pushed against the weight to prevent them hitting the true deck. To put the false deck back up was an effortless swing of the other cam lever. The complexity of the pulley and cam lever set up made operation light.

I was now biking to school instead of using the bus to have this time before school in the gym.

I was using the storeroom as private workspace before school to build real muscle mass as Stephanie had shown me the true value of having the strength. I had a lot of Mana at school because I associated with Wendy, the way we pulled through the killing of my sister, the inter school tour on steroid use, plus I was a high achiever pupil, which was more Wendy doing.

I placed the top gym horse section upright against a steel upright in the storeroom. I used the second option of tight cable and the releasing the weights tray into suspension. On the first try I had only 100 kilograms that harness squashed a ball into my belly as I stood against the gymnasium horse top section. This attempt caused the basketball to flatten on load so I swapped it out for a twenty-three-kilo medicine ball.

I had the harness pass around the vertical gym horse top and around my belly with the ball in between. I measured the length of cable when the weight tray hit the ground to be at the level of the gymnasium horse top. That means for the tray to reach the base there was no room for me in the harness. This forced me to support the weights when I stood inside the harness as they never fully lowered to the deck.

With 100 kilograms on the weight tray I could flex my standard Rectus Abdominis and lift the weights. However when I allowed the weights drive the medicine ball into my belly the diameter of the large ball exceeded the area of abdomen and pressed on my floating ribs plus my hipbone.

I look around and found towels of varying thickness I could space the medicine ball and myself and thus keeping the ball off my bone structure. I check if the towels were on the gym horse top in the vertical position if the weight tray touched the deck or were in suspension. They were 8 millimetres off the deck. I adjusted the cable out 15 millimetres so with my body in the harness so when the weights hit the deck my belly button was near the spine but not hitting it. I needed the weights to sit on the deck at the maximum crush depth so I prevent unlimited crush.

I had written down the measurements and was using he weights to put pressure on my guts and I could press against the weight. On some days I would allow the weight to sink my belly in deep, which took almost 35 minutes to fully flatten me. On some days I would press with my standard Rectus Abdominis the weights back into the air. Then Stephanie granted me use of green light dimension at the school gymnasium storeroom. This meant I could do 12 hours of crushing in a minute or two.

One hundred kilograms was so easy to handle so I took the measurement of 50% of my gut depth and put 150 kilograms on the cable. I could still press my belly lifting the weight of the deck. I reduced the safety margin at 6 millimetres at a time and found the measurement I could not push back at. On that occasion I just sat in the heavy crush for an hour. There were convulsions of white-hot compression rolling through all of my innards. I returned the cable length to the 50% mark and increased the weight to 170 kilograms and went flexing to lift the weight. I was struggling but doing it. My belly ached after a few goes as the Rectus Abdominis became exhausted.

I lengthened the cable to 25% of depth and I could press the weight up. I increased the weight to 200 kilograms and I could still flex pressing the weight up. This surprised me; I was aware I could handle the weight bearing down on the innards but to lift the weight that was special. I only lifted once and I adjusted the cable to 50% of my front to back measurement for crushing and not flexing reasons. I paced an extra towel underneath the ball for deeper crush and sat in there for 5 hours. That filled my quota for the day but I was having trouble putting the equipment back to correct positions.

The next day I placed two extra towels under the ball with 300 kilograms on the machine. I stayed in the crush for two hours but remembered that I was muscle training lowered the weight to 120 kilograms. At the 120 kilograms I would set the crush depth at one inch below the surface depth of gymnasium horse so I had to keep the stomach tense the whole time. Push belly out and allow sinking in while keeping the belly tense. Depending on how deep I allowed my belly to sink in I could do the in out pressing for 5 minutes.

I had to unload weights of the weight tray each time I used it and put everything back so no one knew I had used it. This was risking questions what I was doing with it. I had to put the horse together although I was using it in a horizontal position for bench press. I was 76 kilograms and bench press 70 kilograms 2 sets of 5 each day. I was leg pressing 70 kilograms 2 sets of 10 daily. This is the weight of medium to large boar or stag. This set me up for hunting later. I was not doing dead lifts or full clean n jerk lifts.

I started using the scrum machine with 800 kilograms on the tray the compression was instant and absolute. I had increased the depth of the crush each day by a millimetre. That does not sound like much but at 800 kilograms the instant snap in registered.

Chapter 18 will continue.


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Jan 11, 2021
Manawatu, New Zealand
Chapter 18 will continue

It was three weeks in I got the pulley position measurement wrong. I was using two thicker towels and set the pulley to one thick and one thin towel. I used a cord to operate the false deck lever when my belly was rammed in too deep instantly. The safety device saved me from damaging my organs.

I talked to Stephanie about replicating the scrum machine in the temple for physical crushing. She came up with several changes. The first was board I squashed against was part of the machine. The second was the levers were replaced by weight on weight off commands. The third was to adjust the cable length for depth of pressing was verbal. The forth was the ball and harness was replaced by a padded block shaped like a vacuum belly. Then the last changed was the weight in the weight tray was commanded and could be changed during a squashing. The problem with the scrum machine was the heavy weights were instant and absolute therefore a shock on the guts where a lighter weight takes a long time to sink in deep. I did like the fact that with 100 - 200 kilograms weight range I could keep the weight suspended and I could allow it to sink in and push it out again.

Something that has stayed the same is if I was squashing with the body band or other equipment and Wendy arrived I immediately preferred a reverse bear hug from her with temple strength over the equipment. She was first choice even if she just did a prolonged sitting, standing or lay on me.

The third was at Westmere Lake where I was using a corset that was creating a crushing; I was sick with flue, the fallen tree branch was too close the ground and I passed out for 11 hours while remaining in excessive crush.

The most common thing to getting an immense crushing is that a planned squashing went wrong. The second common problem is I could not correct as if I intentionally intended an immense crush I would abort the crush, as it was getting serious.

I was fully packed and wrapped, which means I had packing pressing in my belly by girdles. The packing and girdles squashed my waist but the circumference of the pack and wrap meant the outside of this was bigger. The corset created a concave belly that if I place my hand on my belly it was hidden in the hollow. It was very tight but there was no way to measure the amount the front was pushed towards the spine but it felt like a lot.

I miss judged the amount of crush a branch would create on my stomach. I was trying to estimate the pressure of a branch but I did not calculate the trunk weight of the tree. I used a two and half ton jack on the branch with no indication that I was squashing with 1000+ kilograms, which cause instant and absolute crushes.

I was concerned with bloat and was not keen in abandoning the crush. It was gas build up that saved me from serious damage from an instant crush. The corset had moved the organs away from where the branch pressed me and there was enough weight to flatten the intestines (large and small) the gas was turned into bubble in the flattened tubing. The flattened tubing is stacked layers twisting all over itself so the gas bubble would be in a section surrounded by flattened intestines. The bubble would put additional pressure on the flattened sections and as the bubble moves it jostled the intestines in moved passed squashed on it. This created a vibration sensation, which over rode the immense crush pains. This I experienced in the Plymouth crush again but it was lowered on it slammed on with bounce created the slam equivalence 3 times in a second exceeded the vibration sensation.

The tree branch applied more pressure than the Plymouth but the Plymouth had a more sever multiple impacts. It was like place a 20-kilogram anvil on the belly or swinging and smacking it with a 7-kilogram sledgehammer 3 times.

If I lowered the branch without the intestine full of gas I would have abort the crush. I am glad I passed out because of the immensity I experienced afterwards. When I say immensity afterwards because I was pack and wrapped and corseted down still applying pressure I could not recover from the branch pressure. The branch pressure when I waking up was coming off numb to full sensitive. I could feel layers folding over each other. Some of the small intestine tried to squeeze under the flattened large intestine. This misaligned innards did not get a chance to sort it self out but they did become opened without the branch on them. The ones in the middle expanded more and as I did the further crushes they were flattened out again. I used a jack to apply 2+ tons of pressure.

This later crushing could not be this successful if I had not super crushed in the first place.

This time with the Plymouth I was not passing out or able to undo my situation. I was convulsing in pain spasms. I went for preservation and prevention of serious harm and damage. Lucky I was in too much pain to let off the crush. If I spent 11 hours under the car I would not have the post crushing immensity.

One of the things I remembered from the gut crush on the Westmere Lake weekend was that if I went numb I could get sensation back. A prolong white-hot burn, extremely intense crush sensations rolling through the abdomen, displaced organs and intestines. However in both cases I had not introduced the weight in stages to allow the guts to adjust themselves. It slammed straight down. The tyre was barely above the ground compress everything in that spot.

It felt like a while but I reached the point where I was copping with the crush and could reach and operate the jack. As I about to release myself from this savage abdominal compressing I finally realised I was handling the pain, some of the sensation was nice and immense and I love it when crush reaches immense. I grabbed my Philips camera and started snapping photos.

More Chapter 18 to come
Jan 11, 2021
Manawatu, New Zealand
I got about 50 photos and about 47 of them were not pointing at the crushed area or were blurry. Three of which I have hidden one (the best one) showed the how deep the tyre was inside my body. The car was raised in front right corner; the car was tilted with the right rear tyre relieved of some of the weight. The weight went to the lower left side of the car but the front left tyre had transferred some of its weight to the one on my guts.

The tyre was on an angle and the lowest edge ran along the top of the hipbone compressing my sweep spot. This was all luck and not management. Looking at the photo where the tyre sunken in was angled up. The outer edge is a couple inches below the rib height, follow the angle of the car and the tyre was very deep into me on the opposite edge. Looking closely the hipbone height the entire sidewall of the tyre is beneath the height of the hipbone. The tyre is 185 X 15 which is 185 millimetres across the fattest left to right point of the sidewalls. The rim size is 15 inches.

Only truck radial tyres have a square aspect ratio. With cross ply tyre 4.85 X 15 tyre the width is 4.85 inches but the tyre sidewall height from bead to the top of the tread is also 4.85 inches. The radial, which normally have measurements like 215/40 X 15 means the tyre, is 215 mm wide but the sidewall height is only 40% of that. However 185 X 15 is really 185/80 X 15 so the sidewall height is 148 millimetres and all of it was below the hipbone height. Just clearing up the tyre is not in a full 185 millimetres but 37 millimetres less.

When I had the tree branch over squeezing by belly at Westmere Lake I had gas caused either by chips or the flu that I was suffering from at the time pass through my body. I describe it as:

I lowered the branch down onto the packing. I immediately started discharging gas out of my rectum, which was heavily compressed by all the pack and wrap and secondary crushing of a large tree branch pushing my belly button towards my spine. Where I had compress the large colon flat and closed I could feel the gas bubbles escaping through the narrowed tubing. My whole belly was vibrating from the gas bubbles trying to pass through squashed closed intestines. The vibrations were alternating between explosive expansions followed by a crushed flat again sensation moving around the abdomen. There were strings of this fluctuation all through my belly. Apart from the smell it was interesting the extremes that were occurring. It seemed like forever but the gas finally stop coming out.

I was happy with the immense pressure on my guts. I woke up about ninety minutes before dawn (apparently I passed out). I jacked the branch off me and went back to my car. Passing out was not on the planned list. I had been in the crush for 11 hours.

One this occasion with the Plymouth I had drunk a lot of soft drink and my gut was full of gas. Once the super pain was gone I was experiencing the same vibrations. Same immense crush sensations moving around my guts. I felt a point in the intestinal tubing that was crushed shut sudden expand open crush other point of the tubing around more intensely. The suddenly that point was full with a gas bubble was being intensely squashed by another point swollen by a gas bubble. The large colon also had expansion greater than the small intestine, with very immense crush afterward.

This level of compression cannot be deliberately created, as one would abort the crushing before the intensity reached immense. The most intense crushing was along the hipbone which is the sweep spot for me when belly crushing.

I was debating the risks of passing out. Pros were waking up with immense compression and every sensation that came with it. The cons were being out too long and the others come in before I escaped the car wheel.

It was dark by 5.30 and I started this crushing at 6 o'clock. It was 11 o'clock when I decided I was risking passing out.

I wish I had chanced more time as the other workers were in bed by this time but I choose not to get caught. I jacked the car off me but as always want more. I went of to a car transporting trailer that had single axel but 20 inch TK Bedford wheels. I lowered the jockey wheel and the draw bar went to the ground. I used a trolley jack to lift the drawbar and lay underneath placed so the drawbar weight went on to my stomach. Heavy, It was nothing like the American car I just had on my belly and nowhere enough to satisfy my frantic wanting of very intense squashing.

I jacked the draw bar up high enough that I could climb out and then search for a second trolley jack. I placed the jack under a structural member on the tail and lifted the tail so it was coming up off the ground. I went back to lying under the draw bar, placing a pile of cleaning rags on my belly let the front jack down. I let it straight down the trailer that was lifting on it is springs gave me full intense but not immense force on my belly.

The drawbar that was sitting on a pile of rags went below my hip height. There were some white-hot sensations. Lots of sensations rolled through my guts. No more gas escaping. Forty minutes later I put the jacks way and went home.

Chapter 19 to follow